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Explore the Secrets of Moscow Metro Online
During the self-isolation period, the Moscow Metro launches a series of online excursions telling about the most mysterious corners of the Moscow subway.
Facts to Know about Moscow Metro
The Moscow Metro is the sixth largest in the world in terms of intensity of use after the subways of Beijing, Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul and Guangzhou. 44 stations are recognized as cultural heritage sites, and more than 40 are architectural monuments.
The Most Popular Songs in Moscow Metro During FIFA Russia 2018
The fans of the Football World Cup preferred We Will Rock You and Katyusha as the most popular songs that sounded in the Moscow metro during the days of the World Cup.
Cars Of New Generation Will Appear In Moscow Metro
The Moscow Metro in 2017 will receive 192 cars of new generation to be equipped with the USB-plugs and air-conditioning.
Circular Line Of Moscow Metro Celebrates Anniversary
On March 14, 2014 the final section between Belorusskaya and closing Park Kultury stations of the Circular Line marked 60 years since the opening.
How to Use Public Transport in Moscow
Imagine, that after all the preparation you have finally come to Moscow. It is essential to know the transport system of the city. Here are some tips for travelers.
City Hunter: Unusual Moscow Trains
Moscow metro is one of the most beautiful in the world. Tourists love this underground palace because of its unique interior, amazing design and historical atmosphere. But these are not the only things that deserve your attention when you go down in the subway. Have a look at several unusual trains you can meet in Moscow underground. Would you like to ride any of them?
Top-5 Unusual Moscow Museums
Tired of routine excursional tour? Getting bored with historical exhibits? Moscow has something to offer to cheer you up.
Moscow Metro to Drive Tramps and Beggars out
Moscow metro is overcrowded, and this is a problem to solve. A problem without obvious solution is tramps, beggars and black trading in the Moscow Metro. New chief of Moscow Metro Ivan Besedin promised to remove them.
After Relative Calm Militancy Flares up in North Caucasus
The flow of tourists to alpine resorts in Kabardino-Balkaria has grown much thinner of late, after more than ten police officers and civilians were killed in the region in one month.
Moscow Metro
A brilliant example of Soviet architecture, the Moscow metro has become popular among tourists for its ornate and elegant design. Opened in 1935 it is now second most heavily used subway in the world. It has 12 lines, 117 stations, and some 10m people traveling every day.
Metro (Underground/ Tube) is an alternative to the ground public transport. It is a quick way to get to another part of a city. No traffic jams and only two-and-a-half-minute break between trains during the daytime. Here Russia-InfoCentre presents metro line maps for the largest Russian cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Samara, Kazan, and Volgograd. This can help you to plan your journey and to select the best out of all possible routes to get to your destination.
Moscow Metro Causes Pimples
It is widely known that crowded places are a favourable environment for generation of bacteria. In order to find how dangerous for health Moscow metro is Russian scientists have collected bacteriological samples from the metro halls, escalators, and subway trains. The results have shown that Moscow metro teems with bacteria that may cause some health problems in people with a suppressed immune system.


Moscow Entrepreneur Signature Train Appears in Moscow Metro
The train will also enable the residents of Moscow to learn about the history of entrepreneurship and the Moscow innovation cluster.
Moscow Metro Signs and Schemes will be Updated
More than 60 thousand transport schemes and signs in the Moscow metro will be updated in time to the launch of trains on the Moscow Central Diameters (MCDs); the routes will be marked with different colors.
Moscow Metro and MCC will Work Around the Clock on City Day
The transport complex of Moscow will operate in a special mode on September 7-8.
New Moscow System of High-speed Transport
The city government is planning to create a unified transport system that will include the metro, Moscow central diameters, the Moscow central ring road and the radial directions of railways.
The Length of Metro Lines in Moscow will be Doubled
The Moscow government is planning to double the length of the metro lines until the end of 2027.
Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya Metro Line will be Extended to Vnukovo Airport
A new section will include two new stations, Pykhtino and Vnukovo.
Tretyakov Gallery Presents Personal Exhibition of Ivan Nikolaev
The Tretyakov Gallery is holding the exhibition "Ivan Nikolaev", dedicated to the art of the famous Russian muralist.
14 Metro Stations will be Built in Moscow in 2019
About 50 thousand workers, engineers, designers, as well as 30 tunnel machines are involved in the construction of the Moscow metro.
A New Metro Station Opens in Moscow
The metro station "Savelovskaya" of the Big Circle Line will open on December 30.
Moscow Metro and the MCC will Work around the Clock on the Night from December 31 to January 1
By the decision of the Moscow authorities, both the metro and the Moscow Central Circle will work around the clock on the Day of the City and on New Years Night in the years 2019-2021.
By Metro to Vnukovo Airport
Construction of the metro station in Vnukovo can be completed in 4 years.
More Innovative Trains will Run in Moscow Metro
The number of innovative Moskva trains in the Moscow metro will exceed one hundred by the end of the year.
The Moscow Metro will Launch a New Ticketing System
Passengers will be able to get full control over their account, just like with banking or mobile accounts.
SIM ards can be Purchased in Moscow Metro
Special machines selling SIM cards will be installed in the halls of ten Moscow metro stations.
The Longest Route of the Moscow Metro
The longest route of the Moscow metro connecting the districts of Nekrasovka in the south-east of the city and Rasskazovka in the New Moscow is to be launched in 2021.
Transportation to Vnukovo Airport will be Improved
The construction of the section of the yellow metro line from the Rasskazovka station to the Vnukovo airport may be completed before the end of 2022.
More Guides will Organise Excursions in Moscow Metro
The accredited guides will have personal accounts on the Metros website: there they will enter information about the dates, times and routes of the nearest tours.
Days of Adygea in Moscow Metro
The thematic train dedicated to the Days of Adygea will be launched in the Moscow metro.
Navigation in English will Remain in Moscow Metro
Audio announcements of the names of the Moscow Metro stations will still be duplicated in English after the Football World Cup.
5 Million Free Trips have been Made by Free Public Transport during FIFA Russia 2018
This figure is two times higher than the total population of Qatar where the next World Cup will be held in 2022.
The Length of Moscow Metro will be Substantially Extended
The length of Moscow ground and underground metro will be substantially extended, amounting to about one thousand kilometers.
Live Communication in the Moscow Metro
The most popular information desks titled Live Communication operating in the Moscow metro during the World Cup are located at the Ploshchad Revolutsii and Pushkinskaya stations. Up to 1 thousand people turn to these desks every day.
Three Stations of Moscow Metro Recognized as Architectural Monuments
Before the end of 2018, the status of cultural heritage sites of regional importance will be granted to all the metro stations of the Belt Line.
Cafe Idiot at Dostoevskaya Metro Station in Moscow
Action "Night of Ballet" took place in the framework of the cultural and educational project "Night in Metro".
First Season of "Music in Metro" Project Starts in Moscow
Musicians selected by the jury of experts will perform at the Moscow metro stations in March.
Photos of Pushkin Museum Exhibits Displayed in Moscow Metro
Metro Gallery located at the Vystavochnaya Station holds a special photo exposition from January 20.
British Cat Became the 1st Passenger of "Shakespearean Passions" Train
Thematic train "Shakespearean Passions" started to ply on the Arbatsky-Pokrovsky line of the Moscow metro.
Shakespearean Train Appeared in Moscow Metro
Moscow Metro jointly with the British Council has presented a special poetic train with exposition Shakespearean Passions today.
Jubilee Night Opera Concert in Moscow Metro
A concert timed to the 80th anniversary of the Moscow Metro was held at Kropotkinskaya metro station on Friday night.
Tourist Map Diagrams Will Appear In Moscow Metro
Free tourist map diagrams in Russian and English languages will be given away in the Moscow metro, which is timed to the World Hockey Championship.
CSKA Metro Station Will Appear In Moscow
The metro station which is being built near Khodynka Field in Moscow will be called CSKA.
North Entrance Hall Of "Krasnye Vorota" Will Be Closed
North entrance hall of "Krasnye Vorota" metro station (exit to Lermontov Square) will be temporarily closed from January 2, 2016 for the replacement works of the escalator systems.
The First Public Toilet Will Appear In Moscow Metro
The appearance of the first public toilet in the metro will be timed to the Day of the City at the Prospekt Mira metro station of Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya line within the frame of a pilot project.
Natural Cooling In Moscow Metro
Twenty metro stations will renew the experiment of natural cooling of the air temperature starting from August 7.
Metro Train Drivers Will Be Backed Up
Moscow metro train drivers will be backed up by temporary teams during heat.
Botanichesky Sad Metro Station Reconstruction
The southern entrance hall of the Botanichesky Sad metro station will open to passengers two months ahead of schedule. The replacement of escalator systems will be implemented in recordingly short time - 8 months.
Phone Charges Will Appear In Metro
Carriages with charging places for mobile phones will appear in the trains of the Moscow metro.
Moscow Metro Anniversary
A series of festive events and activities will be held on the eve of the upcoming eightieth anniversary of the Moscow Metro which will be celebrated on May 15, 2015.
Violations In Moscow Metro
More than 110,000 cases of violation of the rules of fare in the Metro have been prevented in Moscow since the beginning of 2015.
Old Metro Ticket Was Found
An old, but well-preserved ticket used in the Moscow metro in October 1990 was found two days after the start of the works on dismantling of the oldest escalators in the world located at Baumanskaya metro station performed by the staff of escalator service together with the representatives of the National Museum of the Moscow Metro.
New Stations Will Appear In Moscow Metro
The section of Sokolnicheskaya metro line from the Yugo-Zapadnaya station to the Salaryevo station will be opened by the end of June.
ard Payment Service Will Appear In Moscow Metro
The pilot project on payment of passenger travels by bank cards at the ticket offices of the Metro will be launched until the end of March 2015. This will allow passengers to pay in the ticket offices without cash.
Light Metro to Appear in Moscow Region
Moscow region officials plan to start the construction of a so-called 'light' overground metro in the region next year, governor Andrey Vorobyov told the press on Friday, January 23.
Charging Phones In Moscow Metro
Places for charging mobile phones may appear in the underground passages of the Moscow Metro.
Metro Wi-Fi Project Is Completed
Free internet access has become available on all lines of the Moscow Metro.
21 People Died And 160 Were Injured In the Moscow Metro Accident
Today is a day of mourning in Moscow, as at least 21 people died and 160 were injured in the Moscow metro accident that happened on July 15, 2014 at about 8:30 in the morning. Several carriages were damaged after they came off the rails.
New Names For Squares And Metro Stations
The Moscow government has approved the names of two metro stations and two squares under construction.
Moscow Metro Starts The Competition
Moscow Metro announces the launch of the competition for the best publication on the capital's metro and invites representatives of all media, as well as bloggers and students to take part in it.
VDNKh Metro Station Reconstructed
The north vestibule of the Moscow metro's VDNKh station opened after 11-month reconstruction
Free Riders Have To Pay Fines
Unpaid rides on citys ground and underground public transport still remains a serious problem in Moscow.
Moscow Authorities May Decline The Construction Of Belomorskaya Station
The reason is that in the area where the Belomorskaya station should be located, the residential development is quite dense.
New Underground Pedestrian Crossing Near The Slavyanskiy Bulvar Metro Station
Underground passage opens for citizens in late May.
Ulitsa Podbelskogo Metro Station Will Be Renamed
Ulitsa Podbelskogo Metro station on Sokolnicheskaya line of Moscow metro will be renamed to Bulvar Rokossovskogo.
Novokuznetskaya-Tretyakovskaya: New Operating Hours
The operating mode of transit passage from Novokuznetskaya to Tretyakovskaya station of Kalininskaya line (North Station Hall) of Moscow Metro will be altered from May 13 to June 18.
New Metro Stations In Moscow Metro
The section of Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya metro line from the station Maryina Roshcha to the station Seligerskaya will open by the end of 2015.
Baumanskaya Metro Station Renovation
It was finally decided to close for renovation Baumanskaya Metro station of Moscow subways Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line.
16th Century Treasure Found by Moscow Subway Tunnelers
While dredging at the Rumyantsevo metro station under construction workers found three copper vessels full of jewels and jewelry.
Komsomolskaya Metro Station Reconstructions
The opening hours of the southern entrance-hall of Komsomolskaya metro station of Sokolnicheskaya line changed from March 24, 2014 in connection with the reconstruction of the underpasses of Kazanskiy railway station (an exit to Kazanskiy railway station).
Metro Equipment From Ukraine
Due to the political crisis in Ukraine, the supply of equipment for the construction of Moscow Metro was disrupted.
Launch Of Kozhuhovskaya Line (Moscow Metro)
Kozhuhovskaya line of the Moscow metro will be launched not by separate segments, but entirely.
Olympic Train In Moscow Metro
An unusual, blazing train, decorated in the style of the 22nd Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games arrived at SerpukhovskoTimiryazevskaya Line of the Moscow Metro.
New Concept Of Moscow Transport Navigation
Moscow authorities will have developed the concept of transport navigation of the capital by the mid-2014. In particular, the Metro sign and the design of the station titles at the metro stations entrances may be changed.
Christmas Wishes In Moscow Metro
From December 23, 2013 until the end of the Christmas holidays Moscow metro employees will wish passengers a Happy New Year by radio.
Do Some Squats to Receive Free Moscow Metro Ticket
An unusual ticket machine which dispenses passes for workouts appeared at the Vystavochnaya station of the Moscow metro this week.
The Panel Picture at the Kievskaya Metro Station Was Restored
The metro station "Kievskaya" in Moscow is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. The main gift for this anniversary was the restoration of the unique artistic panel A Folk Festival in Kiev.
Four Metro Stations To Be Protected With Canopies
Decision to install canopies over the stair approaches at metro stations that are not provided with ground lobby was taken in order to protect passengers from precipitations, to reduce moisture and dirt coming from the street to the stair walks.
Moscow Speeds Up Metro Construction (Watch Amazing Video)
Moscow is becoming the world's leader in the volume of metro construction, with dozens of kilometer in the pipeline for the next couple years.
Photo Spots At New Metro Stations
Special spots for picture taking will appear in Moscow metro.
Fines For Escalator Walking
It is possible that metro passengers will not be allowed to run over moving staircases.
Two Christianizations of Kievan Rus' Exhibition Opened in Moscow Subway
The exhibition Two Christianizations of Kievan Rus timed for the 1025th anniversary since the Baptism Russia and the 25th jubilee of the revival of church has been opened at the Vystavochnaya metro station in Moscow Metro.
Metro station Seligerskaya to be opened in Moscow next year
The metro station Seligerskaya in the North of Moscow may be launched in exploitation in the end of 2014, claimed the Moscow authorities.
Clean Ponds Metro Station: an Attempt To Clean
Authorities have tried to return the original image to the entrance hall of the underground station Clean ponds.
Moscow Metro: New Schedule
Since 2014 Moscow underground will change the schedule of work.
Moscow metro may exploit foreign rails
Moscow authorities are considering exploiting Japan or Austria produced rails in building Moscow metro.
The Museum Of Metro Will Appear On Khodynka
The Museum of the Moscow metro will appear on the "Khodynskoe Pole" metro station which is now under construction.
Controllers May Patrol Moscow Metro Passengers
In 2013 special controllers may start patrolling the Moscow Metro passengers for tickets. Passengers will be expected to carry their ticket with them at all times, while on the Underground.
Moscow Underground Railway Ex-Head Dies
Former chief of Moscow's subway, Dmitry Gayev, has died at the age of 61, his lawyer reported on Sunday.
Two New Metro Stations in Moscow Affiliated Territories
In a couple of years, Moscow's legendary underground railway will grow bigger for two new metro stations - "Troparyovo" and "Rumyantsevo" on the Sokolnicheskaya line.
Moscow Metro Extends South-East In 2013
2013 will see the extension of Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya Line of Moscow Metro to the district of Zhulebino in the capital's south-east.
Special Tracks for Wheel Trunks May Appear in Moscow Metro
Moscow metro's administration is now considering the possibility to equip stairs at the metro stations with special sloping tracks for suitcases and trunks with wheels.
A Train Celebrating the Russian Railways Serves the Metro Passengers
A red-and-white train celebrating the 175th anniversary of the Russian Railways began its operations on the Circle Line on the Moscow Underground.
Meet Marquez in Moscow Metro
Moscow metro will launch a special version of the "Poetry in Metro" train, dedicated to selected works from Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
Caviar Vending Machines to Appear in Moscow Metro
Moscow businessmen intend to establish caviar vending machines in Moscow metro underpasses. The project has already been approved by the heads of Moscow metro.
Volkhonka Metro Station in Moscow to Become Underground Pushkin Museum
New metro station Volkhonka in Moscow will become an underground exhibition hall of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.
Information on Subway Traffic Jams to Appear in Moscow Metro
Special boards with information on subway congestion will be installed in Moscow.
Photo Exhibition to Highlight Building Process of Moscow Metro
An exhibition of unique photos of Moscow metro opens today at Vystavochnaya metro station in Moscow.
Three New Metro Stations to Open Today in Moscow
The opening of three new stations in Moscow metro will take place today, December 2. Borisovo, Shipilovskaya and Zyablikovo will start working on the Liublinsko-Dmitrovskaya line.
First Underground Museum to Appear in Moscow
The first subterranean museum can be opened in Moscow metro. It is expected to appear on the territory of the new station Volkhonka, near the Pushkin Museum.
Park Kultury Moscow Metro Station to Open in 2012
Having been closed since February 2011, the Park Kultury metro station was expected to open just days before the New Year. Now the authorities move the date forward - to some time in 2012.
Puppet Exhibition Opens in Moscow Underground
A puppet exhibition organized jointly with Sergey Obraztsov State Academic Central Puppet Theater has opened at the metro station Borobyovy Gory.
The French Intend to Build Metro in Moscow
The French company Vinci, one of the largest building groups in the world, has offered its services in building metro to the Moscow government.
The Most Dangerous Moscow Metro Stations
The police made a list of metro stations where you most probably can get robbed.
Metro Secret Archives Displayed in Moscow
Moscow Metro for the first time opens for general review the projects, drafts and outlines of metro stations, which are not yet available for passengers.

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