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War Partakes in Me
ARTSTORY Gallery presents the exhibition War Partakes in Me with artifacts of World War II period.
Exhibition of Alexander Burganov Held in Moscow
Anniversary exhibition of the sculptor Alexander Burganov, is held in Exhibition Halls of the Academy of Arts.
Modern Book Illustrations to Embellish Houses in Moscow
Illustrations to books by modern Russian writers will appear on walls of Moscow houses.
Jubilee Exhibition of Nonna Khotemova in Moscow
The Central House of Artist will hold an exclusive exhibition sale of works by Nonna Khotemova.
Naiveties of South Ural
The Naive Art Museum has opened the diversified exhibition Naiveties of the South Ural.
Infinity Exhibition of Yury Sazonov
Vkhutemas Gallery has opened Yury Sazonovs exhibition named The Infinity.
Central House of Artist 2015
The 18th Moscow International Art Salon TsDKh-2015. People and the World will be held in Central House of Artist at Krymsky Val.
Wondrous Birds and Graceful Cats of Daniel Giraud Elliot
State Darwin Museum has opened the exhibition Daniel Giraud Elliots World of Wondrous Birds and Graceful Cats.
Lena Uzhinova and Alyona Kamyshevskaya: Union of Comic Artists
A3 Gallery in Moscow holds an exhibition of comic book artists Lena Uzhinova and Alyona Kamyshevskaya.
Imperial Fireworks. Holiday Culture in Russia of the 18th Century
The Tsaritsyno memorial estate opens an exhibition dedicated to traditional fireworks on February 27.
In Whirl of Dance with Leon Bakst
MustART Gallery has opened the exhibition In the Whirl of Dance presenting original graphic art works by Leon Bakst.
Exhibition of Dmitry and Maria Plavinsky
The KultProject Gallery has opened an exhibition of works by the legendary artists Dmitry Plavinsky (1937 2012) and Maria Plavinskaya.
Moscow Museum of Modern Art Displays its Entire Collection
The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents the 6th thematic exposition of its collection of art of the 20th 21st centuries.
Exhibition of Paul Klee: Not a Day Without Line
Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts presents a monographic exhibition on life and creativity of Paul Klee (1879-1940).
Exhibition of Sergey Rozhin and El Bram: Back Rows
Back Rows is a unique exhibition dedicated to hip-hop and overflow of hip-hop culture beyond the limits of music space.
Timiryazev Museum Dedicated Exhibition to Yury Koval
The Timiryazev Biology Museum has opened the Koval River exhibition about life and works of the famous writer.
Events and Symbols of Macedonia in Moscow
Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery presents works by the famous artist Gligor Chemerski.
Exhibition of Artist Andrey Esionov
The Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery holds exhibition of the artist Andrey Esionov. The exposition will include more than 50 watercolours and oil paintings created in the recent four years.
Animalistic Exhibition in State Darwin Museum
The exhibition in the Darwin Museum is dedicated to five outstanding animalistic artists.
Exhibition of Alexander Voytsekhovsky in Arch Gallery
The Arch Gallery in Moscow holds the exhibition Holiday Morning of the famous artist Alexander Voytsekhovsky.
Ode to Food Exhibition
The new exhibition of the PRONE Gallery sees food of the 20th and 21st centuries as a source of art inspiration.
Paying Visit to Rodchenko and Stepanova
The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts exhibits works by two masters of Constructivism.
Drawing Lessons to Mark Anniversary of Stroganov Academy
The Russian Realistic Art Institute opens Drawing Lessons exhibition timed to the 190th anniversary of the Stroganov Art Academy.
Exhibition of Soviet Architectural Competitions
Shchusev Architecture Museum presents the exhibition Smithy of Big Architecture. Soviet Competitions of the 1920s-1950s.
French Masters from Albertina Museum Now in Moscow
The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts holds the exhibition Drawings by French Masters from Albertina Museum, Vienna.
Neo Avant-Garde by Alexander Pankin
Peresvetov Lane Gallery displays art by Alexander Pankin, one of the representatives of Russian neo avant-garde.
Franz Kafka's Process Illustrated by Andrey Bisti
The Russian-German House resorts to the outstanding German writer Franz Kafka.
Salvador Dali and Media Exhibition in Moscow
The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and Gala El Salvador Dali, Figueres Fund present the exhibition Salvador Dali and Media.
Flowers by Claire Sutherland Exhibited in Moscow
The Library of Foreign Literature holds the exhibition Air of Flowers by Claire Sutherland.
Jubilee Exhibition of Konstantin Petrov Kicks off in Moscow
The Russian Academy of Arts presents works by the honored artist of Russia Konstantin Petrov.
Exhibition of Dmitry Sandzhiyev Runs in Moscow
The Russian Academy of Arts has opened an exhibition of the Peoples Artist of Russia Dmitry Sandzhiyev.
Cover is Book Face Exhibition
The Tretyakov Gallery in Krymsky Val has opened the exhibition Book Cover is its Face.
Oscar Wilde and Aubrey Beardsley. Look from Russia
The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts has opened the exhibition Oscar Wilde - Aubrey Beardsley. Look from Russia.
Nicolas Fontaine Exhibition to Run in Moscow
The After:Six Gallery opens the exhibition Fragile by Nicolas Fontaine on September 18.
Retrospective Exhibition of Yury Sobolev to Run in Moscow
The Moscow Museum of Modern Art in Yermolayevsky Lane opens an exhibition of Yury Sobolev.
Avant-garde by Alexander Sigutin Displayed in Moscow
The Pop/off/art Gallery will open the new exhibition season with Alexander Sigutin's works on September 17.
Exhibition of Aaron April Comes to Moscow
The Moscow Museum of Modern Art will hold the exhibition Unconscious Reality by the Israeli artist Aaron April.
Calligraphy Museum Presents Vitaly Shapovalov
The first personal exhibition of the world famous calligraphy and water colour artist Vitaly Shapovalov is opening in Moscow.
Street Art Biennial Artmosphere Started in Moscow
Artmosphere brings together artists whose works on house facades in world megalopolises from New York to Berlin have long become sights.
Moscow Zoo Turned into Zoo Art Territory
ZOO-ART Territory is an exhibition of works by modern Russian artists researching various aspects of relations between the man and animals.
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Displayed in Moscow Kremlin
An exhibition of the outstanding Scottish architect, artist and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868-1928) runs in the Moscow Kremlin.
Museum of Moscow Presents Most Up and Doing City Graffiti Artists
The Museum of Moscow has opened the Fragment exhibition with works by most active Moscow graffiti teams.
Exhibition of Nonconformist Artists Held in Moscow
Russian State University for the Humanities holds an exhibition of nonconformist artists in the framework of the Festival of Modern Art Collections.
Treasures of Spiritual Heritage of Tatarstan Displayed in Moscow
Days of Culture of the Tatarstan Republic will be celebrated in Moscow.
Exhibition of Olga Eyges Opened in Moscow
The Kovcheg Gallery has opened an exhibition of the artist Olga Eyges.
Anatoly Kokorin's Travelogue Art to be Displayed in Moscow
The new exhibition BENVENUTI WELCOME. Travelogue of Anatoly Kokorin will be opened on June 20, 2014 in Moscow.
Myths by Ulo Sooster Exhibited in Moscow
Today the Open Club Gallery in Moscow opens the exhibition Ulo Sooster. Mythology of Artist.
100th Anniversary of Russian Pavilion in Venice
The exhibition Russian Pavilion in Venice: between Past and Future kicks off in the Garage Modern Art Museum in Moscow today.
First Exhibition of Yury Annenkov Opened in Moscow
A large collection of Yury Annenkov, who created the world famous portraits of Akhmatova, Chukovsky, and Khodasevich, is exhibited in Moscow.
Exhibition on Baikal-Amur Mainline to be Held in Moscow
On April 17 the Cultproject Gallery will open an exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of the unfinished Baikal-Amur Mainline.
Legend of the Bolshoi Theater Displayed in Moscow
On April 9 the Tretyakov Gallery at Krymsky Val will open the first personal exhibition of Fyodor Fedorovsky, the great artist of the Bolshoi Theater.
Tonino Guerra Exhibition Opened in Moscow
The Peresvetov Pereulok exhibition centre has opened an exposition dedicated to the outstanding Italian screenwriter, poet and artist Tonino Guerra.
36th Antiquarian Salon Opened in Moscow
The Central House of Artists will hold the spring 36th Russian Antiquarian Salon from March 29 to April 6.
Tretyakov Gallery Opens Exhibition of Alexander Golovin
The new large-scale exhibition project of the Tretyakov Gallery is dedicated to Alexander Golovin (1863-1930), a great representative of the Silver Age.
Vyacheslav Chebotar Exhibition Held in Petersburg
The museum and exhibition center Petersburg Artist is holding an exhibition of sculpture and painting by Vyacheslav Chebotar.
Personal Exhibition of Vladimir Popov Opened in Moscow
Gallery of Modern Art has opened the personal exhibition of Vladimir Popov in the framework of the Year of Culture in Russia.
Exhibition of Japanese Artist Shu Kubo to be Held in Moscow
February 19 will see the opening of the exhibition Shu Kubo. Images of Japan in Kirie Pictures in the Oriental Museum.
Exhibition of Léon Bakst and Natalya Goncharova Opens in Moscow
On February 13 the Kournikova Gallery opens the exhibition Natalya Goncharova and Léon Bakst. Working with Ornament.
Pastel Art Masterpieces to be Displayed in the Tretyakov Gallery
The Tretyakov Gallery has opened the exhibition Pastel Art. From Collections of the 17th -20th centuries.
Exhibition of Alexander Djikia to be Opened in Moscow
The VHUTEMAS Gallery is opening the Pythagoras Nets exhibition of the well-known Moscow artist Alexander Djikia.
Exhibitions of Maurits Cornelis Escher and Jan van Toorn to Run in Moscow
The Moscow Museum of Modern Art is opening exhibitions of two Dutch artists: the classic of surrealistic graphic art Maurits Cornelis Escher and one of the foremost modern designers Jan van Toorn.
Best Covers of Amphora Publishing House to Be Displayed in St. Petersburg
In November, 2013 the Amphora publishing house celebrates its 15th anniversary.In honor of this event the Erarta Gallery will open an exhibition on November 14.
The Art that I Live With
For the first time in Russia the Museum of Private Collections will present the art collection of the legendary dancer and choreographer Mikhail Baryshnikov.
Feminist Pencil-2 to Show Up in Moscow
October 23 will see the opening of Feminist Pencil-2 exhibition of womens social graphic art in the ArtPlay centre.
Eduard Gorokhovskys Dialogue Displayed in Moscow
The Fine Art Gallery will open the exhibition Dialogue by Eduard Gorokhovsky on October 9.
Theater World of Mart Kitayev
The Theatre World of Mart Kitayev exhibition opened in the Theatre and Music Art Museum tells about the creativity of this outstanding scenic designer.
Modern Artists of Bahrain. New Horizons
The Moscow exhibition Modern Artists of Bahrain. New Horizons presents selected works by five leaders of modern art school: painters, graphic artists and sculptors.
Social Graphic Artists Kirill Mamonov and Vika Lomasko Exhibited in Moscow
An exhibition of two social graphic artists Kirill Mamonov and Victoria Lomasko starts in the International University in Moscow today.
Exhibition of Mysterious Artist Max Haaze Opened in Moscow
Another exhibition of the artist Max Haazes creative heritage has been opened in the KINO Gallery.
Giuseppe Verdi Dedication Exhibition Opens in Moscow
Giuseppe Verdi Dedication. Scenery from the Roman Opera House exhibition will be opened from September 12 in the Alexander Pushkin State Museum.
Exhibition of Cinema Artist Inessa Snezhkina Starts in St. Petersburg
The Wardrobe Workshop exhibition is dedicated to creativity of the well-known Petersburg cinema artist Inessa Snezhkina.
Exhibition of Sculptor Ostashov to Be Opened in St. Petersburg
An exhibition of the modern Belarusian artist Andrey Ostashov will be opened on Wednesday in the Mikhaylovsky Palace of St. Petersburg.
100 Etchings by Vladimir Nilov to be Displayed in St. Petersburg
August 22 will see the opening of the exhibition 100 Etchings by Vladimir Nilov in the Italian Hall of the Repin State Academic Institute in St. Petersburg.
Exhibition Dedicated to Sketchbooks to be Opened in Moscow
Sketchbooks Have Become Rare Nowadays - the exhibition titled by M. Voloshins poetic line is dedicated to evolution of the sketchbook genre from the late 18th century till the early 21st century.
Russian Emigration by Nikolay Dronnikov
From August 28 to September 28, 2013 the A. Solzhenitsyn Russian Émigré House in Moscow will be hosting the exhibition Russian Emigration by Nikolay Dronnikov.
19th Century Russian Drawings and Water Colors to be Exhibited in Moscow
On August 24 Sergey Andriaka Water Colour School will open the exhibition Russian Drawings and Water Colours of the 19th early 20th centuries.
Australian Odyssey Festival Comes to Moscow
From August 17 to 18 the Sokolniki Park in Moscow will be hosting an exhibition of amusing pictures with verses by the artist and poet David Wansbrough.
Poets Drawings From Literary Museum and Private Archives
On August 20 the State Literature Museum in Moscow will open the Drawings by Poets exhibition.
Mikhail Tchernyshov: Works of 1981-1993
On August 15 the National Centre for Contemporary Arts in Moscow will open the exhibition Mikhail Tchernyshov: Works of 1981-1993.
Fowl-Like Birds Displayed in Darwin Museum
The Darwin Museum is opening the exhibition From Firebird to Speckled Hen on July 23.
Oscar Rabin Exhibition to be Opened in Moscow
July 18 will see the opening of an exhibition of the artist Oscar Rabin in the Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow.
Old Russian Metal Etching to be Displayed in St. Petersburg
July 11 will see the opening of the exhibition Metal Etching in Russia. The 17th-19th centuries in the Mikhailovsky Palace.
Sliding Light Displayed in Moscow
The Central House of Artist opens the exhibition of the artistic union Sliding Light on July 9.
19th Century American Magazines to be Displayed in Moscow
The Museum Gallery of Art of European and American Countries of the 19th-20th cc opens a unique exhibition on July 9.
Graphic Experiments to be Demonstrated in Moscow
On June 26 the Central House of Artist will open the exhibition of artists working with traditional modern graphic art, feature photography and graphic objects.
Moscow to Host VII Art Festival Tradition and Present
Artists from 25 countries will get together at the VII Moscow International Arts Festival Traditions and the Present.
Alexander Golovin Exhibition to be Opened in St. Petersburg
The exhibition is timed to the 150th anniversary since the birth of the well-known Russian artist Alexander Golovin (1863-1930).
History of Soviet Pavilions to be Displayed in Moscow
On June 17 the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Museum opens an exhibition on history of the USSR pavilions, the first part of which is dedicated to the countrys participation in international exhibitions.
Student Art Prom 2013 to Start in Moscow
June 14 will see the opening of STUDENT Art Prom - the 2nd Integrated Exhibition of creative universities of Moscow - in the ARTPLAY Design Center.
Exhibition of Yael Balaban and Noah Yekutieli Opened in St. Petersburg
On June 13 in the framework of Tel Aviv Days in St. Petersburg the Marina Gisich Gallery will open an exhibition of two Israeli artists.
Alexander Djikia Exhibition Opened in Moscow
The Krokin Gallery presents an exhibition of over fifty works created by Alexander Djikia on tracing-paper in the 1980s 1990s.
Mikhail Kartuzov Exhibition Opened in Moscow
The LES Gallery has opened Mikhail Kartuzov's personal exhibition Metaphorical Realism.
Andrey Chesnokov Naïve-Art Exhibition Opened in Moscow
The Naive Art Museum has opened the exhibition Sunday Sketches introducing creativity by the original artist Andrey Chesnokov.
Travel Around Russia Exhibition Opens in Moscow
On May 30 the Izmailovo Gallery will open a new collective exhibition to present works by six gifted young artists.
Art and Religion in Space of Modern Culture
May 23 will see the opening of the exhibition Art and Religion in Space of Modern Culture in the Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery.
Dutch Orientalist Marius Bauer Returns to Moscow
In 1896 the Dutch artist Marius Bauer (1867-1932) was present at the crowning of Nicholas II in Moscow.
Exhibition of Mai Miturich Starts in Moscow
From May 18 to July 6 the Kovcheg Gallery will be holding an exhibition of graphic art and paintings by Mai Petrovitch Miturich (1925 - 2008).
Exhibition of Rotten Fantom Art Group Opens in Moscow
Today the Proekt Fabrika exhibition hall in Moscow opens a show of the Rotten Fantom team of artists, who have been masterly working in the genre of black-and-white graphic art tainted with post-humanistic decadence and trance-noir.
34th Russian Antique Salon to be Held in Moscow
The Central House of Artist in Moscow will host the 34th Russian Antique Salon from March 30 to April 7.
Picturesque Metaphors by Valery Kapterev to be Displayed in Moscow
The Tretyakov Gallery in Krymsky Val Street opens an exhibition of the painter and graphic artist Valery Vsevolodovich Kapterev (19001981).
Evgeny Chubarov Exhibition Opens in Moscow
The Open Club Gallery has opened an exhibition of Evgeny Chubarov's art works.
Works by Traugots Family Displayed in Petersburg Marble Palace
The Marble Palace of St. Petersburg has opened an exhibition presenting more than 200 works by George Traugot, his wife Vera Yanova and sons Alexander and Valery.
Exhibition of Mikhail Rudakov to Open in Moscow
On March 30 Kovcheg (Ark) Gallery opens the exhibition of Mikhail Rudakov, the outstanding illustrator of books by Russian and foreign writers and poets.
Polish Poster Exhibition Opens in Moscow
Exhibition of Polish posters of the 19th-20th centuries has been opened in the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.

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