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Russia May Significantly Increase Gas Supplies
In the next five years, Russia may significantly increase gas supplies to Europe and its share in the local market.
Gazprom's Profit Reduced
The profit of Gazprom decreased by 19 times in the second quarter of 2016, as compared to the second quarter of 2015 - from 137 to 7.2 billion roubles.
BASF Will Cooperate With Gazprom
The German concern BASF plans to invest about two billion euros in joint projects with Gazprom in the next five years.
Gazprom Will Half the Capacity Of the Turkish Stream Pipeline
Gazprom has decided to half the capacity of the Turkish Stream pipeline down to 32 billion cubic meters of gas per year.
Gazprom May Include Rouble Settlements Into Export Contracts
The settlements in the national currency may appear as Gazprom sells gas on short-term contracts.
Gazprom Signed a Memorandum With CNPC
The memorandum on gas supplies to China between Gazprom and the Chinese National Petroleum Company (CNPC) provides for a third route in addition to the eastern and western ones.
Russia Supplies More Gas To Germany
The average daily volume of supplies of Russian gas to Germany rose by 13 percent in early July, as compared with the June index, and in July of last year the increase made up 29.7 percent.
Putin: "EU Should Applaud Russia"
The Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the EU should applaud Russia for its aid to Greece.
Greece will Take Part in Turkish Stream
On Friday, June 19 Vladimir Putin and the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras discussed the routes of transportation of the Russian gas through the Turkish Stream pipeline during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.
Salaries of Russian Top-Managers
The President of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin announced his salary at the conference call of the company. It makes up four million roubles a month. Speculations about high salaries of the heads of state companies resumed in the mass media and blogs after the government allowed the top managers of state-controlled commercial structures not to disclose their income in March.
Russia - Greece Negotiations
The Russian authorities are ready to discuss the allocation of multiple loans with the Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras, in case Russian state companies gain control over some Greek assets.
Gazprom's Substitution Program
Gazprom intends to refuse from the procurement of products in the countries that have joined the sanctions against Russia within the frame of the import substitution program.
Gazproms Pivot to the East
After years of bitter disputes about the Third Energy Charter and the South Stream with the EU, Gazprom has turned its eyes towards Asia and its energy-demanding markets.
Will Usmanov Leave Gazprom?
The fact that Usmanov quitted as general director of Gazprom Investholding (a subsidiary of Gazprom), was announced today by the company itself.
Buzz Barometer: Russia's Oil Industry Stymied by Sanctions
Despite Moscows shrugging off Western sanctions as foolishness, theres growing evidence that the restrictions imposed over Russias alleged role in the Ukraine crisis may be working, at least in terms of bad publicity.
Power of Siberia Gas Pipeline Project
Gazprom is now building a pipeline to fulfill its 30-year contract for the supplies of 38 billion cubic meters of gas that could bring Russia some $400 billion. This project has become known as the Power of Siberia.
Gazprom Corruption Scandal
During the next few months the General Prosecutor's Office of Switzerland intends to bring an official accusation of corruption against the four people, possibly including two top managers of Gazprom.
South Stream Turning Into Stumbling Block between Russia, EU
The EU demands that the South Stream project must be put on hold until it meets the requirements of the EUs Third Energy Package, another move in a protracted politicized chess war of attrition.
Media Buzz: Hot Russian-Chinese Gas Deal
The world media outlets offer their guesswork of the price behind the largest ever natural gas contract struck between Moscow and Beijing in Shanghai. But they all agree the venture has made Russia stronger and less vulnerable in case of sanctions.
Gazprom Might Change Currency For International Transactions
Gazprom finds it possible to use the Russian ruble in the transactions with foreign contractors.
Gas Supply to South Korea
Russia may begin to supply gas to South Korea via gas pipeline through the territory of China.
Record Cost Overruns in 2014 Sochi Olympics
The Olympic Games in Sochi will set a new record in costs, surpassing Beijings price tag of $40 billion.
Media Predicts Tough Times for Gazprom
What will Russia's gas giant Gazprom do if it loses its key supplier status in Europe? Russia-IC looks at what the international media has to say on the matter.
Coal and Energy Giant was Born in Russia
The biggest energy holding in Russia has been created as a merger of Siberian Coal and Energy Company (SUEK) and a number of power assets owned by Gazprom. The new company will be under control of the Russian gas monopolist. In case the deal is approved by the Russian regulatory bodies, the energy holding's value will exceed $16 billion. Consolidated SUEK plans to file IPO in prospect.
Ukraine and Russia have Agreed upon Gas Supplies
Yesterday Moscow and Kiev ended the gas row rather unexpectedly. The recent Gazprom ultimatum to cut off gas supplies to Ukraine resulted in Ukraines promise to pay off its debt and the revising the major gas supply scheme, worked out after the gas conflict of 2005-2006. The gas supply operators are to be changed; two joint companies of Gazprom and Ukraines Naftogaz will appear.


Gazprom and Roskosmos to Expand Cooperation on Satellite Systems
At the moment, Gazprom is building a spacecraft assembly plant (SPKA) in the Moscow Region.
The Number of Unqualified Investors has Risen Sharply in Russia
In the period from December to May, the number of individual clients of the Moscow Exchange increased from 3.86 million to 5.1 million - by 32.51%.
23 Russian Companies Entered the List of the Largest in the World
The American Forbes magazine published an annual rating of the largest public companies in the world. The list included 23 Russian companies - one more than a year earlier.
The Date of Launch of the Power of Siberia Became Known
The Head of Gazprom, Aleksey Miller, has disclosed the date of launch of one of the large-scale state-owned projects - the Power of Siberia gas pipeline for transferring Russian gas to China for the first time.
The Amsterdam Court Seized the Shares of the Blue Stream Pipeline Company Joint Venture Belonging to Gazprom
Thus, the court satisfied the demands of Naftogaz of Ukraine which is seeking to charge more than $ 2.5 billion from Gazprom.
Gazprom: Your Sanctions Will Not Succeed!
Some employees of the Gazprom company, including top managers, covered their smartphones with the photo taken in 1982 depicting Soviet gasmen who write your sanctions will not succeed, Mr. Reagan! on the pipeline Urengoy - Pomary - Uzhgorod.
UniCredit Bank Austria Signed An Agreement With Gazprom
"Gazprom" and UniCredit Bank Austria signed an agreement on a loan of 300 million euros for a period of four years at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).
Gazprom Will Cooperate With Rostrud
"Gazprom" will post information about its vacancies on the portal operated by Rostrud.
Receipts In Gazprom Go Up
The receipts of the Management Board members of Gazprom increased by 43 percent during 2014, amounting to 2.54 billion roubles.
Russia and Turkey to Sign Gas Pipeline Agreement in 2015
Russia expects to sign an intergovernmental gas pipeline agreement with Turkey in the second quarter of 2015 in order to start the first gas deliveries in December 2016, Russian energy company Gazprom announced on Tuesday.
Russia May Abort South Stream - Economy Minister
Russia may shelf South Stream if the EU isn't going to minimize its supply risks, according to a high-profile government official.
Gazprom Neft Launches Fracking-Based Drilling on Bazhenov Formation
Gazprom Neft has launched drilling the first horizontal well to explore the Bazhenov formation of the Palyanovsky deposit at the Krasnoleninsky field, marking a new stage in the study of shale oil deposits.
Gazprom Fires Top Manager for 'Delay' Comments
Gazprom has fired a top manager after he told journalists that the Power of Siberia pipeline, an ambitious pipeline project that is supposed to bring Russia's natural gas to China, have been delayed.
Gazprom Dismissed China Pipeline Delay Rumours
Gazprom has dismissed an earlier report that the deadlines for the Power of Siberia pipeline, an ambitious pipeline project that is supposed to bring Russia's natural gas to China, have been delayed
Russia-China Pipeline Project Suffers Delay - Senior Manager
The Power of Siberia pipeline, an ambitious pipeline project that is supposed to bring Russia's natural gas to China, will become fully operational only in 2020, a senior manager told journalists.
Gazprom Launched Construction of China Gas Pipeline
Gazprom, Russia's gas giant, has launched the construction of the Power of Siberia, an ambitious pipeline project that is supposed to bring Russia's natural gas to China.
Russia, China Partners, Not Military Allies
Russia and China are not seeking a joint military bloc despite close cooperation in the defense and technical areas, said a senior Kremlin official.
Russia, Austria Mull JV for South Stream
Russia and Austria are set to establish a joint venture to implement the South Stream oil pipeline project, according to an aide to the Russian president.
Gazprom Neft Signed Sponsorship Contracts With Hockey Clubs
The Board of Directors of OJSC Gazprom Neft approved the signing of sponsorship contracts with Omsk based Avangard hockey club and SKA from St. Petersburg.
Yatsenyuk Rejects $100 Discount for Gas Prices
As both parties gathered in Brussels to resolve the dispute, Ukraines Prime Minister went public to reject the $100 discount for gas supplies.
Lithuania Fines Gazprom $48 MLN
Lithuania's competition council has fined Gazprom a whopping $48 million for allegedly preventing competition in the Baltic state where the Russian gas monopoly is the sole supplier.
Gazprom Extends Gas Deadline for Ukraine
Gazprom has again delayed the switch to the advance payment scheme in its contractual relations with Ukraines Naftogaz, this time to June 16.
Bulgaria Suspends South Stream Pending Negotiations with Brussels
Bulgaria has suspended its operations on the South Stream pipeline project after a visit by American senators.
Next Round of Gas Talks Slated for Monday
Russia expects the next round of talks aimed to resolve the protracted gas dispute with Ukraine to take place on June 9 in Brussels.
Russia Expects $400 BN in Revenue from China Gas Contract
Russia expects to sign an historic deal with China on natural gas supplies that will help the country to diversify its exports.
EU, Russia Trade Takes Toll Amid War of Words
Trade between the EU and Russia fell sharply in 1Q 2014, echoing a sour political relationship between Moscow and Brussels split over the Ukraine crisis.
EU Rules Out Energy Sector Sanctions Against Russia
Russia is not facing energy-related sanctions from the EU despite earlier fears.
Second Line Of South Stream
Gazprom has signed a contract for the construction of the second line of South Stream.
Gazprom Took First Place In The World In EBITDA Indicator
Gazprom has become the world's largest publicly traded company in terms of EBITDA characteristics and ranked fifth on the net profit.
France's Total Gave up on Shtokman Gas Project - Report
Frances oil and gas giant Total is reported to have written off its investment into the Shtokman project.
Russian Sues EU in WTO over 3rd Energy Package
Russia has complained to the World Trade Organization about the Third Energy Package after exhausting diplomatic means of resolving the tension.
Ukraine to File an Action Against Russia's Gazprom
Ukrainian authorities have decided to launch a lawsuit against Russian energy giant company Gazprom, acting Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk told the press on Monday.
Western Business Is Against Sanctions
Business community in the West is not interested in escalation of tensions with Russia.
Gazprom's Chairman Sold Off Stake Before Market Collapse
Chairman of Gazproms board of directors sold off his stake in the company ahead of the market collapse.
Gazprom Export Figures
Gazprom has kept the volume of its gas export to Europe at the level of the same period in 2013 that is $ 13.1 billion cubic meters
Gazprom Will Start Gas Production At Kirinskoye Deposit In 2014
Gazprom gas holding plans to start commercial production of gas at the Kirinskoye deposit in this year, which is said in the companys message, according to the results of the meeting of the Companys President Aleksey Miller and the Governor of Sakhalin oblast Aleksandr Khoroshavin.
Football: Shirokov Tipped to Move to Spartak Moscow
Roman Shirokov is rumoured to move to Spartak Moscow after an alleged conflict with Luciano Spalletti in a Supercup game against Ukraines Shakhtar Donetsk.
South Stream Project May Get Off Ground After Ukraine's U-Turn
The South Stream pipeline project is expected to accelerate after the EU has backpedalled on its tough demands in the face of unruly Ukraine.
State-Run Companies Agree to Disclose Salaries
State corporations and state-run companies would disclose the pay of their staff in a move to improve transparency and curb corruption after a deal with the government and the trade unions
Gazprom Securities Placement
Gazprom will place the bonds of BO-19 series for 15 billion rubles with a maturity term of 30 years.
Greenpeace Activists Charged With Piracy by Russian Court
First two members of a group of Greenpeace activists who were detained aboard a Greenpeace icebreaker during a protest action at an offshore oil rig in the Arctic last month, were officially charged with piracy.
Remote Control System Of the Earth Is Under Development In Tomsk
Experts are developing a feasibility study (FS) to create a regional system of remote sensing satellites in Tomsk. By the end of 2013, the development must be completed.
Rosneft Claims 2013 Biggest Taxpayer Title
Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin promised the Russian prime minister to snatch the top taxpayer title from Gazprom in 2013.
French Total Urges Gazprom To Revive Shtokman Project
French Total has come up with a new plan to increase profitability of the Shtockman project developed jointly with Gazprom, says
Gazprom's Subsidiary Secures Firm Hold Over Moscow Energy Market
Gazprom's subsidiary grabs Moscow's power operator to secure a monopoly over the capital's enery market, says RBC daily.
Gazprom Neft's Filling Stations To Be Open To Natural Gas Vehicles
Gazprom and its subsidiary Gazprom Neft have agreed to install fueling units for vehicles running on natural gas at Gazprom Neft's filling stations.
Gazprom To Launch China Pipeline in November - Media Report
Gazprom is launching the construction of a new pipeline in Russia's Far East this November, sources close to the gas giant told Vedomosti daily.
Who's the Nation's Biggest Taxpayer - Rosneft or Gazprom?
Two Russia's biggest companies, Gazprom and Rosneft have grappled over the status of the country's biggest taxpayer.
Gazprom Investment Plans May See Cuts Over Tariff Freeze
Gazprom will have to cut its investment plans due to a drop in revenues over the next two years, says
Gazprom Considering LNG Plant in NW Russia
Gazprom is reviving plans to build a LNG plant in the north-west of Russia to offer an alternative to the shale gas supplies from the US, says Vedomosti daily.
Gazprom Denied More Energy Assets
Russia's Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) moves against Gazprom's acquisition of power generation firm Kvadra.
Gazprom Neft Boasts 2012 Records
Gazprom Neft exceeded the expectations of its shareholders last year, with a total output of 59.7 million tones, 4.3 percent up on 2011.
Gazprom Denies $1BN in Bonuses Rumour
Gazprom has denied media reports claiming that the Russian gas giant spent more than $1 billion on bonuses to celebrate its 20th anniversary.
Rosneft Named as Buyer of Alrosa's Gas Assets
Rosneft is buying Alrosa's natural gas assets for a sum between $1-1.5 billion, says Kommersant, as part of an aggressive bid to undermine Gazprom's monopoly.
Gazprom Exposed to 1st Audit in 5 Years
The Accounts Chamber has launched a probe into Gazproms activities, says its head Sergey Stepashin.
Gazprom, Rosneft Gain on Stock Exchange on Dividend Rumours
Rosnefts and Gazproms shares edged up on rumours of higher dividends on May 8.
Gazprom's 2012 Profit 9 Percent Down
OAO Gazprom has posted a decline in annual profit, the first since 2001. The worlds biggest natural gas producer earned RUR 1.18 trillion, or some $38 billion, compared with RUR 1.3 trillion in 2011.
Russia May Quit Ukraine Gas Talks
Russia has suspended talks with Ukraine on setting up an umbrella company to manage the Ukrainian pipeline network, says Kommersant daily.
Yamal-Europe Pipeline Revisited
Gazprom is expected to revisit the Yamal-Europe pipeline project and build a second stretch.
Gazprom Seeks Settlement With Lithuania
Gazprom has offered a peace deal to Lithuania to end a long-standing battle over natural gas supplies.
Gas Museum to Appear in St. Petersburg
The vice governor of Petersburg Vasily Kichedzhi has held a meeting on the issue of establishing the Gas Industry Museum.
Top Russian Officials Embroiled in Offshore Scandal
Russian senior officials have been implicated in the Cyprus scandal, says Vedomosti daily.
Gazprom Begins Exodus from Moscow
Several Gazprom's departments are getting ready to move to St. Petersburg, says Russian Vedomosti daily.
China, Russia Sign Major Contracts During Leader Visit
Chinese CNPC signed a preliminary deal on gas and oil supplies with Russias Gazprom and Rosneft.
Kazakhstan Blackmails Russia over Gas Supplies
Kazakhstan could divert its natural gas supplies from the largest deposit in Karachaganak to China if it fails to sign a contract with Russia.
Eight Russian companies listed in 500 worlds most valued global brands
Eight Russian companies were listed in 500 worlds most valued global brands, published by the consulting company Brand Finance.
Energy Revenues Must Drop to Quarter of Budget
The share of oil and gas revenues should be lower than 25 percent and not 50 as it is today - PM
Gazprom Doomed to Lose Lead in 2013 - Report
Russias gas giant Gazprom may fall from the worlds top place as the most profitable public company in 2013
Rosneft to Rival Gazprom in Gas Exports
Rosneft has been said to be seriously moving into gas extraction and liquefying, says Russia's Energy Minister.
Former Gazprom "Gas King" Dies
The former CEO of Russian leading energy company, Rem Vyakhirev has died on Monday at the age of 78.
Gazprom Cuts 2012 Income Forecast
Gazproms 2012 net income is expected to be just $38 billion, down 15 percent, according to the Interfax news agency.
Russia May Sell Stake in TNK-BP in Future
Russia rejects concerns that its Rosneft is going to be the next state supermonopoly like Gazprom.
Gazprom Claims Ukraine's Naftogaz Owes $7BN
Gazprom wants $7 billion from Ukraine for a contract breach, which it refuses to pay.
$23 bln Investment Plan Mulled by Gazpromneft
Gazpromneft has unveiled an ambitious investment programme in a bid to double its output by 2020. And these plans are realistic, experts say.
Gazprom Gets Most Controversial Company Title
Gazprom is the most controversial company in BRIC countries, according to a recent study.
TMK Goes to Oman
One of the world's leading producers of steel pipes for the oil and gas sector, TMK, buys up a plant in the Middle East to expand in the vital market.
Greenpeace Activists Arrested Over Action near Gazprom Office
Ten activists from Greenpeace environmental organization were arrested on Wednesday after a demonstration outside the Moscow office of Gazprom.
Greenpeace Activists Occupy Gazprom Oil Platform
Six environmental activists from the Greenpeace International occupied a Russian oil platform on Friday to protest against drilling for oil in the Arctic.
Gazprom named the world most profitable company in 2011
Russian gas giant Gazprom became the worlds leading company in terms of profits in 2011, according to Forbes rating published on Monday.
Gazprom to build gas-fired power plants in Europe
The Russian gas monopoly Gazprom and the French EDF Group have signed a Cooperation Agreement on joint construction and acquiring gas-fired power plants in Europe.
Gazprom will get a monopoly on oil supply to Kirgizia
The Kirghiz parliament has approved a project of an intergovernmental agreement on giving Gazprom Neft Asia (a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft) a monopoly right on supplying and distribution of oil products in the inner market of the country.
Gazprom may acquire Romanian oil company
The Austrian oil and gas company OMV is negotiation with Russian gas giant Gazprom on selling 51% shares of Romanian oil company OMV Petrom.
Gazprom may supply Shtokman deposit gas to Japan
Aleksey Miller, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gazprom, promised to consider the possibility of supplying liquefied gas from Shtokman field gas to Japan
Turkey approved building South Stream
Turkey approved building the gas pipeline South Stream by Gazprom on the high level.
Russia and Turkey are prolonging gas contracts
Officials of Russian Gazprom and Turkish Botas sign commercial documents on gas supplies to Turkey in 2012.
Oil Rig with 67 People Abroad Sank in the Russian Far East
About 16 people are already found dead in the the Sea of Okhotsk after the overturning of an oil rig in the Russian Far East.
Gazprom to Build Gas Pipeline in North Korea
The state monopoly Gazprom will become the only builder of the North Korean section of the gas pipeline which will transfer the Russian Far East gas to the South Korea via North Korea.
Sogaz to Insure Gazprom for $2.8 bln
The Sogaz Insurance Group turned out the only applicant for making insurance contracts from 2012 up to 2016 with the state monopoly Gazprom, reports Interfax. The companies will make 12 contracts.
Russia Gets Beltransgaz, Belarus Gets $165.60 Gas
The Russian state company Gazprom has acquired 50 % share in Beltransgaz for $ 2.5 billion, what makes it the sole owner of the Belarus pipeline which carries gas from Russia to the European Union.
Gazprom Has Bought German Energy Company Envacom
Russian gas concern Gazprom has acquired Envacom, a German energy and telecommunications firm.
Gazprom Earned $ 26 Billion for the First Half a Year
Gazprom profit for the first half a year 2011 has made up 785.2 billion Rubles (about $ 26.17 billion). It let the concern to earn 4.3 billion rubles a day.
Nord Stream Officially Launched in Germany
On Tuesday leaders of Russia, Germany and other countries officially launched the Nord Stream pipeline in in the town of Lubmin, Germany.
Russian Gas Supplies to South Korea to Start in 2017
Gas supplies from Russia to the Republic of Korea may start in 2017. Now Russia supplies to the South Korea only liquefied gas.
Gazprom to Spend $ 3.2 bln for Sochi Olympics 2014
The Russian gas monopoly Gazprom to spend about 100 bln Rubles ($ 3.2 bln) for the Sochi Olympics 2014.
Nord Stream to Go Operational on November 8
The gas pipeline Nord Stream will go operational on November 8 this year. Gazprom considers the possibility of building additional Nord Stream lines if the demand for the fuel increases in Europe.
Italian Eni to Make Oil Business in Russia
Italian Eni, one of the major Gazprom partners in Europe, intends to start oil business in Russia. The company is negotiating with Rosneft about joining oil extraction project in Vale Shatskogo in the Black Sea.
Russia Launches Major Gas Pipeline to Europe
On Tuesday Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin launched the Nord Stream pipeline, which was designed to bring Russian natural gas to Germany through the bed of the Baltic Sea, avoiding shipments via Ukraine.
Russia to Open Shtokman Field for Working in 2016
Russia plans to start producing gas at the giant Shtokman offshore field in the Arctic from the fourth quarter of 2016, according to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
Belarus to Buy Russian Gas at a Reduced Price
From 2012 Belarus is to buy Russian gas at a reduced gas pricing formula.
Bulgaria Relinquishes Russian Gas
Bulgaria intends to reduce purchases of Russian gas and reject Gazprom's long-term contracts for the next three years.
Gazprom's Investments to Reach $44 Billion in 2011
The investment program of Gazprom may be increased from initial 816 billion rubles to 1,241 trillion rubles (about 44 billion dollars).
Gazprom and Severslat Entered the List of Most Expensive Companies
Russian Gazprom and Severstal entered the annual ranking of world's largest companies of the FT Global 500.
Russia's Largest Oil Companies Stop Selling Gasoline
Russia's largest oil companies, including Rosneft, Gazprom and Lukoil, temporarily stopped selling gasoline in the St. Petersburg's International Commodity Exchange.
Gazprom's Subsidiaries to Merge
Shareholders of Gazprom subsidiary companies OGK-2 and OGK-6 voted for the amalgamation of the companies. As a result, a third-largest company of Russia's electricity market will be created.
China in Talks with Gazprom
China National Petroleum Corporation and Russian oil monopoly are still on talks on a gas supply.
Gazprom Notes Europe Gas Consumption Decreasing
Russian gas monopoly Gazprom faces some problems, connected with gas consumption falling in Europe.
Gazprom-owned NIS to Drill in Romania
NIS, a subsidary of Russia's Gazprom, will start a 12-well exploratory drilling program in Romania.

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