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Altai Republic
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Altai Phytobalms for Better Health
Altai with its mountain beauty and bountiful wildlife is a unique region of Russia.
Russian National Parks: Ukok Plateau
The Ukok Natural Park is located in the south-east of Kosh-Agach district in the Altai Republic. It became a specially protected natural area in 2005. The natural park preserves a unique variety of rare plant and animal species, as well as valuable architectural monuments.
Trekking in Russia
Foreign tourists love Russia for its wonderful nature. In Russia, there are trekking opportunities in almost any region - from Kaliningrad to Primorye. Tours can be of different length and level of complexity.
Pilgrimage Tours in Russia
Pilgrimage in itself is a very logical thing: you should not invent anything, just understand why and where you want to go.
Ecotourism in Altai: Sailyugemsky National Park
Sailyugemsky National Park is located in the Kosh-Agach District of the Altai Republic. It was established in 2010 with the participation of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).
Altai Souvenirs - What to Bring from Altai
The Altai markets are filled with souvenirs, so the choice of gifts from the trip is not so simple here. This article will clarify what kind of souvenirs are really "Altaic".
Altai Cuisine: Top 5 National Dishes to Taste when Travelling in Altai
Altai is worthwhile visiting, even if it is only for the sake of tasting the traditional local dishes that can be found nowhere else in the world.
A Panoramic Park will Appear in Gorno-Altaisk
The Mountain of Tugaya will be landscaped in Gorno-Altaisk within the next six years; a panoramic park will be created on it.
Altai: Belokurikha Resort
Belokurikha is the most famous resort of the Altai Territory. Pure mountain air is a local feature, and tour operators like to compare the air with the atmosphere of the Swiss Davos, moreover the number of air ions is larger here in Belokurikha.
Altai: Therapy In Belokurikha
Speaking about therapeutic factors of Belokurikha, these are primarily mineral and thermal springs. Local waters are called weakly-mineralized siliceous fluorine-containing sulfate-hydrocarbonate sodium waters. They have anti-inflammatory soothing effect, improve blood circulation, facilitate hormonal regulation of the body.
Altai: Belokurikha Health Resorts
The largest health resorts in the town are Belokurikha, Sibir, Katun, and Rossiya.
Altai: History Of Belokurikha
Mineral springs in the area of Belokurikha were discovered at the very end of XIX century. The Tomsk Province Vedmosti newspaper published the news about the opening of curative springs in the village of Novaya Belokurikha on July 7, 1867.
How to Get to Barnaul Airport
Altay Territory is a subject of the Russian Federation, a part of the Siberian Federal District. The administrative capital of the Territory is the city of Barnaul, a rather big city with a population of 650, 7 thousand people.
Altai: Manzherok Lake
Manzherok is surrounded by the mighty mountains: Sinyukha and Malaya Sinyukha. Their eastern and south-eastern slopes are covered with forests. One of the main rivers of the Altai Katun flows near the lake.
The Altai Biosphere Reserve
The Altai Biosphere Reserve occupies a vast territory in the north-east of the Altai Republic in Turochaksky and Ulagansky districts. Together with the Katun Reserve it forms the so-called Golden Mountains of Altai the natural object included into the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Altai: Teletsk Waterfalls
The main tourist lure of the Teletskoye Lake is the incredibly beautiful waterfalls located next to it. The biggest and most popular of them is the Corbu Waterfall, it falls down from a height of more than 12 meters at a few-meter distance from the right shore of the lake, on the Bolshaya Corbu River.
Altai Republik: Gorno-Altaisk
Gorno-Altaisk is the only inhabited locality of Altai with the status of a town.
Altai Republic:Saylyugemsky National Park
Saylyugemsky National Park has been organized in the Kosh-Agachsky District of the Altai Republic, in the centre of the Altai-Sayan mountainous country, only recently. This is a unique natural region of Russia at the border with Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan.
Altai: Tigireksky Reserve
Tigireksky Reserve established in 1999 in the south of the Altai Territory was created for preserving the flora and fauna of the low-mountain and mid-mounatin landscapes of the Altai-Sayan mountain region.
Altai: Plan Your Trip To Tigerek
The reserve relies not on mass tourism, but on environmental specialized one: they wait for ornithologists, speleologists, photographers, etc.
Altai: Argut Cluster
The Saylyugemsky park is adjoined by the cluster of the Silkhemin Nuur National Park from Mongolia; this National Park also protects the places where argali live. The parks have signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of cross-border group of argali.
Ecological And Geological Educational Route In Altai Krai
It was proposed to implement an ecological and geological educational route in Altai Krai. The project involves two stages - both theoretical and practical.
Altai: Along The Paths Of Shamans
A route dedicated to the legends and myths of the Altai has been developed in Belokurikha-2.
"VISIT ALTAI - 2014": Exhibitions, Festivals And Competitions
"VISIT ALTAI - 2014" International Tourism Forum for the first time will be held in Altai Krai.
Altai Territory: Honeymoon Lasting a Weekend
Wedding weekend tours are becoming more and more popular in the Altai Territory. It's new, but already trendy in the sphere of tourism. The Altai Territory and the resort city of federal significance Belokurikha are of the greatest demand at the moment.
Gorny Altai: Getting Around for the Single Travelers
Some people like guided excursions and tours with a rich program, leaving no time for the individual planes. Others like to be absolutely independent, instead of some difficulties like buying tickets, looking for and booking hotels and hostels, etc. If you have decided to visit Gorny Altay but do not want any guided and excursions, whatever interesting and comfortable for the foreign tourist it would be, you maybe need some information.
Mysterious Altay: Cradlehand of Civilizations and Plenty of Tourist Possibilities
Altay is one of the most enigmatic places in Russia and maybe in the world. It is a cradleland of ancient civilizations, which left their tumuli, stone statues with mysterious writings and signs. The nature is still wild and maiden there. The tourist possibilities of Altay are really huge. The tourists are offered multiple types of services summer and winter alike, including horse or camel riding, rafting, trekking, ski and helicopter tours. The fans of alpinism, paragliders and speleologists will be also satisfied. The ethnic history and present of Altai is also very rich: this is the place where three great religions of Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. Moreover, there is national Altay epos Maaday Kara having nothing to do with these ones, and tales, and legends.
Horse riding holidays in Russia
To spend your vacation in the open air on the horseback is an amazing adventure, which can be dangerous or pleasant; it depends on you. It is more comfortable than hike, because you dont need to walk all the time, carrying your things on your back. Riding a horse is healthily, and horsed trip is a good possibility to gain some skills in riding. Moreover, the regions, where this tourist service is provided, are famous with their beautiful nature and various landscapes.
Active Travel in Altai
Altai mountains are situated at the South -East of West Siberia. It is an unforgettable - from eternal ice and snow at the tops of high mountains to luxuriant vegetation in river valleys. Altai is a treasure for tourists. Everyone can find some thing special: alpinism and hiking, rafting and equestrian sport - anything you like.


Photo Exhibition "Altai" in Darwin Museum
There are many places on the planet that are covered with an aura of mystery and beckon with the amazing beauty of nature.
Photo Exhibition of Katun Biosphere Reserve
The Katun Biosphere Reserve is famous for the primeval beauty of its virgin wildlife.
Photo Exhibition Power Places - Altai at the Darwin Museum
The exhibition of photos taken by amateurs in the Altai Territory is a wonderful opportunity to feel the power of nature and wildlife masterpieces.
Altai Wintering Festival
The beginning of winter tourist season in the Altai Territory will be celebrated at the Altai Wintering festival, timed to the arrival of the whooper swans to a non-freezing lake in Sovetsky district.
The Panoramic Park Titled Tuugaya Mountain will be Built in the Republic of Altai
The project will be implemented in several stages during up to six years.
The Highest Mountain Skiing Track in the Altai Territory will Appear near Belokurikha
The tracks will operate on the Mishina Mountain.
Belokurikha Resort Attracts More Tourists
The Altai Territory has been visited by 800 thousand tourists in the first half of 2018, which is 3% more than in the same period last year. The majority of tourists who came to the Altai Territory were attracted by the Belokurikha resort town of federal significance.
An Extreme Park will Appear in Gorno-Altaisk
An artificial climbing wall and a rope park will be located at the extreme park, which is to be built in Gorno-Altaisk (Altai Territory).
Traces of Massive Ancient Earthquakes Discovered Near Future Gas Pipeline
Paleoseismologists recommend to take into account the research results in the construction.
Petroglyphs of Hunting Scenes Found in Altai
Scientists have found medieval rock drawings that depict leopards hunting capricorns.
Altay Changes Time Zone
The Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a Law changing the time zone for Altay Region.
Altai Cartographic Book
All touristic facilities of Altay Region will be put down in a special cartographic book and an adjacent application.
New Myriapod Species with 750 helae Found in Altai
The new myriapod species found by scientists in the Altai Nature Reserve has 750 chelae.
Saint-Tokyo By Yury Pitenin
St Petersburg brand Saint-Tokyo was established in 2012 by designer Yury Pitenin who has spent many years in Tokyo.
Holy Energy Of Altai
"Holy energy of Altai" tourist route, which the developers call "sacred, continues in the Altai Krai.
Altai Eco Tours
New ecological mini-trail appeared at the cordon of the Altai Reserve. The trail is dedicated to the life, household, cultural and historical features of the traditional natural resources use of the Altai people.
Waterfalls Of Altai
Experts of Altai Regional Preserve equipped the most dangerous stage of the path to the Uchar waterfall with special brackets and mounting system. The first tourists have already passed through the new construction, assessing its convenience and safety.
Altai Water Park
A water park worth 300 million roubles has been commissioned in the Republic of Altai.
Ice Age Park In Belokuriha
A park for the animals that have been existing since the time of the Ice Age will appear on the territory of the tourist complex Sibirskoe Podvorye near the resort city of Belokurikha (Altai Territory).
Oldest Pendants of Elk Teeth Found in Altai
Scientists have found pendants made of elk teeth over 40 thousand years ago.
Full-Length 3D Animated Film to be Created in Altai
Altai film animation studio plans to create 3D animated film on adventures of Aygo the Yeti.
Altai Wintering Festival
A festival dedicated to the beginning of the winter tourist season called Altai Wintering will be held in the Altai Krai (Altaisky, Smolensky, Soloneshensky, Sovetsky districts) on December 12-13, 2014.
New Archeological Sites Found on Shore of Lake Teletskoye
Novosibirsk archeologists have found over a dozen of new archaeological heritage objects on the shore of Lake Teletskoye, the press service of the Altai Republic administration reports.
Altai Promotion
Up to 20 tourist information sites on different subjects will be set up in Altai within the federal program "New Age of Chuya Highway: 1922 - 2022" to promote the iconic places.
Fire Safety In Altai
The government of the Altai Republic held a meeting of the Commission on the Emergency and Fire Safety, where it was decided to introduce the state of emergency on the territories of the Gorno-Altaisk and Maiminsky District.
Hunting In Altai
The Committee on the Protection, Use and Reproduction of Fauna of the Altai Republic issued a decree on the organization of the amateur and sport bird hunting by means of island and continental gundogs, retrievers, spaniels and birds of prey on the territories of the hunting grounds.
Russian Citizens Help Flood Victims
Russian citizens transferred almost 19.4 million rubles to the account of the Altai Regional Branch of the Russian Children's Foundation (RDF) to help flood victims.
First Infobox For Tourists
The first infobox was installed in the regional capital in the hotel "Barnaul".
YouTube Is Blocked in Siberian Region
A biggest provider of Internet services in Russia's southern Siberian Republic of Altai has blocked access to the most popular video-sharing website YouTube for several controversial videos.
Archeological Laboratory Founded in Altai
A laboratory for interdisciplinary studies of archeology of Western Siberia and Altai has been opened in the Altai State University.
Valery Zolotukhin Memorial Complex to Appear in Altai
Valery Zolotukhin memorial complex will be created in the Bystry Istok settlement in the Altai Territory.
Space Food In Altay State Memorial Museum of Herman Titov
In Altay State Memorial Museum of Herman Titov it is possible to purchase real space food. The museum is located in the homeland of the cosmonaut in the village Polkovnikovo, Kosikhinsky District, Altai Region, where he spent his childhood and youth. The products are made by Biryulevo experimental factory specializing in the production of food for cosmonauts.
Biysk - City Of Science
A new excursion itinerary was elaborated in Altay Krai. In March 2013 Federal scientific-manufacturing centre "Altai" opened an exhibition dedicated to the defense industry of Biysk city. Bianchi Local History Museum in Biysk has elaborated a new excursion itinerary "Biysk city of science."
Retro Cars Will Ride through the Altai Territory One More Time
Rally Beijing - Paris will take place in the Altai Territory again in 2016. The participation of the Altai team was made possible by a grant from the Governor of the Altai Territory in tourism, as well as due to the support from the sponsors of the organizers of the rally.
Sleeping on Hives in Barnaul
It is planned to create a beekeeping museum on the territory of the West Siberian Branch of the Botanical Garden at the Altai State University in Barnaul. Now the staff is looking for all possible artifacts related to bees: honey extractors, beehives and books.
Altai Reserve Opens Eco-tour On Lake Teletskoye
In coming years Altay Nature Reserve management is going to open the first circular eco-tour on Lake Teletskoye. The route will allow holidaymakers to see at a time the most beautiful places of basin, including waterfalls and protected borders.
Cartoon Characters Will Offer Entertainment
In the Altai region a project of Entertainment Park is being developed in Talmensky area on the bank of the river Chumysh. It is based on a common theme - the characters of the Soviet and Russian cartoons and fairy tales.
Big Azure Lake: a Paradise For Fishers
A recreation center for fishers will be built near Big Azure Lake in Altai.
Hotel Allows Tourists To Take Beds Away
One-of-the-kind art-eco-hotel, made of wood by local handy men, operates in Biysk city in Altai. The guests can acquire any object they liked, whether it is an old-world lamp made of elm, a towel with cross stitch or even a bed.
The Award Pin for Tourists Appeared in Altai
Altai State Pedagogical Academy presented the award pin called Honorary tourist of Altai Territory.
Festival of the Ethnic Cuisine in Altai State Technical University
Altai State Technical University n.a. I.I.Polzunov hosted the IV International Interacademic Scientific Conference for international and graduate students.
A New Resource Travel Centre Will Open in the Altai Region
Altai State Technical University joined the partners-participants of the project of the Russian and European universities Tourism lifelong learning network. It involves the creation of the network of resource centres for tourism in the Russian regions.
A Part of the Horn of a Prehistoric Animal Was Found in the Altai Mountains
A fragment of the bone horn of a buffalo that died in a flood 18,000 years ago was found in the Altai Mountains.
A New Bird Specie Has Been Discovered In Altai National Park
The range of species of ornitofauna in the Altai Biosphere Reserve has been increased with a new specie, previously not present at the territory, - marsh sandpiper (Tringa stagnatilis Bechst) of the Charadriiformes order.
The Festival-Marathon of The Songs of Russia Will Be Held in the Altai Territory from 6 to 12 May 2013
The Festival-Marathon of "The Songs of Russia" was first held in 2007. Its creator and artistic director is the People's Artist of Russia Nadezhda Babkina. The Festival will be held at four venues of the region - Barnaul, Rubtsovsk, Zmeinogorsk, Biysk.
The Route Of The Golden Ring of Altai Was Changed
The Governor of the Altai Territory Alexander Karlin approved an updated scheme of the inter-regional transboundary route The Golden Ring of Altai. The revised version of the route has greatly expanded its borders.
New Ecological Russian Tour is Dedicated to Snow Leopard
In 2013, Tuva, Mongolia and the Altai will offer a new tourist route, created by ecologists of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The tour includes visiting habitats of argali and snow leopard.
The Altai Princess Welcomes Tourists
The National Museum of the Altai Republic has started a large-scale reconstruction, after which tourists will see the Altai Princess.
Snow Leopard Tracks Found in Gorny Altay
The researchers discovered the signs of a snow leopard presence. The tracks of two animals were found near the Argut river in Gorny Altay.
Archeologists Find New Traces of Neanderthal Men in Siberia
Archeologists have found a number of important artifacts in caves of Altai in the recent season.
Cheese Feast In Altai
Organisators of Holiday Of Cheese, traditionally held in Altai,are going to set up a new record for the The Book of Records of Russia.
Is Altai Territory in Danger after Spacecraft Crash?
Ten residents of a south Siberian village have complained of headaches since the Progress M-12M space freighter fell to earth in the region.
A New Tourist Complex in Altai
A high-level tourist complex is planned to be built in "Altai Valley".
A New Cheese Tour to Appear in Altai Territory
Tourists will be able to have so-called "cheese tour" and learn about cheese-making trade.
Vasily Shukshin Festival Held in Altai
24 July saw the crowning of the annual festival Shukshins Days held in Altai for the 35th time to commemorate the outstanding film director, actor and writer Vasily Shukshin.
Electronic travel guide for Gorny Altay
Gorny Altay has represented a new tourist and information system, worked out to make journey more fascinating and comfortable. From June, 1 tourists can download a guide from a web-site, created especially for this.

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