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7 Sights to See at the Exhibition of National Economy Achievements
Over 60 years ago, on June 16, 1959, the Exhibition of National Economy Achievements (ENEA) was opened to public in Moscow.
Online Exhibitions and Theater Performances from Russia
Since March, the cultural life of the Russian capital city has moved to the web. A number of museums, theaters and art galleries have prepared new online programs for the global audience.
International Numismatic Club Museum in Moscow
Every coin in this museum is capable of telling a story. The rich collection covers the period from antiquity to the present.
Moscow City Museum
The Moscow City Museum is one of the oldest Russian museums. Founded in 1897, the Museum was originally dedicated to Moscow city economy, but over time it came to encompass the life of Moscow in all its aspects.
Shchusev Architecture Museum in Moscow
The Shchusev Architecture Museum was founded in 1934 to become Europes first ever museum specializing in architecture. It presents the paragons of world architecture from ancient times to nowadays.
Armory Chamber Unique Treasury Museum in Moscow Kremlin
The Armory Chamber is an integral part of the Grand Kremlin Palace complex. The museum collection presents historical valuables that were kept in the tsar's treasury and the patriarchal sacristy for centuries.
The Moscow Kremlin
The Moscow Kremlin is one of the largest and most remarkable architectural ensembles of the world. It spreads along a high hill above the Moscow River in the heart of the capital city of Russia.
The State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow
The museum presents the paragons of painting, graphic art, sculpture, carpet weaving, woodcarving and other folk crafts of Japan, China, India, Tibet, Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Siberia.
Top 7 Exquisite Museums of Moscow
For those who are thrilled with smelling the perfume of the XIX century, interested in the history of fashion and adore the art deco style, we have compiled a list of the most exquisite Moscow museums. Delight your inner esthete in Moscow!
The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
From an antique amphora to the canvases by Van Gogh and Picasso - the golden fund of world cultural heritage is in the collection of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow.
The Tretyakov Gallery
The State Tretyakov Gallery is one of the world's largest art museums, a treasure trove of the Russian art. It has the world's largest collection of Russian painting, graphic art and sculpture - over 190,000 artworks created from the 11th to the 20th centuries.
Exhibition Lovers of Marc Chagall in Moscow
The Altmans Gallery will present the most romantic exhibition of this autumn; Marc Chagalls art is imbued with love, tenderness and fidelity.
Expositions Specially for the 2018 FIFA World Cup at Moscow Museums
The museums of Moscow have prepared for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and launched various exhibitions related to football, as well as excursions and bonuses for football fans.
Orlov Paleontology Museum in Moscow
Yu.A. Orlov Paleontology Museum is considered to be one of the largest natural historical museums in the world. It traces the history of life on Earth from its oldest eras.
Moscow Museum of Private Collections
The Museum of Private Collections is one of the youngest and most unusual museums in Russia. It was founded as the Department of Private Collections of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in July 1985.
Central House of Artist in Moscow
The Central House of Artist is the largest exhibition center of Russia and a unique phenomenon in the cultural life of Moscow.
Moscow Museums for Free
This year again, lots of Moscow museum will open their doors to visitors for free every third Sunday of the month.
Andrei Rublev Museum of Old Russian Culture and Art
The main mission of the Rublev Museum is to help people discover the icon as one of the greatest achievements of Russian and world art.
Itinerants and Impressionists United in Moscow Today
The author's project by Irina Antonova Itinerants and Impressionists. Towards the 20th Century has been prepared for the 37th International Music Art Festival December Evenings of Svyatoslav Richter.
Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy in Moscow
The Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy offers new and truly unusual synergy of painting and graphic art, as well as answers to the questions: how to combine rest and cultural inclusion, what exhibition halls and art galleries to visit in Moscow.
Imaginarium - 3D Museum of Illusions in Moscow
Immerse yourself in the world of imagination by animating pictures in one of the most unusual museums of Moscow.
Moscow State History Museum
Moscow State History Museum is the largest museum of the national history of Russia. The museum's collections number about 5 million exhibits.
Steppe Stories Will Be Told at Moscow Museum of Oriental Arts
The exhibition Steppe Stories. Continuation ... will be running in the Museum of Oriental Arts from June 30 to July 23, 2017.
The Most Striking Events of Museum Night 2017 in Moscow, Part I
More than 200 venues in Moscow are taking part in the grand cultural action Museum Night. We have selected a few that promise to be the most interesting to you.
Museum Night 2017 in Moscow
On the night of May 20 to May 21 Moscow museums, art galleries, libraries, parks and other cultural venues will leave their doors open to all comers until midnight or even next morning.
Pavel Tretyakov: a Merchant or a ollector?
Let's talk about the personality of the founder of the world famous Tretyakov Gallery, the legendary Moscow philanthropist Pavel Tretyakov, for whom art was something more than just collecting.
Jewish Museum and Tolerance Centre in Moscow
Since it recent foundation in November 2012 the museum has become a hub of Moscow's cultural life. It is the world's largest venue dedicated to the life, history, culture and life of the Jewish people.
Institute of Russian Realist Art in Moscow
IRRA is a private museum project aimed at reviving traditions of Russian patronage of arts. It has one of the finest collections of paintings of the 20th century national realistic school.
Art that Unites Western and Eastern Europe - Exhibition at Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
The large-scale project has united about 200 works by artists from Russia, as well as 18 countries of Western and Eastern Europe. The key names here are Marc Chagall, Lucian Freud, Pablo Picasso, Gerhard Richter, and Nam June Paik.
Old English Court in the Heart of Moscow
One of the branches of the Moscow City Museum Association, the historical museum Old English Court is located in a monument of ancient architecture in the Varvarka Street.
Anna Akhmatova Museum Opened in Moscow
A museum on life and creativity of Anna Akhmatova has been founded at the antiquarian book house "In Nikitsky".
Hockey Museum in Moscow
The Hockey Museum has been opened in the sports and entertainment district Park of Legends in Moscow since the beginning of December 2016.
Moscow Museum of Naive Art
France is proud of the classic of primitivism Henri Rousseau, whereas until recently Russian naive artists were known to art experts only. The Museum of Naive Art is filling this gap.
Moscow Archeology Museum
The Museum of Archeology is the only underground museum in Moscow. It is located in the area of large-scale archaeological excavations carried out in the mid 1990s.
Interactive Museum "Lunarium" in Moscow
Lunarium is a place where you can carry out a number of scientific experiments, solve the secrets of black holes, contact with aliens, and create your own tornado.
All-Russian Museum of Arts and Crafts and Folk Art in Moscow
Various embroideries, tableware, clothes, ceramics and furniture are so good here that one can admire them in the museum for several hours in a row.
Creative Space of Lumiere Hall in Moscow
The Lumiere Hall is a venue destined to become a significant landmark for businessmen and creative people alike.
Museum of Russian Impressionism in Moscow
It is a unique collection of over seventy canvasses by outstanding Russian artists, such as Konstantin Korovin, Valentin Serov, Igor Grabar, Konstantin Yuon, and many others.
Best Moscow Museums of Contemporary Art
Are you interested in modern art with all its conundrums, happennings, performances, installations, assemblages, innovations and interactions? Here is introduction into the most remarkable museums of contemporary art in Moscow!
Moscow Museum of Modern Art, its Five Branches
Founded in 1999 the Moscow Museum of Modern Art is presently an extensive contemporary art complex of five branches.
Moscow Museum of Modern Art
It is Russia's first state museum that specializes in art of the late 20th - early 21st centuries.
Museum of Russian Fairy Tales "Once Upon a Time" in Moscow
What the children's fairy tale museum harbours is not rare book editions and antiques but kind, engrossing, wise, and illuminative fairy tales, which pass alive from parents to offsprings.
Little Tower House in Moscow
Little Tower House is a post-modernist fantasy on the theme of "Russian ornamentation" implemented by the architects Alexander Schukin and Mikhail Leonov.
Fairytale Places of Moscow and its Vicinities
In various corners of Moscow you can come at intricately painted towers, fantastic museums and images of fairy tale characters that bring us back to the world of childhood.
Interactive Museums in Moscow
A museum does not have to be a boring place with the rules like "Do not touch!" and "Keep distance!". Museums can be really exciting and captivating. These interactive museums plunge you headlong into exploring and experiencing.
Darwin Museum in Moscow
Here is a huge evident illustration of Charles Darwin's theory: dozens of thousands of exhibits, each of them harbouring long history.
Bunker-42 in Taganka - Moscow Underground Shelter Museum
An echo of cold war years an underground shelter in the heart of Moscow at the depth of 65 meters. Today it is one of the most interesting museums in the city of Moscow.
Astronautics Museum in Moscow
Achievements of Russian astronautics are presented here with original exhibits, which have been to the outer space.
Star Town Museum in Moscow
The training ground for Russian astronauts welcomes guests. For those interested in space exploration and astronautics the Star Town is a true paradise.
Experimentanium - Fun Science Museum in Moscow
Experimentanium is a large-scale interactive entertainment center dedicated to the fascinating world of science.
Moscow Planetarium
This is one of the most popular places in this country. Just imagine: from 1929 to 1994 the Moscow Planetarium was visited by about 50 million people.
Artplay Design Center in Moscow
Exhibitions, concerts, festivals, lectures, workshops, design and architecture studios here is a whole realm for creative work and rest in the center of Moscow.
Sokol Modern Art Center in Moscow
The Sokol is to become a unique space that offers an alternative to the approaches within the art context in Moscow.
Flacon Design Factory in Moscow
Flacon Design Factory came to be one of the first creative clusters in Moscow. It is a place where one can freely create, self-express and just enjoy creative friendly atmosphere.
Laboratoria Art & Science Space in Moscow
The Laboratory has opened up new possibilities for modern artists and scientists and become the centre for implementing their joint projects.
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow
Garage is a highly acclaimed international expert in the sphere of contemporary art. Its activities embrace exhibition, educational and research areas.
WINZAVOD Centre for Contemporary Arts Art Galleries
Now it is one of the largest exhibition venues of Moscow. The complex consists of a few galleries, twenty shops, training workshops and three unusual cafes.
WINZAVOD Centre for Contemporary Arts in Moscow
The idea to turn a desolate winery into a culture oasis dawned on Roman Trotsenko after him seeing graffiti painted walls of a spacious empty building.
Multimedia Art Museum
The Multimedia Art Museum is not just a museum with multitude of magnificent art photos but an art and educational complex of grand scale.
Andrey Bely Memorial Apartment in Moscow
Andrey Bely was a writer, poet, philosopher and theorist of Symbolism. He was considered a genius by lots of his contemporaries and subjected to criticism and persecution by the Soviet officials.
Ivan Turgenev Museum in Moscow
Ivan Turgenev Museum is located in an old mansion, where the writer's mother used to live. This is where the action of the famous story Mumu by the classic of the Russian literature is set.
Alexander Pushkin Memorial Apartment in Moscow
The 18th century mansion, where Alexander Pushkin spent the first three months of his family life has come down to us.
Alexander Pushkin State Museum in Moscow
It is Moscow's first museum dedicated to "the Sun of Russian poetry", Alexander Pushkin, and the most famous and richest exposition about the great Russian poet.
State Literary Museum. Department of Open Storages in Savva Morozov's Mansion
Savva Morozov's Mansion was built in the 1830-40s on the basis of chambers of the late 18th century and is a cultural monument of federal value.
Museum of Illusions
Visitors are triggered to use their imagination and complete exhibited pictures in their own unique way.
Art Deco Museum
The Art Deco Museum presents unique art works of the first half of the 20th century from the collection of Mkrtich Okroyan. This collection is well-known in this country and beyond.
Chess Museum
The history of chess totals about one and a half thousand years. The Chess Museum in Moscow boasts the rarest chess sets created from the 17th to the 21st century.
Polytechnic Museum in ENEA (aka the All-Russia Exhibition Centre)
The exposition consists of seven main departments that tell about the existence of the Universe beyond the planet Earth, as well as about optical illusions, radio + and the new anthropogenesis, analogs found in the nature, and the secrets of energy of the nucleus and plasma.
Museum 'Coca-Cola World'
The museum is located in the territory of Europes biggest Coca-Cola plant situated in Novoperedelkino, Moscow.
Zoo History Museum
The museum of Moscow Zoo was founded long time ago, but until mid February, 2015 it was opened for general public only on special cultural occasions, like the Museum Night or Cultural Heritage Day.
Live Systems Museum in Moscow
Human body is a most sophisticated complex system that bewilders with its numerous riddles. The museum aims to uncover and demonstrate the hidden processes, which happen in each of us all the time.
E-Book Reader Museum
One of the recently opened museums in Moscow, it unfolds the history of invention and development of the popular gadget from ancient papyrus to the last modifications by leading e-book producers.
ElectroMuseum in Moscow
This unique venue focusing on media art was opened in the middle of October, 2014 and at once stirred keen interest among Muscovites and tourists. After all its unusual expositions are dedicated to the rapidly developing electronic and interactive art.
New Moscow Museums Opened in 2014 and 2015
Moscow is changing and updating. Yes, even museums can be new and innovative here! Here is a short list of museums newly opened in Moscow - check it out!
Folk Graphic Art Museum in Moscow
The unique Folk Graphic Art Museum specializes in collecting works of traditional folk Russian graphic art. The keeper of over four-century history of the genre of folk art the Russian popular print, aka Lubok, the museum carries on the traditions of Russian graphic story.
Vadim Sidur State Museum of Modern Sculpture
Vadim Sidur State Museum opened in 1989 is the only Moscow state museum entirely dedicated to modern sculpture. The artistic heritage of the world-known nonconformist Vadim Sidur is so peculiar and many-sided (including numerous sculptures and graphic art works, as well as poetry, prose and even cinematography) that it in itself represents an epoch in the history of Russian art.
Museum of History of Chocolate and Cocoa
MISHKA is the Russian abbreviation of the name of the Museum of History of Chocolate and Cocoa, besides, it is the name of a very delicious and famous Russian chocolate. The museum has everything that its title promises: both sweets and history.
Moscow Planetarium Attracts Visitors
New discounts are offered in Moscow Planetarium from January. As the planetarium web-site reports, each birthday person is granted a 20% discount on tickets to all areas under the Birthday Present action.
Why Do We Go To Exhibitions? (July 18 September 8, Multimedia Art Museum)
MAMM presents an exhibition of works created by young artists participating in the Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin Foundation educational program. Its key issue is a question that any museum visitor faces how to view and comprehend contemporary art.
One Hundred Works And One Hundred Notebooks Of Alexander Benois
Alexander Benois is a great artist, and his works are nor forgotten. Melancholic portraits from "Versailles Series, scenography of Diaghilev's performances "Le Pavillon d'Armide", "Petrushka" and Solovei are quite easily recognizable, but there are tens of works, familiar only to collectors. The greatest sensation of the exhibition "100 works by Alexander Benois" in the gallery "Our artists" was the presentation of recently acquired artists notebooks belonging to 1924-1950 years.
Bestiary 2013
Animal art exhibition - Bestiary 2013 opens on July 2, 2013 in Moscow Darwin Museum. Visitors will see very unusual animals: there are animals and birds, fish and insects, octopuses and jellyfish made of stone, wood, bronze, porcelain in the halls.
Moscow Museums of Photography
Photo exhibitions are becoming more and more popular, and new photo galleries appear in Moscow. Muscovites as well as the guests of the Russian capital enjoy visiting museums of photography presented in this article.
Stalin's Bunker in Izmailovo
Stalin's bunker in Moscow was built in 1930s. Its construction was a part of the government program, including ensuring defense capability of the country.
Moscow Museum of S. A. Esenin
If you are looking for some great insight into Moscow literary life, we recommend you to visit a museum of the famous Russian poet Sergey Esenin. This fascinating place is a hidden gem in the city centre that is not always included in guide books, but really deserves attention of tourists.
City Hunter: Marina Tsvetaeva's Memorial Flat
Today we invite you to travel to one of the most fascinating Moscow attractions a house, where Marina Tsvetaeva, a famous Russian poet lived and where she created her magnificent poetry.
The Second Moscow Kremlin: Izmailovsky Kremlin
Few people know that Moscow is famous for two Kremlins. After visiting the one situated on the Red Square, go to Izmailovo district. Definitely, you will be impressed.
City Hunter: Autoville Retro Car Museum
Every mother dreams about pink Cadillac. When in 1955 Elvis Presley bought it for his mother Gladys, all Americans went crazy. Gorgeous and powerful, it has become the symbol of America and today can be easily called a legend. If you want to touch a little bit of history, then come to Autoville several more legends are hidden inside.
City Hunter: the Museum of Unique Dolls
Walking down the Pokrovka street you can easily miss this building if not pay attention. A small glass door of the house 13/2 hides the magic world of joy, love and childhood. You will be surprised at the number of dolls in shopwindows, dozens of toy eyes, looking at you, bright doll's houses, quiet music and mysterious atmosphere.
Top-5 Unusual Moscow Museums
Tired of routine excursional tour? Getting bored with historical exhibits? Moscow has something to offer to cheer you up.
Top 10 Art Museums of Moscow and Saint Petersburg


Tickets to Moscow Theaters and Museums will be Sold Online Only
From October 19, tickets to cultural institutions in Moscow can be purchased only in electronic form.
The Museum of Romance in Moscow
The immersive art space dedicated to the most beautiful feeling ever has everything for romantic walks and photo sessions.
Moscow will Subsidize Art Galleries and Business in the Field of Education
Moscow has expanded the circle of potential recipients of budget subsidies among small and medium-sized businesses.
Visit Moscow Museums and Galleries Online
Online tours can now be done on 10 cultural websites of the Russian capital city.
Exhibition "August Numismatist" in Moscow
Grand Duke George Mikhailovich the grandson of Nicholas I - was a keen numismatist. In the International Numismatic Club Museum, you can see unique coins from his collection.
Special Weekday Offer in the Moscow Museum of Emotions
One of the most unusual museums of Moscow welcomes you to visit the exposition accompanied by a guide and a photographer at a reduced price.
A Museum Quarter will Appear in the Centre of Moscow
The total area of the future territory in Khamovniki, limited by Volkhonka Street, Kolymazhny, Bolshoi and Maly Znamensky Lanes, will make up approximately 5.71 hectares.
Excursion at the Vologda House Museum
Without leaving Moscow, visit a traditional Vologda household with engaging quests, riddles and stories.
Antique Markets "Summer at the Museum of Moscow"
Visitors will find here hundreds of vintage gizmos and a unique exhibition of retro cars of the 1930s-1990s.
New Museum of Modern Art to Appear in Moscow
The RuArts Foundation is opening a new museum of modern art in the Trubnikovsky Lane of Moscow.
The Night of Museums is Supported by the Majority of Russians
The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center has conducted a survey regarding the attitude of Russian citizens to The Night of Museums project.
Visit Moscow Museums Free of Charge from May 13 to 19
Muscovites and tourists are welcomed to museums for free as part of the Moscow Museum Week.
Immersive Performances and Operas for Visitors to the Night of Museums
May 18 to 19, 2019, will see the Night of Museums held in Moscow museums, galleries, exhibition halls and parks.
Free Museum Weeks Monthly in Moscow
From April, Moscow is shifting to a new system of free visits to its museums. Previously, free entry to all Moscow museums was announced every third Sunday of the month.
Wheeled Time the Exhibition of Soviet Watches
The Moscow Transport museum and the USSR Spare Parts community present the Wheeled Time exhibition in Moscow.
Anne Frank. Holocaust Diaries - Exhibition in Moscow
The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, Moscow, welcomes all to an exhibition dedicated to the life stories of three girls under the Holocaust.
Exhibition "Forest Detective" at the Darwin Museum
The Darwin Museum has opened an exhibition of to the well-known Russian zoologist, ecologist, and biogeographer Alexander Formosov.
Exhibition Experiment Moscow Dreams
On November 20, 2018, an unusual exhibition experiment MoscowDreams was launched at the Museum of Moscow.
Ceramic Exhibition Dialogue with Clay
Until January 2019, the Pechatniki Gallery will hold an exhibition of ceramic works by the famous Russian ceramic artist N. Bodrikova and her students.
Exhibition The East. Different Beauty in Moscow
The State Museum of Oriental Art is holding an exhibition dedicated to the woman and her beauty as seen by various Eastern peoples.
Photo Exhibition Between the Sky and Lake Issyk-Kul
The Darwin Museum in Moscow welcomes photo art lovers to a reportage exhibition of the pristine nature of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Exposition "Treasures and Antiquities of the Moscow Kremlin"
An outstanding historical and archeological exposition has been opened in the Annunciation Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin.
Japanese Culture Festival Nihon no Be. Fuga in Moscow
On September 28-30, 2018, the cultural center ZIL will host a grand culture festival organized by the Embassy of Japan in the Russian Federation.
Photo Exhibition Multicontour of Moscow
The Moscow Museum is holding an exhibition of works by Nikolai Drachinsky, an experimenter in photography art.
Bestiary 2018 - Exhibition of Contemporary Animal Artists
The Darwin Museum in Moscow presents the exhibition "Bestiary 2018", a large-scale curatorial project of the famous Russian animal sculptor Peter Khokhlovkin.
Steve McCurry Photo Exhibition "Untold Story" in Moscow
With the assistance of the State Hermitage Museum, the Museum of Modern Art has opened an exhibition of the legendary American photographer Steve McCurry.
Wish Fulfillment Day at Bulgakovs House Museum in Moscow
On the last Saturday of August 2018, the mystic Bulgakovs House welcomes you to the annual ritual of wish fulfillment.
Exhibition "Golden Age of Antiquity" at the Numismatics Museum
The world of Ancient Greece, Rome and Byzantium with its legends and myths, gods and rulers, life and trade is displayed at the Museum of the International Numismatic Club.
Another Museum of Fyodor Dostoevsky Will Appear in Moscow
The museum opening will be timed to the 200th anniversary since the birth of the great Russian classic.
Viewers of FIFA World Cup 2018 to Get Discount at Moscow History Museum
You will need a fan's passport to get the museum entrance ticket at a discounted price.
Exhibition "Falcons, Eagles, Penguins and Other Rare Types of Spacesuits
The Astronautics Museum in Moscow holds an exhibition on the history of the origin and development of spacesuits in accordance with their tasks.
Architectural Rhythm of Revolution at Shchusev Architecture Museum
A.V. Shchusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow, presents the exhibition Avant-garde Construction: The Architectural Rhythm of the Revolution.
Yuri Lyubimov Museum Opened at Taganka Theater
An interactive museum of the stage director Yuri Lyubimov has been opened at the Taganka Theater.
Quests, Workshops, and Excursions at Fashion Museum for Moscow City Day
A whole series of events will be held by the Fashion Museum in honor of the Moscow City Day on September 9 & 10.
Russia. 21st Century - Historical Exhibition in Moscow
Contemporary Russian History Museum opens a new exhibition on December 12, the Constitution Day.
Theatrical Square to Appear in Moscow in 2017
Improvement of the Bakhrushin Theatre Museum area will be completed by the Moscow City Day of the next year.
Mikhail Bulgakov's Apartment First Time Opened for Visitors
The 125th anniversary since the birth of the great writer is celebrated with an exhibition in his apartment in Moscow.
Museum Night in Moscow
The annual project Museum Night will be held in the night of May 22 and embrace most of the museums and exhibition centers of Moscow.
Festival InterMuseum 2016 to be Held in Moscow Manege
The InterMuseum 2016 Festival is one of the key events on the museum calendar of Russia.
Hermitage Museum is in Top 10 World's Most Visited Museums
The State Hermitage Museum, St.Petersburg has been included in the list of the most visited museums in the world.
Free Exhibitions of 12 Largest Moscow Museums in the Muzeon Park of Arts
The Muzeon Park of Arts is launching the exhibition project The Museum in Muzeon, which will run for a whole year from February 15.
New Animation Museum to be Opened at ENEA
The Soyuzmultfilmilm Studio plans to open its own animation museum in the territory of ENEA (aka VDNKh), Moscow.
Subscription Certificates To Museums Are Not In Demand
More than 50% of the residents of Moscow consider it more convenient to pay for entrance to a museum at each visit rather than to use a subscription certificate.
New Building of State Literary Museum Opened in Moscow
The State Literary Museum has been settled in a renovated building of the early 19th century in the Shelaputinsky Lane.
New Museums to Appear at VDNKh in Moscow
Moscow authorities intend to open new historical museums and exhibition centers at the VDNKh exhibition centre.
Coca-Cola Museum Reconstructed in Moscow
Coca-Cola World museum has been reopened after reconstruction at the Coca-Cola Hellenic plant in Moscow.
Night of the Arts to Take Place in Moscow on November 3
The night of November 3 to 4, 2014 will be the Night of Arts to integrate dozens of cultural and entertaining venues in Moscow.
Russian Impressionism Museum to Hold Exhibitions in Regions
The Russian Impressionism Museum will hold a series of exhibitions in regional museums before its official opening in 2015.
Yesenin Museum to be Restored in Moscow
Competition for restoration of the Sergey Yesenin Museum in Moscow has been started.
Russia's First eBook Museum Opened in Moscow
Russia's first Museum of eBook has been opened in the Russian State Youth Library in Moscow.
Single Ticket To Moscow Museums
The Moscow authorities are developing a single ticket for several city and federal museums that will be integrated with the "Troika" transport card.
Museum on History of Aquarium Husbandry to Appear in Moscow
Real sharks, poisonous cramp fish, predatory piranhas and moray eels will make live scenery for the new museum.
Vadim Sidur Museum Opened upon Reconstruction
Museum of the sculptor Vadim Sidur in Moscow has been repaired and opened for public again.
Manege Opens Intermuseum 2014 Festival
The Intermuseum Festival will take place in the Manege Central Exhibition Hall from June 3 to June 9, 2014.
Lermontov Memorial House Museum Restored in Moscow
Mikhail Lermontov Memorial House Museum has been opened upon restoration in Moscow.
Long Night of Museums to be Held in Moscow Again
The traditional Night at the Museums will take place in Moscow on the 17th to 18th of May.
Private Russian Impressionism Museum to Appear in Moscow
Private museum of Russian impressionism will be opened in Moscow in 2015.
New Museum to be Opened in the Melnikovs House
Russian Architect Konstantin Melnikov Museum will be opened in the Melnikovs House in Moscow by decision of the RF Ministry of Culture.
Afghan War Museum to be Opened at Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow
A museum on the war in Afghanistan and other local conflicts that the Soviet and Russian armies took part in will be opened at Poklonnaya Gora in Moscow by 2016.
Death Museum with Ritual Attributes Opened in Moscow
A real museum of death has been opened in the New Arbat Street in Moscow. Visitors will see unique ritual objects in this or that way related to afterlife beliefs in different countries.
New Exhibition Halls of Moscow Kremlin Museums will be Opened by 2016
The new exhibition complex Museums of the Moscow Kremlin will be opened in Srednie Torgovye Ryady (5, Red Square) by 2016.
Lots of Moscow Museums Can Be Visited for Free in the Beginning of January
During the New Year and Christmas vacations tourists and Muscovites are most welcomed to enjoy art and culture: 57 museums and 26 exhibition halls will be opened from January 2 to January 8, admission free.
Museum with Rarities from Kremlin to Appear in Moscow
A new museum with exhibits from storerooms of the Kremlin Museums will appear near the Red Square in two years.
Plans of Restoring Old Estates to be Displayed in the Museum of Moscow
On November 7 the Museum of Moscow will open the exhibition Old Estates of New Moscow to present ten estates that badly need urgent reconstruction.
New Tretyakov Gallery to be Built in 2014
Construction of a new building of the Tretyakov Gallery may be started as early as 2014.
New Building Of the Tretyakov Gallery Is Person Friendly
The results of architectural contest on developing the front side concept for the State Tretyakov Gallery museums have been summed up. Seven architectural bureaus proposed their designing options. Juries examined all offers and have selected the project of Sergey Choban, the head of SPEECH architectural bureau.
The House-Museum of Pushkin Uncle
The House-Museum of Pushkin Vasiliy Lvovich, uncle of Pushkin A. S., was opened in Moscow on Staraya Basmannaya.
Dermatology Museum to Appear in Moscow
A new Dermatology Museum will soon be opened in a branch of the Moscow Dermatovenereology and Cosmetology Research and Implementation Center.
Museum of Inquisition to Appear in Moscow
A new museum dedicated to the history of inquisition, will be opened in the All-Russia Exhibition Centre on March 8.
Well-known Butyrsky Prison May Become Museum
Soon the Public Chamber will request a list of famous people imprisoned in Butyrka, and will petition for creation of a museum.
Polytechnic Museum Closed for Reconstruction
The Moscow Polytechnic Museum has been closed for reconstruction till 2018, with its exposition temporarily moved to a pavilion of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre.
The Polytechnical Museum Closes For Reconstruction Until 2016
Housed in the picturesque edifice in the centre of Moscow, the Polytechnical Museum has closed for reconstruction until 2016.
Moscow Museums Will Work For Free On the New Year Holidays
Moscow museums and galleries will work for free during the Christmas holidays for the second year in a row.
New Contemporary Art Museum to be Built in Khodynka
New Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow will be built at Khodynka. This has been stated by the Culture Minister Vladimir Medina. A new contest will be announced for the construction, whereas the commission will be headed by the chief architect of Moscow Sergei Kuznetsov.
Museum of Modern Art to Appear at Bolshevik Factory
The former chocolate factory Bolshevik is going to be turned into Museum of Modern Art surrounded with a park.
Walk of Fame of Russian Cinema to Appear in Moscow Region
Walk of Fame of the Russian Cinema will be created in the Moscow Region and it will settle down in the area of State Film Fund.
More Than 6 Million People Visited Moscow Museums In 2012
The attendance of Moscow museums this year exceeded 6 million people; it is 20% more than the figures of the last year.
Mayakovsky's Paraphernalia Lost from the Poets Museum
More than 50 exhibits have gone from Mayakovsky's Museum in Moscow.
Israeli President Opened Jewish Museum in Moscow
On Thursday, November 8, Israeli President Shimon Peres officially opened a new Jewish Museum of Tolerance in Moscow.
Tretyakov Gallery Extends Opening Hours
The State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow will be open for visitors till 9.00 pm on Thursdays and Fridays, according to the gallery's website.
Pyotr Fomenko Museum Can be Opened in Moscow
The head of Moscow Culture Department Sergey Kapkov has suggested opening the museum of the outstanding stage director Pyotr Fomenko.
Museum of Patriotic War of 1812 Opens in the Center of Moscow
Opening ceremony of the Museum of Patriotic War of 1812 took place in the State History Museum of Moscow on September 4.
Orthodox Activists Reached the G-Spot Museum in Moscow
Just a year after its celebrity-packed opening, G-Spot Museum of Erotica in Moscow has been attacked by Orthodox activists who found the museum promotion too provocative.
Garage to Host Museum of Everything
Garage Center of Contemporary Culture has announced its support of the travelling project Museum of Everything in Russia.
Museum of Stage Designer David Borovskii Opens in Moscow
Four and a half years passed since the idea of creating till the opening of the Museum Studio of David Borovskii (1934-2006).
Marc Chagall Early Works On Display At Tretyakov Gallery
Until September 30, the early and little known works of Marc Chagall will be displayed at the Tretyakov Gallery, as part of the Russian-French Year 2012-2013.
Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts Celebrates Its Centenary
One of Moscow's principal landmarks and art depositories, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts celebrates 100 years since the opening on May 31, 1912.
Museum of Cinema Might Settle at Factory Sickle and Hammer
The Moscow Museum of Cinema deprived of its own building since 2005 is waiting for its destiny to be resolved, because private individuals offering their help have no clear idea of what is needed to be built.
Museon to Turn into Open-Air Museum of Modern Art
Museon Park near the Central House of Artist at Krymsky Val in Moscow is going to transform into an open-air museum of modern art.
New Large Museum of Modern Art to Open in Moscow
A new Museum of Modern Art will be opened in Moscow. As the Russian Culture Minister Alexander Avdeev reported, funds have already been allocated from the budget for the museum.
Private Museum of Apple Opens in Moscow
Enthusiast Andrey Antonov has been collecting Apple computers and gadgets in flea markets and Internet auctions for 15 years and now all his finds have been displayed in a museum for free.
Updated Exposition Opens in Mikhail Bulgakov Museum
Updated exposition First Study Room of Writer Bulgakov has been opened in the writers museum in Bolshaya Sadovaya Street.
Volkhonka Metro Station in Moscow to Become Underground Pushkin Museum
New metro station Volkhonka in Moscow will become an underground exhibition hall of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.
Museum of Alexander Pushkins Uncle to Appear in Moscow
Another Pushkin Museum will soon appear in Moscow; however, it is dedicated not to Alexander Sergeyevich, but to Vasily Lvovich the uncle of the famous poet.
Russias First Snow Town to Appear in Moscow
The first snow town in Russia will be built in Moscow; everything starting with a hotel and finishing with a prison and a fitness center will be built of ice and snow.
People and the City Exhibition Unveiled in Moscow
A unique exhibition, dedicated to the relationship between individuals and the urban space, has been opened in Moscow. Artworks can be seen at the Red Hall in the Winzavod until December 4.
Caravaggio's Entombment Comes to Moscow
The exhibition of the famous Italian Baroque painter, Michelangelo di Caravaggio, comes to Moscow in November 2011. The centrepiece of the exposition - The Entombment from Pinacoteca Vaticana in Rome.
New Gulag Museum to Open in Moscow
A new cultural center dedicated to the victims of the Soviet labor camps and prisons for those with wrong political views will open in Moscow.
The Art of Watchmaking Exhibition to Be Held in Moscow
Moscow is preparing to open a unique exhibition - 500 Years' history of the European watch. The exhibiton will take place at the Armoury Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin on 20 October.
Scandalous Performances to Be Seen in Moscow
In October, a major retrospective by the New-York perfomance artist of Serbian origin, Marina Abramovic, opened its doors to public in the Moscow's Garage Center for Contemporary Culture.
The Polytechnic Museum to be Reconstructed by a Japanese
On Friday, the creator of the future face of the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow was decided during a final tour of the tender. Japans Junya Ishigami has been given the opportunity to bring to life his green renovation plan.
Apple Museum to Open in Moscow
A unique collection of devices and accessories made by the Apple Corporation, which now is kept in one of Moscow printing offices, will soon become a museum.
MaxMara Coats Exhibition Comes to Moscow till January 2012
From October 11 to January 12 the residents and visitors to Moscow have the unique chance to view the exhibition of top coats by one of the leading Italian fashion houses, MaxMara.
3D-Exhibitions to be Held in Moscow Museums
The city authorities seem to be seriously concerned about the culture of Moscow.
House Museum of Tarkovsky Family to be Reconstructed in Moscow
House museum of the Tarkovskys creative dynasty will be recreated in the center of Moscow.
Unique Belfry Prepared for World Tour
Exposition of the Glinka Central Museum for Music Culture in Moscow has been replenished with the concert bell installation Russian belfry Sofia.
Erotic Museum Point G Opens in Moscow
The worlds largest adult museum under the name Museum of Erotica Point G has opened in Moscow.
Moscow Planetarium Finally Opens to the Public
Moscow Planetarium, which has been under reconstruction for 17 years, will finally welcome visitors from June 12, 2011.

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