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Sergei Eisenstein
... - ...
Vladimir Etush
... - ...
Yury Yakovlev
25 April 1928 - 30 November 2013
Nonna Mordyukova
... - ...
Karen Shakhnazarov
... - ...
Vyacheslav Tikhonov
... - ...
Igor Maslennikov
... - ...
Faina Ranevskaya
... - ...
Vasily Livanov
... - ...
Vera Kholodnaya
... - ...
Mikhail Zharov
... - ...
Innokentiy Smoktunovsky
... - ...
Nikolai Burlyayev
... - ...
Inna Churikova
... - ...
Mikhail Kononov
... - ...
Anatoli Papanov
... - ...
Andrei Mironov
... - ...
Fyodor Khitruk
May 1, 1917 - December 3, 2012
Alexey Balabanov
25 February 1959 - 18 May 2013
Alexei German
20 June 1938 - 21 February 2013
Yuri Nikulin
18 December 1921 - 21 August 1997
Arkady Raikin
24 October 1911 - 20 December 1987
Mikhail Kalatozov
28 December 1903 - 29 March 1973
Pavel Lungin
12 July 1949 - ...
Tatyana Lioznova
20 July 1924 - 29 September 2011
Sergei Bondarchuk
25 September 1920 - 20 October 1994
Yuri Norstein
September 15, 1941 - ...
Leonid Gaidai
30 January 1923 - 19 November 1993
Grigori Chukhrai
23 May 1921 - 29 October 2001
Oleg Basilashvili
September 26, 1934 - ...
Liya Akhedzhakova
July 9, 1938 - ...
Oleg Dal
... - ...
Yevgeni Urbansky
... - ...
Alexei Batalov
20 November 1928 - 15 June 2017
Rolan Bykov
... - ...
Yevgeni Mironov
... - ...
Aleksandr Tatarsky
11 December 1950 - 22 July 2007
Yevgeni Morgunov
April 27, 1927 - June 25, 1999
Yvan Kyrlya
17 March 1909 - July 1943
Lev Atamanov
21 February 1905 - 12 February 1981
Oleg Yankovsky
23 February 1944 - 20 May 2009
Vyacheslav Nevinny
30 November 1934 - 31 May 2009
Saveli Kramarov
13 October 1934 - 6 June 1995
Isaac Schwartz
13 May 1923 - 27 December 2009
Igor Ilyinsky
24 July 1901 - 13 January 1987
Stanislav Lyubshin
April 6, 1933 - ...
Yevgeni Karelov
12 October 1931 - 11 July 1977
Nikolai Batalov
November, 24th (December, 6th) 1899 - 10th November 1937
Vladimir Motyl
26 June 1927 - 21 February 2010
Vladimir Basov
28 July 1923 - 17 September 1987
Nikolai Karachentsov
October, 27th, 1944 - ...
Viktor Tregubovich
November 30, 1935 - September 21, 1992
Gleb Panfilov
December, 21st, 1934 - ...
Vitaly Solomin
12 December 1941 - 28 May 2002
Alexander Mitta
28 March 1933 - ...
Tatiana Doronina
12th September 1933 - ...
Yevgeniy Yevstigneyev
October 9, 1926 - March 5, 1992
Marlen Khutsiev
December, 4th, 1925 - ...
Andrey Krasko
August, 10th, 1957 - July, 4th, 2006
Mikhail Boyarsky
December, 26th, 1949 - ...
Mark Zakharov
October, 13th, 1933 - ...
Oleg Menshikov
8 November 1960 - ...
Vladimir Mashkov
November, 27th, 1963 - ...
Pavel Luspekayev
April, 20th 1927 - April, 17th 1970
Alexander Sokurov
June, 14th, 1951 - ...
Lyudmila Gurchenko
12 November 1935 - 30 March 2011
Agniya Barto
February 17 (O.S. February 4) 1906 - April 1, 1981
Vladimir Ivashov
August, 28th 1939 - March, 23rd 1995
Nadezhda Kosheverova
23 September 1902 - 22 September 1989
Valentina Karavayeva
21 May 1921 - 25 December 1997
Mikhail Yefremov
November, 10th 1963 - ...
Eldar Ryazanov
... - ...
Yuli Raizman
December 15, 1903 - December 11, 1994
Nikita Mikhalkov
October, 21st, 1945 - ...
Vladimir Menshov
17th September 1939 - ...
Renata Litvinova
January, 12th 1967 - ...
Aleksandr Porokhovshchikov
31 January 1939 - 15 April 2012
Leonid Yarmolnik
January 22, 1954 - ...
Sergey Yursky
March 16, 1935 - ...
Boris Chirkov
13 August 1901 - 28 May 1982
Lev Durov
December 23, 1931 - ...
Kirill Serebrennikov
September 7, 1969 - ...


Servant (Kholop) Movie has Become the Highest Grossing Russian Film Ever
The Servant comedy is ahead of the Going Vertical sports drama and the highest grossing domestic film ever. The film raised almost 3 billion roubles in cinemas - 20 times more money than was spent on its creation.
The 10th Beat Film Festival in Moscow
PJ Harvey in the middle of nowhere, the latest collection of Yves Saint Laurent, climbing a sheer cliff without belay, and other exciting stories in the program of the anniversary Beat Film Festival.
Places to Watch English Language Movies in Moscow
Staying or travelling in Moscow and missing your native language? Want to feel at home again? Here is the list of the best Moscow cinemas where you can watch movies in the original English language free from dubbing.
Top 5 Russian Actresses Best Known in Hollywood and European Cinema
Russia has long been famous throughout the world for its ballets and operas, writers and artists, as well as Russian beauties. Nowadays, Russian models and actresses are also gaining success in the West.
Top 5 Russian Actors Best Known in Hollywood
Russian actors have long been important in American cinema. Mikhail Chekhov did not only become a member of the American Film Academy but also created Hollywoods best acting school. Speaking about modern Russian actors in foreign blockbusters who are they?
Center Festival 2018 - Documentary Film Festival in Moscow
Center Festival is an annual documentary film festival that presents Russian premieres of documentary hits exploring the issues of modern urban and social setups.
Great Talent Ahead of Time - Andrei Tarkovsky's Imprint on Russian and World Cinema
December 29, 2016 marked the 30th anniversary since the death of the great Soviet film director Andrei Tarkovsky.
Cinema Night in Moscow and All Over Russia
The all-Russian action Cinema Night will for the first time take place in Moscow and other cities of Russia on the night of August 27 to 28.
Where To Watch Foreign Language Films In Moscow
As you live in Moscow, you may be wondering where to go to watch films in your native language. Doubtless there are different cultural centres, but if you prefer the ooze and groove of traditional cinemas, read on for a list of Moscow cinema halls that regularly screen films in foreign language.
History of Russian Television
Television in Russia was born in the first half of the 20th century. In 1930 the television laboratory of the All-Union Electrotechnical Institute in Moscow developed a mechanical system for transmitting images on radio-waves.
History of Russian Animation, Part II
Around the year 1960 the Soviet animation experienced a drastic change in its style. Realistic backgrounds and characters came to appear much less often, having given way to caricature. Animators experiments with various techniques, among them cutout animation (The Story of a Crime (1962)) and glass painting (Song about Falcon (1967)).
History of Russian Animation, Part I
The history of Russian animation is extensive and covers a few periods, the largest and most flourishing of which was the Soviet one, mostly represented by the Soyuzmultfilm and Ekran studios.
Best Russian Movies about Winter Time and Holidays
Winter with all the holidays during this time of the year is very important part in lives of all Russian people. So no wonder that Russian cinematograph has created so many good movies dedicated to this period. Today we'll tell you about the best examples. Some of them are about New Year, some about Christmas, some are just classical fairy tales in winter decorations. But all these films create good and warm mood in every snowy and frosty day. Enjoy!
People from the Urals Region you Should Know
Summing up the month of the Urals region on our site, we want to present you the list of the most prominent and famous Ural people, who was born or spent most of their life there. This list will help you to navigate among many talented Russian people and find the person, you want to learn more about.
"Live Fast, Die Young" - 10 Russian Celebrities Gone Too Soon
They weren't able to stay in this world a little longer. But their short life was full of events and achievements. They enriched Russia with their talents and remained in history and people's memory. There is a list of 10 young Russian celebrities who died being below the age of 30, inclusive.
A Glimpse on the History of Russian Cinema


Russian Ministry of Culture Permitted to Open Cinemas
Cinemas in Russia were allowed to open from July 13, subject to the consent of the regional authorities.
Thriller The Last Trial Goes on General Release in Russia
The film is based on the terror attack during the Nord-Ost musical show in the Theater on Dubrovka, Moscow.
International Short-Length Film Festival Moscow Shorts
The Moscow Shorts film festival runs non-stop nearly round the year. Everyone is welcomed to participate in the film competition, regardless of their country of residence.
Films from 15 Countries are Participating in Andrei Tarkovsky Festival
The XIII Andrei Tarkovsky International Film Festival Mirror is held in the birthplace of the renowned film director now.
Russian Film Festival Runs in Singapore
For the first time the Russian cinema is demonstrated in Singapore on such a large scale.
The Winners of Kinotavr Film Festival Awarded in Sochi
June 16 saw the award ceremony of the 30th Kinotavr Film Festivals opened in Sochi on June 9, 2019.
Film and Advertising Exhibition PackShot 2019
Packshot 2019 is an art project dedicated to the advertising and film industry. This year the event is dedicated to the centenary of VGIK.
International Documentary Film Festival "Doker" in Moscow
This year the festival will feature over fifty films already screened at shows in Cannes, Berlin, Venice and Amsterdam.
Great Film Director Marlen Khutsiev Passed Away
On March 19, 2019, director and screenwriter Marlen Khutsiev, aged 93, died at a Moscow hospital.
American Society of Cinematographers to Screen Bondarchuks War and Peace
The film epic War and Peace directed by Sergei Bondarchuk after the famous novel by Leo Tolstoy will be demonstrated at the Lincoln Center this week.
The 19th New British Film Festival in Russia
The 19th festival of the best British films of the year is currently being held in Moscow.
Russian Film Sobibor Hit the Oscar Long List
Last year, Loveless by Zvyagintsev was included in the short list of Oscar Award.
Two Russian Films Compete at London Film Festival
Dovlatov directed by Alexei German Jr. and The Summer by Kirill Serebrennikov will be screened in London.
Exhibition "Isaac Levitan and Auteur Cinema" in Moscow
A new look at Isaac Levitan's paintings: piercing landscapes in a dialogue with the Russian art films.
Sobibor by Konstantin Khabensky Nominated from Russia for Oscar Contest
Russia will be represented at Oscar 2019 with the film Sobibor by Russian actor and director Konstantin Khabensky.
"Loveless" by Andrei Zvyagintsev is in Top 5 Best Films of 2018
The Guardian has published the list of the best feature films of 2018. The Top 5 includes the famous Russian film.
Stanislav Govorukhin Was Laid to Rest at Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow
The grave of the famous film director is located next to those of Oleg Tabakov and Leonid Bronevy.
Film The Loveless by Andrei Zvyagintsev Wins Gold Arch Award
A special prize for the contribution to cinematography goes to the Polish film director Krzysztof Zanussi, who contributed to the strengthening of Russian-Polish relations.
"Loveless" by Andrei Zvyagintsev is in Official Selection of TIFF
Along with Loveless, other 11 feature films from different countries will compete in Norway.
Quarter of National Cinema Goers Choose Russian Films
This has happened for the first time in 10 years. Russian cinema has raised 12.6 billion rubles this year, or 23.8 percent of the national fund.
Best Films and Series of the First Half of 2017 Selected by Russians
The Russians have selected the films and series, which they believe to be the best in the first half of 2017.
Shooting of a Large-Scale Russia-and-China Film Completed
The film under the title Journey to China: The Iron Mask Mystery has the budget of 50 million dollars.
Andrei Zvyagintsev to Make a Depoliticized Film about Great Patriotic War
Russian director Andrei Zvyagintsev, the winner of the jury prize at the Cannes Film Festival for The Loveless, tells about his plans for a new film.
The Loveless Wins Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival
Russian film director Andrei Zvyagintsev has been awarded the prize of he international jury headed by Pedro Almodovar at the 70th Cannes Film Festival.
First Day at the Cannes Film Festival under the Sign of Russian Cinema
The premiere of The Loveless was followed with a 10-minute ovation to the film director Andrey Zvyagintsev, actor Alexei Rosin, actress Maryana Spivak and producer Alexander Rodnyansky.
Retrospective of Restored Films by Andrei Tarkovsky in Moscow and Yekaterinburg
"InoyeKino" organizes the screening of Andrei Tarkovsky's masterpieces in Moscow.
Rag Union Wins Grand Prix in France
Michael Mestetsky with his debut film Rag Union has taken the Grand Prix of the 24th Honfleur Russian Film Festival.
Russian Films Attract Biggest Interest in China
The 15th International Film Festival has been held in the capital city of China since September 18.
Exhibition of Legendary Film Posters Kicks off in Moscow
Visitors of the exhibition History of Soviet Cinema in Film Poster will see over 300 posters of 1919-1991.
The Crew is in Top 5 of Highest Grossing Russian Films
Nikolay Lebedev's film The Crew starring Danila Kozlowski has become one of the box office hits in Russia.
Best Russian Cameramen to be Announced in Moscow Tonight
The White Square award ceremony will be held in the evening of April 18.
Remake of Cult Danish-Swedish Series The Bridge to be Filmed in Russia
As Hollywood Repoter informs, the NTV broadcasting company has acquired the rights for production of 20 film episodes.
13 Documentaries for 100th Anniversary of Murmansk and Year of Russian Cinema
The city mayor Alexey Veller took part in screening of the documentary Murmansk held in the framework of the Year of Russian Cinema.
33 Film Companies from Russia to Participate in Hong Kong Telemarket
33 Russian companies will present their projects on the international television and film market Filmart in Hong Kong.
Rodina Movie Theater to Screen Soviet Film Classics
The best Russian films have been recognized masterpieces around the world. They go on to be watched and cited.
Emir Kusturica Wants to Direct a Russian Film
The well-known Serbian film director Emir Kusturica wants to make "a Russian film in Russian".
Fantasy Melodrama "He is a Dragon" Goes on Wide Release in Russia
The fantasy melodrama He is a Dragon created by Timur Bekmambetov's film company Bazelevs is released.
Fox Adapting Russian Series for American TV
The American TV company Fox has launched a project based on Russian TV series Through My Eyes.
Russian Cinema Week in Paris Opened with The End of Beautiful Era
The week of Russian cinema Look from Russia (Regards de Russie) has kicked off at the Arlequin movie theater in Paris.
Domestic Cinema to be Screened in Russian Circuses
In 2016, declared the Year of Cinema, all branches of the Russian State Circus company will be equipped for regular film screening.
Russian Movie Theaters to Introduce Quota on Domestic Films
The Kinoaliance association that controls 40 per cent of movie theaters in this country, agreed with Culture Ministry about the quota on Russian films.
Gerard Depardieu Wants to Act Ivan the Terrible
The famous French actor Gerard Depardieu wants to act Ivan the Terrible in a Russian movie.
Francophonie by Alexander Sokurov was Sell-Out at the Venice Film Festival
The new film Francophonie by the famous Russian director Alexander Sokurov attracted a capacity crowd at the Venice Film Festival.
Actor Mikhail Svetin Died in Resuscitation Unit
The People's Artist of Russia Mikhail Svetin died in the resuscitation unit of a district hospital in the Leningrad Region on August 30.
Cult Film Director Georgi Daneliya Turns 85 Today
Today, August 25, marks the 85th jubilee of the People's Artist of the USSR, the outstanding film director and scriptwriter Georgi Daneliya.
Actor Lev Durov Passed Away
The People's Artist of Russia and the USSR Lev Durov died in reanimation of the First City Hospital in Moscow after a long illness.
Oleg Tabakov Turns 80 Today
The famous Russian film and stage actor Oleg Tabakov is celebrating his 80th birthday today.
Experts Assess Eficiency of State Support of Russian Cinema at 1 Percent
The has conducted research to assess the efficiency of the state support of Russian film industry.
Alexander Nevsky Film to Take Part in the Venice Festival
This year public of the Venice Film Festival will see restored Alexander Nevsky, one of the most remarkable works of the classical Soviet cinema .
Russias First Film Financed with Crowd Funding Goes on General Release
The film Atlantis of the Russian North made with funds raised on the Internet has been released in Russia. It is the first project of the kind in Russia.
The Best Short-Length Film of the Kinotavr Film Festival is Nastia
The film Nastia directed by Kirill Pletnev has won the festival competition Kinotavr. Short Length.
Pavel Chukhrai to Film War Melodrama in Lithuania
Renowned Russian film director Pavel Chukhrai is shooting the war film The Stranger in Lithuania.
Russian Documentary Wins Special Prize at Madrid Film Festival
Short-length film Conversation by the Russian director Anastasia Novikova has won the jurys special prize at DocumentaMadrid.
Timur Bekmambetovs Horror Film Paid Off 25 Times
The experimental horror film Unfriended created by Timur Bekmambetov and Leo Gabriadze has made over $ 25 million in the American distribution.
Alexander Barshak to Make Film about Events in Ukraine and the Crimea
According to the scriptwriter Sergey Shargunov, the film will be about people and internal split within society rather than about politics.
Russian Film Makers to Respond to The Game of Thrones
The Viking, an analogue to The Game of Thrones is being produced in Russia.
First Blockbuster on Soviet Superheroes Ever
The very first film about Soviet superheroes will be shot in Russia.
Stanislav Govorukhin Made Film After Writings by Sergey Dovlatov
The film director Stanislav Govorukhin will soon release his new film based on works by the Soviet writer Sergey Dovlatov.
Production of Viy 2. Trip to China Launched in Moscow
Shooting of the Russian-Chinese film Viy 2. Trip to China directed by Oleg Stepchenko has been started in Moscow.
No Quotas for Russian Movies in Crisis Time
Russia's Ministry of Culture has taken the decision to temporarily put aside the idea of introducing quotas for Russian movies distributed in the country's cinemas due to difficult economical situation.
Film on Wildlife of Siberia Shot on Lake Baikal
French cameramen are shooting the feature film In the Woods of Siberia on the island of Olkhon in the Baikal Lake.
Battalion Directed by Dmitry Meskhiyev Goes on General Release in Russia
The film Battalion about the legendary Womens Battalion of Death has been released.
Lenfilm Studio to Modernize its Bronze Horseman Logo
Famous Lenfilm Studio is going to bring its old Bronze Horseman logo up to date.
Photo Exhibition of Leviathan Opened in Moscow
The exhibition of photos taken while shooting the prize-winning Leviathan has been opened in Moscow.
Film by Hermann Jr. Wins Silver Bear at Berlinale
The film Under Electric Clouds by the Russian director Alexey Hermann Jr. has won the Silver Bear for Outstanding Artistic Contribution at the 65th Berlin Film Festival.
Viy Recognized to be First Smash Hit in Russia of 2014
Oleg Stepchenko's film Viy based on the same name story by Nikolay Gogol has won the Blockbuster award.
Timur Bekmambetov Launches Production of Ben-Hur
Timur Bekmambetovs new project was started on February 2, the press service of the Bazelevs film company reports.
New Film by Vladimir Bortko Banned from General Release
The famous Russian film director and the State Duma CPRF deputy Vladimir Bortko complains about private censorship in Russian film industry.
Leviathan Wins First Prize of Luxor Film Festival in Egypt
Andrey Zvyagintsev's film Leviathan has won the first prize of the Luxor Egyptian and European Film Festival.
Nikita Mikhalkov to Make Movie about Alexander Griboyedov
Biopic TV series about the classical Russian writer Alexander Griboyedov will be made soon.
Film on Nicholas II's Affair with Ballerina Might be Banned
Alexei Uchitels historical drama Matilda about the affair of Tsar Nicholas II with the imperial theater ballerina Matilda Cshesinscaya might be banned from world distribution.
Monument to Gleb Zheglov and Volodya Sharapov to be Set up in Kamyshin
Monument to heroes of the legendary Russian detective film The Meeting Place Can Not Be Changed will appear in Kamyshin.
Leviathan Copyright Holders to Not Go After Pirates
Authors of the prize-winning Leviathan with its pirate copy now available on the web will not pursue those downloading the film.
Leviathan by Andrey Zvyagintsev Takes Golden Globe and FIPRESCI Prize
Leviathan directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev has won The Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film.
Hollywood Film by Sergei Bodrov Set Record
The Seventh Son movie directed by Sergei Bodrov Sr. has set a record in Russian film distribution.
Irony of Fate Exhibition to Run in Moscow
The exhibition dedicated to the cult New Year movie Irony of Fate directed by Eldar Ryazanov will be held in Moscow.
Legend of Russian Animation Gennady Sokolsky Passes Away
The animated film director Gennady Sokolsky, aged 78, died in Moscow on Sunday.
Legendary Soviet Announcer Yury Levitan to be Main Character of TV Series
A biopic series about the TV announcer Yury Levitan will be produced from the end of February, 2015.
Full-Length 3D Animated Film to be Created in Altai
Altai film animation studio plans to create 3D animated film on adventures of Aygo the Yeti.
Leviathan by Andrey Zvyagintsev Ranked First among Best Movies of 2014
Leviathan by the Russian film director Andrey Zvyagintsev tops the list of the best world films of 2014, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
Monday Begins on Saturday to be Screened
The producer Oleg Teterin has launched filming of the screen version of the novel Monday Begins on Saturday by the Strugatsky Brothers.
Leviathan Wins Grand Prize at Prestigious Camera Festival
Leviathan by the Russian film director Andrey Zvyagintsev has taken the top prize at the international Camerimage Festival in Poland.
Alexey German Jr. Halts Work on New Film
Russian film director Alexey German Jr. has had to freeze work on his new film Under Electric Clouds.
Over 300 Voronezh Dwellers Filmed in Elki 1914 Comedy
Filming of the comedy Elki 1914 took place in the foyer of the Voronezh Opera and Ballet Theater.
Nikolai Karachentsov Turns 70 Today
The People's Artist of Russia Nikolai Karachentsov turns 70 years old today.
Vladimir Kozlov to Make New Film in Tolyatti
The screen version of The Skin novel by Vladimir Kozlov will be made in Tolyatti and Samara.
Soldier Film to Star Fyodor Bondarchuk
Production of a new film with Fyodor Bondarchuk and his son in the leads has been launched in Kaliningrad.
Film about Annexation of the Crimea to RF to be Made in Russia
Creators of the TV series Brigada plan to release a feature film about annexation of the Crimean peninsula to the Russian Federation.
Alexander Bashirov and Fedor Bondarchuk to Make Film about Donbass Events
The Russian film director and actor Alexander Bashirov is making a documentary about Donbass.
World Premiere of Nikita Mikhalkov to Take Place in Serbia
The well-known Russian film director Nikita Mikhalkov will hold the world premiere of The Sunstroke in Belgrad.
Leviathan by Andrey Zvyagintsev to be Nominated for Oscar
The Russian Oscar committee has selected Andrey Zvyagintsevs film Leviathan to represent Russia.
First Russian Movie about Zombie Apocalypse Made in Tyumen
The Evacuation movie about zombies will be provided to film studios and producers for broadcasting on television.
Russian Sci-fi Film Becomes Winner of Italian Film Festival
The Russian short-length film Second Wind directed by Sergey Tsyss has taken the first prize at the Metricamente Corto Film Festival.
Trailer of the TV Series Catherine the Great
The Mars Media film company has released the trailer of the new series Catherine the Great to be shown on Channel One in 2015.
Elbe Day Film to be Produced in Poland
Shooting of the film Elbe Day authored by the well-known Russian film director Pyotr Todorovsky has been launched in Poland.
Country House of Andrey Tarkovsky Recognized Cultural Heritage Site
The country house, where the film director Andrey Tarkovsky stayed in the 1970s may become a new point on the sightseeing map of the Ryazan Region.
Alexander Mitta to Consult New Version of The Crew
Alexander Mitta, who directed The Crew back in 1979, will be the consultant of the same-name new film.
Valeriya Gai Germanika Refused to Remove Swear Words from her Film
Film director Valeriya Gai Germanika refused to clear off obscenities from her new film Yes and Yes.
Russian Actor Awarded as Best Actor in Switzerland
Russian actor Artem Bystrov has taken the Best Actor prize at the Locarno International Film Festival.
New Screen Version of The Dawns Here Are Quiet to be Released Next Year
The new screen version of Boris Vasilyevs story The Dawns Here Are Quiet will be timed to the 70th anniversary since the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.
Zvyagintsev's Leviathan to Be Released in September
Andrey Zvyagintsev's new film Leviathan will be released only for a week in September 2014.
Nikita Mikhalkovs New Film to be Released Soon
Nikita Mikhalkov has announced an estimated date of the release of his new film Sunstroke based on Ivan Bunins writings.
New Film by Andrei Konchalovsky is Going to Venice Film Festival
Andrei Konchalovskys new film White Nights of Postman Alexey Tryapitsyn will take part in the main program of the Venice Film Festival.
Restored Ivan the Terrible by Sergei Eisenstein to Go on Release in August
The Mosfilm studio plans to release the restored historical biopic Ivan the Terrible in August, 2014.
Poddubny Goes on General Release in Russia
Film saga about the legendary Russian and Soviet wrestler Ivan Poddubny has been released.
Ivan Tverdovskiy Wins Prize at Karlovy Vary Film Festival
The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival has awarded the talented Russian film director Ivan Tverdovskiy.
TV Series about Valery Obodzinsky to be Filmed in Russia
Production of the new 8-serial movie about the Soviet singer Valery Obodzinsky has been launched in Russia.
Leviathan by Zvyagintsev Wins Main Prize of the Munich Film Festival
Leviathan directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev has won the main prize of the 32nd annual Munich Film Festival.
Warner Bros. Suggests Fedor Bondarchuk to Screen the Odyssey
The Warner Bros. company wants Fedor Bondarchuk to become the film director of The Odyssey.
Viy Horror Goes to China
Production of the sequel of the Russian thriller Viy based on Nikolai Gogols book has been started.
Andrei Zvyagintsev to Head the Kinotavr Festival
The open Russian film festival Kinotavr will take place in Sochi from June 1 to June 8.
Famous Russian Actress Tatyana Samoilova Passed Away
The People's Artist, famous Soviet and Russian actress Tatyana Samoilova passed away on Sunday night, May 5, Russian Guild of Cinema Actors reports.
New Film by Alexey Uchitel Goes on Release
The most hard-edged film in Alexey Uchitels creative biography - The Eight (Break Loose) - is going on general release in Russia on May 8.
Zakhar Prilepins New Novel on Soviet Labor Camp to be Screened
The new novel Monastery by the Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin will be screened, the reports.
Sammo Hung is Looking for Kung Fu Stars in Primorye
The well-known actor and film director Sammo Hung from Hong Kong will start shooting his new movie in Vladivostok.
Actor Alexander Lenkov Passes Away
The famous actor Alexander Lenkov, aged 70, died on the night of April 21 in one of Moscow hospitals.
Classical Russian Film Subjected to Censorship
While the TV Center channel was broadcasting The Garage directed by Eldar Ryazanov the viewers were perplexed to hear beeping.
Mikhail Pugovkin Monument to Appear in Yalta
A monument to the film director Yakin from the legendary movie Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future will be set up in Yalta.
Nika Award Ceremony Took Place in Moscow
The 27th Nika Award ceremony took place at the State Academic Operetta Theater on Tuesday.
Peter Greenaway to Make Sergey Eisenstein Biopic in Russia
The famous British film director, artist and writer Peter Greenaway will open his exhibition on April 14 in Moscow.
Actor Anatoly Kuznetsov Passes Away
The famous actor Anatoly Kuznetsov, aged 84, died on Friday, but it became known no sooner than on Sunday.
Monument to Customs Officer Set Up in Moscow
A monument to the legendary customs officer Pavel Vereshchagin from the White Sun of the Desert has been set up in Moscow.
Yekaterinburg Mayor Starred in a Film
Yekaterinburg Mayor Yevgeny Roizman has played the lead in the film Recreational Ethology directed by Vasily Sigarev.
Exhibition Dedicated to Actor Oleg Yankovsky to Run in Moscow
A memorial exhibition for the 70th anniversary since the birth of the outstanding Russian actor Oleg Yankovsky will be opened in Moscow from February 23.
Balabanov's Movies to Be Restored
As the STV production company reports on its official site, work on digitizing films by the film director Alexey Balabanov is under way.
Mystic Thriller Viy Goes on General Release in Russia
The newly released mystical thriller Viy is said to be based on the famous Nikolay Gogols same-name story.
Unknown Works by Vasily Shukshin Found
The 85th anniversary since the birth of the great Russian actor, film director and writer Vasily Shukshin will be marked with publication of his earlier unknown works.
Film by Natalia Meshchaninova is in for Competition at Rotterdam Festival
The Hope Factory by the young Russian film director Natalia Meschaninova will take part in the competitive program of the Rotterdam International Film Festival.
Valery Zolotukhin Memorial Complex to Appear in Altai
Valery Zolotukhin memorial complex will be created in the Bystry Istok settlement in the Altai Territory.
Stalingrad will Go on General Release in the USA and Canada
The historical war film Stalingrad by the Russian film director Fyodor Bondarchuk will be released in the North of America and Canada soon.
New Year Comedy Yolki 3 to Set a Box Office Record
The comedy Yolki 3 has gathered over 600 million rubles within the New Year holidays.
Film Director Nikolay Dostal Returns 30 Million Rubles to State Budget
The film director Nikolay Dostal has returned 30 million rubles allocated by the Cinema Fund for making the film Monk and Demon.
Great Russian Actor Yury Yakovlev Passes Away
The Peoples Artiste of the USSR Yury Yakovlev died, aged 85, on the night of Saturday in Moscow.
Exhibition of Film Artist Maria Grin Opened in St. Petersburg
The film art director has decided to share the professional experience of organizing work during pre-production.
Series about Legends of Soviet Cinema Made in the Crimea
Crimean expedition of the Russian film director Vitaly Moskalenko shooting the 16-serial movie Orlova and Aleksandrov about the star couple is coming to an end.
Actor Aleksandr Zbruyev Returns to Filming after 10-Year Break
The film director Mikhail Segal has started working on the movie KSP to star Aleksandr Zbruyev, who has not been into films for about ten years.
The Geographer Drank His Globe Away Wins the Grand Prize of Cottbus Film Festival
Alexander Veledinskys film The Geographer Drank His Globe Away has taken the grand prize of the film festival in the German city of Cottbus.
Vladimir Alenikov's Claim against VKontakte to be Tried in December
The arbitration court of St. Petersburg has postponed preliminary hearings of Vladimir Alenikovs copyright claim to the social network VKontakte till December 3.
Machete to be Continued In Russia
The lead of the Machete film Danny Trejo has arrived in Russia for collaboration with the film director Andrei Konchalovsky.
Stalingrad is Heading Film Distribution in Russia
Fedor Bondarchuks film Stalingrad has headed the Russian film distribution.
Jubilee Exhibition of Actress Inna Churikova Opened in Moscow
An exhibition timed to the 70th anniversary of the remarkable actress Inna Churikova has been opened in the Schepkin House Museum.
Stalingrad Directed by Fedor Bondarchuk Nominated for Oscar
Fedor Bondarchuks Stalingrad - the first Russian IMAX 3D film - has been nominated for the best foreign feature film Oscar Award.
Russian Film Wins Grand Prix of SILAFEST in Serbia
The film Second Wind by the Russian director Sergey Tsyss has taken the Grand Prix of the International Tourist and Ecological Film Festival SILAFEST in Serbia.
Pavel Chukhray Shooting New Film
The film director Pavel Chukhray is going to shoot his new feature film Revenge - in Sakhalin.
Short Length Film Festival Completed in Kaliningrad
The 1st International Short-Length Film Festival Koroche has come to an end in Kaliningrad.
Khabensky to Star in the Tsoi and Zuckerberg Movie
The Alexander Rodnyansky Non-Stop Production studio has submitted its new project Tsoi and Zuckerberg to the Cinema Fund.
Historical Drama Rasputin to be Shot in St. Petersburg
The actor Vladimir Mashkov has completed playing in the first part of the 8-serial feature film Rasputin.
Film Festival Loses its Venue
The International Arthouse Film Festival 2-in-1 held every autumn in Moscow has lost its venue the movie theater "35 mm".
Boris Eifmans Ballet to Be Screened
Boris Eifmans ballet On the Other Side of Sin based on Dostoevskys novel The Karamazov Brothers will become a film.
Lord Voldemort Arrives in Russia for Filming
The famous British actor Ralph Fiennes, who played the wicked wizard in the Harry Potter series, has arrived in Russia.
Sergei Ursuliak to Direct Series And Quiet Flows the Don
Sergei Ursuliak will be the film director of the 12-series And Quiet Flows the Don.
Two Movies Win Shukshin Film Festival First Time
Results of the 15th Shukshin Film Festival held in the Srostki Village, the homeland of the writer Vasily Shukshin, have been announced.
Exhibition on Actress Natalya Gundareva to be Opened in Moscow
The exhibition Elusive Destiny... Natalya Gundareva marking the 65th anniversary since the birth of the actress will be opened in Schepkin's House Museum on Friday.
Movie on Yury Gagarin Goes on Release in Russia
June 6 will see the premiere of the film Gagarin. The First One in Space in Russian movie theaters.
Stanislav Govorukhin Does not Want to Make Films Any More
The well-known Russian director Stanislav Govorukhin was offended at the audience because of reaction to his movie Weekend and would probably no more shoot films.
Danila Kozlovsky to Play Ostap Bender in TV Series
Danila Kozlovsky will play Ostap Bender in the TV series based on Ilf and Petrovs novels Twelve Chairs and Gold Calf.
Gerard Depardieu to Make a Movie in Chechnya
A thriller starring the famous French actor Gerard Depardieu and the British actress Elizabeth Hurley will be filmed in the Russian North Caucasus republic of Chechnya and will appear on screens at the end of the year.
Film Director Alexey Balabanov Passes Away
The well-known Russian film director Alexey Balabanov died yesterday, aged 55, after losing his consciousness.
Kinotavr Festival to be Opened with Govorukhin's New Film
Organizers of the Kinotavr Film Festival have announced the competitive program of the film festival.
Vivat Cinema of Russia! Festival Kicks Off in St. Petersburg Today
Tonight will see the opening ceremony of the 21st All-Russian film festival Vivat Cinema of Russia! in the Octyabrskyt Concert Hall, St. Petersburg.
Exhibition of Oldest Film Director of Lenfilm Opened in Petersburg
May 1 marked the 85th anniversary since the birthday of the well-known Petersburg film director Vitaly Melnikov.
Alexey German Sr. Museum to Appear in Lenfilm Studio
Museum of the outstanding film director Alexei German Sr. will be opened this summer in the Lenfilm Studio, Petersburg.
Remake of Famous Soviet Disaster Film to be Made in Russia
Film director Nikolay Lebedev, whose last project, Legend No. 17 earned about $8 million in Russian distribution will film a remake of Air Crew (1979).
Movie on Legendary Hockey-Player Valeri Kharlamov Goes on General Release in Russia
Biopic movie about the great Russian hockey player Valeri Kharlamov (1948-1981) goes on release in Russia.
Ingeborga Dapkunaite Opens Actor's School in Moscow
The actress Ingeborga Dapkunaite will become the head of Cinemotion Acting School.
Zvyagintsev to Shoot New Movie on Kola Peninsula
The well-known Russian film director Andrey Zvyagintsev has told about his work on the new movie Leviathan, the shooting of which will take place on the Kola Peninsula from August to October 2013.
80-Year-Old Alexander Mitta Making Movie about Marc Chagall
Today the magnificent film director Alexander Mitta turns 80 years old.
Animation Kin-dza-dza Goes on General Release
The longed-for animated film Ku! Kin-dza-dza by the eminent film director Georgi Daneliya goes on general release on April 11, 2013.
Russian Short-Length Movie to be Shown in Cannes
Russian short-length film Arena will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival within Short Film Corner event. This has been reported on the website.
Alexey Balabanov Wants to Direct Movie on Stalin Jointly with Emir Kusturica
A month ago the Russian film director Alexey Balabanov publicly offered Emir Kusturica collaboration over a movie about young Joseph Stalin.
Famous Russian Actor Tragically Died
Famous Russian actor Andrey Panin was found dead in his Moscow apartment. According to the preliminary investigation he probably fell and hit his head on the floor.
Three New Summer Movie Theaters to Open in Moscow
In 2013 summer open air cinemas will be opened in three more Moscow parks, the head of Moscow Culture Department Sergey Kapkov has reported.
Russian Producers Oppose Quoting of Foreign Movies at Movie Theaters
Producers Renat Davletyarov, Feodor Bondarchuk, Alexander Rodnyansky and Sergey Selyanov have opposed the bill of quoting foreign cinemas at movie theaters.
Celebrated Russian Film Director Passed Away
Aleksey Yuryevich German, a Soviet and Russian film director and screenwriter has passed away on the 75th year of his life.
Google Celebrates 90th Anniversary of Leonid Gaiday with Festive Logo
The Google Internet company celebrated the 90th anniversary since the birth of the Soviet film director Leonid Gaiday with a festive logo.
Boris Khlebnikov's Movie to Take Part in Berlin Film Festival
Long Happy Life by the Russian film director Boris Khlebnikov will participate in the main competition of the 63rd Berlin International Film Festival to be held from February 7 to February 17.
Strugatsky Brothers Story Kid to be Screened
The film director Alexey Fedorchenko will create a movie based on the story The Kid by the Strugatsky Brothers.
Sergey Yursky Awarded Stanislavsky Prize
Outstanding actor Sergey Yursky has been conferred with Stanislavsky 17th International Prize.
Russian Film Director from Chechnya Inal Sheripov to Screen Hamlet in Japan with Marina Vladi and Japanese actors
The Russian director from Chechnya Inal Sheripov intends to start making a screen version of Hamlet in Japan.
Animation Three Athletes on Faraway Coasts Becomes Most Popular New Year Project
The animation project Three Athletes on Faraway Coasts by the Melnitsa Studio has become the box office hit of film distribution in the first week of the year.
Walk of Fame of Russian Cinema to Appear in Moscow Region
Walk of Fame of the Russian Cinema will be created in the Moscow Region and it will settle down in the area of State Film Fund.
Alexey Balabanovs Film I Also Want Released in Russia
New work by the most provocative Russian film director Alexey Balabanov - the realistic fairy tale I Also Want - is released in Russia on Thursday.
Comedy Jungle Holds Leadership in Russian Film Distribution
The Russian comedy Jungle with the main roles played by Vera Brezhneva and Sergey Svetlakov, has been in the lead in the Russian film distribution for the second week in a row.
Monument to Hero Sukhov Unveiled in Samara
Legendary Feodor Sukhov has finally returned home. A monument to the hero of the national blockbuster White Sun of the Desert has been unveiled in Samara.
Mosfilm Begins Production Of a Film Based On Alexander Kuprin Works
Mosfilm begins production of a film based on the works of Alexander Kuprin, starting with a dramatisation of The Duel short story.
Well-known Actor Ilya Oleinikov Passes Away
The popular Russian actor and TV host Ilya Oleynikov has died, aged 65; it is another big loss for Russian culture.
Mystic Detective Serial Shot in Russia
Mystical detective serial Reverse Side of the Moon by director Alexander Kott has been premiered at the First Channel on Russian TV.
Screen Version of Oleg Kuvayev's Novel to be Shot in Chukotka
The final shootings of the full-length feature film Territory based on Oleg Kuvayev's same-name novel will be held in Chukotka at the end of November.
Exhibition Dedicated to Actor Anatoly Papanov Opens in Moscow
The memorial exhibition Irreplaceable Anatoly Papanov dedicated to the outstanding Russian actor has opened in Moscow.
Monument to Actress Maria Ladynina Unveiled in Krasnoyarsk Territory
A monument to the legendary national actress of the USSR Marina Ladynina (1908 - 2003) has been unveiled in her hometown of Nazarovo in Krasnoyarsk Territory.
Dukhless Sets Box-Office Record Among Russian Films
Roman Prygunov's film Dukhless based on the book by popular writer Sergey Minaev has set a box-office record among Russian films in the first weekend.
Exhibition of Screenwriter of Mimino Opens in Moscow
An exhibition of painting, graphic and sculptural works by Rezo Gabriadze - the author of the films Mimino and Kin-dza-dza - will open in the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts on October 16.
Fedor Bondarchuk May Become Head of Lenfilm
The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation suggests Fedor Bondarchuk head the board of directors of Lenfilm Studio and Eduard Pichugin become its general director.
Sergei Paradschanow Exhibition Opens in Moscow
The New Manege opens a new exhibition: about seventy works by Sergei Paradschanow have been brought from the Yerevan Museum to Moscow.
Eizenstein, Tarkovsky, and Dziga Vertov Make Top 50 Greatest Films Of All Time
The annual Top 50 Greatest Films of All Time had a few surprises this year. Citizen Kane was no longer no. 1, and a fairly obscure classic film from the Soviet Dziga Vertov occupied the 8th position in Top 10.
Alain Delon to Appear in Russian Movie about Moms
The well-known French actor, producer and film director Alain Delon has agreed to take part in the sequel of the Russian film Moms from the almanac Happy New Year, Moms.
Alexander Nevsky to be Coloured
The famous film Alexander Nevsky (1938) by the ullustrious Soviet film director Sergei Eisenstein will be coloured.
Shooting of TV-Series on Life of Mikhail Krug Launched in Tver
Shooting of the four-serial film about the life and death of the popular singer of Russian Chanson Mikhail Krug has been started in Tver.
Open Air Cinema in Moscow Park
If you are going to visit Moscow in summer, enjoy the open-air cinema Pioneer in Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure. The cinema offers outdoor screenings and provides guests with pillows and blankets during cool summer evenings.
34th Moscow International Film Festival Opens Today
From 21 to 30th of June Moscow welcomes the guests of the 34th International Film Festival. 17 full-length features compete in the main competition.
Grand Prize of Kinotavr Film Festival Goes to Film about Cancer Patients
The jury of the Russian Film Festival Kinotavr conferred Grand Prize on Pavel Ruminovs work I Will Be Near.
In the Fog Wins Prize of FIPRESCI in Cannes
Sergei Loznitsas film In the Fog took a prize of the International Federation of Film Critics in the main competition at the 65th Cannes Film Festival.
Sergei Bodrov to Screen Amphibian Man in English
The Trikita Entertainment Company will produce a new screen version of Alexander Beliaevs famous fantastic novel Amphibian Man.
Shukshin Film Festival to Run in July
Shukshin Film Festival traditionally held in the Altai Territory will take place in July this year.
New Russian Sherlock Holmes Series Completed
Shooting of the 16-series Sherlock Holmes directed by Andrey Kavun and featuring Igor Petrenko as Holmes and Andrey Panin as Dr. Watson has been completes.
Prima Ballerina Diana Vishneva May Appear in Alexey Uchitel's New Film
The prima ballerina of Mariinsky Theater Diana Vishneva may play the lead in the new film by famous director Alexei Uchitel.
Russian Actor Dies After His Wife's Suicide
Famous Russian film and theatre actor, Alexander Porokhovschikov, has died in a hospital on Orthodox Easter's night, after a protracted illness.
Museum of Cinema Might Settle at Factory Sickle and Hammer
The Moscow Museum of Cinema deprived of its own building since 2005 is waiting for its destiny to be resolved, because private individuals offering their help have no clear idea of what is needed to be built.
Anniversary Ceremony of Nika Award Takes Place in Moscow
The 25th ceremony of the Russian Film Nika Award took place in Moscow last Sunday. The film "Once Upon a Time There Lived a Simple Woman" by Andrey Smirnov has become the main prize-winner.
Oleg Menshikov Is a New Art Director of a Honoured Theatre
Russian famous actor Oleg Menshikov was appointed a new art director of the Ermolova's Theatre, in accordance with desire of the ex-art director Vladimir Andreev.
Monument to Lumiere Brothers to Be Set Up in Yekaterinburg
A monument of The Lumiere Brothers will be set up in Yekaterinburg. It will appear near the Kosmos cinema and concert theater.
Russian Film Director Joins French Legion
Russian film director Pavel Lungin will receive the title of Officer of the Legion of Honor, the highest state decoration of France.
Film Hard to be a God to Premiere Next Year
The film Hard to be a God based on the well-known novel of the Strugatsky Brothers may probably get to the Guinness Book of Records.
Monument to Anatoli Papanov to Appear in Vyazma
Monument to actor Anatoli Papanov will be set up in 2012 in the city of Vyazma of the Smolensk Region.
Russian Actress Lyudmila Kasatkina Passed Away
People's Artist of the USSR and beloved Russian actress Lyudmila Kasatkina has died at the age of 86 in Moscow.
Alexei Uchitel Starts Shooting of New Film about OMON Agents
Russian film director Alexei Uchitel is going to screen the story Eight by Zakhar Prilepin.
Documentary about Scandalous Art Group Voina is in Favour at International Festivals
The documentary film director Andrey Gryazev has made a film about the scandalous art group Voina (War) famous for its provoking actions.
Scriptwriter of The King's Speech to Cooperate with Pavel Lungin
The Oscar-winning David Seidler, who wrote the scenario for Tom Hoopers The King's Speech, will write a modernized version of The Queen of Spades for Pavel Lungins film.
Sergei Ursulyak to Screen Akunins Detective Novel
Writer Grigory Chkhartishvili, known under the penname Boris Akunin, has announced in his Livejournal a new TV series based on adventures of his famous character - detective Erast Fandorin.
Stalingrad to Become the first IMAX Russian Movie
The film Stalingrad by director Feodor Bondarchuk will become the first Russian film in IMAX format.
Moscow Rallies to Serve as Setting for Romantic Movie
A movie about love of an oppositionist and a member of a riot squad is being shot against the background of rallies taking place in Moscow.
Sergei Solovyov to Make Film Featuring Pierre Richard
Russian film director Sergei Solovyov is now shooting a new film in France featuring the French comic star Pierre Richard.
The Russian Oscars Single Out Zvyagintsev and Dostoyevsky
The Golden Eagle Award Ceremony, a kind of the Russian Oscars, has seen Yelena by Andrei Zvyagintsev taking four awards, including the Best Picture.
Film about the Origin of Russian Rock Music to Premiere in Moscow
Premiere of the film about the origin of rock in the USSR under the title TimeMachine.
Konstantin Lopushansky Launches Production of his New Film
Konstantin Lopushansky starts shooting in Petersburg a new film under the title The Role.
Most Profitable and Unprofitable Russian Movies of 2011
Experts have conducted small research and defined ten most profitable and most unprofitable movies of 2011.
Karen Shakhnazarov to Release a New Film by his 60th Birthday
The head of Mosfilm Studio Karen Shakhnazarov wants to release his new film White Tiger by his anniversary to be marked in July.
Zvyagintsevs Elena Wins Grand Prize of Norway Film Festival
The film Elena by the well-known Russian director Andrei Zvyagintsev has won the grand prize Aurora at the 22nd TIFF, which finished on Saturday in the northern Norwegian city Tromsø.
Famous Russian Actor Dies of Cancer
Russian famous theatre and movie actor Yevgeny Zharikov has died on the 71st year of his life.
Bekmambetov Acquires Copyright to Screen Version of Lunar Boy
Timur Bekmambetovs company Baselevs has acquired rights to make a screen version of the book One Hundred Percent Lunar Boy by the American musician and writer Stephen Tunney.
Famous Film Director Died in Moscow
On January 15, famous movie and television director Evgeny Ginzburg died in the 67th year of his life due to cerebral hemorrhage.
Russian Film Director Popogrebsky Joins Jury of Sundance
The jurors of the national American festival of independent cinema Sundance Film Festival have been announced.
Rating of Most Awaited Russian Films Made
In the next 12 months Russian viewers will get a chance to watch the films most long-awaited to be released.
New Russian Cartoon Animated Film Goes on Release in Russia
New Russian animation Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf goes on release in Russia with 1.300 thousand copies.
Cinema Museum to be Found in Lenfilm Studio
Museum of Lenfilm the oldest Russian film studio will be opened in St. Petersburg.
Russian Movers and Shakers Are Announced
Within the special project dedicated to the 20th anniversary of modern Russia's history, the Financial Times has published the list of 25 most interesting Russians, so-called "movers and shakers".
Alexander Sokurov Awarded Highest Japanese Order
He has revealed Japan to viewers from all over the world - with these words the Japanese consul general handed the higher award, Order of the Rising Sun over to Alexander Sokurov.
Highest Japanese Award Was Given to Russian Film Director
Famous Russian film director Alexander Sokurov was presented with the Order of the Rising Sun by the General Japanese Consul in St. Petersburg, Ichiro Kavabata.
Evgeny Mironov Marks His 45th Birthday
Today a famous Russian actor and art director of the Theatre of Nations, Evgeny Mironov celebrates his 45th anniversary.
"Beaming Angel" to Descend Over Moscow
On November 4, an International Charitable Festival "Beaming Angel" will open in Moscow Cinema Center on Krasnaya Presnya. This year the festival's motto is "Kind Cinema Returns".
Creator of Russian Sherlock Holmes Marks 80th Birthday
Yesterday a famous Russian film director and author of one of the best "Sherlock Holmes" series, Igor Maslennikov, marked his 80th anniversary.
The Mosfilm Golden Collection Finishes Its Tour of Spain and Hungary
The citizens of Madrid (Spain) and Budapest (Hungary) spent the month of October indulging in the classics of the Russian cinema. The Spanish screenings are a part of the cross-cultural year between Russia and Spain that is celebrated throughout 2011.
Elena by Andrei Zvyagintsev Continues Its Award-winning Year
Elena, a film by the Russian director Andrei Zvyagintsev, continues its successes with the Grand Prix of the Ghent Film Festival.
Art House Film Festival Opens in Moscow
On October 18, the fifth Festival of Independent Cinema "2morrow" started its work in the Russian capital. Its visitors will see films of Martin Scorsese, Roger Corman, Kim Ki-duk, Jafar Panahi and others.
Andrei Konchalovsky Is Awarded the French National Order
A famous Russian film director Andrei Konchalovsky was honoured with the highest French award - the National Order of the Legion of Honour - for his contribution to the world's cinematograph.
Kira Knightley to Become Anna Karenina
The Working Title Films company has started the filming of the screen version of Lev Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina" book. Famous Hollywood actors Kira Knightley and Jude Law are to play the main roles.
Monument to Shurik to Appear in Krasnodar
The governor of Krasnodar Territory Alexander Tkachev suggests establishing in the center of Krasnodar a monument to the leads of Leonid Gaidais legendary comedy Operation Y and Other Shurik's Adventures.
Renowned Film Director Tatyana Lioznova Passes Away
Outstanding Russian film director and script writer Tatyana Lioznova has died, aged 87, in Moscow today.
Monument to Actor Zinovy Gerdt Unveiled in Pskov Region
A monument to the well-known film actor Zinovy Gerdt, who would have turned 95 years old on September, 21st, has been unveiled in Sebezh town of the Pskov Region.
Amur Autumn Film and Theatre Festival Opens in Blagoveschensk
The 9th Film and Theatre Festival, Amur Autumn, is taking place at Blagoveschensk in Primorye from 17 to 25 September 2011.
Mikhalkov's Burnt by the Sun 2 to Aspire to Oscar Prize
Nikita Mikhalkovs film Burnt by the Sun 2. The Citadel will aspire to the Oscar prize as a representative of Russia.
70th Anniversary of the Russian 3D-Films to be Celebrated in Moscow
Program of the 4th film festival Artkino to be held in Moscow on September, 20th has been announced.
Turgoyak Lake Will Become The Character Of The Movie " 100 Wonders Of Russia "
Taking group of the First Russian informative channel " My Planet " started working at film about Turgoyak Lake, situated in the region of Chelyabinsk. The group has come to Miass.
House Museum of Tarkovsky Family to be Reconstructed in Moscow
House museum of the Tarkovskys creative dynasty will be recreated in the center of Moscow.
Faust by Alexander Sokurov Takes the Golden Lion in Venice
An early favourite of the Venetian Biennale, Faust by Alexander Sokurov, shot in German with international cast, has been announced a winner.
Auteur Cinema Accused of Sexual Content
Novosibirsk officials are going to close a local cinema specializing on cinema classics and auteur films.
Festival Of Tourist Cinema " Date With Russia " To Be Held In The Region Of Sverdlovsk
From the 2nd to the 6th of September II All-Russian Festival of Tourist Cinema has taken place in the spiritual centre of the Ural Verkhoturie. Its main purpose is a promotion of tourist opportunities of the regions of Russia and attraction to the travelling in the country.
Monument to Founder of Russian Film Industry Aleksandr Khanzhonkov Unveiled in Yalta
In the framework of the XII International TV Film Forum in Yalta (a resort city in Ukraine) a monument to the founder of the Russian film industry and Yalta Film Studio Aleksandr Khanzhonkov has been unveiled.
Actress Iya Savvina Passes Away
Well-known Russian actress Iya Savvina died on Saturday, August, 27th, aged 75.
Majority of Young Russians Do not Like Domestic Films
Most of the Russian cinema-goers (42 percent) do not care in what country a film has been made.
A Soviet Comedy Remake Is Expected to Attract Tourists to North Caucasus
North Caucasus places high hopes on the role a remake of the best-loved Soviet comedy may play in the region's tourist development. The region's powers are in talks with two Moscow film studios to produce a contemporary version of the famous Abduction in the Caucasus film by Leonid Gaidai.
Sudden Death of Russian Femme Fatale Actress
The star of art house films and muse of Sharunas Bartas and Leos Carax has died in France in suspicious circumstances.
Rodion Nakhapetov to Adapt Bradbury's Dandelion Wine
A well-known Russian actor and director Rodion Nakhapetov will write a screen adaptation of Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine. This will be the second Russian-produced adaptation of the famous novel.
Festival of Banned Soviet Films to be Held in Moscow
A large-scale festival dedicated to repressed films of the Soviet epoch will be held for the first time in Russia in the Film Club at Vinzavod from 29 August to 20 September.
Elena by Zvyagintsev Takes Three Prizes at Film Festival in RSA
Andrei Zvyagintsevs film Elena, which premiered and won the Jurys Prize at the Cannes competition Special View, has also taken three prizes at the 32nd Durban International Film Festival (Republic of South Africa) held from 21st to 31st July.
Star of Ballad of a Soldier Zhanna Prokhorenko Passes Away
Actress Zhanna Prokhorenko, aged 71, has died today after a painful long illness at a Moscow hospital, the Guild of Film Actors of Russia reports.
Justin Timberlake premiered Friends with Benefits in Moscow
American singer and actor Justin Timberlake and Ukrainian-born American actress Mila Kunis have arrived in Moscow this week to premiere their film Friends with Benefits.
Yuri Kara to Create Biopic about Andrei Sakharov
Well-known film director Yuri Kara has announced his plans about making a film dedicated to Andrei Sakharov.
Generation P Deserved Special Mention at Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2011
Victor Ginzburgs film Generation P based on the same-name novel by Victor Pelevin has deserved the Special Mention of the jury at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.
International Film Forum in Petersburg to Encourage Independent Film Makers
The 2nd International Film Forum headed by famous film director Alexei German is taking place in Saint Petersburg from 10th to 15th July.
33rd Moscow International Film Festival Announces its Winners
The closing ceremony of the 33rd Moscow International Film Festival took place in Pushkin Cinema on July, 2nd.
Cult Film Dont be afraid, I am with you to be Continued
Sequel of the cult Soviet adventure film Dont be afraid, I am with you (1982) is going to be produced soon.
Best Film of Kinotavr Festival Created for More than 20 Years
The 22nd Kinotavr Film Festival in Sochi has come to an end.
Russian Ugly Duckling Goes on International Release
Ugly Duckling - the first full-length animation film by the Russian director Harry Bardin goes on general release at European cinemas.
Fantasy Comedy Destiny Mattock Goes on Release in Russia
Comedy fantasy-film The Supermanager, or Mattock of Destiny starring charismatic Ivan Okhlobystin and Yuri Chursin has been released to Russian movie theatres.

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