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Russia Retaliates against EU Sanctions over Navalny
Russia has expanded the list of non-entry EU representatives.
Investigative Journalists Reported on the Possible Use of Nanocapsules to Poison Navalny
Navalny's poisoners could have used Novichok in nanocapsules, according to the joint investigation by Bellingcat, The Insider, Der Spiegel and Radio Liberty.
The US Expanded Sanctions against Nord Stream 2
The United States imposed additional sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. New measures affect companies that will serve the ships involved in the completion of the pipe construction, or finance their reconstruction.
The Guardian: Western Intelligence Agencies Believe the FSB is behind Navalny's Poisoning
According to them, the purpose of the operation was not to kill the politician, but to send him an "unequivocal warning" and force him to leave Russia.
The Cancellation of the Cypriot Golden Passport Program and Russian Investors
The Council of Ministers of Finance and the Interior of the Republic of Cyprus announced the cancellation of the investment program for the granting of citizenship from November 1, 2020.
EU Imposed New Sanctions against Russia
The European Union imposed sanctions against six Russians and a scientific institute ue to the poisoning of the founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), Alexei Navalny. The FSB director and the deputy head of the Kremlin administration fell under the restrictions.
Navalny was Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
A group of professors nominated Navalny for the Nobel Peace Prize.
The Worst is Yet to Come: Deutsche Bank Predicts Further Weakening of the Ruble Due to Navalny and the US Elections
Deutsche Bank analysts do not rule out that the worst for the ruble in 2020 is yet to come. In the short term, the main risks for the ruble are the aggravation of the geopolitical confrontation between Moscow and the West over the situation with Alexei Navalny and the possible victory of the Democrats in the November US elections.
Russian Hackers Attack 200 US Election-related Organizations
The Russian hacker group Strontium has attacked more than 200 organizations in the United States, one way or another connected with the country's presidential elections, which are scheduled for November, Microsoft said.
Russia and Cyprus Agree to Amend the Tax Agreement
Countries agree to raise base tax rate on dividends and interest to 15%.
Scientists Warn of Limited Effectiveness of Russian and Chinese Vaccines against COVID-19
The vaccines registered in Russia and China may have a common flaw that could reduce their effectiveness, Western scientists warned. The fact is that vaccines are based on a fairly common adenovirus, and many people may be immune to it.
"Prestige at the Price of Security": What Western Media Write about the Russian Vaccine against COVID-19
The news that Russia is planning to begin mass vaccination against coronavirus in October was greeted by foreign media with caution. The Russian authorities may be in a hurry and put national prestige above security, journalists say.
Russian Hackers in the Global Vaccine Race
The development of vaccines for COVID-19 is analogous to the race to conquer space in the 1960s. No wonder spies have appeared in this global competition.
Russia and OPEC Agreed to Increase Production. What will Happen to Oil Prices and the Ruble?
Saudi Arabia, Russia and other OPEC + countries have agreed to increase oil production from August to avoid the risk of shortages and maintain price stability amid recovery in demand. However, due to the countries that have exceeded their production quotas in May and June, production will not grow as much as expected.
EU will not Open Borders with Russia
Russia, the United States and Brazil are not included in the list of countries for which the EU can open borders in July. These three countries do not meet the criteria set by Brussels: from 16 to 20 new cases of coronavirus for every 100,000 people in the last two weeks.
Former Yukos Shareholders Got Stolichnaya Vodka Rights in the Netherlands
Former Yukos shareholders in the recovery of $ 57 billion from Russia received the rights to the brands of Russian vodka Stolichnaya and Moskovskaya in the Netherlands. Brands may be sold at public auction in September.
Russians and Cyprus: How They Change the Tiny Island
As tensions between the Kremlin and Europe were growing, Cyprus became the focus of Western concerns about the Russian threat. Wealthy people from the former Soviet Union influenced the tiny island and it makes Brussels worried.
Yukos Case: Russia Appealed the Decision of the Hague Court to Pay $ 57 Billion to Former Yukos Shareholders
Russia appealed the decision of the Hague court to pay $ 57 billion in favor of former Yukos shareholders. The Ministry of Justice called the findings of the appeal court unlawful and unfounded.
Russian Oil Market Crisis: Prices will Remain Low
The intentions announced on April 12-13, 2020 by the OPEC + G20 countries to reduce oil production should have unfolded the dynamics of prices in the world market for growth. However, it became clear that the expected effect did not work. In the foreseeable future, oil prices will remain low.
Unprecedented Oil Crisis: onsequences of the Price War between Saudi Arabia and Russia
The coronavirus epidemic has led to an unprecedented drop in demand for raw materials and a collapse in quotations. In a world where everything has stopped, the price of oil is likely to move in only one direction - down.
The Hague Court of Appeal Ordered Russia to Pay $ 50 billion in a Lawsuit by Yukos Ex-Shareholders
The dispute between them has been going on for 15 years and is not over yet - Russia will appeal the decision in the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.
The New Rules for Carrying Cash across the Border of the Eurasian Economic Union Came into Force
From now on, a customs declaration and documents on the origin of funds are required when crossing the border with an amount exceeding $ 100 thousand.
Great Britain may Introduce New Sanctions against Russians after Brexit
The UK is creating an EU-independent sanctions mechanism that will take effect after Brexit. In particular, London may introduce new sanctions against Russians suspected of involvement in the violation of human rights.
Russian Seasons in France, Belgium and Luxembourg
More than 400 events will be held within the frame of the Russian Seasons in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.
Global Cataclysms that will Hit Russia and the Ruble in the New Year
Donald Trump, recession in Europe, US elections and instability in Latin America these are the main risks, according to economists, that Russia and the ruble may face in 2020.
WADA Disqualified Russia for Four Years for Violating Doping Rules
This means that athletes from Russia will not be able to compete under the national flag for the second Olympics in a row.
A Cardinal Change in Russia's Foreign Policy
Bloomberg: Russia is taking a milder approach in its foreign policy.
Britain Eased Anti-Russian Sanctions for the Study of Mars
The UK has amended the law on export, which directly affects cooperation with Russia. London considered it possible to ease some sanctions for the mission to study Mars.
Bloomberg: Demand for Russian Oil is Growing
US sanctions against Iran and Venezuela have resulted in an increase in demand for Russian crude oil.
Voice of America and Radio Svoboda - Foreign Media Agents
The Russian Ministry of Justice included into the list of foreign media agents Voice of America and Radio Svoboda.
Pushkov Comments on PASE Session
The Head of Russias State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee Alexei Pushkov said that PASE ought to forget about Russia for a while and turn their attention to continental problems.
Russian Foreign Ministry: Successes And Failures 2015
The authorized representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry for human rights, democracy and the rule of law Konstantin Dolgov summed up the results of 2015 and listed main successes and failures in world politics.
Russian MOFA Comments On Assad's Resignation
According to the analytical note, the process of political transition in Syria will begin in February and will last 18 months.
US Extends Sanctions List Over Ukraine
The US has tightened restrictions on Russia over the Ukraine crisis on 34 additional people and entities, soon after State Secretary John Kerrys visit to Moscow.
Russia - Egypt Cooperation Agreement
Russia and Egypt have signed an intergovernmental cooperation agreement in Cairo, this agreement involves the construction of the first nuclear power plant in the Arab Republic.
Russia May Be Accepted Back To the G8
Russia can be accepted back to the G8 if it continues to cooperate with the West on the Syrian issue and if the Ukrainian conflict is resolved.
Sanctions Against Russia Extended
The leaders of the Western countries agreed to extend sanctions against Russia for another six months - until July 2016.
Horst Seehofer Speaks On the Role Of Russia In World Issues
The global problems of modern time cannot be resolved without the participation of Russia.
Russian Duma and FC Stand for International Anti-Terrorist Collaboration
Since modern international terrorism can not and should not be associated with any religion, any nationality or any ethnic group, it is high time to set aside the issues that split the ranks of defenders of the humanity.
Jimmy Carter Sent A Letter To Vladimir Putin
The former American President Jimmy Carter handed the maps with the positions of the militants of the Islamic State (IS) in Syria to the representatives of the Russian Embassy in Washington, DC, according to The Washington Free Beacon.
Russia Does Not Regret Its Inability To Participate In G8
Russia does not regret its inability to participate in G8, and the impact of the sanctions on its economy in the West is greatly exaggerated. This was stated by the Head of the Russian Presidential Administration Sergei Ivanov.
Bashar al-Assad Thanked the Russian President
The Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad thanked the Russian President Vladimir Putin for the salvation of Syria during the meeting with him.
Russian MOFA Comments on Operations In Syria
Russia has launched the air operation in Syria not with the purpose to divert attention from what is happening in Ukraine.
Russia Iran Economic Relations
As soon as JCPA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) comes into force, Iran has to cut its stockpile of low-enriched uranium by 98 % and reduce by about two-thirds the number of its centrifuges for at least 15 years as well as modernize the reactor, while the USA and EU will start to lift the economic sanctions. Lets see how these processes may influence the Russian economy.
Turkey May Reconsider the Purchases Of Russian Gas
Turkey may reconsider the issue of purchases of Russian gas because of the deterioration of relations with Moscow after the air incident last week.
NATO Is Ready To Send Troops To Turkey
NATO is ready to send troops to Turkey in order to protect the allies against threats in the south.
Russian Military Aircrafts Violated Turkey
Russia has given Turkey a full explanation on the incident with the Russian military aircrafts that violated the countrys airspace.
The Dynasty Foundation will be Closed in October
The Dynasty Foundation of Dmitry Zimin stated that it would terminate its operations on October 31, according to the organizations website.
Chinese Describe Russians As Fans Of Fighting
The Chinese Internet users think that Russians like to fight that is evidenced by the results of the research published in the Foreign Policy magazine.
Mistral Saga
The Kremlin: the talks over Mistral are over. Kommersant daily: France would pay back 1.163 billion euro. French President denies these reports. So who should we trust?
Buzz Barometer: Russia In World Headlines
"The low oil price, sanctions and economic slowdown havent gone anywhere."
The Kremlin Regrets of the Closure of the Dynasty Foundation
The Kremlin regrets of the closure of the Dynasty Foundation, the spokesman for the Russian President Dmitry Peskov stated. According to RIA Novosti, at the same time he said that no prohibitive decisions were taken against the foundation in Russia.
Russia Increases Trade With Brazil
Russia permitted imports of milk to 11 Brazilian producers under the guarantee of the Veterinary Service of the South American country. Brazil in its turn accepted the terms of the Russian Federation for the supply of Russian grain.
The US will Tighten Sanctions
The United States will tighten sanctions against Russia, if the militiamen in Donbass begin an attack.
Amendments to the Law on NGO will be Made in Autumn
The amendments to the law on NGOs establishing specific criteria for socially oriented and socially important organizations will be made to the State Duma in the autumn session.
Inclusion of Dynasty into the Register of Foreign Agents was Criticized
The former Russian Finance Minister Aleksei Kudrin called the law on foreign agents flawed after it effected the non-profit foundation Dynasty. Human rights defenders also criticized the inclusion of the foundation into the register of foreign agents.
If Finland Joins NATO...
Finlands accession to NATO membership and the consequent dislocation of the alliances forces on the border with Russia will provoke tension in relations between Moscow and Helsinki.
eBay Will Store Personal Data Of Russian Users In Russia
The US company eBay owning the eponymous website for online auctions and PayPal payment service agreed to begin processing and storage of personal data of its Russian users on the servers in Russia.
Russia - Greece Negotiations
The Russian authorities are ready to discuss the allocation of multiple loans with the Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras, in case Russian state companies gain control over some Greek assets.
Settlements In Roubles And Liras May Be Introduced
The Turkish Government considers it possible to convert the settlements on large investment projects with Russia to national currencies.
Russia Joins the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
Russia decided to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) founded at the initiative of China.
CNN Channel Back To Russia
CNN channel has received a universal license on broadcasting in Russia.
UAE Expresses Interest In Floating Cosmodrome
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) are interested in the acquisition of the international floating cosmodrome Morskoy Start (Sea Launch).
The European Union Will Keep Sanctions Against the Crimea
The European Union still does not recognize and condemns this act of violation of international law Mogerini announced.
Minsk Agreements Implementation
The UN Security Council discussed the failure to fulfill the set of measures on implementation of the Minsk agreements on Thursday, March 19.
Buzz Barometer: Mikhail Fridman May Prove Too Tough a Nut For UK Govt - FT
The Financial Times digs deep into a possible standoff between the UK government and a Russian tycoon.
Foreign Ministers Of the Norman Quartet Tell About Results Of Negotiations In Paris
The Foreign Ministers of the Norman Quartet address all parties to the Ukrainian conflict with a request to provide full access of OSCE observers to all areas in the east of Ukraine.
CNN Is Back
The Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications will grant a permit to CNN allowing it to resume broadcasting in Russia until the end of the week.
Buzz Barometer: Russia Unsheathing Energy Weapon - FP
If you look up the headlines of The Foreign Policy, you are most certain to find a report on Russia, or its defiant actions against the West, to be more precise.
Buzz Barometer: Military Jets' Sorties Send Ripples Across English Channel
Russia has responded to the UKs concerns over its military jets sorties along the British coast.
Russia has Lost its Satellite Constellation Warning of Missile Strikes
The last satellites of Oko-1 constellation monitoring the launches of ballistic missiles are out of order, and the launch of new satellites is expected no earlier than in June 2015.
Minsk Negotiations: Cease-fire and Withdrawal of Heavy Weapons
The members of the Minsk negotiations on the Ukrainian crisis agreed on a cease-fire and control over its implementation, as well as coordinated the scheme of withdrawal of heavy weapons.
EU Emergency Meeting On the Situation In Ukraine Will Be Held On Thursday
The meetings of the OSCE and of foreign ministers of the EU countries will take place against the background of escalating conflict in Donbass, and in particular, the bombardment of Mariupol, which resulted in death of 30 people on January 24th.
Ukraine Initiates an Appeal to the Hague Tribunal After the Bombardment of Mariupol
The National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine ordered the government of the country to begin the procedure of preparation of the complaint to the Hague Tribunal to recognize the murders of Ukrainians in Donbass as crimes against humanity.
Visa Asks for Insurance
Visa has asked for insurance against failures in the Russian system of payment cards. Visa fears that the National Payment Cards System (NPCS) will fail to cope with the processing of payments on its cards in Russia. It insists on the use of foreign facilities, however NPCS objects to this idea.
SSU Stated That It Had Evidence On the Involvement Of Russian Citizens In the Conflict In Donbass
The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) stated that it had evidence on the involvement of Russian citizens in the conflict in Donbass, in particular in the latest events near Mariupol. This was stated at an agencys meeting by its Head Valentin Nalivaichenko.
Russia and Armenia Agreed On A Joint Investigation Into the Criminal Case Of Massacre In Gyumri
The Head of the Investigative Committee of Russia arrived in Armenia. He assured that the investigation and legal proceedings against the Russian military man accused of killing seven people would be held only on the territory of Armenia. The Investigative Committees of Russia and Armenia agreed on a joint investigation into the criminal case of massacre in the Armenian city of Gyumri.
Russia and India Strengthen Cooperation to Counter Terrorism
The Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and his Indian counterpart Manohar Parrikar agreed to strengthen cooperation in the field of countering terrorism, as well as collaboration in the military-industrial sector.
IMF: Russian Economy Is Expected to Fall By 3%
The Russian economy is expected to fall by 3% in 2015. This is stated in the IMF report.
HSBC: Russian GDP Will Fall To 3.5%
The British banking conglomerate HSBC toughened its forecast on the fall of Russias GDP to 3.5%, according to Bloomberg.
Procedure Of Ukraine Accession To NATO Might Be Accelerated
The Permanent Representative of Russia to NATO Alexander Grushko stated that the procedure of Ukraines accession to the alliance might be accelerated. According to him, there are certain criteria that must be met for joining NATO. These are, in particular, the absence of internal conflicts or any territorial disputes with its neighboring countries.
Lavrov Comments On Russian Relations With Ukraine
The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov thinks that Ukraine is still a Union State of Russia. According to his words, it is impossible for Russia and Ukraine to break up.
Lavrov Talks About Sanctions
The European Union imposed sanctions against Russia being under pressure from the USA. This opinion was expressed by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
McFaul Condemned Facebook for Blocking the Facebook Page of Navalny Supporters
We all make mistakes. Facebook needs to fix its mistakes in Russia as soon as possible. The current actions are a monstrous precedent and are bad for business - McFaul wrote.
The South Stream Losses
The losses of foreign companies caused by the freezing of the South Stream project will make up at least 2.82 billion euros. The direct losses of European companies may equal 2.5 billion euros. Japanese companies will lose an order for 320 million euros.
Russian Economic Forecasts
The World Bank (WB) raised its forecast for economic growth in Russia in 2014 from 0.5 to 0.7 percent. The forecast for 2015 has been reduced to zero, instead of 0.3 percent growth of the September forecast.
4 Aspects of Sanctions On Russia
ABC News looks at the impact international sanctions are having on Russians.
U.S. Firms Scared by Sanctions Against Russia - Report
U.S. companies will have a hard time trying to identify which companies theyd better not deal with to comply with Washingtons sanctions against Russian officials and businessmen over Moscows alleged role in the Ukraine crisis.
South Stream Gas Pipeline Abandoned - Or Shelved?
The Kremlin has announced a stop to the construction of the South Stream pipeline claiming the EU has put spanners in the works despite the common need to hedge against transit risks.
Ukraine Is Satisfied With South Stream Shut-down
Kiev expressed satisfaction with the rejection of the gas pipeline project South Stream which was to supply gas to Europe, bypassing Ukraine.
Bonds Placement On Asian Markets
The Ministry of Finance does not exclude the possibility of placement of bonds on the Asian markets in order to create a benchmark for corporate bond placement.
EAEU Plans To Abandon Mutual Payments In Dollars And Euros
The members of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU, incluing Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia) intend to abandon the mutual payments in dollars and euros.
EU Makes Serbia Join Sanctions
Serbia was obliged to impose sanctions against Russia in exchange for EU membership. This was stated by the European Commissioner for Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn.
Matthias Platzeck Supported Annexation Of Crimea
The former Prime Minister of Brandenburg Matthias Platzeck came out for legalization of the accession of the Crimea to Russia. Later the press service of the German-Russian Forum denied the statement of Platzeck, but only partially.
Biden Threatened Russia With Further Isolation
The US Vice President Joseph Biden warned Russia against non-compliance with Minsk agreements. According to his words, the US will continue to increase pressure on Russia if it continues its policy regarding the conflict in eastern Ukraine.
SWIFT Defies Calls to Disconnect Russia
Thereve been hawkish calls from some Western leaders, including a statement by the European Parliament, to disconnect Russia from the Swift transactions system over its alleged role in the Ukraine crisis.
Buzz Barometer: China Admires Russia's Leader - WSJ
The Wall Street Journal has come up with a wonderful piece on the Russia-Chinese relations, focusing on the nations leaders.
Buzz Barometer: Inside Russia Calling! Forum
VTB Capitals event, attended by the Russian president, has drawn hundreds of investors from around the world as Moscow scrambles to fights capital outflows amid several rounds of sanctions over its alleged role in the Ukraine crisis.
Russians are no Longer Happy About Adjoining the Crimea
Russians began to think about the negative consequences of adjoining of the Crimea to Russia, as the latest poll by the Levada Centre shows. The sense of joy of the citizens on this occasion has decreased since spring, the approval of the actions of the leaders of the country on adjoining of the peninsula also decreased, the proportion of those who are willing to get reduced personal income for the financing of the new region grew smaller.
New Anti-Russian Sanctions may be Approved
A new package of anti-Russian sanctions may be approved by the authorities of the European Union on September 5, 2014, as the newly elected head of the pan-European diplomacy Federica Mogherini told to the MEPs.
Russian Hackers Attack
Russian hackers attack: JP Morgan, Nasdaq, Carrefour and millions of passwords. The Russian authorities suspect that they have been working jointly since DDoS-attacks on Estonia in 2007.
The EU and NATO against Russia: how the West will Respond to Moscow. The Plans of NATO: Ensuring Operational Readiness
As for the NATO summit to be held on September 4-5, its major result may be the decision on formation of new quick reaction troops at least 10 thousand strong and the increase of military presence near the Russian border. According to the NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the alliance should become more flexible and quick in order to resist all kinds of threats.
The EU and NATO against Russia: how the West will Respond to Moscow. The EU Plans: New Sanctions
The conflict in the south-east of Ukraine and the Russia's role in these events are still one of the main foreign policy issues for the countries of the West. The economic ways to stop Russia's interference in the conflict were discussed on August 30 at a meeting of the EU summit in Brussels, and on September 4-5 the Ukrainian events will be one of the main issues of the NATO summit to be held in the Welsh Newport. The possibility of introducing new economic sanctions against Russia was discussed in Brussels.
Gazprom Corruption Scandal
During the next few months the General Prosecutor's Office of Switzerland intends to bring an official accusation of corruption against the four people, possibly including two top managers of Gazprom.
Living Without Russian Gas
Despite the frequent statements by European politicians concerning the need for reducing dependence on Russian gas, the chances of doing this in Europe are few, as the Fitch Ratings declares in its report Living Without Russian Gas.
Ukrainian Flag Appeared on a 26-storey Building in Moscow
The capital police opened a criminal case of vandalism upon the desecration of a high-rise building on Kotelnicheskaya embankment. Yesterday morning a group of young people painted the golden star on the steeple of the skyscraper in blue and hung a yellow-blue flag of Ukraine there.
One-year Ban On Imports Of Foodstuff May Be Revised
The decree banning imports of certain kinds of agricultural products from the countries that joined the sanctions against Russia, has already entered into force. However, in accordance with the document, one-year ban on imports may be revised on the proposal of the government if the situation with the sanctions changes.
The 2014 August Sanctions War
August is regarded as the disaster month in Russia, and if you look at the timeline starting from the 1998 financial crisis when the country defaulted on its debt, youd know why.
Military Exercises Near The Coast Of the Kuril Islands Caused A Diplomatic Row
The military exercises with the participation of the Pacific Fleet, Air Landing Troops and military aircrafts that started near the coast of the Kuril Islands on Tuesday caused a diplomatic row. Japan protested, considering large-scale military maneuvers in the area of the disputed territory to be unacceptable.
The EU Countries Disagree On The Issue Of Toughening Sanctions Against Russia
The EU countries still disagree on the need for stiffening sanctions against Russia, despite the pressure of a number of Western countries after the crash of the Malaysian airliner in Eastern Ukraine on July 17.
The World Treats Russia And The United States Worse
The attitude towards Russia and the United States around the world has significantly deteriorated during the last year, as it was shown by the poll conducted by GlobeScan sociological company commissioned by BBC World Service. The study was conducted in 24 countries on all continents before the political crisis in Ukraine and annexation of the Crimea to Russia from December 2013 to April 2014.
Russian Auction In London Brought 23.8 Million Pounds To Sotheby's Auction House
The auction of the works of Russian art finished yesterday, yielding 21.4 million pounds. This is the highest score in this category since June 2008 and the third largest score in the history of Sotheby's.
Development Of The Platinum Deposit In Zimbabwe
Vi Holding, Rostekh and Vnesheconombank created a consortium for development of the platinum deposit in Zimbabwe.
US May Rely on Indirect Sanctions to Cause Russian Markets Collapse
US has warned mutual fund and hedge fund managers of possible further sanctions against Russia. Washington, however, has denied any personal penalties against the Kremlin.
US Clamps Down on Crimean Officials
The US has moved ahead with additional sanctions against Crimean officials, targeting individuals and the regions oil and gas company.
NATO Engaged in War of Words with Russia
NATO has provided a comprehensive reply to what it says are a series of accusations against NATO based on misrepresentations of the facts.
Russians in Ukraine: New Restrictions
Restrictions on the length of stay of Russian citizens came into force in Ukraine. In accordance with the new rules introduced by the countrys State Border Guard Service, as well as by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the citizens of the Russian Federation, who arrived in Ukraine, may temporarily stay on its territory not more than 90 days within 180 days from the date of first entry.
UK Finance Gurus Behind Russian Business - FT
The Financial Times has revealed close links between senior figures in the British establishment and their lucrative ties to the Russian business world.
EU Discloses Crimea Sanction List
Check out the list of Russian and Crimean officials targeted by the EU sanctions.
Angela Merkel Accused Russia
The Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel accused Russia of creating a threat to international stability.
Trials & Tribulations of US Ambassador McFaul in Moscow
US ambassador to Moscow is leaving Russia, ending his five-year tenure with the Obama administration.
Buzz Barometer: Robust BRICS
The groups summit in South Africa moved forward to set up a new development bank amid rumours that it may soon be called BRICSI.
EU-Russia: WTO Friends or Foes?
In its third Trade and investment barriers report, the European Commission has criticized Russia for failing to comply with WTO rules. Click here to find out more about bones of contention.
Russia Completes WTO Marathon
The 18-year long and winding road to the world's major trade club is over, meaning new successful venues for some and a struggling life for others. Russia-IC provides some analysis and is ready to offer you an in-depth review of the industry or aspect you are particularly interested in terms of possible effects of Russia's WTO entry.
2011 Norway Shootings: The Russian Reaction
The Russian authorities and people have expressed their condolences to the Norwegian King and Prime Minister and the families of victims of terrorist attacks, following the incidents on Friday, July 22, 2011.
Celebrating the Victory in Russia Causes Outrage in the Baltics
The commemoration of the 66th anniversary of the Soviet's Union victory over Nazi Germany has gathered over 20 thousand soldiers, airmen, sailors and cadets on the Red Square.
Despite Japans Disaster, Russia still Supports Nuclear Energy Business
Russia is still promoting nuclear power plants building, while Japan suffers from the nuclear disaster.
Fukushima -1 = Chernobyl 2 ?
American institute of science and international security has confirmed the opinion of French Agency for Nuclear safety, which gave emergency case at Fukusima 1 nuclear plant 6 points from the 7 possible according to international 7 points scale. But it can be not the end...
What Would a Summit in Brussels Bring Russia?
Next week Brussels welcomes a summit of the Russian Federation and European Union, at which the parties are expected to sign a document on our country becoming a member of World Trade Organization.
Russia and Egypt Telecom Companies Agree to $6.6 bln Merger
Russia's VimpelCom Ltd and Weather Investments, the investment company headed by Egyptian telecom mogul Naguib Sawiris, said they are merging to form what would become the world's fifth largest mobile telecommunication service provider in a deal valued at over $6.5 billion.
The Battle for Arctic is Canceled
The forum titled The Arctic- Territory of Dialogue wrapped up today in Moscow. The forum has already made its contribution to the Arctics future, its participants said.
Russian Settlers Fight for Israel's Territorial Inviolability
The former US President Bill Clinton claims that Russian immigrants and settlers in the Middle East are the main barrier in the way of reaching a settlement in the region.
Changing Course in Moscow
Since 2008 Russian foreign policy has begun to swing back toward cooperation with the West. Are hints about a new course for Russian foreign policy remain mostly that: hints?
The Farther into the East, the Closer the Dilemma
Washingtons Far East strategy, namely its contradictions with China, may cause problems for Russian Far East.
What Mr. Bout can Tell about?
The decision Friday of a Thai appellate to overturn a lower-court decision and allow Victor Bout's extradition to stand trial in the United States on charges of trying to sell weapons to Colombian guerrillas means he should finally get his day in court.
The Third Round of Comprehensive Russia-U.S.A. Talks will Take Place in June in Geneva
The discussions about new strategic arms reduction will take place in late June in Geneva between Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Abama. There are several pro and contra of the following arms reduction which you can see below.
Russia and USA: No Breakthrough, but Strengthening Relations
The last summit for the present Russian and American presidents took place in Sochi, Saturday, April 5. The two presidents without breaking though signed a Strategic Framework Declaration, which will be the base for the future relations between Russia and the USA under new presidents.
Armenian Cooperation with Russia
Russian- Armenian integration will be growing. The fact that the newly elected Armenian president Serge Sarkisyan has made its first official visit to our country has emphasized the importance of the bilateral relations.
Toshiba Became Instrument in Russian-Japanese Relations
Atomenergoprom, a Russian state-ruled holding, and Japanese Toshiba have signed an agreement on cooperation development in the field of peaceful uses of atomic energy. The alliance may well become the worlds leader in this field.
Russia is Spying. Richard Sorge
Richard Sorge is one of the best spies of the WWII and the best Soviet spy working in Japan before and during the war. He called the exact day of Operation Barbarossa and warned the Soviets that Japan would not attack the Soviet Union that year, what became the key points in World War II.
Japan Expects the Kuril Islands Return
Russia has declared its ready to resolve the North Territory issue with Japan. This disputable question prevents two countries from signing peace for more that sixty years. The negotiations marked on May this year between the present Russian president and Japanese premier and the meeting at G8 summit with the new Russian leader are to play a key role in further developing of bilateral relations.
Russia Calls New Reasons for Closing British Council
Earlier in December Russia has announced about the obligatory closing down of all out of Moscow offices of the British Council. The lack of legal basis and problems with taxation were called the main reasons. Now the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs reveals other aspects of mutual reclamations and expects Britain to make advances.
Russia on the Kosovo Status
Kosovo may declare its independence early in 2008. The U.S. and leading allies would prefer proceeding under the supervised statehood plan, even without a U.N. agreement. Russia is pressing for more talks, pointing out that Kosovo separation can provoke a precedent for other countries.
Russia Resumes its Naval Presence in the World Oceans
Russia's Navy has resumed its continual presence in different regions of the world's oceans since December 5, 2007. The expedition to the northern Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea is aimed at ensuring a Russia naval presence and establishing conditions for secure Russian navigation.
Finland is a Good Neighbor to Russia
PM of Finland paid a visit to Russia on November 27, 2007. The Prime Ministers of the two countries discussed ways of improving operations at the Finnish-Russian border, questions relating to the forest sector such as export duties on timber, cooperation in the field of energy and EU-Russia relations. They also discussed bilateral trade and economic relations and cooperation in the field of transport and the environment.
Russia EU Summit in Portugal
Summit Russia-EU, which is to be held in Mafra, Portugal, is rather a habit than a real necessity. Though Russia and EU were planning to sign an agreement on partnership a year ago, now this question is not on the agenda at all, because EU cant help noticing the conflict between Russia on the one side and Poland and the Baltic states on the other.
France and Russia Sorted out their Relationship
Bernard Kouchner, Foreign and European Affairs Minister of France, has presented the interests of the new French government during his two-day working visit in Moscow on September 17 and 18. Since Nicolas Sarkozy is French President, the position of the two countries differ on some issues, including unilateral recognition of Kosovo independence, the Irannian nuclear issue and antimissile defense system.
Australia and Russia to Develop Common Market
Within the APEC summit, which is held in Australia this week, Australia and Russia are planning to increase their economic cooperation in many fields, including peaceful use of uranium. Australian businessmen regard Russian market as developing and promising. At the same time the Russian side is to keep on investing into Australian natural assets industries.
It's Only the Beginning
The Foreign Office expelled four Russian diplomats from London over the murder of Alexander Litvinenko. The stumbling block is the Moscow government's refusal to Andrei Lugovoi, the main suspect in the murder of former Russian security agent Alexander Litvinenko, who died in London in November from radioactive poisoning. This move can seriously harm Russian relations with Britain.
My Hearts in My Country, My Heart isnt Here
Last week the first Russian Community in German Conference was opened in Nurnberg. Migration has become a rather natural process not only with birds and animals but also with people. What pushes us far from our habitual places? Political, economical, financial or personal reasons make us start thinking of moving away. Well to build a new house sometimes turns out to be easier than new home.
American Pirates didnt Escape Punishment
Recently a unique trial has been concluded in the USA: two Russian film companies Mosfilm and Lenfilm won a case against Joseph Berov, an owner the biggest bookshop in New York. He was found guilty and now has to pay 2.7 million US dollars as a pecuniary compensation.
London Forum: Visitors Outlook
About two weeks ago London greeted numerous top representatives of Russian business, who came to take part in the 10th Russian Economic Forum. Russia-IC had an opportunity to interview Evgueny Meshchaninov, the head of Guarant-InfoCentre, who appeared to become one of the attendants.
Bronze Soldier Safe and Sound, Why Russians Keep Rebelling?
Within the last several days the world divided into two parts: those who support decision of the Estonian government to move the Soviet Bronze Soldier monument to the military cemetery and the others, standing against changes. To clarify all that has happened one must take into account different opinions from both Russian and Estonian sides and analyze the story of the monument after collapse of the Soviet Union.
Russian Federal Customs Service Reports
For several years Russian special services have hardly been trying to show their anti-counterfeit activity. One of the main reasons explaining this situation is Russias forthcoming joining WTO.
Estonia Fears Russia
Estonian authorities have once again dumbfounded Russia: as it happens, they consider the RF the major threat to Estonias safety and are even getting ready for an armed conflict with Russia.
Cracking Polonium Mystery: Premature Conclusions
If believe British press, the investigators already know where polonium-210 Litvinenko got poisoned by was produced.
Investigation: Was Polonium-210 Really Found on British Planes?
Russian experts claim that the results of radioactive probes on British planes were false and non-objective.
Russia Number One in Weapons Export?
The report Weapons supplies to developing countries 1998-2005 published by the research service of the USA Congress contains data claiming that last year Russia became number one in weapons export to developing countries with the total sum of supplies contracts amounted to 7.1 billion dollars.


Russia Withdraws from the Open Skies Treaty
Russian authorities announced their intention to withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty (OST).
Algeria was the First in Africa to Register Sputnik V
Algeria became the first African country to register a Russian vaccine.
Argentina will Start Vaccinating Residents with the Russian Vaccine against Coronavirus in December
On Monday, December 28, the Sputnik V vaccine will be delivered to all provinces.
Sputnik V Coronavirus Vaccine should be Delivered to Belarus in January
The first batch of Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine will be delivered to Belarus for a mass vaccination campaign in early 2021.
US will Direct $ 290 Million to Counter Russia
The US budget for fiscal 2021 provides $ 290 million to counter Russian influence.
The US State Department Accused Russia of Creating Conspiracy Theories about Navalny
The US believes the Russian FSB used a substance from the Novichok group against opposition leader Alexei Navalny.
Reuters: Trump's Administration Plans New Sanctions against Nord Stream 2
Washington plans to expand sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the coming weeks.
Russia Ratified Tax Agreement with Cyprus
The tax on dividends and interest increases to 15%.
Reuters: Biden's Administration may Impose Sanctions on Russia over Cyberattack
Joe Biden's team is discussing possible response to the massive hacker attack.
US Closes Consulate General in Vladivostok
According to the Associated Press (AP), the closure of the consulates general is due to Russia's decision in 2017 to reduce the number of American diplomats.
56 OPCW Member States Criticized the Poisoning of Alexei Navalny
The joint statement of the countries is published on the official website of the OPCW.
The US Court Suspended the Consideration of the Claim of the Ex-Yukos Shareholders against Russia
The federal court of the District of Columbia granted Russia's petition and suspended the consideration of the claim of the former Yukos shareholders for two years.
Macron Accused Russia and Turkey of Anti-French Sentiment in Africa
The French President Emmanuel Macron said Russia and Turkey were contributing to the strengthening of anti-French sentiment in Africa.
Counter-sanctions are Extended until the End of 2021
Counter-sanctions, or food embargoes, were introduced in 2014 against the EU, Norway, Switzerland, USA, Australia and Canada.
OPEC + Countries are in Favor of Prolonging Oil Production Cuts
Most of the organization's member countries support an extension of oil production cuts at current levels. Experts explain the extension of quotas by the very slow recovery of the industry from the consequences of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.
Russia Closes Trade Missions in Lithuania and Ukraine
The Ministry of Industry and Trade considered the work of the trade mission in Lithuania unpromising. According to the Federal Customs Service, the turnover of trade between Russia and Ukraine decreased by 41.5%.
Russia and Turkey will Establish a Ceasefire Control Center in Karabakh
Defense Ministers of Russia and Turkey signed a memorandum on the establishment of a joint center to monitor compliance with the ceasefire regime in Nagorno-Karabakh.
The European Union Welcomes the Agreement on the Cessation of Hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh
The EU is analyzing the consequences of the agreements reached by three parties.
Russia and Luxembourg have Changed the Rules of Double Taxation
The Protocol defines the list of exceptions for the application of a preferential withholding tax rate of 5% on dividend and interest income.
Momentus Space Founder Mikhail Kokorich was Banned from Working with his Own Technologies in the USA
The US National Security Act prohibits access to advanced space technologies for "geopolitical rivals."
Navalny Expects Trump to Condemn Russia's Use of Novichok
Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny noted that US President Donald Trump refrained from criticizing Russia about his poisoning.
The US "Got Rid" of 45 Russian Ventilators
Russia delivered ventilators and other medical supplies to the United States amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The US Supported the EU's Decision to Impose Sanctions against Russia in the "Navalny case"
Washington commented on the imposition of sanctions by Brussels in connection with the alleged poisoning of Alexei Navalny.
Foreign Ministry Calls OPCW Report on Navalny Part of Conspiracy Scenario
The Russian Foreign Ministry called the report of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) on the presence of traces of poisoning in the biomaterials of Alexei Navalny as a planned continuation of the "fantastic story."
Trump Announced the Removal of Secrecy from Documents on the Investigation of Ties with the Russian Federation
US President Donald Trump has ordered the full declassification of all documents relating to the investigation into his alleged ties with Russia, as well as the email scandal of his 2016 election rival Hillary Clinton.
Denmark will Support EU Sanctions against Russia in the Navalny Case
Copenhagen would support EU sanctions against Russia in the case of the alleged poisoning of the opposition leader Alexei Navalny.
The Head of the European Commission Urged to Change the Approach to the Issue of "Nord Stream-2"
The head of the European Commission (EC) Ursula von der Leyen believes that the topic of Nord Stream 2 should be reintegrated into a broader issue of relations with Russia.
Navalny Posted his First Photo after Falling into a Coma on August 20
Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny posted his first photo on Instagram after falling into a coma on August 20.
The State Duma Allowed the Government to Issue State Loans to Other Countries Outside the Plan
They can be provided at the expense of the appropriations established by the loan program and by reducing the balances of the federal budget as of January 1, 2020.
The Media Reported that Navalny Completely Recovered
Oppositionist Alexei Navalny has completely recovered after coming out of a coma.
"Politis" Named Russians and Ukrainians with Cyprus "Golden Passports"
The list, approved from 2008 to 2012, consists of 34 people, most of them are Russians and Ukrainians.
Russia and Cyprus Signed a Protocol to Amend the Tax Agreement
Russia and Cyprus signed a protocol on the avoidance of double taxation between the countries.
Politico Spoke about the Options for Germany's Abandonment of Nord Stream 2
The Politico named six possible options for how Germany can refuse the construction of Nord Stream 2.
Russia and Malta will Review the Double Taxation Treaty
Russia will revise the Convention for the avoidance of double taxation with Malta.
Foreign Students may be Allowed to Enter Russia
Foreign students will be able to return to Russia to study.
Russia Took the Last Place in the Rating of Approval of the Leading World Powers
The Gallup rating has been compiled since 2007. It reflects the attitude of respondents from 135 countries to the United States, China, Germany and Russia.
More than 30 People were Detained after Fights between Azerbaijanis and Armenians in Moscow
In Moscow, more than 30 people were detained for fighting on interethnic grounds.
Germany Opposed the Resumption of the G8 with Russia
Russia needs to come to a peaceful settlement of the situation in southeastern Ukraine and resolve the issue with Crimea to return to the G8, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said in an interview.
US Wants to Establish a Line of Communication on Space Issues with Russia
The United States is proposing to create a communication line to prevent conflicts in space.
COVID-19 Pandemic Greatly Reduced the Value of the US and Russian Passports
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant drop in the value of passports of Russia, Ukraine and the United States.
Finnish-Russian Border will Remain Closed at Least until Mid-June
The Finnish authorities extended the ban on crossing the border with Russia until June 14.
Goldman Sachs: Despite OPEC+ Deal, Oil Prices will Continue to Fall
The new OPEC+ agreement will not lead to a recovery in oil prices, as the reduced production volumes are significantly inferior to the real drop in world demand for hydrocarbons.
Kirill Firsov, Creator of the Platform, was Arrested in the USA
The creator of the online store platform, Kirill Firsov, was arrested by agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York.
Russian Party has Agreed to Open the Austrian Consulate General in St. Petersburg
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation reckons upon the opening of the Consulate General of Austria in St. Petersburg in 2020.
Russia Restricts Air Traffic with South Korea
It was decided to stop air communication with South Korea by all companies except Aeroflot and Aurora.
Restrictive Measures on the Border with China are Extended until April 1
According to the latest data, the number of people infected with coronavirus in China is close to 80 thousand.
Foreign Investments in Russian Assets Rose Sharply in 2019
Last year was the most successful in terms of investment activity since the introduction of sanctions.
The Absence of Chinese Tourists will Negatively Affect the Russian Market of Premium and Luxury Goods
According to the calculations of the Russian Standard Bank, the number of payments through the Chinese Alipay in January decreased by 31.2 percent.
The Russian Government Restricts Traffic through 16 Checkpoints on the Border with China
The annex to the document lists 16 checkpoints.
Russian Airlines Continue Flying through Iranian Airspace
Russian airlines adhere to the precautions recommended by the Federal Air Transport Agency when flying through Iranian airspace.
Russian Companies will be Able to Protect their Trademarks Abroad
The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) will include Russian language into the list of working languages of filing applications for the international protection of trademarks and design solutions.
Agricultural Products From Greece Might Be Supplied To Russia Soon
Russian and Greek experts will meet soon to discuss the possibility of supply of agricultural products with regard to the embargo on supplies to Russia.
ING Bank Unblocked Accounts Of Russian Diplomatic Missions In Belgia
Bank accounts of Russian diplomatic missions in the ING bank (Belgia) were unblocked. This was announced by the Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders.
Norway Exceeded Russia In the Volume of Gas Supplies
The gas operator Gassco has exported 29.2 billion cubic meters of gas during the period from January to March of this year, while Gazprom provided only 20.29 billion cubic meters. I
EAEC - Vietnam Free Trade Zone
The Russian government approved the agreement on free trade zone between the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEC) and Vietnam.
Import Of Japanese Fish May Be Reopened
The Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance may ease restrictions on the imports of Japanese fish introduced because of the accident at the Fukushima.
Russian Trade With Finland Goes Down
The Finnish exports to Russia decreased by 43 percent in January 2015, as compared with the same month of last year. The import of Russian goods to Finland fell by 36 percent.
Russia Will Supply Nuclear Fuel To Hungary
The Government of Hungary agreed the project of supply of nuclear fuel for the nuclear power plant Paks from Russia with European officials.
Leaders of 26 Nations to Take Part in Victory Day Celebrations
The top politicians from 26 countries as well as representatives of UNESCO and the Council of Europe have already expressed their intentions to visit Moscow on May 9 in order to participate in Victory Day celebrations.
Vladimir Putin Will Visit Beijing In September
The President of Russia Vladimir Putin will visit Beijing in September; there he will participate in the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.
The Future Of Soviet Sculptures In Vilnius
The new Mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius thinks that the sculptures installed in the city centre at the Zeleny Bridge during Soviet times must be removed, restored, but not returned to their initial place.
Pushkov riticized the Polish Guards Who Detained a Man Carrying His Russian Wife In a Suitcase
The Head of the Duma Committee for International Affairs Aleksei Pushkov criticized the Polish border guards who detained a citizen of France carrying his wife, a Russian woman, in a suitcase at the border of Belarus and the European Union.
Russian Wife In a Suitcase
A citizen of France tried to bring his wife to Poland, hiding her in a suitcase. The Polish border guards took the couple off the train Moscow - Nice in Terespol.
Russia Won't Support Greece Financially - Official
Russia currently has no plans to assist Greece with money, as "such expenses are not included in the federal budget law", Russian Deputy Finance Minister Sergey Storchak said.
Russia Will Be Able To Build a Nuclear Power Plant In Egypt
During the visit of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to Egypt the Head of Rosatom Sergei Kirienko and the Minister of Electrification of Egypt Muhammad Shakker signed an agreement under which Russia will be able to build a nuclear power plant on the territory of the Arab Republic.
Cease-fire And Withdrawal Of Weapons
The Contact Group which met in Minsk managed to work out agreements on cease-fire and withdrawal of weapons.
Norman Format Meeting Is Complicated
The resumption of military operations in the south-east of Ukraine undermines the effectiveness of the preparations for the meeting in the Norman format.
Russia-Iran Military Cooperation
Russia and Iran signed an intergovernmental agreement on military cooperation. The agreement was signed in Tehran.
Russian itizens Suspected Of Planning Terrorist Attacks Were Detained In France
According to the Direct Matin edition quoting the Prosecutor Yvon Calvet, all of them are Chechen. The detention was performed in the evening of Monday, January 19 at the city of Beziers (Hérault department).
Russia to Stop Nuclear Cooperation with US
Moscow reportedly decided to end its nuclear cooperation program with the US, saying that Russia no longer needs assistance in safeguarding nuclear sites located in the country, according to the Boston Globe newspaper.
Gas For Ukraine
Until the end of 2014 Ukraine will have bought one billion cubic meters of Russian gas.
Restrictions On Swiss Products
The Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance may impose temporary restrictions on exports of plant products from Switzerland to Russia.
French Wines Ban
A member of the State Duma Defense Committee Vladimir Bessonov announced the need to prohibit the supplies of French wines in Russia in response to the suspension of execution of the contract on Mistral helicopter carriers.
Oil Prices Are Too Low
Russia, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Venezuela consider current oil prices to be too low.
BRICS Development Bank
The agreement on the establishment of the New BRICS Development Bank was signed at the end of the summit in Fortaleza.
Estimates Of Gas Supply To Turkey
According to the calculations of Gazprom, it will be possible to increase gas supplies to the country at the beginning of 2016.
Russian MOFA Is Ready To Cooperate With Washington
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that, unlike the United States, Moscow was ready to cooperate with Washington, in terms not of benefits, but of common interests.
NATO - Russia Council Meeting
The new NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the North Atlantic Alliance is ready to consider a request for a meeting of the NATO - Russia Council in the case of receipt of such request.
ScanEx Cooperates With Chinese Meteorological Orbiter Series
"ScanEx" Engineering Technology Center became the first Russian company specializing in receiving and processing satellite data from Chinese meteorological "FengYun-3" orbiter series, situated on polar orbits.
Agreement On Cancelling The Cuba Debt To Russia Is Ratified
The agreement stipulates that 90% ($ 32 billion) of this debt will be written off, and the remaining 10% will be repaid within 10 years in 20 equal semi-annual payments in accordance with the established schedule.
Russia Ready for New Anti-Terror Campaign with US
On Friday, June 27, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Russia is open for the renewed anti-terrorism cooperation with the United States, but added the ball is now in the US court.
Russian Roads Are in the List of the Worst in the World
According to the quality of roads, Russia holds the 136th place in the world out of 144, as it is said in the Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013.
Russian Students to Study at the Best Foreign Universities
Starting from 2013, Russian students will be permitted to study at the most prestigious universities of the world at the expense of the Russian Government.
Russian Sends Humanitarian Help to Syria
A Russian Emergencies and Civil Defense Ministry has sent a special plane with about 25 metric tons of humanitarian aid to Syria, mainly medicaments.
US Arrests 11 People on Suspicion of Espionage for Russia
A US court has charged 11 people with involvement into an alleged Russian network illegally exporting American technologies to Russian military and intel agencies.
Russian Prosecutors Seek to Ban "Innocence of Muslims"
The Prosecutor Generals Office has declared the film Innocence of Muslims extremist and plans to ban the scandalous video in Russia.
No Russian Tourists Were Injured by Earthquake in Mexico
An earthquake in Acapulco resort in Mexico hasn't affected Russian tourists having a vacation in this country.
Russia and Turkey Signed Tourism Cooperation Agreement
Russia and Turkey signed an agreement on cooperation in tourism in the framework of the international exhibition "Intourmarket" in Moscow.
Malta Visa Centre to Appear in Kaliningrad
The Malta Visa Application Centre will be opened in Kaliningrad March 30, 2012.
Britain Hopes to Improve Relations with Russia
According to the words of the British Prime Minister David Cameron, Britain is going to work with a new elected Russian president in order to overcome difficulties between Moscow and London.
Russians Can Go to Guatemala Without Visa
Russian citizens now can visit Guatemala without a visa - an agreement between the two governments, signed in New York on September 22, 2011, entered into force yesterday, February 29.
Myanmar Foreign Minister Visits Russia
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar, Wunna Maung Lwin arrived in Moscow on official visit which will last until February 29.
Paris Garden Will be Named after Russian Writer
A garden located on Port Maillot square in Paris will be named after the Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn. It was decided by voting of members of the City Council in the French capital.
Russian Pilot Detained in Southern Sudan
Russian pilot from the crew of the An-32 has been detained in Sardzhas, Southern Sudan. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs demands for the explanation of the incident.
Russian Glonass Satnav System Develops International Market
Russia says the Latin American and Indian markets will be a priority for Russia's Glonass satellite navigation system.
Commonwealth of Independent States Turns 20 Years
Twenty years ago, on 8 December 1991, leaders of three countries signed a Creation Agreement on the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the creation of the Commonwealth of Independent States. The history of the USSR was ended for good.
"Group of Life" for Russian Football Team
On Friday, December 2, a draw ceremony for the Euro 2012 finals brought Russia a very successful result.
Russians Will Miss the Man who Changed the World
Today the Russian President, many Russian officials and famous bloggers, as well as thousands of Russian people, offer their condolence over the death of Steve Jobs, the founder and ex-CEO of the Apple company.
David Cameron Will Come To The Capital Of Russia
The Prime Minister of Great Britain David Cameron will visit Moscow and meet Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, which means that both sides strive for warming of relationships, spoiled after the murder of Russian ex-spy in London in 2006.

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