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Photo Exhibition Pristine Russia. Selected Works "
The Darwin Museum is hosting the exhibition Pristine Russia. Selected Works", continuing the program of the festival "Meet the Reserves!"
First Color Photographs of the Russian Empire Exhibited in Dresden
On November 1, 2017, the Presidential Library will open the exhibition "Expanses of Russia in Color Photography by Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky" in Dresden.
4th Museum Contemporary Photo Biennale in St. Petersburg
The most notable pictures by 212 modern photographers from all over Russia can be seen in the Marble Palace of the Russian Museum from December 8, 2016 till February 1, 2017.
International Photoparade Started with Exhibitions "My Country" and "Refugees"
The 10th international photo festival PHOTOPARADE in Uglich kicked off in the Yaroslavl Region on August 10, 2016.
Photography Festival "Pristine Russia" 2016
Pristine Russia is one of the most large-scale and captivating photography festivals in this country. It has been held since 2014 and every time attracts more and more lovers of the beauty of Russian nature.


Online Exhibition Wings Over the Sea
The exhibition is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the first Russian voyage to the Mediterranean Sea.
Online Exhibition Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky. Photographic Postcards
The invention of photography changed the world forever.
XIV International Wildlife Festival "Golden Turtle"
A bold, bright, exciting festival "Golden Turtle" is dedicated to wildlife of hundred and eight countries.
Rob Woodcox Photo Exhibition in Moscow
The Lumiere Brothers Photography Center presents the exhibition Natural Connections by Rob Woodcox.
Wild Undersea - Photography Festival in Moscow
The mysterious and incomprehensible world of the ocean has always attracted the attention of photographers.
Online Exhibition Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky. Photo Postcards
Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky was a pioneer of color photography in Russia, a man thanks to whom priceless images of pre-revolutionary Russia have come down to us.
Photography Festival Nikon Day
Photography fans and pros are welcomed to get acquainted with Nikon novelties at the festival in Moscow.
Exhibition Yoko Ono. The Sky is Always Clear
The Moscow Museum of Modern Art welcomes all to see the creativity of legendary Yoko Ono.
Exhibition "Drone Art" in Moscow
"Drone Art" is a unique new project of the Modern Art Center "MARS", in which artists turn to the latest technologies to explore the modern world.
Photo Exhibition of Katun Biosphere Reserve
The Katun Biosphere Reserve is famous for the primeval beauty of its virgin wildlife.
Photo Exhibition "The Treasury of Novgorod Land" in Moscow
Veliky Novgorod is not just an old city, but an open-air museum that displays the sights of ancient Russia to its visitors.
PhotoForum Festival in Moscow
At the PhotoForum, photo lovers will get acquainted with the latest photo and video equipment, and attend master classes of famous photographers.
Photo Exhibition Preserved Wildlife of Russia
In 2017, the scientific world celebrated the centenary of the Russian sanctuary system. The photographs displayed at the exhibition were created specifically for this event.
"The Light of Dionysius Frescoes to the World" - Yuri Holdin Photo Exhibition
The small village of Ferapontovo, located 120 km north-west of Vologda, is world-known with its Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, painted by Dionysius.
Photo Exhibition "On the Other Side of Reality"
The Lumiere Brothers Photography Center, Moscow, presents an exhibition of Eric Johansson - the master of surrealistic landscape.
Old Future - Photo Exhibition of Eric Madigan Heck in Moscow
The Multimedia Art Museum welcomes you to the project of a young American photographer, who is expected to have a great future and rapid career growth.
Photo Exhibition "Moscow of the 19th and 21st Centuries"
The yard of the Moscow Museum will be a full-fledged exhibition space until mid-April, 2019.
Michael Flint Photo Exhibition "Plunging into the Magic of Nature"
Michael Flint is an outstanding bio-oceanologist, a member of dozens of expeditions, a researcher of the northern lands and their nature.
"Bias Reality" Photo Exhibition of Igor Vereshchagin in Moscow
Igor Vereshchagin conquers photo lovers with his boundless charisma and amazing outlook, subtle humor and youth drive.
Photo Exhibition Snow. Nix. Snow
In March, the Nagornaya Gallery will host an exhibition of art photos dedicated to the snow.
Photo Exhibition The Power of Dreams. Pirelli Calendar 2019 in Moscow
The Biennale Fashion and Style in Photography gives a unique opportunity for everyone: visitors can see the 46th edition of the Pirelli calendar.
Photo Exhibition "Elise. Vladimir Clavijo "
Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev has made a great contribution to the development and transformation of modern art photography.
Photo Exhibition Power Places - Altai at the Darwin Museum
The exhibition of photos taken by amateurs in the Altai Territory is a wonderful opportunity to feel the power of nature and wildlife masterpieces.
Photo Exhibition "Home Retro. 1962-2002. Moscow Saga by Mikhail Dashevsky"
The Museum of Moscow is holding an exhibition that tells the informal history of Russia in pictures.
Photo Exhibition "Russian Feast"
The Moscow gallery Zagorje presents a huge range of photographs of the Russian feast in different historical periods.
"Wildlife Legends" - Exhibition Fair of Fine Art Photos in Moscow
Andrei Kunitsyn and the Surround Art Gallery present Russias first exhibition of fine art photo masters Aaron Reed and Brad Wilson.
Photo Exhibition Between the Sky and Lake Issyk-Kul
The Darwin Museum in Moscow welcomes photo art lovers to a reportage exhibition of the pristine nature of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Exhibition Russia. The 20th Century in Photos. 1946-1964
The Zagorje Gallery in Moscow welcomes all to get acquainted with the photo chronicle of this country.
The 12th Moscow International Wildlife Festival "Golden Turtle 2018"
In early November 2018, the international Golden Turtle Festival is going to be held in Moscow.
Photo Exhibition "You Are Looking at Something that Has Never Been"
The Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow presents rare photos from the fund of the Zabludowicz Collection Gallery.
Photo Exhibition Moscow: Workaday and Festive
Varshavka Gallery in Moscow presents a photo exhibition about workaday and festive Moscow.
Photo Exhibition Multicontour of Moscow
The Moscow Museum is holding an exhibition of works by Nikolai Drachinsky, an experimenter in photography art.
Photo Exhibition "Planet Moscow 2018"
A large-scale art photography exhibition "Planet Moscow 2018" is held in the Zaryadye Park, Moscow.
Photo Exhibition Grassroots Football in Russia
The Lumiere Brothers Photography Center in Moscow is holding a photo exhibition dedicated to non-professional football clubs of Russia.
Photo Exhibition "Best of Russia - 2017" in Moscow
Contemporary Art Centre Winzavod" welcomes to the traditional annual photo exhibition "Best of Russia - 2017", based on the works by the winners of the same-name photo contest of 2017.
Moscow in Pictures by Alexander Gubarev. 1912-1914
The Moscow Museum, the State Historical Museum and the Foundation "Moscow Time" present the exhibition Moscow in Photographs by Alexander Gubarev. 1912-1914.
Unknown Prokudin-Gorsky in Moscow
The Museum of Contemporary History of Russia is holding a unique photo exhibition from September 16 to October 15.
Photo Exhibition "Russia Starts Here" Kicks off in Pskov
The photo exhibition "Russia Starts Here" has opened in Pskov today, August 22.
Energy of Love at Multimedia Art Museum
May 17 will see the opening of the photo exhibition Energy of Love dedicated to people with disabilities.
PhotoBookFest 2017 to be Held in Moscow
From 12 to 28 May the Lumiere Brothers Photography Center will be holding the first photobook festival in Russia.
Jumping Celebrities - Philippe Halsman's Exhibition in Moscow
The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center is holding Philippe Halsman's exhibition in the framework of the Biennale "Fashion and Style in Photography 2017".
Jumping Celebrities - Philippe Halsman's Exhibition in Moscow
The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center is holding Philippe Halsman's exhibition in the framework of the Biennale "Fashion and Style in Photography 2017".
Magic of the World - Photo and Multimedia Exhibition in Moscow
It will take metropolis dwellers on a trip to exotic nooks of Iceland, Chile, Japan, and Brazil.
Animals' Portraits Displayed in Russian Museum
The Russian Museum, St. Petersburg welcomes to an unusual photo exhibition.
Exhibitions about Heroes of Russia
The photo exhibition Heroes of Russia, As Seen by Nobody Yet opens in Moscow, Kazan and Irkutsk tomorrow.
Leo Tolstoy through Camera Lens in Moscow
The exhibition in the Multimedia Art Museum presents more than 130 photos of the great Russian writer.
Photo Festival "Wild Underwater World" in Moscow
The Moscow Open Photoclub is holding a large-scale festival that presents fascinating underwater landscapes and denizens of the sea.
Longest Historical Photo Labyrinth in Moscow Arbat
The grand-scale photo exhibition will be devoted to life of Muscovites of the late 19th - early 20th centuries.
Best Photos of Russia Displayed in Winzavod Modern Art Center
The photo exhibition The Best of Russia 2015 has been opened in the Winzavod Modern Art Center.
Photo Biennale 2016 Kicks Off in Moscow
Photo Biennale 2016 festival presents five collections of pictures that fall into various trends of art.
Russian Photography Museum Displays Nizhny Novgorod of Three Epochs
The exhibition Native Nizhny Novgorod presents photos of this city of three eras: pre-revolutionary, Soviet and modern.
Russian Museum Displays Crimean Photos of the 1880s-1910s
The exhibition Crimea in Photos of the 1880s-1910s from the Russian Museum Collection was opened in the Stroganov Palace on Wednesday.
Photo Biennale Kicks Off in Moscow
Photo Biennale, the traditional photography festival in Moscow brings together the best pictures and recognized photographers from around the world.
Old Photos from Family Archives on Display in Vologda
The exhibition Nice Faces of Children has been opened in the museum The World of Forgotten Things.
Photo Exhibition "Wild Nature of Russia 2015"
The traditional exhibition "Wild Nature of Russia" is the result of a large-scale photo contest dedicated to this country's flora and fauna.
Exhibition Life in Photo Opened in Multimedia Art Museum
The Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow holds an exhibition of Andrey Baskakov, one of the founders of the Russian Union of Art Photographers.
Russian Photography Museum to Display History of France in Posters
Russian Photography Museum, the City Hall and Libraries of Paris present the exhibition History of France in Posters.
Three Centuries of History: Exhibition for City Day in Yekaterinburg
The new exhibition Travel across Plotinka. Historical - Sverdlovsk - Modern has been opened in the Museum of Yekaterinburg History.
Spanish Film Festival in Yekaterinburg
Week of the Spanish Cinema accompanied with a topical photo exhibition will run in Yekaterinburg.
Between War and Peace
The Lumiere Brothers Photography Center will hold James Hills exhibition Between War and Peace.
War Partakes in Me
ARTSTORY Gallery presents the exhibition War Partakes in Me with artifacts of World War II period.
Immersion with Wynn Bullock
Russia's first retrospective exhibition of Wynn Bullock has been opened at the Lumiere Brothers Photography Centre in Moscow.
Exhibition for 80th Anniversary of Alfred Schnittke
The Prokofiev Museum has opened an exhibition timed to the 80th anniversary since the birth of Alfred Schnittke.
Photo Exhibition of Half-Shade by Chia Yu Lee
The Oriental Museum, Moscow has opened the exhibition Half-Shade. Photo Images by Chia Yu Lee.
Exhibition of Ruslan Vashkevich. In Spite of Everything
Winzavod Center of Modern Art has opened an exhibition of the Belarusian artist Ruslan Vashkevich, a participant of the Venice Biennale.
Venice Gifts to Sergei Parajanov
A.V. Shchusev State Museum of Architecture holds Tatyana Danilyants exhibition project Venice Gifts to Sergei Parajanov.
Serge Golovach: EcoFashion. Vivifuality
Fine Art Gallery takes part in the festival Fashion and Style in Photography 2015 with the exhibition of Serge Golovach: EcoFashion. Vivifuality.
Robert Doisneau. Beauty of Everyday Life
Multimedia Art Museum opens the exhibition Beauty of Everyday Life by the photographer Robert Doisneau.
Mari.Research and Chuvash.Research in Moscow
Winzavod Centre of Modern Art has opened two exhibitions of the Russia. Research project.
Moscow of Boris Pasternak Exhibited in Literature Museum
State Literature Museum has opened the exhibition Moscow of Boris Pasternak in Events and Persons timed to the writers 125th anniversary.
Clarity of Aim Exhibition in Museum of Moscow
The Museum of Moscow presents the exhibition Clarity of Aim dedicated to architectural monuments of the mid 20th century.
Photo Exhibition in Moscow: Unknown Chukotka
Photographer Andrey Parshakov destroys stereotypes about Chukotka as desert land of permafrost.
Russian View of Monaco to be Displayed in Moscow and St. Petersburg
The year 2015 has been officially announced to be the year of Russia in Monaco.
Industrial Photography of the 20th Century
Lumiere Brothers Photography Centre holds the exhibition ProFactory. Industrial Photography of the 20th Century.
Katsuhito Nakazato: Night. Darkness. Other Japan
Classical Photography Gallery holds the exhibition of Katsuhito Nakazato from Japan.
Exhibition of Photographer Miroslav Gasidlo
Slovak Institute holds the exhibition of the photographer and designer Miroslav Gasidlo.
Ode to Food Exhibition
The new exhibition of the PRONE Gallery sees food of the 20th and 21st centuries as a source of art inspiration.
Photo Exhibition of That Very Sabine
The Lumiere Brothers Photo Centre presents a personal exhibition of the Swiss-French photographer Sabine Weiss.
Photo Exhibition of Julia Margaret Cameron
The Multimedia Art Museum presents an exhibition of Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-1879), one of the most outstanding and innovative photographers of the 19th century.
Exhibition about Repressed Medalia Family Opened in Moscow
Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center holds the Rabbinic Dynasty exhibition on the history of the Medalia family.
Yul Brynner Russian King of Hollywood
Alexander Solzhenitsyn House of Russia Abroad opens the photo documentary exhibition Yul Brynner Russian King of Hollywood.
TASS Unknown Photos Exhibited in Moscow
The Lumiere Brothers Photography Centre has opened an exhibition timed to the 110th anniversary of TASS.
Rarities of Anna Akhmatovas Collection Now in Literary Museum
I. S. Ostroukhov's House holds the exhibition Rarities of Anna Akhmatovas Collection in the State Literary Museum.
Bakhrushin Museum Celebrates Shakespeare's Jubilee
The Bakhrushin Theatre Museum has opened two exhibitions for the 450th anniversary since the birthday of William Shakespeare.
Alfred Wertheimer: Elvis. Birth of the Legend
Lumiere Brothers Photography Center holds an exhibition of Alfred Wertheimer.
Photo Exhibition of Baikal-Lena Nature Reserve
Timiryazev Biological Museum has opened the photo exhibition Baikal and Lena, Mountains and Taiga.
Photo Exhibition of Rachel Lee Hovnanian to Run in Moscow
Rachel Lee Hovnanian will introduce her first personal exhibition in Russia to Moscow modern art lovers.
Punk Fraction to be Displayed in Moscow
The Triumph Gallery will hold the Punk Fraction exhibition from September 12 to October 5.
Photos by Harold Feinstein Displayed in Moscow
The Lumiere Brothers Photography Center opens the American Sandbox exhibition of the internationally acclaimed street photography master.
Moscow Zoo Turned into Zoo Art Territory
ZOO-ART Territory is an exhibition of works by modern Russian artists researching various aspects of relations between the man and animals.
Museum of Moscow Presents Most Up and Doing City Graffiti Artists
The Museum of Moscow has opened the Fragment exhibition with works by most active Moscow graffiti teams.
Photos to Trace History of Russian Circus
The outdoor exhibition 95 - History of Russian Circus in Photos will be held in Tsvetnoy Boulevard in Moscow.
Exhibition Look into The Eyes of War to Run in Moscow
Exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary since the beginning of World War I will be held in the New Manege.
Lithuanian Photographer Romualdas Pozherskis Comes to Moscow
The Lumiere Brothers Photography Centre has opened an exhibition of the well-known Lithuanian photographer Romualdas Pozherskis today.
Alexey Bogolepovs Photo Exhibition to Run in Moscow
Architecture Museum will launch the ARCHIphoto project in the autumn of 2014.
Photo Exhibition of Junichi Takahashi to Run in Moscow
It is going to be the first exhibition of the Japanese photographer Junichi Takahashi in Russia.
Nature, People, and Life of Tohoku Can be Seen in Moscow Now
Today the Classical Photography Gallery opens an exhibition dedicated to the Tohoku Region, the one most damaged by the earthquake in Japan.
Photo Exhibition Moscow Shigeru Yoshida
The Lumier Brothers Photo Center will present works by the Japanese photographer Shigeru Yoshida for the first time in Russia.
10 Masterpieces by Vladimir Bindemans Arhiteturium in Moscow
A.V. Shchusev State Architecture Museum opens the exhibition Arhiteturium City. 10th Anniversary of Vladimir Bindemans Studio.
Exhibition on James Bond to be Held in Moscow
The Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow opens the exhibition Design 007: 50 Years of James Bond's Style.
Exhibition for 100th Anniversary of Yuri Andropov to Run in Moscow
June 18 will see the opening of an exhibition timed to the 100th anniversary since the birth of Yury Andropov, once the General Secretary of the USSR.
Photos by Hans Feurer to be Displayed in Moscow
RuArts Gallery in association with Vogue Russia will open the first personal exhibition of Hans Feurer in Russia.
Photo Exhibition on Olympic Games 2014 Kicks off in Moscow
GUM department store in the Red Square will hold an exhibition dedicated to the 21st Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.
Arnold Newman Photo Exhibition to Run in Moscow
The Lumiere Brothers Photography Centre will open an exhibition of Arnold Newman, a renowned master of photographic portrait of the 20th century.
Photography by Artist Sergey Bratkov to be Exhibited in Moscow
Rigina Gallery will hold an exhibition of the photographer Sergey Bratkov from May 27.
Moscow House of Photography Exhibits Art by Author of Vogue Covers
The Moscow House of Photography holds an exhibition of the fashion photographer Erwin Blumenfeld.
Exhibition of Oldest Russian Photographer Opened in Moscow
Vadim Gippenreiters exhibition Sanctuary Russia was opened on Tuesday, marking the 97th birthday of the oldest Russian photographer.
Exhibition on Baikal-Amur Mainline to be Held in Moscow
On April 17 the Cultproject Gallery will open an exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of the unfinished Baikal-Amur Mainline.
Photo Exhibition to Show Beauty of Unattractiveness in Moscow
The Belyaevo Gallery in Moscow will open the photo exhibition Beauty of Unattractiveness. Contextual Art on April 15.
Photo Exhibition of Diane Arbus Opened in Moscow
The Multimedia Art Museum has opened an exhibition of works by Diane Arbus in the framework of the Photo Biennale 2014.
Retrospective Photo Exhibition of Arno Rafael Minkkinen Opened in Moscow
Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography is opening an exhibition of the outstanding Finnish American photographer Arno Rafael Minkkinen.
Exhibition on Lenin and Stalin to Run in Moscow
Today the State History Museum has opened an exhibition dedicated to Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin.
Retrospective of Arno Rafael Minkkinen Comes to Moscow
The Lumiere Brothers Photography Center will open a retrospective of the world renowned photographer Arno Minkkinen on March 27.
Actress Jessica Lange to Open her Photo Exhibition in Moscow
Photo exhibition The Invisible of the famous American actress Jessica Lange will run at the Multimedia Art Museum from March 12.
Exhibition of Photographer Ivan Bianchi Runs in Moscow
On February 27 the Multimedia Art Museum opens an exhibition of one of the first Petersburg photographers Ivan Bianchi (1811-1893).
Photo Exhibition of André Steiner Opened in Moscow
Multimedia Art Museum opens an exhibition of the famous photographer André Steiner today in the framework of the Photo Biennale 2014 festival.
Photography by Garry Winogrand to be Exhibited in Moscow
Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow will open an exhibition of the illustrious photographer Garry Winogrand on February 19.
Andy Warhol Exhibition Presents 10 Famous Jews of the 20th Century
February 12 will see the opening of Andy Warhol's exhibition in the Jewish Museum in Moscow.
Moscow Museum Presents Moscow and Sports Exhibition
February 7 will see the opening of the Moscow and Sports exhibition in the Moscow Museum.
Russia at the Olympic Games Exhibition
In the run-up to the 22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi the Multimedia Art Museum has opened an exhibition of unique archival photos.
Moscow of Gautier-Dufayer to be Exhibited in Moscow
The Moscow of Gautier Dufayer exhibition presents an ancient collection of the images of Moscow streets, lanes and squares.
Photographers of Russia before 1917 Exhibition Runs in Nizhny Novgorod
The exhibition Photographers of Russia before 1917 will run in Nizhny Novgorod till February 3.
Exhibition of Photographer Elliott Erwitt to be Opened in Moscow
November 12 will see the opening of a photo exhibition of Elliott Erwitt in the Moscow Multimedia Art Museum.
Exhibition in Moscow: Man Ray. Portraits
The first large-scale retrospective of Man Ray, who turned photography into high art, will be opened from October 30 in the Museum of Private Collections.
Rock Stars Photo Exhibition to Run in Moscow
The Lumière Brothers Center is opening the exhibition Gijsbert Hanekroot. From Abba to Zappa. Rock Photography of the 1970s.
InstaArt. Art through Instagram Filters in Moscow
September 20 will see the opening of the first all-Russian exhibition of photos made with the popular Instagram application.
Photo Exhibition Town Family in Russia of 20th Century
On September 13 the Moscow Shchusev Architecture Museum will open the photo exhibition Town Family in Russia of the 20th Century.
World Press Photo 2013 to be Held in St. Petersburg
The World Press Photo exhibition is coming to St. Petersburg for the third time this summer to present to public the best pictures of the last year.
Exhibition of Italian Artist Mirko Smerdel Arrives in Moscow
The Museon Arts Park continues a series of exhibitions of young artists Human Resources Department.
Playtime. Mythology of Video Games
On July 18 the Multimedia Art Museum will open the exhibition Playtime-Mythology of Video Games, which is an interactive exhibition on history, culture and art of video games.
Gregory Maifois to Introduce Photo Fables
The artist and photographer Gregory Maifois will open his exhibition in the Multimedia Art Museum on July 18.
Photo Exhibition of Eleazar Langman to Demonstrate Life of the 1930s
On July 18 the Multimedia Art Museum will open the photo exhibition Concentration of a Still, or Known and Unknown Langman.
History of Soviet Pavilions to be Displayed in Moscow
On June 17 the Worker and Kolkhoz Woman Museum opens an exhibition on history of the USSR pavilions, the first part of which is dedicated to the countrys participation in international exhibitions.
Exhibition of Boris Grebenshchikov Opened in St. Petersburg
Pushkinskaya-10 Art Center in Petersburg has arranged a surprise for admirers of the Aquarium band frontman Boris Grebenshchikov: an exhibition of landscapes by him.
For 170th Anniversary since Birthday of Kliment Timiryazev
Celebrations of the jubilee of Kliment Timiryazev will include a unique photo exhibition from the collection of personal photos of the outstanding scientist.
Dutch Photography to be Displayed in Moscow
Still Life Modern Dutch Photography exhibition will be opened on May 24 in Moscow.
Omar Galyanis Exhibition to Run in Moscow
The exhibition crowns the Face and Soul project that has been worked on for the last two years.
Evgeny Kondakovs Photos to be Exhibited in Moscow
The FotoLoft gallery and the Moscow House of Photography represent a personal exhibition of the Russian photographer Evgeny Kondakov.
Photo Exhibition on Liv Ullmann and Ingmar Bergman Opened in Moscow
The Lumière Brothers Photography Center has opened a photo exhibition dedicated tp Liv Ullmann and Ingmar Bergman - one of the best-known couples in the history of cinema.
Antique Photography Exhibition Opened in Turgenev's Estate
An exhibition of antique photos has been opened in Ivan Turgenevs State Memorial Estate Spasskoye-Lutovinovo.
James Hill Photo Project to be Opened for Victory Day
Lumiere Brothers Photography Center presents a Victory Day exhibition by the British pictorialist James Hill, one of the leading world press photographers, the holder of the Pulitzer Award.
Milcho Manchevski Exhibition Opened in Moscow
The state Gallery on Solyanka has opened the exhibition Milcho Manchevski. Five Drops of Dream.
Exhibition on Lilya Brik and her Renault to Run in Moscow
April 9 will see the opening of an exhibition dedicated to Lilya Brik and her Renault car in Moscow.
Exhibition of Patrick Demarchelier in Moscow
The Manege exhibition center in Moscow welcomes to the show of Patrick Demarchelier, one of the most famous fashion photographers.
Petersburg Museum Waits for Visitors with Dogs
March Dog exhibition has been opened in the St. Petersburg City Sculpture Museum, located in Alexander Nevsky Square.
Exhibition in Honor of 300th anniversary of Alexander Nevsky Lavra in Moscow
The photo exhibition dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Saint Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra was opened on Wednesday in Moscow.
Exhibition on Leningrad Rock'n'Roll Opens in Moscow
The Lumier Brothers Photography Center has opened an exhibition dedicated to Leningrad rock'n'roll.
Photo Exhibition of Lev Borodulin Opens in Moscow
Multimedia Art Museum has opened a retrospective exhibition of the Soviet and Israeli photographer Lev Borodulin.
Wild Nature Festival Starts in Moscow
The Central House of Artist has opened the Gold Turtle Festival, which displays wild nature works by photographers from all over the world.
Marilyn Monroe Portraits Displayed in Moscow
Visitors of the exhibition will have a chance to see Marilyn Monroe without a make-up and in a bed.
Russian Landscapes: Nikolay Karachevs Photo-Exhibition in Moscow
Nikolay Karachev's photo-exhibition Russian Landscapes will take place in Moscow.
Exhibition of Mexican Photographer Flor Garduno Opens in Moscow
Gallery of Classical Photography in Moscow has been opened the Exhibition Dreams and Metaphors of the well-known Mexican photographer Flor Garduno.
Soloist of Sepultura Opens Charitable Exhibition in Petersburg
Derrick Green, the frontman of the well-known Brazilian death-metal band Sepultura, has arrived in Petersburg for opening of his charitable photo-exhibition in Domina hotel.
Exhibition of Brassai Opens in Moscow
Multimedia Art Museum has opened a large-scale retrospective exhibition of Brassai - the legendary 20th century photographer, whose works reveal the innermost secrets of Paris.
Personal Exhibition of Yuri Feklistov Opens in Moscow
Personal exhibition of Yuri Feklistov opens on July 18 in Photocentre, Moscow.
Beauties of Russian Theatre without Photoshop
Exhibition dedicated to illustrious Russian actresses of the late 19th - early 20th centuries has opened in the Petersburg Museum of Theatrical and Musical Art.
Photo Exhibition to Highlight Building Process of Moscow Metro
An exhibition of unique photos of Moscow metro opens today at Vystavochnaya metro station in Moscow.
Best Photos of Ruth Orkin in Moscow
The Lumier Brothers Photography Center in Moscow has opened the exhibition Ruth Orkin. Retrospective. 1939-1981 presenting 50 pictures.
Exhibition of Annie Leibovitz to be Held in Moscow
October, 11th, 2011 in Moscow will see the opening of a photo exhibition of Annie Leibovitz one of the most popular photographers of our days.
Portraits of People with Down Syndrome Exhibited in Moscow
The exhibition Loved ones runs in the Photographic Centre Lumiere Brothers in Moscow.
Exhibition World Press Photo Opens in Petersburg
200 best works by photo journalists from every corner of the globe will be presented at the exhibition World Press Photo to open on Friday in the modern art center /Loft Project Etazhi/ in Petersburg.
Two Exhibitions of Photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand Open in Moscow
Two expositions of the well-known photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand have been opened in Moscow at once.
Exhibition of Church Photographer Dmitry Nikitin Opens in Petersburg
The exhibition of Moscow church photographer Dmitry Nikitin has been opened in Carl Bulla Salon in St. Petersburg.
Old Photos of Russian Empire Turn into Street Art in Moscow
Exhibition of the classic of Russian photography Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky (1863-1944) - Collection of sights of the Russian Empire has been opened in the exhibition centre Design Factory Flacon in Moscow.

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