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Russia Suspends E-visa due to Coronavirus
The issuance of electronic visas for foreigners, which was supposed to begin on January 1, has been suspended, due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Categories of Foreign Citizens Allowed to Enter Russia in 2021
The closure of borders with other countries is regulated by the Government Order No. 635-r of March 16, 2020. The order has already been edited almost 20 times.
Traveling to Russia in 2021: Coronavirus Regulations for Foreigners
The rules for entering Russia for foreign citizens in 2021 have changed a lot due to the coronavirus.
New Restrictions Introduced in Moscow Due to Coronavirus
Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced the introduction of additional restrictions due to the coronavirus from November 13, 2020 to January 15, 2021. New measures are needed to break the chains of transmission of the virus and reduce the incidence.
Masks in Elevators, Closure of Restaurants and Bars at Night: New Restrictions have been Introduced in Russia due to Coronavirus
New restrictions are being introduced in Russia due to the coronavirus. All Russians were ordered to wear masks in transport and public places, including elevators and parking. Restaurants and bars are not allowed to work at night in some regions.
Central Bank: Scenarios and Risks for the Russian Economy
The Bank of Russia presented four scenarios for the development of the Russian economy in 2021-2023: the baseline and three alternative ones, reflecting possible risks. The scenarios are contained in the draft Guidelines for the unified state monetary policy.
Scientists Questioned the Authenticity of Data on the Russian Vaccine against COVID-19
An international team of scientists noticed duplications in the graphs in an article from The Lancet on the Russian coronavirus vaccine. The researchers found other inaccuracies and as a result were unable to draw final conclusions about the reliability of the data presented.
Scientists Warn of Limited Effectiveness of Russian and Chinese Vaccines against COVID-19
The vaccines registered in Russia and China may have a common flaw that could reduce their effectiveness, Western scientists warned. The fact is that vaccines are based on a fairly common adenovirus, and many people may be immune to it.
"Young and Old have Suffered": Russian Business has Experienced the Strongest Drop in Profits
The record holder in terms of losses was the Moscow business that lost 85 billion rubles, while the Altai business showed the highest profit growth.
Russia's Economy has Experienced the Biggest Collapse since 2009
The Russian economy, amid the coronavirus pandemic, fell at its fastest pace since the 2008-2009 crisis.
"Prestige at the Price of Security": What Western Media Write about the Russian Vaccine against COVID-19
The news that Russia is planning to begin mass vaccination against coronavirus in October was greeted by foreign media with caution. The Russian authorities may be in a hurry and put national prestige above security, journalists say.
Sale of "Golden Passports": Coronavirus Spurred Russians' Interest in Foreign Citizenship
During the pandemic, a residence permit in other countries and a second citizenship became for Russians an alternative to exit visas. Now, some "golden passports" can be bought cheaper than before the epidemic.
Business Warned about Problems with the Entry of Foreign Specialists into Russia
Due to problems occured large investment projects could be disrupted.
Pandemic Consequences
Analysts from SPARK-Interfax have studied settlements with suppliers from companies included in the government's list of the most affected industries. It turned out that their payment discipline was lame even before the pandemic, and companies had a certain practice in settlements with suppliers.
Russian Hackers in the Global Vaccine Race
The development of vaccines for COVID-19 is analogous to the race to conquer space in the 1960s. No wonder spies have appeared in this global competition.
Russian Economy will Need Four Years to Recover from the Crisis
The world economy will be able to return to pre-crisis levels in 2022, while the Russian economy - only in 2024, analysts of the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) predict. Recovery will be hampered by low raw materials prices, experts warn.
How Pandemic Changed Investment Banking and Investor Perceptions of the Russian Market
Before the pandemic, Russian companies and investors in the Russian economy had to reckon with a number of factors, for example, a rather stringent sanctions regime against a number of companies and the risks of its tightening. And at the beginning of this year, investors received a very unpleasant surprise in the form of a pandemic and a sharp drop in demand and world prices for hydrocarbons and other commodities, which in turn hit the key sectors of the economy very significantly.
Escaping Moscow: the Number of Business Jet Flights from Moscow Doubled
The number of business jet flights from Moscow airports more than doubled from April to mid-June. All of them are carried out as charter and have a simplified scheme for issuing departure permits.
EU will not Open Borders with Russia
Russia, the United States and Brazil are not included in the list of countries for which the EU can open borders in July. These three countries do not meet the criteria set by Brussels: from 16 to 20 new cases of coronavirus for every 100,000 people in the last two weeks.
Moscow Districts by the Risk of Coronavirus Infection
The risk of contracting coronavirus in Moscow is high in the outlying sleeping areas, analysts say. In the center and areas with landscaped courtyards and smaller buildings, the threat is lower.
Wealthy Russians Looking for Shelter Bunkers
There are many clients from Russia among those who are ready to pay one and a half hundred thousand dollars for fortified structures to hide from the coronavirus pandemic.
Wealthy Russians Looking for Shelter Bunkers
There are many clients from Russia among those who are ready to pay one and a half hundred thousand dollars for fortified structures to hide from the coronavirus pandemic.
No More than 50 People in the Office: Russian Authorities Named New Working Conditions
Rospotrebnadzor published rules and recommendations for enterprises from different sectors of the economy to follow after the end of self-isolation due to coronavirus.
Bloomberg Predicts a Reduction in the Income of Russians to the Level of 2006
This quarter, the real disposable income of Russians will decline to a level unprecedented since 2006, Bloomberg writes.
"Helium Facilitates Breathing"- Russian Scientist on the Treatment of Pulmonary Failure with COVID-19
On April 20, 2020, at a meeting with the President of Russia, pulmonologist Alexander Suvorov, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, spoke about Russian doctors new initiative in treating people suffering from coronavirus.
What's Wrong with Moscow Self-isolation?
Statistics on the spread of coronavirus in Moscow and data from other countries raise the question of how justified some of the strict quarantine restrictions introduced in Moscow to prevent COVID-19 infection are.
Unprecedented Oil Crisis: onsequences of the Price War between Saudi Arabia and Russia
The coronavirus epidemic has led to an unprecedented drop in demand for raw materials and a collapse in quotations. In a world where everything has stopped, the price of oil is likely to move in only one direction - down.
Free Online Consultations of Psychologists during Pandemic
More than 100 specialists are ready to help those who worry about the coronavirus pandemic.
The Price of Pandemic: How Much Russia will Lose Due to Coronavirus
The Russian economy, like many other economies in the world, is already infected with the coronavirus. But unlike many, ours was also struck by the price war virus in the oil market.
New Measures to Support Business and the Public in Russia during Pandemic
Small and medium-sized businesses will receive tax and insurance premium deferrals for six months and will be able to restructure the debts accumulated during the crisis.
How Wealthy Russians Prepared for a Pandemic
Hospitals for one patient and mechanical ventilation for $ 25,000 - find how wealthy Russians prepared for a pandemic.
#stayhome: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia will be Held Online because of Pandemic
The National Chamber of Fashion with the support of the Fashion Fund announced the dates of the online Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. On April 4 and 5, new collections will be presented by both new and already well-known designers.
Moscow Quarantine: Possible Consequences
A quarantine week in Moscow costs the citys economy 75-112 billion rubles. The regime of restrictions kills the projected economic growth for this year and negatively affects the income level of Muscovites. If quarantine lasts longer than two or three weeks, the capital may face a surge in unemployment.
Self-Isolation in Moscow: FAQ
Moscow authorities answered frequently asked questions about the self-isolation regime introduced the day before.
The US is Thinking about New Sanctions against Russia because of the Collapse in Oil Prices
The White House could intervene in the oil war of Saudi Arabia and Russia.
Sistema-Biotech Developed a Coronavirus Test that Allows Finding out the Result in Two Hours
In terms of accuracy, it surpasses the analogues currently used in Russia.
Yandex will Launch a Platform for Distance Learning
Yandex is investing more than 200 million rubles in creating a platform for distance learning. In March, the platform will be available free of charge throughout Russia.
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia Announced Quarantine
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia announced quarantine caused by the spread of coronavirus.
The Leader of the List of Richest Russians has Changed
The co-owner of Novatek and Sibur Leonid Mikhelson ceded leadership of the Russian part of the global Forbes list to Vladimir Potanin.


Foreign Vaccines may Become Available in Russia after Registration
Foreign vaccines will receive registration if their quality is confirmed.
Six Outbound COVID Vaccination Sites will Open Next Week in Moscow
On-site vaccination points to open on Red Square and Moscow shopping centers.
Moscow can Return to Normal Life in May
The decline in the incidence of coronavirus in the city may begin earlier.
Sber has Developed an Algorithm for Detecting COVID-19 by Cough
Sber's artificial intelligence laboratory has developed an algorithm for detecting coronavirus infection by sound.
Russia Extends the Ban on Flights with the UK until February
Flights have been canceled since December 22 due to the detection of a new strain of coronavirus COVID-19 in the UK.
Hotels in the Moscow Region will no Longer Require a Certificate of Covid upon Check-in
The authorities of the Moscow region after the New Year holidays are canceling a number of restrictions, including certificates with a negative test result for Covid, which were required upon check-in at hotels.
International Developers of COVID Passports Offer RDIF to Combine Systems
International developers of COVID passports have offered the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) to integrate into creating interchangeable systems.
Algeria was the First in Africa to Register Sputnik V
Algeria became the first African country to register a Russian vaccine.
Production of Sputnik V Vaccine will Start in Brazil in the Coming Days
The cost of the vaccine abroad will be $ 20.
Sputnik V Developer Applies for Vaccine Registration in Philippines
The Gamaleya Center has applied for emergency approval for the use of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine in the Philippines.
Moscow Donated Medicines for Patients with COVID-19 to St. Petersburg
The Moscow authorities donated drugs to St. Petersburg for the treatment of patients with COVID-19.
More than 1.5 Million People were Vaccinated with Sputnik V
More than 1.5 million people have already received the COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V.
Sanitary Rules for Moscow Skating Rinks
In the context of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, when visiting the open skating rinks in Moscow, one should not forget about the observance of sanitary and epidemiological standards.
The New York Times Journalist was Vaccinated with the Sputnik V
The New York Times Moscow correspondent Andrew Kramer was vaccinated with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine against COVID-19.
The First Case of Infection with the "British" Strain of Coronavirus was Detected in Russia
A month ago, cases of infection with a new strain of coronavirus were detected in the UK.
Russia Extends Suspension of Flights with Great Britain
Russia is extending the suspension of flights with the UK until January 12, 2021.
Argentina will Start Vaccinating Residents with the Russian Vaccine against Coronavirus in December
On Monday, December 28, the Sputnik V vaccine will be delivered to all provinces.
Sputnik V Coronavirus Vaccine should be Delivered to Belarus in January
The first batch of Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine will be delivered to Belarus for a mass vaccination campaign in early 2021.
Russia Plans to Release 30 Million Doses of Vaccine by July
By the end of 2020, more than 2.5 million doses will be produced.
British Strain of Coronavirus was not Detected in Russia
At the same time, the operational headquarters decided to close air traffic with Great Britain.
Moscow does not Plan to either Weaken or Tighten Restrictions due to COVID-19
Moscow Mayor said that new restrictions were not planned in the capital in connection with the coronavirus.
The Russians Named the Main Events, Words and People of the Year
The main words of the year are coronavirus (61%) and amendments to the Constitution (29%).
RDIF: Sputnik V is Effective against New Mutations of Coronavirus
The Russian vaccine Sputnik V is effective against a new strain of coronavirus found in the UK.
Russia Suspends Flights with Great Britain
Russia is temporarily suspending flights with the UK due to the worsening epidemiological situation.
Germany is Ready to Produce Russian Vaccine against COVID-19
German Health Minister announced his readiness to cooperate with the Russian Ministry of Health on the issue of attracting German companies for the joint production of Russian vaccines.
Aeroflot Received no Instructions to Suspend Flights to Britain
"Aeroflot" has not received instructions from the government headquarters to suspend flights with the UK.
Aeroflot will Arrange Special Seats for Passengers who Refuse to Wear a Mask
Earlier it was reported that Aeroflot, due to the difficult epidemiological situation, is strengthening control over the mask regime on board.
4.5 Million Entrepreneurs Went Bankrupt during the Pandemic in Russia
During the period of the pandemic in Russia, at least 4.5 million enterprises of the SME sector and individual entrepreneurs went bankrupt.
Sberbank Named Russian Cities with the Highest Risk of Coronavirus Infection
The highest probability of infection is in Perm and Voronezh.
Christmas and New Year Festivities in the Krasnodar Territory will be Cancelled
The authorities of the Krasnodar Territory have canceled all mass Christmas and New Year festivities from late December to mid-January because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection.
Kazakhstan will Build a Plant to Produce Russian Vaccine against Coronavirus
The government has already begun negotiations on attracting investments.
Turkey Wants to Organize the Production of Sputnik V Vaccine
Turkey wants to organize the production of the Russian vaccine against the coronavirus Sputnik V at its own facilities.
The Work of Food Courts and Children's Rooms in the Shopping Centers is Banned in St. Petersburg
The restrictions are being introduced in connection with the increase in the incidence of a new type of coronavirus in the city.
St. Petersburg can Become a Testing Ground for Best Practices in the Fight against Coronavirus
It was proposed to combine the best anti-epidemic practices of the country there.
Franchise Business in Russia Went Down
The number of applications for the purchase of a franchise in Russia decreased by 12% yoy.
China Suspends Entry from Russia on Visas and Residence Permits
The Chinese authorities temporarily suspend entry from Russia on visas and residence permits amid the pandemic.
Mass Vaccination against Coronavirus in Russia may Start at the End of November
Currently, five production sites are involved in scaling up the production of the Sputnik V.
Mass Events and Exhibitions will be Banned in the Moscow Region
According to the Governor's decree, the restrictions are valid until November 7.
A Service for Checking in Visitors to Nightclubs was Launched in Moscow
An online service has been launched in Moscow to register visitors to nightclubs.
The US "Got Rid" of 45 Russian Ventilators
Russia delivered ventilators and other medical supplies to the United States amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Moscow Nightclubs and Bars will Introduce an Electronic Registration System
When entering a night club, visitors will have to scan a QR code or send an SMS to a special short number 7377.
Switzerland Introduces Mandatory Quarantine for Russians
Switzerland is introducing a 10-day quarantine for citizens arriving from seven countries, including Russia.
Moscow may Close Nightclubs and Bars due to Coronavirus
The Moscow mayor's office is discussing the possible closure of nightclubs, bars and karaoke due to an increase in the incidence of coronavirus.
More than a Third of Russian Companies will not Survive Second Quarantine
39% of Russian companies may not survive a second quarantine in the event of a worsening epidemiological situation in the country.
Drugs for the Treatment of COVID-19 will Cost about 12 Thousand Rubles in Russian Pharmacies
Manufacturers have named the prices of two drugs for the treatment of coronavirus in Russia.
The Number of People Infected with Coronavirus Grows for the Third Day in a Row in Russia
A total of 1,079,519 cases of coronavirus were recorded in Russia.
Russian Vaccine against Coronavirus "Sputnik V" Released into Civilian Circulation
The supply of the drug to the regions of Russia will begin shortly.
Circle of Light Festival in Moscow was Canceled Due to Coronavirus
Moscow International Festival "Circle of Light" was canceled due to restrictions imposed in connection with the coronavirus. The organizers plan to host the event in 2021.
Visa: Almost 40% of SMEs Plan to Continue Working Remotely
At the same time, 20% of respondents indicated the negative impact of the remote work on the productivity of their employees.
Acceptance of Applications for Moscow Business Subsidies Resumed
There are three types of subsidies available.
Moscow Business Turnover Returned to Pre-crisis Level
At the same time, certain industries still have a difficult time.
The Ban on Holding Exhibitions and Congresses in Moscow has been Lifted from September 4
Exhibitions and congresses are permitted in Moscow from September 4; the corresponding decree was signed by the mayor of the capital.
Foreign Students may be Allowed to Enter Russia
Foreign students will be able to return to Russia to study.
Small Business Returned to Stagnation after a Period of Activity
Business activity index in July fell from 45 to 44.2 points.
International Festival "Stars on Baikal" in Irkutsk has been Postponed due to Coronavirus
The 15th Anniversary International Music Festival "Stars on Baikal", which is traditionally held in Irkutsk in September, has been postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus situation.
SWISS Airlines has Resumed Regular Flights from Zurich to Moscow
According to the SWISS website, flights on the Zurich-Moscow-Zurich route will be operated once a week, on Saturdays.
Moscow Authorities Denied Rumors about New Restrictions on Coronavirus
Moscow authorities have denied rumors of re-imposing restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic in the capital.
The Russian Vaccine is Planned to be Launched into Civil Circulation within 1.5 Months
The civil circulation of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine will be launched within a month after the start of post-registration studies.
The Authorities will Regulate the Distribution of the Russian Vaccine against Coronavirus
The first Russian vaccine against COVID-19 "Sputnik V" is included in the list of drugs that are distributed in Russian regions at the federal level.
The Russian Vaccine will be Administered to Tens of Thousands of People in the Third Stage of Research
Research will be carried out in the Moscow region with the participation of tens of thousands of people. The civil circulation of the vaccine will be launched one month after the start of the post-registration stage.
Aeroflot Hopes that Flights from Russia to the European Union will be Resumed in 2020
Aeroflot: EU countries are abandoning flights with Russia due to mass testing for coronavirus in the country - this leads to a greater identification of people with COVID-19.
Business Profits Fell by 67% in Spring
The cumulative drop in business profits in March-May 2020 was 67%.
Catering Companies Change their Business due to the Pandemic
The Russian catering market, the volume of which exceeded 60 billion rubles at the end of 2019, may be reduced to 25 billion rubles by the end of this year.
More than 6 Thousand Moscow Stores were Fined for Violating the Mask and Glove Regime
The total amount of fines for violation of the mask regime in Moscow stores exceeded 300 million rubles.
Russia Ranked 20th in Europe in Terms of Gasoline Availability
A rating of European countries in terms of the availability of gasoline for the population was compiled.
New Rules for Foreigners Flying to Russia
Russian airlines have the right to refuse admission to the plane to foreigners without a document confirming the absence of the coronavirus COVID-19.
More than a Ton of Plasma was Prepared for the Treatment of COVID-19 in Moscow
More than 1.7 thousand people donated plasma in Moscow so that doctors could use it to treat patients with COVID-19.
Britain Accuses Russia of Trying to Steal Data on Vaccine Against COVID-19
The Kremlin found such accusations unacceptable.
Turkey and Russia will Resume Flights from July 15
urkey and Russia have agreed to resume flights from Wednesday, July 15.
The Maldives Opens Borders for Russian Tourists
On July 15, the Maldives opens borders for foreign tourists. Travelers will not have to submit a coronavirus test or be quarantined, according to information on the country's Ministry of Tourism website.
Croatia Opened Borders for Russians
Tourists must present a certificate of the absence of coronavirus at the border, as well as a voucher for accommodation.
Quarters of Russian Shopping Centers Threatened with Closure
A quarter of Russian shopping centers may close if the state does not provide them with tax subsidies.
The Growth of Online Trading in Russia Accelerated due to a Pandemic
The coronavirus pandemic and self-isolation regime have become a stimulating factor for the growth of the Russian Internet trading market.
The Number of Coronavirus Infected in Russia Exceeded 700 Thousand
Over the last day in Russia, 6562 new cases of infection with the coronavirus COVID-19 were detected in 84 regions. The total number of people infected in the country reached 700,792.
Russian Cinemas will be Able to Resume their Work since July 15
However, market participants note that all the cinemas in the country will not open immediately.
Krasnodar Territory will Open for Tourists on June 21
From June 21, the regime of restrictions on tourists will be weakened in the Krasnodar Territory.
The Second Stage of the Study of Population Immunity to Coronavirus is Finished in Moscow
According to its results, 17.4% of Muscovites have antibodies to the causative agent of infection.
An Assessment of Population Immunity to the SARS CoV-2 is Planned in Russian Regions
A seroepidemiological study (for the presence of antibodies to the virus in the blood) is planned for June in Khabarovsk Territory, Tyumen and St. Petersburg.
Attendance at Moscow Shopping Centers Decreased
Since the opening of non-food stores in Moscow, attendance at shopping centers has decreased by 43% compared with the same period last year.
Russians will be Able to Go Abroad to Work and Study
The government also allowed foreigners to enter Russia for medical treatment or to care for relatives.
Summer Verandas of Moscow Restaurants will Open Soon
From June 16, summer verandas of restaurants will open in Moscow.
Self-isolation in Moscow will be Canceled from June 9
The head of the Public Chamber of Moscow announced the cancellation of the isolation regime since June 9.
Beauty Salons will Resume Work in the Moscow Region
From June 3, beauty salons, sun booths and saunas will resume work in the Moscow Region.
Orthodox Churches will Open in Moscow on June 6
From June 6, the citys churches will open for parishioners in Moscow.
Cinemas and Museums in Russia will Open in mid-July, Theaters - in Autumn
There will be special seating in the halls to reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading.
Almost 60% of Restaurants were Unable to Adapt to Quarantine
About 57% of catering establishments could not adapt to the restrictions regime and start the take-away or delivery format.
Non-food Trade Resumes in Moscow
From June 1, Moscow starts the second stage of mitigation of the restrictive measures introduced in connection with the coronavirus epidemic.
Embankments and Beaches Opened in Vladivostok
Concrete blocks were removed from driveways to the popular beaches of Vladivostok.
Non-food Stores and Public Services will Open in Moscow at the Next Stage of Lifting Restrictions
At the second stage of lifting the restrictive measures introduced in the framework of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, non-food stores and public services establishments will start operating in Moscow.
Aeroflot will Start to Restore Transportation Volumes in June
Earlier, the Federal Air Transport Agency reported that up to three airlines of the Aeroflot group - Aeroflot, Russia and Aurora - received subsidies for losses due to coronavirus.
More than a Third of Russian Companies from Various Industries can Become Bankrupt
80% of companies expect their counterparties to go bankrupt.
SWISS Airlines will Resume Flights from Zurich to Moscow and St. Petersburg in June
SWISS Airlines (part of the Lufthansa Group) plans to resume flights from Zurich to Moscow (Domodedovo) and St. Petersburg (Pulkovo) from June 1.
Pobeda Airlines Company will Resume Flights in Russia
The airline "Pobeda" will start to restore the program of domestic flights gradually starting from June 1.
Quarantine in the Krasnodar Territory is Extended until May 23
All people arriving in the Kuban from other regions of Russia are forcibly sent to observators for a period of two weeks.
The Turnover of SMEs Fell by More than 50% in April
In Moscow, the turnover of the SME sector fell more than in other regions - by 79%.
Restrictive Measures for Moscow Business have been Extended until May 31
From May 12, only industrial enterprises, as well as construction projects, will be allowed to resume work.
Wearing Masks will be Mandatory in the Moscow Region
Wearing medical protective masks in public places will be made mandatory from May 12.
All Beaches of Primorye are Closed due to Coronavirus
With the onset of heat and the beginning of the season, all beaches, coastal hotels and cafes are closed due to the current self-isolation regime.
Research: Most Small and Micro-business Companies Expect to Reach Pre-crisis Indicators within Six Months
Only 20% of companies can work at full strength in the face of restrictive measures.
Half of SMEs in Russia Suspended their Work
56% of the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) suspended their work due to restrictive measures taken to combat a new type of coronavirus.
Survey: Most Employees Prefer an Office to a Remote Work
62% of Russians working from home because of the isolation regime want to return to the office.
New Measures Introduced in Karelia
Changes have been made to the list of restrictive measures in connection with the spread of coronavirus.
By the End of 2020, the Fall of the Russian IT Segment may Exceed 30%
In general, the situation may be worse than during the crisis of 2015.
Only a Third of Russian SMEs will be Able to Receive State Support
Three quarters of Russian companies from the small and medium business sector will not be able to apply for state assistance in paying salaries.
Non-working Days throughout Russia will Last at Least until May 11
Russian President extended non-working days until May 11, inclusive, and days from May 6 to 8 are recognized as days off.
Biologically Safe Mice for Testing Anti-Coronavirus Drugs Come to be Created
The State Scientific Center for Virology and Biotechnology "Vector" has begun to create biologically safe mice sensitive to the new coronavirus infection.
Mefloquine Ability to Fight Coronavirus Preliminary Tested
The Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia has published preliminary results of testing the anti-malaria medicine mefloquine against the coronavirus.
Russian Restaurateurs will Close from 20 to 50% of Establishments Due to the Crisis
The situation in the industry may worsen if the state does not resolve the issue of tax holidays and affordable financing.
The Amount of Tax Benefits for Moscow Business will Exceed 170 Billion Rubles
The city authorities intend to keep all the benefits accepted before the epidemic. Together with the approved anti-crisis measures, the total amount of business support will exceed 170 billion rubles.
Moscow will Spend about 70 Billion Rubles on Measures to Support Business
It is noted that the total amount of assistance may vary depending on how popular soft loans will be among small businesses.
Checking Passes for Trips in Moscow will be Automatic
In accordance with the new decrees of the Mayor of Moscow, the verification of the availability of passes for trips around the city both on public, and on personal or official vehicles from April 22 will be held automatically.
Express Courses: "How to Work during Pandemic"
Special courses have been prepared for accountants, HR employees, lawyers, general directors, medical staff and financial directors.
Tochka Bank Launches Assistance Fund for Affected Entrepreneurs
The Tochka Entrepreneurship Bank has launched a fund to support businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic.
Traffic Police will Start Checking Digital Passes in Moscow
Police urged residents of Moscow to plan their own travel time and pre-issue digital passes.
Taxi Services in Moscow will Check Digital Passes
Taxi services will check if a passenger has a digital pass to travel around Moscow when ordering a trip.
Russia has Resumed Flights to Return its Citizens from Foreign Countries
Today the first two flights will be completed: Bishkek - Yekaterinburg and Dhaka - Nizhny Novgorod.
Small Businesses will Get Interest-free Loans from Banks
Russian authorities instructed to accelerate the allocation of funds to banks for the issuance of interest-free loans to small businesses.
Russian Museums Forecast Losses Caused by Pandemic
The State Historical Museum and the Pushkin Museum forecast losses of millions of rubles due to closure caused by the threat of the spread of coronavirus.
Medtech-startup BestDoctor Launches a Virtual Clinic for Free Consultations
Medtech-startup BestDoctor launches a virtual clinic for free consultations with doctors in the context of a new type of coronavirus epidemic.
Russian Measures to Support the Sectors Most Affected by Coronavirus
The government approved a list of measures to support organizations and individual entrepreneurs working in the areas most affected by the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. The list of such industries includes catering, hospitality, air transportation, and consumer services.
Golden Mask Award Ceremony Postponed due to Coronavirus
The awarding of the Golden Mask 2020 winners in the most honorable nomination - For Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Theater Art, has been laid on the shelf.
Ufa Residents will Support Local Farmers during Pandemic
With the help of the new service local residents will be able to buy farm products.
Non-working Days in Russia will Last until the End of April
Depending on how the situation develops, the non-working period may be shortened.
Popular Places for Walking are Blocked in Vladivostok
The city hall of Vladivostok during the period of complete self-isolation installed concrete blocks at the entrance to the popular place for walking in the city - Tokarevsky lighthouse.
Ural Airlines will Carry out Flights Returning Russian Tourists from India to Yekaterinburg
On April 4, Ural Airlines will start returning Russian tourists from India who were unable to come back to the country due to restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic.
Russian Foreign Ministry: about 25 Thousand Russians Abroad Intend to Return to their Homeland
About 25 thousand Russians who are currently abroad want to come to Russia in connection with the situation with the coronavirus.
The Opening of Summer Verandas in Moscow Restaurants will be Postponed
Due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation in Moscow, the authorities postponed the start of the summer season for cafes and restaurants.
Compulsory Self-isolation Regime is Introduced in 16 Russian Regions, Including Moscow and Moscow Region
14 regions of Russia, following Moscow and Moscow Region, introduced a mandatory self-isolation regime.
Russia is Closing Restaurants
New restrictive measures are being introduced in Russia to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.
Lawyers Launch Entrepreneurship Assistance Association to Consult Businesses
Lawyers create an Association of Assistance to Entrepreneurs against the background of the coronavirus epidemic.
The Russian Government will Support Catering Business and Hotels
The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation is preparing a package of measures to support the catering and hotel industries.
All Fitness Centers and Pools are Closed in Moscow
The corresponding order was issued by the Rospotrebnadzor in Moscow as part of the prevention of the spread of a new type of coronavirus.
Fitch Halved Russia's Economic Growth Forecast
Agency revised estimates due to falling oil prices, weakening ruble and global economic downturn.
Terminals E and C of the Sheremetyevo Airport will be Closed until May
All flights will be transferred to terminals D and F.
High Alert Mode due to Coronavirus Introduced throughout Russia
The authorities of all 85 regions of Russia decided to introduce a high-alert regime due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus.
Petersburg Stopped Accepting Aircraft from the European Union Due to Coronavirus
St. Petersburg Governor introduced additional measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.
Aeroflot, Pobeda and S7 Cannot Return Russian Citizens from Montenegro
Aeroflot, Pobeda and S7 said they could not return to Russia passengers who remained in Montenegro due to the closure of the border by the authorities of that country to prevent the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19.
The Spread of Coronavirus in Russia will Affect Consumer Behavior
First, Russians will buy goods, but in a few weeks they will be forced to save money.
114 People are Infected with Coronavirus in Russia
The number of patients with coronavirus in Russia reached 114 people in 26 Russian regions.
Faberlic is Ready to Start Producing Disinfectants and Donate them to Doctors for Free
Faberlic plans to launch a new line of disinfectants and hygiene products, which will be distributed free of charge for the needs of the headquarters for monitoring the situation with coronavirus in Russia.
Government Plans to Introduce Tax Breaks for Business Due to Coronavirus
The Russian government has developed a draft anti-crisis plan to support the economy in connection with the spread of a new type of coronavirus infection.
Retailers Reported the Threat of Interruptions in Supplies to Moscow Stores
Stricter rules for the movement of trucks in Moscow can lead to interruptions in the supply of socially significant goods to stores.
Every Fifth Russian Travel Agency May not Survive the Coronavirus Pandemic
Up to 20% of Russian travel companies may close due to the consequences of the new type of coronavirus pandemic COVID-19.
Russian Manufacturers are Looking for Alternative Suppliers, Due to the Coronavirus Epidemic in China
As a substitute for Chinese goods, they consider counterparties from Turkey, Italy and several Asian countries.
The Folk Fishing All-Russian Festival in Tver Oblast was Canceled
The Folk Fishing All-Russian Festival in Tver Oblast was canceled due to the absence of reliable on in the water and the threat of coronavirus.
There is No Emergency Situation on Coronavirus in Russia
The Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Head of the Operational Headquarters, Tatyana Golikova stated that there was no emergency situation on coronavirus in Russia and there was no need for additional limitations.
Russia Restricts Air Traffic with South Korea
It was decided to stop air communication with South Korea by all companies except Aeroflot and Aurora.
Restrictive Measures on the Border with China are Extended until April 1
According to the latest data, the number of people infected with coronavirus in China is close to 80 thousand.
Russia Closes Access through Checkpoints on the Border with Mongolia for Chinese Citizens
This was announced at the meeting of the operational headquarters to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the Russian Federation.

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