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Hotels and Recreation Centers near Water in the Moscow Region: Part 2
The review includes the best hotels and recreation centers with a beach in the Moscow region. Renting a house in the Moscow region by the lake for a weekend is an excellent idea.
Hotels and Recreation Centers near Water in the Moscow Region: Part 1
The review includes the best hotels and recreation centers with a beach in the Moscow region. Renting a house in the Moscow region by the lake for a weekend is an excellent idea. Rest in the Moscow region near the water in the summer means swimming, playing beach volleyball, diving, sailing, fortunately, there are a lot of locations and opportunities for this in the region. Fishing is popular in winter. And you should definitely try it staying in these nice hotels.
Glampings of the Moscow Region. Part 2.
It is difficult to surprise a tourist in the XXI century with anything: many routes have been passed and the cuisines of the world have been tried. At the beginning of the century, a new type of accommodation, glamping, entered an active phase of development. To be more precise, it is not so new, because its concept originated in the ancient centuries: when royal persons went hunting, magnificent tents with all kinds of conveniences were set up for them.
Glampings of the Moscow Region. Part 1.
Glamping (glamorous camping) has absorbed all the best from camping and an ordinary hotel: instead of a sleeping bag, travelers have comfortable king-size beds with orthopedic mattresses and high-quality sheets, and instead of a traditional camping thermos and fish soup in a kettle, they have access to the haute cuisine menu, while relaxing in spacious safari tents in nature, enjoying all the benefits of civilization (including Wi-Fi).
What's Wrong with Moscow Self-isolation?
Statistics on the spread of coronavirus in Moscow and data from other countries raise the question of how justified some of the strict quarantine restrictions introduced in Moscow to prevent COVID-19 infection are.
Active Holidays in the Moscow Region
Opportunities for outdoor activities in the Moscow region are simply amazing: exciting hiking trips, healthy sleep in the fresh air, romantic gatherings around the fire, sports games and many other kinds of entertainment.
Where to Ski in Russia: Moscow Region, Volen
Among the reasons why tourists choose Volen is not only proximity to the capital and picturesque surroundings, but also a variety of trails, a well-developed infrastructure for a ski holiday and a lot of related entertainment.
Where to Ski in Russia: Moscow Region, Yakhroma
10 tracks of the park "Yakhroma" give an opportunity for skiers of any level to show their skills. In addition to skiing, "Yakhroma" offers a variety of attractions in the amusement park.
Russian Abnormal Zones: Shushmor Tract, Solovki Labyrinths and Meat Pine Wood
Although we live in a developed society and in the age of high technologies, there are still many places that have not been studied and investigated thoroughly. Such places are called abnormal. Scientists and specialists in various fields try to solve the riddles of these places, but all efforts are vain. There are several abnormal zones in Russia.
The Best Beaches of the Moscow Region
The Ministry of Culture of Moscow Region has named five best beaches in the Moscow region, where the conditions for safe and varied holidays have been created.
The Garden Of Lilac
There is one of the most extraordinary parks in the capital in the eastern uptown of Moscow, near the Shchelkovo highway. This is a former experimental nursery garden of lilac.
Family Eco Club For Weekend Entertainment
Cheerful name of a new resting-place is located in Chekhov district of the Moscow region, requires continuing by the expression going to visit husky, reindeer, horses and mini-horses.
Special Tours in the Museum Of Russian Dessert
It is better to book tours by the museum in advance, as well as the master classes that are held for children and adults.
The Museum of Russian Dessert in Zvenigorod
What sweets did our great-grandparents eat on holidays? What they were cooked from and how they were served? What are the traditions of tea drinking in Russia? Answers on all questions you can find in one of the historic houses in Zvenigorod near Moscow.
City Hunter: Visiting a Reindeer Farm
I always wanted to touch a fairytale and to feel a little New Year magic. And I finally did it at the end of January, in a village of Antsiferovo, located in Moscow region. My fairytale was full of snow, white and brown Christmas reindeers, hot mulled wine and traditions of indigenous north people. Today I would like to share with you my report from the only private reindeer farm hidden in a rural Moscow suburb.
Zvenigorod Sights
Zvenigorod is a small town not far from Moscow, of the same age. It appeared approximately in 11th century on the high bank of Moscow river. It is famous with two masterpiaces of early Moscow architecture, one of them tied with name of Andrey Rublev.
Alpine skiing without leaving Moscow Region
There are many skiing resorts in Russia in the highland regions. But you can find ski centers near Moscow. The Muscovites created them with a view to economy their time and maybe money. If you like snowboards and alpine skiing so much, this service is for you. In spite of the fact, that a true Russian winter seems to fall victim to global warming, there are some real skiing resorts and other places with special equipment like artificial snow making machines, lighting and rent-a-ski in Moscow and Moscow area, functioning all the winter season at any time of day. It is an optimal variant for the people, having a weekend on hands. Of course, they lose out to real skiing resorts in mountains in vertical drop and length of the ski slopes.
Not Russian Vodka
Last week Russia lost its biggest producer of vodka: Central European Distribution Corporation (CEDC) based in Poland and British Lion Capital LLP closed a transaction on acquisition of 90% of shares in Russkiy Alkogol (Russian Alcohol). The management of the Russian company will hold the rest 10% of the stock.


Hotels in the Moscow Region will no Longer Require a Certificate of Covid upon Check-in
The authorities of the Moscow region after the New Year holidays are canceling a number of restrictions, including certificates with a negative test result for Covid, which were required upon check-in at hotels.
Zhuravliny Krai National Park is being Created in the Moscow Region
The first stage of designing the regional national park "Zhuravliny Krai" has been completed in the Moscow region.
Sixteen Ski Resorts have Opened in the Moscow Region
There are equipment rentals, cable cars, cafes, restaurants and hotels. Sports facilities operate in compliance with anti-epidemic safety measures.
Mass Events and Exhibitions will be Banned in the Moscow Region
According to the Governor's decree, the restrictions are valid until November 7.
Ecological Trails will Appear in the Museum-Reserve of Mendeleev and Blok
A project has been developed to create ecological paths in the Mendeleev and Blok Museum-Reserve, which is located in the Solnechnogorsk District.
Beauty Salons will Resume Work in the Moscow Region
From June 3, beauty salons, sun booths and saunas will resume work in the Moscow Region.
Wearing Masks will be Mandatory in the Moscow Region
Wearing medical protective masks in public places will be made mandatory from May 12.
A New Museum of Aviation Equipment will be Created in Balashikha
A museum of aviation equipment will be created on the basis of the Moscow Aviation Repair Plant in Balashikha.
An Interactive Map of Military Historical Museums of the Moscow Region is Ready
An interactive map of the military-historical museums of the Moscow Region is published on the official website of the Moscow Region Government.
Winter in Moscow Oblast
The project titled Winter in Moscow Oblast has been launched with the simultaneous ceremonial lighting of Christmas trees in 70 parks in Moscow Oblast; within the frame of the campaign, various events will be organized for the residents of the region.
Interactive Map of New Year's Fairs in the Moscow Region
Thematic, universal and weekend fairs are marked on the interactive map - a total of 256 objects in 54 municipalities of the Moscow Region.
New Pedestrian Zones will Appear in Moscow Oblast
Two of these zones - in Taldom and Verbilki - will open in 2019; the zone in Zaprudnya will be ready in 2020.
"Russian Weekend, or Three Hours Before...
The project titled "Russian Weekend, or Three Hours Before... will be launched in Moscow.
The First Bus Route with an Audio Tour in Moscow Oblast will be Launched in Serpukhov
A project of this kind is being implemented in Moscow Oblast for the first time.
The First Festival of Craft Drinks and Cheese will be Held in the Moscow Region
The Festival of Crafting Drinks and Cheese Brown Bear is the first major event of this kind on the territory of the Moscow Region. The event will be attended by about 50 Russian cheese producers and farms.
More Recreational Areas will be Created near Moscow
More than 200 land plots in the forests near Moscow will be turned into recreational areas. The main task of creating recreational zones in the forest will be the conservation of its ecosystem.
Business Tourism Centre will be Constructed in Domodedovo
Presumably, almost 6 billion roubles will be attracted to the economy of the Domodedovo city of Moscow region at the expense of the first stage of the investment project called Business Tourism Centre.
Shrovetide Festivities will be Held in 57 Parks near Moscow
Traditional Shrovetide competitions, entertainment programs, round dances, contests are ready for guests.
Moscow Oblast: Where to Swim
202 beaches and recreation areas near water reservoirs will be opened in Moscow Oblast this summer.
Maksim Dunayevsky Headed the Moscow Regional Philharmonic Hall
The People's Artist of Russia, the composer Maksim Dunayevsky has been appointed the art director of the Moscow Regional Philharmonic Hall.
Architecture Monument Demolished in Korolev
House of Construction Bureau has been demolished in the Moscow satellite town of Korolev.
Interactive Maps of Moscow Oblast Will Appear In Museums
Ten Tourist Information Centres of the Moscow region located in the state museums of the region will have modern media panels with an interactive map of Moscow Oblast in the first quarter of 2015.
Vigilant Security Guard Protected Girl from Pedophile
Investigation Department of Mytischi town in the Moscow Region has brought charges against a 36-year-old local dweller.
Europes Largest Shopping Mall to be Built in Moscow Region
New MEGA mall with IKEA shop will be constructed in Mytischi town of the Moscow Region in 2018.
Light Metro to Appear in Moscow Region
Moscow region officials plan to start the construction of a so-called 'light' overground metro in the region next year, governor Andrey Vorobyov told the press on Friday, January 23.
Winter Sports Resort to Appear on Bank of River Skhodnya
A large-scale alpine ski centre is planned to be constructed in Vereskino Village in the North Administrative District of Moscow.
Old-Growth Forest May be Cut Down for Housing Development
Dwellers of the Noginsk District of the Moscow Region protest against cutting down of healthy and strong trees.
Archeology Open-air Museum to Appear in Zaraysk
An open-air Archaeology Museum will be founded by the walls of the Zaraysk Kremlin near Moscow.
Folk Arts and Crafts Museum Founded near Moscow
The Museum of Folk Arts and Crafts has been opened in the Fedoskino Settlement near Moscow.
Hobbit Shire to be Built in Moscow
Hobbit Village is planned to be founded on the steep bank of Osetr River in the Zaraysky District of the Moscow Region.
Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya Monument by Tsereteli to Be Unveiled in Ruza
A monument to the heroine of the Great Patriotic War - the bush-fighter Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya will be unveiled today in front of the Culture Center of Ruza town in Moscow area.
Elite Housing Built on Malevich Grave
A housing estate is being built in Nemchinovka Settlement (Moscow Region), the birth-place of the 20th century leading avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich.
Almost 2,000 Labor Migrants Held in Moscow Region
On Tuesday, August 13, local police reported that 1,800 migrant workers had been detained after raids on commercial enterprises in Moscow Region, the latest in a string of similar raids in Moscow and other Russian big cities.
Historic Villages To Bring Tourists To the Moscow Region
To attract tourists to the Moscow Region, the Tourist board plans to develop historic villages where visitors can sink into the 19th c. suburban life.
Moscow-area Estate to Become a National Park
A national park will be created in the territory of the Moscow-area Arkhangelskoye memorial estate and lands adjoining to it.
Walk of Fame of Russian Cinema to Appear in Moscow Region
Walk of Fame of the Russian Cinema will be created in the Moscow Region and it will settle down in the area of State Film Fund.
Russian Politicians Start Fight for Moscow Region Governorship
After Sergey Shoigu was appointed Defense Minister, the post of the Moscow Region governor has become vacant and various politicians have announced plans to fight for it.
Shawl Exhibition in Pavlov Posad to Commemorate 200th Anniversary of Borodino
The Pavlov Posad Museum of History of Russian Shawl opens the exhibition dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the Patriotic War of 1812.
Moscow Region Town Seeks Independence
Residents of Domodedovo, a town in the Moscow region, have announced the establishment of a Russian Democratic Republic and asked the EU for official recognition.
Muranovo Estate near Moscow Becomes Museum Reserve
Fyodor Tyutchev Muranovo Estate has got the status of a museum reserve: it will protect the estate lands from cottage building-up.
Fourteen Migrant Workers Killed in Fire Near Moscow
At least fourteen Vietnamese people died on Tuesday as a fire swept through a building in the small town of Yegoryevsk, Moscow region.
Number of Ornamented Tiles Found in New Jerusalem
Archeologists working in New Jerusalem near Moscow have found tens of thousands of ornamented tiles (izrazets) that decorated walls of monastery buildings and stoves of the 17th century and even the furnace, where the tiles were baked.
Borodino Field May Change Hands To Remain a Valuable Historic Site
In order to remain a valuable historic site, Borodino may have to be moved to the Moscow Region jurisdiction, the regional Minister of Culture explained.
Moscow To Spend $1bln On Developing New Territories In 2013
Moscow is expected to spend $1bln in 2013, developing the newly acquired territories to a required standard.
Citizens of Moscow Region Urge to Rescue Grebnevo Estate
Citizens of the Moscow Region plead the authorities to rescue Grebnevo Estate, the security zone of which, though a monument of architecture, culture and history, is being sold out piece by piece.
Reconstruction of Borodino Battle to be Large-Scale
Nearly 4 thousand people will participate in the historical reconstruction of the famous Borodino Battle.
Wooden Huts and Country Life to Attract Foreign Tourists
Tens of unique eco-villages for both Russian and foreign tourists will be created in the Moscow region starting from the beginning of 2013.
Prepare your Skis for Hot Summer
A very unusual event - sandboarding - will take place on August 4-5, in Kotelniki district, Moscow region. All winter sports lovers are welcomed!
Monument to Patron of Arts Savva Morozov Appears in Moscow Region
A monument to the renowned Russian patron of arts Savva Morozov has been set up near a local library in the Pionerskoe Settlement of Istra District.
Serpukhov Kremlin at Risk of Destruction due to Unprofessional Restoration
Authorities of Moscow Region have taken to court files concerning the damage caused to the Serpukhov Kremlin due to illegal excavations carried out by locals.
New Jerusalem to Become Major Exhibition Venue of Moscow Region
The new building of the museum complex New Jerusalem will turn into the main exhibition centre of the Moscow Region.
Illegal Construction Carried out in Arkhangelskoye Estate
A modern building is planned to be erected at the territory of the Arkhangelskoye memorial estate in Moscow.
New Jerusalem to Receive 500 Visitors Simultaneously
The new building of the Historical-Architectural and Art Museum "New Jerusalem" in Moscow will have the capacity of accommodating 500 visitors at once.
Russian Capital to Be Moved to Siberia?
The newly appointed governor of the Moscow region, Sergei Shoigu, has proposed to move Russian capital from Moscow to one of Siberian cities.
Emergency Minister to Rescue Moscow Region
Russian Emergencies Minister Sergei Shoigu was appointed by the Parliament as the Moscow Region's next governor.
New Tourist Route Appeared in Moscow Region
The new tourist route in Moscow region is dedicated to Russian history and culture.
Museum of History of Chinese Communist Party to Appear in Moscow Region
The Museum of History of the Communist Party of China will probably appear in the Moscow region. This new landmark will be located in the settlement of Pervomaiskoye of Naro-Fominsk district.
Sale of Land of Arkhangelskoe Museum Estate Recognized Void
Moscow Arbitration Court has nullified the order of the Defense Ministry on public sale of the plot of land included into the protection zone of the Arkhangelskoe Museum Estate.
Archeologists Examined Site of First Permanent Residents of Moscow Area
In the north of the Moscow Region a group of Russian, Spanish, Romanian and French experts have found artifacts, which prove that about 7.5 thousand years ago the land was already settled with hunters and fishers.
Villagers Beat off Another Attempt of Seizure of Lands
Last week another attempt of illegal seizure of land in the water security zone for building it up took place in Pokhlebaiki Village standing on the bank of Istrinsky water storage reservoir in the Moscow Region.
Another Scandal About Crane Reserve Near Moscow
The story of the unique wildlife preserve Crane Homeland in Taldom District of the Moscow Region, which was included in the plan of peatbog rewetting is developing further.
Pensioners Mistake Romantic for Sectarian
Tenants of the house in Dor Village of Shahovsky District of the Moscow Region went to police with a complaint about weird things happening at their entrance.
Malibu in Moscow Region Attracts Tourists
A hotel located on water has started to work in Moscow Region. This rather new for Russia type of accommodation has a noticeable effect on the number of tourists coming to the country.
World Day of Tourism Will Be Celebrated in Mytischi
"Tea party in Mytischi" will take place in Moscow Region on 25 September. The event is dedicated to the World Day of Tourism and includes tea ceremony, sweets and street festivities.
Shopping Centre Destroys Ancient Town of Volokolamsk
Building of a seven-storey retail and entertainment centre has been launched in the central square of the ancient town of Volokolamsk.
Aircraft landed on a traffic road in Moscow Region
A small jet plane has used a traffic road in Moscow region not far from Sergiev Posad as an air strip having landed on it on June, 14.
Safe Beaches for Moscow and Moscow Region Announced
Swimming season has finally begun after a long spring. Now there are 12 places to swim in Moscow Region this summer, officially recognized safe and clean enough for the people. Creating conditions for massive beach relaxation is delegated to local authorities.

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