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Rosneft to Experiment on Changing Trajectory of Drifting Icebergs
Approbation of a unique technology for changing drifting icebergs' trajectory with external impact will be carried out in expedition Kara-Summer-2016.
Rosneft Delivered Gasoline to APR
Rosneft Trading SA Company being a part of the Rosneft Group delivered the first batch of gasoline in the Asia-Pacific Region (APR).
Production Of Petrol Made 38.9 Million Tons In 2015
Petrol production reached 38.9 million tons in 2015, which is 1.6 percent more than last year.
Oil Export Duty
The Head of Rosneft Igor Sechin believes that the increase in the tax burden in the fuel and energy sector will lead to a decrease in oil production.
Rosneft Protests Against OFAC Decision
Rosneft has posted an official statement over the move to include some of its subsidiaries on the sanctions list by OFAC.
Rosneft Will Enter Helivert Joint Venture
Rosneft, the Italian Finmeccanica SpA company and The Helicopters of Russia signed an agreement on the reorganization of the Helivert joint venture.
American GE Signed New Agreements With Russian Companies
The American General Electric GE Corporation has signed a number of agreements with Russian companies, including Rosneft, Rosseti and Transmashkholding, at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.
Salaries of Russian Top-Managers
The President of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin announced his salary at the conference call of the company. It makes up four million roubles a month. Speculations about high salaries of the heads of state companies resumed in the mass media and blogs after the government allowed the top managers of state-controlled commercial structures not to disclose their income in March.
Rosneft Launches Output on 3rd Sakhalin 1 Field
Rosneft has launched production at the Arkutun-Dagi field after painstaking preparatory works involving international players amid tough sanctions imposed by an alliance of countries over Russias alleged role in the Ukraine crisis.
The Anti-crisis Plan Will Deprive Rosneft Of NWF Money
The approach to the use of the National Welfare Fund (NWF) has changed: now the money will be allocated to the anti-crisis plan in the first place, and then later on infrastructure projects.
Sanctions Make ExxonMobil Search For New Deposits
The sanctions of the West against Russia forced the US oil company ExxonMobil to start looking for alternative deposits to use the West Alpha drilling platform, which participated in the exploration of the Kara Sea shelf.
Rosneft's 9M Operating Results
Rosnefts CEO has praised the oil giants performance in the first nine months of 2014, boasting high operating performance on the back of improved operating efficiency.
Buzz Barometer: Rosneft's $50 BN Relief Plea
The government is facing a huge dilemma to cough up almost $50 billion requested by the Russian oil giant Rosneft for its investment plans or not.
Buzz Barometer: Russia's Oil Industry Stymied by Sanctions
Despite Moscows shrugging off Western sanctions as foolishness, theres growing evidence that the restrictions imposed over Russias alleged role in the Ukraine crisis may be working, at least in terms of bad publicity.
Buzz Barometer: Inside Russia Calling! Forum
VTB Capitals event, attended by the Russian president, has drawn hundreds of investors from around the world as Moscow scrambles to fights capital outflows amid several rounds of sanctions over its alleged role in the Ukraine crisis.
Sistema's Future
Vladimir Yevtushenkovs Sistema has lost two thirds of its capitalization in the past weeks, which now totals 124 billion roubles, or some $3 billion. What's next?
Bashneft's Future
Bashneft is heading towards one of the worst crisis in its history, and the outcome of the scandal is impossible to predict.
To Drill or Not to Drill?
Theres been a flood of contradictory reports on the joint Arctic project by ExxonMobil and Rosneft, and so Russia-IC has decided to find out whats really happening to the drilling operations in Russias Kara Sea.
Rosneft Asks For State Support
Rosneft that has asked for the state financial aid in the amount 1.5 trillion roubles from the funds of NWF can count upon a sum many times smaller than that, the Minister of Economic Development Aleksei Ulyukayev said. The Ministry of Energy proposes to support certain investment projects of the company.
The USA Sanctions Against Rosneft May Influence The Plans For Its Privatization
The USA sanctions against Rosneft may influence the plans for its privatization. This was reported by the Russian Minister of Economic Development Aleksei Ulyukayev. The issue of sanctions will be raised in the WTO.
Rosneft Conducts Legal Analysis Of Sanctions
Operating cash flow of Rosneft allows the company to continue the implementation of current projects under the sectoral sanctions of the USA.
Rosneft Will Conduct Geological Explorations Mainly On Russian Shelves
The bigger part of seismic explorations and investments in geological exploration by Rosneft oil company in 2014 is scheduled for the Russian shelf.
Rosneft's Q1 2014 Financials Positive But Future Uncertain
Rosneft boasts positive operating and financial results for 1Q 2014 amid fears for the future after its president has been placed on the US black list.
BP's Interest in Russia Could Backfire - Media Reports
BP could be the biggest loser in the west-east stand-off over Ukraine if the situation deteriorates further, according to independent analysts. The British oil giant has come under increasing pressure from its shareholders over its close relations with Russias Rosneft.
Gazprom Might Change Currency For International Transactions
Gazprom finds it possible to use the Russian ruble in the transactions with foreign contractors.
Rosneft's Lesson on How to Use Crisis as Investment Opportunity
Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin has used the Ukraine crisis and the rumours of him being placed on the black list by the US and the EU to increase his stake in the company.
SPIEF 2013 Overview
The 17th International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg has drawn some 5,000 high-profile guests, representing 600 global companies from 71 countries.
Stakes on Sale. Finally.
The Medvedev government rubberstamps the ambitious privatization plan that's been the hope of investors for the past couple of years. Russia-IC looks at the details.
Paper Review: Russian Rosneft's Rally
The news of the possible purchase of the Russian oil company TNK-BP by state-controlled Rosneft made a splash in the media on Thursday and will surely send more ripples as analysts digest the rumours and as more details will be coming out.
The Failure of BP-Rosneft Deal
BP's and Rosneft's deal for $16 billion collapsed. Russian state-owned company is out of the agreement with BP due to the refusal of the Russian shareholders of TNK-BP to sell its stake in the company, at this moment Rosneft is searching for the new partners.
Oil Deliveries Dispute
It's been a long time since Russia and China couldn't agree on future gas supplies and have already fallen out due to the terms of existing contract for oil supplies. Russian side has accused China of violating the treaty and asks to return 100 million dollars of the debt. Otherwise, Moscow will take the matter to the international court.
Rosneft and BP are Planning to Drill for Oil in a Remote Region of the Arctic. Is it a Slapdash Environmental Attitude?
Russian Rosneft oil company and British BP will explore the Kara Sea, known for its energy resources and the most fragile environment in the world. This fact frightens ecologists.
Far East Clenched its Fist
A court in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in the Russian Far East has ordered all local Internet service providers to block access to and four other websites for publishing extremist materials.
Rosneft: Initial Public Offering Or Ostracism?
Russian oil giant Rosneft set up after the break-up of Yukos has initiated its IPO both in Russia and London.


Rosneft Rejected the License For the Hydrocarbons Area In Chechnya
During the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum Rosneft has signed a cooperation agreement with the Republic providing for co-financing of projects for the rational use of oil-associated gas and reproduction of the mineral resources base.
The Remuneration in Rosneft Makes 2.8 Billion Roubles
The remuneration of the members of the Management Board of Rosneft amounted to 2.8 billion roubles at the end of 2014, as the companys statement said.
Rosneft Reduces Oil Production
Rosneft has reduced oil production by 25 thousand barrels per day. Reduction of the volume of oil extracted by the company is explained by the need to improve the efficiency of production, as well as the situation on the market which is due to the fall in oil prices.
Rosneft Cuts Output
The Russian oil giant Rosneft said Tuesday it had cut its output by 25,000 barrels a day over falling oil prices. The crude price collapsed by almost a third since June.
Rosneft, CNPC Move Closer Amid Sanctions
Rosneft and CNPC, Chinese National Petroleum Corporation expand strategic cooperation amid tough sanctions placed against the Russian oil giant by the West over the countrys alleged role in the Ukraine crisis.
Rosnefts SPO May Take Place in Late 2014 - Minister
Rosnefts SPO is still on the table this year for the government as an apparent option to boost budget revenue amid the slackening economy and international sanctions.
Kremlin Won't Decide Yevtushenkov's Future - President
The Kremlin will not interfere in the Yevtushenkov case, said the Russian president at the Russia Calling investment forum in response to repeated calls from the business community to stop the investigation into the alleged violations in the privatization of Bashneft, a major oil producer in Russias Republic of Bashkortostan.
Rosneft Buys Major Kyrgyz Producer
Rosneft has closed the deal to buy Bishkek Oil Company, says an official press release on its website.
Rosneft Calls Its New Mine Pobeda (Victory)
Igor Sechin called the success of the event a common victory of all project participants, as Rosneft Oil Company has successfully completed the drilling of the worlds northernmost Arctic mine Universitetskaya-1 which resulted in the discovery of oil in the license area of Vostochno-Prinovozemelsky-1 in the Kara Sea.
Rosneft Unlocks New Arctic Oil Field
Rosneft has claimed the discovery of a new oil field in the Kara Sea in a joint effort with the US giant ExxonMobil after six weeks of drilling and studies.
Rosneft Claims It Can Finish Arctic Drilling Project without ExxonMobil
Rosneft has enough capability to continue exploratory drilling on Universitetskaya-1, Russias northernmost well, without ExxonMobil, the Russian oil giants vice-president told investors in Sochi.
Oil Exploration in Arctic Ocean According to Schedule - Govt
The head of Russias Natural Resources Ministry has dismissed rumors that Rosneft has suspended exploratory drilling in the Arctic Ocean in the face of EU sanctions limiting the imports of oil drilling equipment.
Rosneft, ExxonMobil Suspend Exploratory Drilling in Russia's Arctic - Report
US oil giants Rosneft and ExxonMobil have put their plans of exploratory drilling in the Arctic Ocean on hold following the recent EU sanctions, says a report by Bloomberg.
Rosneft, ExxonMobil Launch Exploratory Drilling in Russia's Arctic
The West Alpha rig owned by Karmorneftegaz, a JV by Russian and US oil giants Rosneft and ExxonMobil, has launched exploratory drilling of Universitetskaya-1, Russias northernmost well.
Rosneft Will Invest In The Far East
The investments of Rosneft in the projects in the Far East will amount to 1.5 trillion roubles by 2020.
Rosneft Invests In Eastern Siberia And The Far East
The investments of OAO Oil Company Rosneft in the development of the Arctic shelf can make up $ 400 billion for the first 20 years.
Rosneft, Alstom Move Closer
Rosneft and Alstom have signed an agreement to expand cooperation in the energy sector, marking a new page in the relationship between the two giants.
Rosneft Will Increase Dividends From Profits
Rosneft plans to increase dividends from profits by 60%.
Ex-Chancellor Schroeder Tipped for Rosneft Board
BP is expected to nominate former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder as a member of the board of directors of Russias oil giant Rosneft.
ALROSA Posts Positive 2013 Operational Results Report
ALROSA has published a positive 2013 financial overview report boasting a increase in output and revenue.
Rosneft Bought Olympic Box Seat Tickets For 65 Million Rubles
The Company intends to award tickets to the top employees, as well as to invite foreign partners to the Olympics.
Russia Boasts Record Oil Production in 2013
Russia has increased oil production to a record level in 2013, says a governmental report
State-Run Companies Agree to Disclose Salaries
State corporations and state-run companies would disclose the pay of their staff in a move to improve transparency and curb corruption after a deal with the government and the trade unions
Rosneft, Statoil Push Forward With Shale Oil Plans
Rosneft and Statoil are moving forward in the development of the Domanik shale formation by signing a deal to set up a joint venture.
Rosneft Set to Ship $2.2 BLN Worth of Crude Oil To BP
Rosneft has approved a supply contract with BP worth $2.2 billion, says Vedomosti.
Rosneft Takes Control Over Brazilian Solimoes Project
Rosneft Brazil is expected to get a 51 percent control over joint venture HRT O&G in the Solimoes basin after a purchase of an additional 6 percent
100 Mln Tons Of Oil Will Be Supplied To China
Rosneft and China's Sinopec agreed on annual shipments of 10 million tons of oil to China. The contract duration is 10 years.
Klitchko Beats Povetkin In Weird Clash
Vladimir Klitchko has defended his title in the most-anticipated boxing clash of the year against Alexander Povetkin.
Rosneft Eyes Domodedovo's Fuel Facilities
Rosneft and Novaport are close to the purchase of Domodedovo, one of the three major airports around Moscow
Rosneft Claims 2013 Biggest Taxpayer Title
Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin promised the Russian prime minister to snatch the top taxpayer title from Gazprom in 2013.
Sechin Boosts Stake in Rosneft
Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin has used a bank loan to increase his stake in the oil giants charter capital.
Rosneft Applies For World Record
Rosneft is looking to write its name into the Guinness Book of World Records with an historic shipment of hydrocracking units to the Achinsk Refinery as part of its update.
Rosneft, ExxonMobil Move On With Far East LNG Project
Rosneft and ExxonMobil are en route to choose the contractor for design and engineering work for their LNG project in the Russian Far East.
Rosneft Signs Deal with Azerbaijan's State Oil Company
Rosneft and State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed a cooperation agreement in the Azeri capital, Baku.
Rosneft Posts Robust 1H Results
Rosneft boasts an impressive increase across every major financial indicator in 1H 2013, with hydrocarbon and crude oil production surging by 82.8 and 73.5 percent year-on-year respectively, says its official press release.
Rosneft Begins Oil Exploration in Barents Sea
Rosneft has announced that it launched field seismic operations at Fedynsky and Central Barents license areas.
Blavatnik Ploughs TNK-BP Cash Into Foreign Startup Incubator
Access Industries and Kinnevik AB have invested $500 million into Rocket Internet.
Alfa Group Moves Back Into Energy
Alfa Group is planning to move back into the energy sector, setting up a dedicated investment vehicle in London.
Rosneft Absorbs Itera to Step Up Competition with Gazprom
Rosneft has consolidated its stake in ITERA Oil and Gas Company, says the state-run corporations official press release.
Who's the Nation's Biggest Taxpayer - Rosneft or Gazprom?
Two Russia's biggest companies, Gazprom and Rosneft have grappled over the status of the country's biggest taxpayer.
TNK-BP Minority Shareholders Put Pressure on Rosneft Over Scrapped Dividends
TNK-BP minority shareholders have lambasted Rosneft's vice-president Igor Maidannik over the new owner's decision not to pay the dividends for 2012.
Rosneft Spurs Crude Prices Hike
Rosneft's acquisition of TNK-BP has seen oil prices going up in June after the new owner canceled some of the contracts, says Vedomosti.
Rosneft, ExxonMobil Push for Arctic
Rosneft and ExxonMobil sign two key agreements as both major oil giants are pushing for Arctic offshore development.
Rosneft Cuts Oil Supplies to Gazprom Neft's Refinery
TNK-BP has stopped its light crude supplies to Gazprom Neft's Omsk refinery, says Vedomosti daily.
Rosneft Named as Buyer of Alrosa's Gas Assets
Rosneft is buying Alrosa's natural gas assets for a sum between $1-1.5 billion, says Kommersant, as part of an aggressive bid to undermine Gazprom's monopoly.
Gazprom, Rosneft Gain on Stock Exchange on Dividend Rumours
Rosnefts and Gazproms shares edged up on rumours of higher dividends on May 8.
Gas Instead of Petroleum Will be Offered to Automobilists
The Memorandum of Cooperation signed by oil company Rosneft and the company Russkiye Mashiny (Russian Machines) will be the first move to enter a new market of natural-gas-based motor fuel.
Renova May Get Hold of Another Swiss Asset
Renova will support Swiss-based Schmolz & Bickenbach AG in an attempt to diversify its business.
China, Russia Sign Major Contracts During Leader Visit
Chinese CNPC signed a preliminary deal on gas and oil supplies with Russias Gazprom and Rosneft.
EU OKs TNK-BP Takeover by Rosneft
The European Commission has approved the acquisition of TNK-BP by Rosneft, according to an official statement.
Leonard Blavatnik Calls US Judiciary Arbitrary
Leonard Blavatnik has lambasted the US judiciary in an interview with the Financial Times.
Rosneft to Rival Gazprom in Gas Exports
Rosneft has been said to be seriously moving into gas extraction and liquefying, says Russia's Energy Minister.
British Oil Company Looking for New Owner
Vostok Energy is looking for a new owner, with TNK-BP and Evrokhim being the most likely buyers.
Rosneft to Save $1.4BN on TNK-BP Deal
Rosneft will save $1.4 billion on its historic acquisition deal thanks to TNK-BP's dividends.
Russia May Sell Stake in TNK-BP in Future
Russia rejects concerns that its Rosneft is going to be the next state supermonopoly like Gazprom.
Rosneft's Historic Deal Approved
Russias Federal Anti-Monopoly Service has approved the purchase of TNK-BP by Rosneft, but with one condition.
Oil Companies Leaders of Growth
Oil companies have turned out to be the most profitable sector for investment in 2012, according to a study by RBC daily.
Abramovich's Company $10M into Green Technologies
Roman Abramovich's company has invested $10 million into a green tech startup that got an order from state oil giant, Rosneft.
Rosneft Laying Red Carpet for Bob Dudley
The state-owned oil corporation has decided to use BP director's expertise to better integrate TNK-BP into its structure, claims a report.
TMK Goes to Oman
One of the world's leading producers of steel pipes for the oil and gas sector, TMK, buys up a plant in the Middle East to expand in the vital market.
Rosneft and Exxon Mobil to Open a Joint Venture
In February 2012 the largest Russian oil company Rosneft is going to make an agreement on creating a new joint venture with the American company Exxon Mobil.

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