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Nikolai Zarubin
February 13, 1948 - 1998
Dmitri Prigov
5 November 1940 - 16 July 2007
Nicholas Roerich
September, 27th, 1874 - December, 13th, 1947
Boris Yefimov
September, 15th (28), 1900 - October, 1st, 2008
Lyubov Maikova (Baba Lyuba)
March 5, 1899 - March 23, 1998
Konstantin Korovin
November, 23rd, 1861 - September, 11th, 1939
El Lissitzky
November 23 [O.S. November 11] 1890 - December 30, 1941
Kazimir Malevich
February 23, 1879 - May 15, 1935
Alexey Venetsianov
18 February 1780 - 4 January 1847
Sylvester Shchedrin
13 February 1791 - 8 November 1830
Orest Kiprensky
24 March [O.S. 13 March] 1782 - 17 October [O.S. 5 October] 1836
Yury Annenkov
23 July [O.S. 11 July 1889] - 12 July 1974
Varvara Stepanova
November 5, 1894 - May 20, 1958
Leon Bakst
10 May 1866 - 28 December 1924
Vladimir Baranov-Rossine
January 1, 1888 - 1944
Veniamin Belkin
January 26, 1884 - November 8, 1951
Alexandre Benois
April 21 (on May 3) 1870 - February 9, 1960
Vsevolod Voinov
1 March 1880 - 12 November 1945
Boris Grigoriev
On July 11 (on July 23) 1886 - February 7, 1939
Elena Guro
January 10, 1877 - May 6, 1913
Olga Della-Vos-Kardovskaya
2 September 1875 - 9 August 1952
Vyacheslav Novitchkov
June 16, 1963 - ...
Stanislav Zhukovsky
1873 - 1944
Sergey Ivanov
June 16 [O.S. June 4] 1864 - 16 August 1910
Dmitry Kardovsky
5 September 1866 - 9 February 1943
Gustav Klutsis
On January 4 1895 - 26(?) February, 1938
Ivan Kliun
August 20 (on September 1) 1873 - December 13, 1943
Stepan Kolesnikov
March 13, 1887 - March 31, 1929
Sergey Konenkov
July 10, 1874 - December 9, 1971
Sergey Korovin
7 August (19), 1858 - 13 October (26), 1908
Mikhail Le Dentu
February 8, 1891 - August 25, 1917
Aristarkh Lentulov
January 4, 1882 - April 15, 1943
Alexander Kuprin
10 March (22), 1880 - March 8, 1960
Nikolai Kuznetsov
September 21, 1876 - 1970
Pavel Kuznetsov
November 17, 1878 - February 21, 1968
Nikolay Krymov
May 3, 1884 - May 6, 1958
Eugene Lanceray
23 August 1875 - 13 September 1946
Nikolay Lanceray
April 26, 1879 - May 6, 1942
Sergey Lobanov
September 18, 1887 - 1942
George Loukomski
March 2 (14), 1884 - March 25, 1952
Filipp Malyavin
October 22, 1869 - December 23, 1940
Sergey Malyutin
September 22 (on October 4) 1859 - December 6, 1937
Robert Falk
15 October 1886 - 1 October 1958
Moisey Feygin
... - ...
Nikolay Feofilaktov
... - ...
Pavel Filonov
January 8, 1883 - December 3, 1941
Artur Fonvizin
11 January 1883 - 19 August 1973
Isidor Frikh-Har
5 April (17), 1894 - 19 April, 1978
Valentina Khodasevich
... - ...
Jan Tsionglinsky
20 February 1858 - 6 January 1913
Ilya Chashnik
June 13 (29), 1902 - March 4, 1929
Vladimir Chambers
... - ...
Maria Chambers-Bilibina
... - ...
Aleksandr Shevchenko
... - ...
Lev Yudin
... - 9 (10) November, 1941
Alexej von Jawlensky
... - ...
Alexander Yakovlev
13 June (25), 1887 - May 12, 1938
Georgy Yakulov
... - ...
Maria Yakunchikova
January 19, 1870 - December 27, 1902
Stepan Yaremich
July 22 (August 3) 1869 - October 14, 1939
Valery Maloletkov
... - ...
Vladimir Nemukhin
November 12, 1925 - April 18, 2016
Eduard Steinberg
March 3, 1937 - March 28, 2012
Vladimir Yakovlev
March 15, 1934 - October 10, 1998
Vitaly Komar
September 11, 1943 - ...
Alexander Melamid
... - ...
Vladimir Yankilevsky
February 15, 1938 - ...
Dmitry Plavinsky
... - ...
Feodor Bruni
June 10, 1799 - September 11, 1875
Alfred Eberling
January 3, 1872 - January 18, 1951
Misha Brusilovsky
May 7, 1931 - November 3, 2016
Prince Vladimir Golitsyn
December 30, 1901 - February 9, 1943


Exhibition "WIVES" at the Museum of Russian Impressionism
From February 1 to May 15, the Museum of Russian Impressionism, Moscow, will be hosting the exhibition "WIVES" with more than 40 portraits of the beloved muses of great Russian artists.
Unique Paintings by Ural Nick Vujicic Displayed at Russian Museums
The Krasnoufimsk Museum of Local Lore is collecting materials related to the life of Yevsey Yakimov, a self-taught artist born without hands and feet.
Russian Auction Week Kicks off in London
The Christie's, Sotheby's, MacDougall's and Bonhams are selling the best Russian paintings as well as arts and crafts in London this week.
Pavel Shcherbov Memorial Estate
Pavel Shcherbov's house was a true cultural Mecca in the 1820s-1830s. One of the best estates of St. Petersburg was frequented by the writer Alexander Kuprin, the great opera bass Fyodor Shalyapin, the composer Vasily Andreyev, and the artists Mikhail Nesterov and Konstantin Pervukhin.
The World of Art (aka Mir Iskusstva) association founded in St. Petersburg in 1898 played a key role in the art of the Silver Age, especially Art Nouveau and Symbolism.
Records of Auction Sales in Russian Art: 20 Most Expensive Russian Paintings, Part 2
The fervent representative of the Jack of Diamonds (Bubnovy Valet) art group of the bygone era just lately got into top auction ratings. It is very strange that such a vigorous and powerful master was bypassed for such a long time.
Artistic Culture of the 19th Century, Part 8
A remarkable event in the cultural life of Russia of the late 19th early 20th centuries was the foundation of the Moscow Art Theater by Konstantin Stanislavsky and Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko.
Best Artists of the Russian Street Art
Street art as powerful platform for the timely creativity and reaching the public is very popular in the world currently. In Russia street art is still very young but aldready very brave and loud. Every day many artists in different corners of the big country create new pieces of art, making cities' gloomy views brighter and funnier, bringing new ideas, speaking about very important things. Today we will show you the best artists of the Russian street art.
History of Russian Caricature
Caricature developed in Russia from folk lubok pictures (popular prints) in the 17th century. It is known that the French Emperor Napoleon was outraged by Russian caricatures on him. During the Patriotic War 1812 against Napoleonic invasion a full-scale comic campaign flared up in Russia against the French emperor.


Art Exhibition "On Paper from Paper"
From October 29, 2020, Gallery A3, Moscow, is holding an exhibition project of artists Vladimir and Maya Opara.
Paintings from Russian Museum are Displayed in Milan
The exhibition Divine and Avant-Garde.
The Museum of Disappeared Paintings Opened in Russia
Lost masterpieces by Ivan Aivazovsky, Ilya Repin, Arkhip Kuindzhi and other renowned Russian artists are displayed here.
Over 7 Million People Expected to See the Treasures of Russian Museums
The Russian Culture Minister, Vladimir Medinsky, believes that The Treasures of Russian Museums exhibition will be very popular in the regions of Russia.
Art Exhibition Nikolay Mescherin. Out of the Hustle and Bustle
The Museum of Russian Impressionism and the Tretyakov Gallery present an exhibition of paintings by Nikolai Mescherin.
Harlequins of the Silver Age Exhibition at Tretyakov Gallery
The new exhibition of the Tretyakov Gallery tells about the dramatization images in the artworks by Konstantin Somov, Nikolai Sapunov, and Sergey Sudeikin.
Art Exhibition "Russian Atlantis"
The Union of Artists of Russia presents the Russian Atlantis exhibition in the prefecture of the South-Western Administrative District of Moscow.
Film Festival about Artists to Run in Moscow
September 17 will see the opening of The Art Newspaper Russia Film Festival, dedicated to masters of painting, architecture, photography and other arts.
Exhibition "BOOK HEART: The World of Book Illustration" in Moscow
All comers to the Book Illustration exhibition at the Smolensky Passage in Moscow will find themselves in a fairy tale.
Exhibition of El Lisitsky in Moscow
El (Lazar) Lisitsky was a bright figure of the Russian and Jewish avant-garde art, one of the artists, thanks to whom Suprematism penetrated into architecture.
Most Successful Russian Artists Announced by Forbes
In 2017, the paintings by Russian contemporary artists have been in a greater demand than ever before.
Exhibition for Marc Chagalls 130th Anniversary Runs in Perm
Perm Central Exhibition Hall is holding the exhibition La Bible dedicated to the Old Testament stories.
World-Renowned Artist Ilya Glazunov Passed Away
Famous Soviet and Russian artist, Ilya Glazunov, aged 88, died of cardiac arrest last night.
Sailor, Artist, Man. Vladimir Golitsyn
The All-Russian Museum of Decorative and Applied and Folk Art is displaying art works by Prince Vladimir Golitsyn.
Artist Vladimir Petrov-Gladky Passed Away
The famous Soviet and Russian artist Vladimir Petrov-Gladky, aged 69, has died in Moscow.
Paintings by Russian and Soviet Artists Put Up for Auction in New York
An auction of Russian art is held by the Shapiro Auctions, New York today, December 10.
Wall Monument to Misha Brusilovsky to be Set Up in Yekaterinburg
Artist Misha Brusilovsky, the honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts died on November 3.
Russian Artists Participate in The Seasons Exhibition in Rome
Artists from Russia have presented their works at the exhibition The Seasons held in Rome.
Exhibition of Sergey Lazarev In Khanty-Mansiysk
A personal exhibition of the Merited Artist of Russia Sergey Lazarev will be held in the Museum of Nature and Man in the city of Khanty-Mansiysk.
Exhibition of Artist Recorded in Guinness Book
The Tambov Regional Art Gallery will hold the personal art exhibition Destiny Bowl of Valery Maloletkov.
Famous Russian Avant-garde Artist Mikhail Kulakov Died in Italy
The famous Russian avant-garde artist Mikhail Kulakov, aged 82, died in the Italian city of San Vito di Narni (Tuscany).
Artist Vladimir Ovchinnikov Passed Away in St. Petersburg
Vladimir Ovchinnikov - one of the most famous figures of Leningrad underground art has died in St. Petersburg.
Artist Jan Kryzhevsky USA to UFA
Mikhail Nesterov Bashkir State Art Museum will hold Jan Kryzhevskys exhibition Ufa New York Ufa.
Art Exhibition of Vyacheslav Novitchkov to Run in Astrakhan
Astrakhan Art Gallery opens the exhibition of modern artist Vyacheslav Novitchkov.
Exhibition of Artist Eduard Shageyev to Run in Moscow
The D.E.V.E Gallery opens Eduard Shageyevs personal exhibition Memory Retrospective.
Anatoly Kokorin's Travelogue Art to be Displayed in Moscow
The new exhibition BENVENUTI WELCOME. Travelogue of Anatoly Kokorin will be opened on June 20, 2014 in Moscow.
Exhibition of Oleg Tselkov to Run in Moscow
On June 4 the EKATERINA Culture Foundation will open an exhibition of Oleg Tselkov, one of the leading Russian artists.
Exhibition of Alexander Kedrin to Run in Moscow
The Oriental Arts Museum will hold Alexander Kedrins exhibition under the title Gaining Insight.
Personal Exhibition of Vladimir Popov Opened in Moscow
Gallery of Modern Art has opened the personal exhibition of Vladimir Popov in the framework of the Year of Culture in Russia.
Mikhail Nesterov Monument to be Set up in Ufa
A monument to the outstanding Russian artist Mikhail Nesterov will be set up in front of the Bashkir Nesterov State Art Museum in Ufa.
Anatoly Zverev's Artworks to be Displayed in Moscow
The exhibition Anatoly Zverev. On the Verge of New Museum is an important step to opening the Museum of Anatoly Zverev one of the underestimated artists of the 20th century.
Kustodiyev's Lost Drawing Returns to Kostroma Museum
Ivan Ryazanovskys Portrait by the outstanding Russian artist Boris Kustodiyev was lost in the mid 1990s.
Exhibition of Filipp Malyavin Held in St. Petersburg
The Russian Museum in St. Petersburg opens a large-scale exhibition of Filipp Malyavin (1869-1940).
Renowned Artist Sergey Goryaev Passes Away
The Peoples Artist of Russia Sergey Goryaev, aged 55, has passed away in Moscow.
Exhibition of Artist and Poet Vladimir Kovenatsky Starts in Moscow
Moscow State Museum of Folk Graphic Art opens the exhibition Chained to Art in memory of the artist and poet Vladimir Kovenatsky (1938-1986).
Exhibition of Artists Tishin and Charugin Opens in Moscow
Affinity of creative positions, interest in folk art and classical tradition unite two Moscow artists sculptor Vladimir Tishin and painter Alexey Charugin.
The Louvre is To Hold a Permanent Exhibition Of Russian Artists
The administration of the world-famous museum of Louvre has decided to expand its collection with a number of masterpieces of Russian art previously the museum only had a collection of Old Russian icons.
Sculptures by Alexander Rukavishnikov to Be Displayed in Moscow
Moscow Museum of Modern Art has opened an exhibition of the Peoples Artist Alexander Rukavishnikov.
Other Nature by Andrey Mamayev Opens in Petersburg
Russia's first exhibition of Andrey Mamayev has been opened in one of the galleries of St. Petersburg.
Tretyakov Gallery Exhibits Unique Graphic Art by Anatoly Kaplan
Anatoly Kaplan's (19021980) exhibition in the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, has been arranged not in a too complicated way.
The Territory Of Silence, Graphics Exhibition By Peter Dik
The works by Peter Dik drawn with charcoal and pastel on the sandpaper will be exhibited at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. The exhibition will feature works drawn with charcoal and pastel on the sandpaper, laconic in their compositional style and color palette.
Social Networks Through the Eyes Of Young Russian Artists
The exhibition of young artists` works named "Social Networks" opened on Friday, November 23 at the Museum of Modern Art "Erarta" in St. Petersburg. It demonstrates the specifics of the Russian perception of social networks to the visitors.
An Exhibition Of Russian Contemporary Artists Of 60s-80s Is Held In London
On the 21st of November the exhibition of Russian contemporary art was opened in the British capital for the first time it is named Breaking the ice: Moscow art 1960-80.
Anniversary Exhibition of Georgy Leman Opens in Moscow
A personal exhibition of paintings by the National artist of Russia Georgy Leman has been opened in the exhibition centre of the Union of Artists of Russia.
Famous Soviet and Russian Artist Gely Korzhev Passes Away
The Peoples Artist of the USSR, the full member of the Russian Academy of Arts Gely Korzhev has died in Moscow, aged 87.
3rd Moscow Biennale of Young Art Starts in Russian Capital
More than 200 young artists will show their works at the III Moscow International Biennale of Young Art that starts today in the Central House of Artist and will last till August 19.
Exhibition of Caricaturist Andrey Bilzho Opens in Moscow
The MultiMedia Art Museum has opened the exhibition of the well-known caricaturist Andrey Bilzho This is not all.
Exhibition of the Famous Jack of Diamonds Opens in Moscow
June 7 will see the opening of the exhibition of the famous art group Jack of Diamonds (Bubnovy Valet) in the Dom Nashchokina Gallery.
Graphic Art Exhibition of Thirteen Opens In Moscow
Moscow Gallery 2.36 has opened an exhibition of the illustrious artists association Trinadtsat (Thirteen).
Exhibition of Taisia Korotkova Opens in Moscow
Exhibition of the artist Taisia Korotkova opens on April 20 in the Triumph Gallery in Moscow.
Exhibition of Artist Alexander Labas Opens in Petersburg
The State Russian Museum is holding an exhibition of the well-known artist Alexander Labas, a vivid and original phenomenon of the Soviet fine arts.
Exhibition of Mikhail Nesterov Opens in Petersburg
The Russian Museum in Petersburg has opened an exhibition of Mikhail Nesterov dated for the 150th anniversary of the well-known Russian artist.
Konstantin Korovin's Large-Scale Exhibition Opened in Moscow
Large-scale exhibition of Russian impressionist Konstantin Korovin has opened in the Tretyakov Gallery in Krymsky Val in Moscow.
Family Portrait Exhibition Opens in Moscow
Proun Gallery at Winzavod has opened the exhibition Family Portrait dedicated to the couple of avant-garde artists Nadezhda Udaltsova and Alexander Drevin.
Spring Painting Exhibition to be Held in Moscow
Exhibition Anticipation of Spring will be opened in the museum exhibition centre Worker and Kolkhoz Woman on February, 23rd.
Rural Exhibition of Maxim Fayustov Opens in Moscow
Personal exhibition of artist Maxim Fayustov organized with the assistance of creative association New Peredvizhniki has opened in Moscow.
Exhibition of Alexander Kharitonov to be Held in Moscow
Kournikova Gallery (Nashi khudozhniki) will open the exhibition of the outstanding non-conformist artist Alexander Kharitonov on February, 6th.
Investigation Closes Case on Palace Take-Over by Art Group Voina
Investigative authorities have issued a ruling to stop the criminal prosecution of Oleg Vorotnikov and Leonid Nikolayev for hooliganism, the official site of the art group "Voina" reports.
Vasnetsov's Uknown Picture is Sold for the Record Sum
"Bogatyr" (The Epical Hero), the picture of Viktor Vasnetsov has been sold for a record-setting $1.7 million at Christies.
Russian Painting to Become the Main Sotheby's Lot
Vasily Vereschagin painting Pearl Mosque at Delhi will be highlighted at Sothebys auction of Important Russian Art on 1 November 2011.
Exhibition of Boris Grigoriev Opens in the Tretyakov Gallery
Personal exhibition of Boris Grigoriev one of the best representatives of the first wave of Russian emigration - has opened in the Engineering Building of the Tretyakov Gallery.
4th Art Fair Moscow Artesania to Open in Russian Capital
The 4th Art Fair Moscow Artesaniya of paintings, drawings, sculptures and arts and crafts will be open in Moscow from September, 28th.
Exhibition of Artist Dmitriy Nalbandyan to be Held in Moscow
From September, 2nd to 14th the Moscow State Exhibition Hall New Manege will be housing an exhibition of the famous artist Dmitriy Nalbandyan dedicated to his 105th anniversary.
Russian Museum to Exhibit Paintings by Konstantin Korovin
A large-scale exhibition of works by the world famous Russian painter Konstantin Korovin has been opened in the Russian Museum.
Locoman Lyovochkin Posthumously Becomes Star of Naive Art
Architectural objects of Square of Wooden Architecture by the Moscow metro locoman Nikolai Lyovochkin, who became famous after his death in 2008, will be displayed at his first exhibition in the Shchusev Moscow Museum of Architecture from 6 September.

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