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15 Best Banks for Russian Millionaires
What banks in Russia and abroad provide the best conditions for wealthy Russians? Forbes presents a new ranking of the best banks for millionaires.
For the First Time in Eight Years Russia will Change the Grounds for Blocking Bank Accounts
For the first time in eight years, the Central Bank will change the criteria for suspicious transactions that could lead to account blocking. In particular, the Central Bank proposes to revise the general approaches to determining the doubtfulness of banking operations.
Russian Banks in 2020
The banking market remains very dynamic in Russia: regulation is changing, the business model is changing, even the principles of corporate governance are changing. Here are seven trends that will determine the banking market in the coming year.
Russians Change Investments Habits
Brokers noticed a twofold increase in the share of investors with small savings on the exchange.
10 Best Banks for Russian Millionaires - 2019
Forbes compiled an annual ranking of the best Russian and foreign banks for millionaires. For the first time in the history of this rating, Sberbank did not take the first place.
Forbes: the Most Reliable Russian Banks
Unicredit Bank ranked first in the top 100 of the most reliable banks in Russia compiled by the Forbes magazine.
Moody's Hails Stronger Russian Banks
Russian banks are now stronger than those in most of the other major emerging markets in terms of their market funds ratio, says a new report by Moody's Investors Service.
VTB Bank Posts 2M IFRS Financials
VTB Bank has unveiled its unaudited consolidated IFRS results for the 2 months ended 29 February 2016.
Fitch Will Not Lower the Ratings Of Russian Banks
Fitch international rating agency does not intend to lower the ratings of Russian banks after the introduction of the bail-in mechanism - the salvation of banks with the use of the creditors funds.
Banking System Is In Crisis
At 2015-year end Russian banks made a profit in the amount of 192 billion rubles. This is three times less than in 2014 (589 billion).
POS-Credits Growth
Banking institutions have marked a growth of population demand for POS-credits that is non-typical for January (loan accommodated in the marketplace) for purchase of goods in the distributive networks.
Russian Banks Incurred Losses
30 largest banks in Russia have incurred losses in the amount of 10.8 billion roubles from January to July. During the same period of last year the credit institutions showed a profit of 422.6 billion roubles.
Bank of Russia FX policy
The Bank of Russia conducts FX policy under managed floating exchange rate regime.
Markets Wait for Central Bank's Decision on Key Policy Rate
The board of the Central Bank is scheduled to have a policy meeting on Friday. Earlier, analysts predicted that the regulator would lower the key policy rate again to spur lending but under the current circumstances the decision may be and should be as experts now insist postponed.
Promsvyazbank Posts 1H2015 Financials
Net profit of Promsvyazbank (PSB) for the first half of 2015 amounted to RUB8.6 bn, compared to RUB3.0 bn for the same period last year.
Top 10 Russian Banks
Russias Central Bank has posted the Top 10 list of domestic banks that are considered systemic institutions.
Russia Joins the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
Russia decided to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) founded at the initiative of China.
Moody's Downgrades Credit Ratings for 6 Russian Banks
Moody's taken rating actions on Wednesday on six Russian entities that are subsidiaries of foreign banks, including AO Raiffeisenbank, over deteriorating credit portfolio amid a recessionary environment that is expected to last in the mid-term.
Moodys Lowered the Ratings Of Sberbank, VTB And Gazprombank
The International rating agency Moodys lowered the credit ratings of the seven major financial institutions down to the thrash level.
VTB Group's 3Q 2014 Results
VTB Group has posted its Interim Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements as at 30 September 2014 with the Independent Auditors Report on Review of these Statements.
Russian Banks Borrow Money From China
China lent out more than $ 4 billion to Russia for the purchase of Chinese goods. Being unable to borrow money on the financial markets of the EU and the USA due to the sanctions, the Russian state-owned banks found money in China.
Development Of The Platinum Deposit In Zimbabwe
Vi Holding, Rostekh and Vnesheconombank created a consortium for development of the platinum deposit in Zimbabwe.
Russian Banks Stopped Working With Contact Money Transfer System
About 15 Russian banks suspended cooperation with Contact money transfer system.
The Russian Rouble Crashed Down
Securing of the euro in the global exchange market and the weak spots of the Russian banking system crashed the rouble down to the four-year minimum. The dollar rate may reach 37 roubles in the next year, the experts warn.
Master-Bank Has Its License Revoked
Master-Bank, one of the hundred largest Russian banks in terms of assets and one of the top five by number of ATMs and issued cards, has its license revoked. It seems like this case will force Deposit Insurance Agency to set up a new record on paying out compensations.
Top 3 Videos From Russia
Click here to watch our weekly review of the most exciting videos coming from Russia. In this episode, banksters prove to be greedy, and Russian drivers demonstrate their kindness.
Banks' Bailout Blueprints To Battle Big Trouble
Top-30 Russia's largest banks would have to put together bailout plans for crisis scenarios, according to Vedomosti daily.
Key Opposition Paper Lost Sponsor
Novaya Gazeta says it can survive without Lebedev's money while the banker is facing pressure from the Russian law enforcement agency.
Central Bank To Get More Power
The government is leaning towards the easiest option as it sets out to reign in order on the financial markets. As Russia-IC promised earlier, we are bringing you more details on the project.HAWNNU4NYRJT
Russia's Gold Reserves Grow 2%
Russia is scaling up its gold reserves, building on sinking demand in the world. Russia-IC looks at the reasons why gold is looking increasingly appealing for investors and invites you to a key jewelry exhibition in Moscow this September.
Capital Flight Frightens Russian Banks
The Russian Finance Ministery predicted a capital flight by the end of 2010 year. Now it's obvious that these predictions come true. In September and October capital flows increased and experts are trying to find out the reason for this phenomenon. At the same time the future privatization will hardly be able to help resuming the flow of foreign capital investments.
Rouble Plunges against Oil Prices Decline
On Thursday the rouble dived against the dollar, which increased by record 34 kopecks. The Russian national currencys fall is caused by foreign investors who hurriedly convert roubles to dollars and Euros and leave the Russian stock market due to political risks.
Russian Banks
For many years the Russians had access to the only bank existent in the banking sector of the Soviet Union the Sberbank, or the savings bank, while now they are free to choose among some 900 lenders. Here the list of the biggest banks operating in Russia today.
How Much do You Earn, Mr. Banker?
Russia appeared to be a real El Dorado for foreign bankers: according to Bloomberg Agency, the amount of money they earn exceeds that of their colleagues working in the USA several times, up to US$7 million a year.
Russians Owe Banks 33bn Rubles
On Tuesday the Central bank of Russia revealed the data covering the volume of overdue repayment of debts Russians owe 30 largest banks of the country.
Whole Russian Budget on Foreign Banks Accounts
While Russian financiers are proudly reporting about capital influx to the country, their foreign colleagues are calculating outflow of funds from Russia.


The Central Bank will Restrict the Sale of Complex Investment Products to Inexperienced Investors
The Bank of Russia has developed a draft directive restricting the sale of complex financial products to unqualified investors. The corresponding document is published on the regulator's website.
Seven Russian Banks Entered the World Top-150 for Accepting Cards in Stores
The world ranking of the 150 largest acquirers in terms of the number of payments processed through devices for accepting cards in retail outlets includes seven banks from Russia.
Yandex Acquires the Parent Company of Tinkoff Bank
Yandex has reached a preliminary agreement to acquire TCS Group, the parent company of Tinkoff Bank.
Forbes Named 15 Best Banks for Russian Millionaires
Forbes has compiled a rating of Russian and foreign banks that provide the best conditions for clients with financial assets of $ 1 million or more.
Tochka Bank Launches Assistance Fund for Affected Entrepreneurs
The Tochka Entrepreneurship Bank has launched a fund to support businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic.
Small Businesses will Get Interest-free Loans from Banks
Russian authorities instructed to accelerate the allocation of funds to banks for the issuance of interest-free loans to small businesses.
The Highest Outflow of Foreign Money Recorded in Russia
The current level of investment is at its lowest level for the last 21 years.
Russian Crowdfunding Market Grew by 34% during 2018
In 2018, the market grew mainly due to an increase in the segment of small and medium business loans, which accounted for 96% of all funds raised.
The Share of Non-cash Payment in Russia Reached 50%
At the end of 2018, the share of non-cash payment was 46%, in 2017 - only 40%.
Bank of Russia Reduced the Share of Dollar Turnover in International Reserves
The Bank of Russia reduced the share of dollar turnover in international reserves to 21.9 percent and at the same time increased the share of euro (to 32 percent) and Chinese yuan (to 14.7 percent).
Tinkoff Bank - the Best Online Retail Bank
Global Finance International Banking and Finance magazine recognized Tinkoff Bank as the best online retail bank in the world in 2018 within the frame of the Best Digital Bank Award.
Russian Banks will get Compensation for their Lost Revenues
In 2019, the state plans to allocate up to 7.2 billion roubles for compensation of Russian banks for their lost revenues upon concessional lending to small and medium-sized businesses in priority sectors.
Banks are Allowed to Collect and Store Biometric Information of Customers
The system will work in the following way: the customer passes the primary identification in the bank his/her photos are taken, the voice is recorded, the agreement to the processing and storage of data is obtained.
The United Biometric System (UBS) has Started Operating in Russia
After being authorized in the Unified System of Identification and Authentication (USIA), the person will be able to use the service in any bank.
Single Biometric System to be Launched in Banks of Russia in 2018
As soon as 2018, Russian banks will begin to introduce a single biometric system of customer identification.
Depositors Of 3 Closed Banks Will Get Their Money From August 7
Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) will begin to make payments to the depositors of the banks Rossiyskiy Credit, M Bank and AMB Bank no later than on August 7, 2015.
Russia's National Payment System to Start Producing Cards in December
Russia's National Payment Card System (NPCS) will begin producing its own cards in December 2015 and then will make them co-badged with Visa and MasterCard in 2016.
1 Trillion Aid Split Between Top 10 Banks
The national Deposit Insurance Agency has decided on how to spend most of the one trillion roubles in financial aid pledged by the government.
Russia's Foreign Debt Estimated at $600 Billion for 2014
On Tuesday, January 20, the Bank of Russia issued a report which revealed that Russias foreign debt stood at $599.497 billion by the end of 2014, which is 17.7 percent lower than it was in the previous year.
VTB Bank to Get RUR 100BN from Govt
VTB Bank is expected to get 100 billion roubles from the National Wealth Fund to help it overcome the Western-imposed sanctions that limited access to long-term capital.
Central Bank Revoked Licenses Of Three Banks
The Moscow BVA Bank and Bank T, as well and Derbent PrestizhKreditBank stopped operating from November 26.
VEB to Oppose Sanctions in EU Court
VEB, one of Russias major lending institutions, has sent a claim to the General Court of the European Union in a bid to lift the sanctions imposed by the European Union.
Govt Laments Moody's Move on Russian Banks
Russias Finance Ministry has criticized the decision by Moody's to take rating actions on seven Russian financial institutions following the downgrade of Russia's government rating.
Moody's Changes Ratings for 7 Russian Banks
Moody's has taken rating actions on seven Russian financial institutions following the downgrade of Russia's government rating.
Banks to Provide Contingency Plans to Central Bank - Bill
Russian banks may be forced to provide stress test scenarios and recovery plans to the Russian Central Bank, according to a bill by the Russian government.
Bank Of Cyprus Intends To Sell Russian Uniastrum Bank
Bank of Cyprus intends to sell Russian Uniastrum Bank as a part of the restructuring process.
Japanese Card Payment System Plans to Enter Russian Market
Japanese payment system (JCB) has started certain moves to enter the Russian market and in the near future may submit the necessary paperwork to the Russian Central Bank, Russian newspaper Kommersant reported Monday.
Sanctions-Hit Bank Rossiya Lost Third of Retail Deposits in 1 Month
Retail deposits at Bank Rossiya plunged 35 percent within just one month, shrinking from almost 37 billion roubles to under 24 billion roubles.
Russia's Central Bank Reports Lower Revenue
The Bank of Russia, the national Central Bank, has generated half as much revenue in 2013 as in the year before, says RIA-Novosti.
Russian Parliament Approves Creation of Russian Card Payment System
At the end of April, Russian senators approved a bill establishing a national card payment system (NCPS) at a session of the Federation Council.
Russian Banks Lost $1 BN from Deposits in March
In the wake of a sharp devaluation in early 2014, Russians withdrew some 338 billion roubles, or almost $1 billion, from banks in March.
National Payment System
Russia's largest banks initiated consultations on the establishment of a national payment system.
US Sanctiones Some Russian Banks, Freezes their Visa and MasterCard Cards
US-based Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc. have stopped any operations with credit cards from several Russian banks targeted by the United States for financial sanctions on Thursday, a number of Russian banks said on Friday.
Russian Banks Earned 994 Billion Rubles In 2013
Russian banks' profits amounted 993.6 billion rubles decreasing by 1.8% compared to last year. This was stated in the materials of the Central Bank of Russia.
Home Credit and Finance Bank Forced to Lay Off Staff
Home Credit and Finance is forced to lay off staff to streamline costs amid weaker revenue and tougher standards introduced by the Central Bank.
Depositors Relocate RUR 430 BLN Into Bigger Banks
Smaller Russian banks saw a capital outflow worth RUR 430 billion in November 2013 amid fears of further shakeups in the national banking sector.
Candidates For Bankruptcy
There are organizations in a state of pre-bankruptcy among the 50 largest banks of Russia. This was stated by the Chairman of the Management Board of VTB 24 Mikhail Zadornov.
Sberbank Recognizes Potential of Bitcoins
Sberbank could issue a copycat of bitcoins in the future to keep up with the global trends, says German Gref, CEO of the countrys largest lender.
Sberbank Proud of Growing HNWI Segment
Sberbank boasts a rapidly growing share of affluent customers among its base as it seeks to enhance service quality and distance from the bank-for-the-elderly image.
Banker Tinkov Takes Over Control of Danish Cycling Team
Russian banker Oleg Tinkov has finalized the buyout of a Danish cycling team.
Sberbank Posts 9M 2013 Financials
Sberbank has posted an interim consolidated financial statement for the nine months of 2013.
VTB Signs Partnership Deal with European Investment Bank to Support SMEs
VTB Bank and the European Investment Bank team up to bolster financial support for SMEs.
VTB Banks CEO Andrey Kostin Recognized as Banker of the Decade
VTB Banks CEO Andrey Kostin has been recognized as Banker of the Decade by Itogi magazine to mark Banker's Day.
Sberbank's Venture Fund Sponsors WiFi Startup
SBT Venture Capital, Sberbank's venture capital fund, is set to support a Finnish startup that aims to track consumer flows with WiFi technologies
Deposit Rates Down in Autumn
With the onset of the fall, Russian banks have dropped interest rates on retail deposits, says Vedomosti.
Rossiya Bank's ?620MLN Stuck in Cyprus
Rossiya Bank has ?620 million frozen in Cyprus, according to its IFRS report.
Rosbank Dismisses CEO Embroiled in Bribe-Taking Scandal
Vladimir Golubkov has been dismissed as Rosbanks CEO by a decision of the board of directors in a move to secure sustainable operations and distance from the bribery scandal.
Govt Pushing for Cheaper Bank Rates
The Kremlin wants to make borrowing for individuals and SMEs cheaper and plans to discuss possible options with the banking community.
Cyprus Allows Russian Banks to Withdraw Funds
The Cypriot Finance Ministry has lifted the freeze on financial transactions for the subsidiaries of two Russian banks.
Raven Russia Borrows $100 MN from Sberbank
British developer Raven Russia has taken a $100 million loan from Sberbank, setting a new trend on the domestic money market.
SMEs Anticipating Cheaper Loans
Corporate credits may become cheaper in May as Sberbank appears ready to decrease its interest rates.
Sberbank Eyeing Insurance Business in CIS States
Sberbank, Russia's biggest lender, has announced plans to purchase an insurance company operating in the CIS countries.
EU's Tighter Rules Impede Transfer of Russian Money from Cypriot Banks
Russian companies are facing difficulties in transferring their funds from Cyprus to other jurisdictions.
Tinkoff Bank Seeks to Double Net Income in 2013
Tinkoff Credit Systems, Russia's first online bank, has laid out ambitious goals for 2013. Click here to find out more.
New Bill on Tax Powers Prompts Privacy Concerns
Russian deposit holders may be facing pressure from the tax authorities if new amendments on money laundering are passed into law.
Russia Reluctant to Bail Out Cyprus
Cyprus finance minister has left Russia empty-handed after tough talks in Moscow over possible bailout measures.
Russian Companies Could Lose Billions in Cyprus Crisis
Russian corporations are in panic mode over the financial situation in Cyprus as the country struggles to overcome a financial crisis.
Deposits Rates across Russian Banks Shrink
Deposit rates across the top 10 biggest lending institutions have dropped to an average 9.875 percent, says a press release by the Bank of Russia.
Uralsib Staff Expects Downsizing
Uralsib is rumoured to be mulling a serious downsizing, with as many as 20 percent of its staff to be cut, according to Vedomosti.
Sberbank Ditches American Express Checks
Sberbank announced it will no longer work with American Express Travelers Checks. Want to know why - click here.
Billionaire Lebedev to Merge British Newsrooms
Independent's owner plans to merge newsrooms to push for profit and help launch his new pet project, TV Channel 'London Live'.
Sberbank Eyes Spot in Top-10 World Banks
Sberbank is working on a new strategic blueprint that will propel it into the elite of the world banking institutions, with revenues up to $30-40 billion.
VTB has sold 20 % shares of Metalloinvest
The state bank VTB has sold 20 % shares of Metalloinvest. The richest Russian businessman, Alisher Usmanov is the main shareholder of Metalloinvest.
Sberbank Expects Record Profits in 2012
Sberbank is in for record profits in 2012, according to the head of Russia's biggest lender, German Gref.
VTB Certain to Reach $3bn Target
VTB expects to match last year's performance in terms of revenues as it pins its hopes for growth on retail.
Russians Name 'Perfect' Bank
High rates or reputation, online presence or friendly staff - click to find out what's more important for Russians in their perception of the ideal bank.
Bank of Russia has issued 5 kilo silver coin
Bank of Russia has issued 5 kilo silver coin to commemorate 200 anniversary of Russian victory at War of 1812, informs CBR press release.
The Banker called Sberbank the Bank of the Year
The Banker Magazine has named Sberbank as its Bank of the Year for 2012 in its annual Awards ceremony.
Bank Tinkoff Credit Systems is estimated $1 billion
The Fund Horizon Capital has acquired 4% of the on-line bank ZAO Tinkoff Credit Systems for $ 40 million. So the whole credit organization has been estimated in $ 1 billion.
Renaissance Group opens a subsidiary in Nigeria
For the first time a Russian bank has entered the Nigerian financial market. A subsidiary of Renaissance Group has started working in this country, reports The Kommersant.
Alfa-Bank assets have reached 1 trillion Rubles
Alfa-Bank, the largest private bank in Russia, has claimed its assets has reached 1 trillion Rubles in the third quarter 2012. Up to now only largest state banks have overcome the level of 1 trillion in their assets.
Sberbank may sell its Ukrainian unit Volksbank International
Sberbank of Russia may sell its Ukrainian unit Volksbank International.
Sberbank finalizes acquisition of Denizbank
On Friday the largest Russian bank Sberbank has completed acquisition 99.85% share of Turkish Denizbank from Franco-Belgian bank Dexia S.A. The agreement for acquisition was signed between the parties on June 8, 2012.
Moscow will get $ 940 million for Sberbank privatization
Moscow budget will receive about $ 940 million due to Sberbanks SPO, reports Interfax.
Promsvyazbank to attract $ 500 million via IPO
On Monday OJSC Promsvyazbank has claimed about its intention to hold IPO with listing in Moscow and London. The expected sum of investments is estimated into $ 500 million.
Sberbank is among ten largest Runet advertisers
Sberbank, the largest Russian credit organization, ranked the 6th in the rating of largest Runet advertisers, reports The Kommersant, referring to the research of the agency MindShare.
Vnesheconombank to invest $1.5 billion into Kiev metro
Federal center of the project finance, the subsidiary of the State Corporation Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs has won the tender of the city of Kiev for investment consulting in building new stations of the city metro.
On-line bank Tinkoff Credit Systems is estimated $625 million
On-line bank ZAO Tinkoff Credit Systems is estimated $625 million by investors. The cost of the business has increased seven times for less than five years.
VTB Capital has invested $50 million into a joint venture with Burger King
The investment bank VTB capital has invested $50 million into a share in a joint venture with Burger King in Russia. VTB Capital has become the owner of 47.22 % of shares.
VTB Bank to issue 100 billion Ruble loan to Rosneft
VTB Bank and Rosneft, Russias largest oil company, signed a strategic partnership agreement on corporate finance and investment banking services during a meeting at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.
Sberbank Announces Agreement to Acquire 99.85% of DenizBank
Today Sberbank announces its acquiring of 99.85% of Turkish DenizBank, what will bring Sberbank to the lucrative market of the eighteenth largest economy in the world.
Angry Birds Target at Russian Bank Cards
First time Angry Birds branded product is issued in Russia. It is Promsvyazbank bank card, of MasterCard Standard type.
Sberbank has announced mobile application Sberbank OnL@ne for iPhone smartphones
May 24 Sberbank has placed a new version of mobile application Sberbank OnL@ne for iPhone at App Store. The service lets customers the direct access to their Sberbank accounts and opportunity to manage them.
Banks to Be Forbidden to Send Credit Cards to Loaners without their Written Agreement
Russian banks will be forbidden to send credit cards to loaners without their written agreement. This norm is set in the law draft About Consumer Credit published by the Minister of Finance on its official site.
SberBank Offers Metro Passes to Debit Card Holders
SberBank of Russia has joined a host of other banks in providing Moscow citizens with underground access. The Bank also plans to expand the offer on to overground transport.
Bella Zlatkis headed rating of the most successful women bankers
The rating of the most successful women bankers, published by Bank Review Magazine, is headed by Bella Zlatkis, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Sberbank of Russia. Last year Bella Zlatkis was only the third in the same rating.
Vnesheconombank to finance Belorussian nuclear power station
Belorussia will get $ 500 million loan from Vnesheconombank for building a nuclear power station.
Bank of Moscow to cut a quarter of its staff
By 2015 Bank of Moscow, which holds the 5th place in net assets in Russia and 4th in Moscow, is to cut a quarter of its staff.
10 Ruble Space Coin is Issued by Central Bank
A 10 Rubles coin with a space ship, stars and the Earth depicted on it has been introduced into circulation today by the Central Bank. The space coin is devoted to the 50th Anniversary of the first human flight in space.
VTB Bank Top-Manager Earns $ 25 Million in 2011
The most paid top-manager in Russia, according Forbes, earns $ 25 million. Forbes has called five Russian top-managers who are top-paid in 2011.
Russian Accounts in Swiss Banks to be Revealed
Russia will be able to get access to Swiss bank accounts of its citizens. The former 100% bank secrecy will be revealed under certain circumstances.
BNP Paribas Vostok is Closing its Business Lines in Russia
Russian subsidiary of one of the largest European banks BNP Paribas, BNP Paribas Vostok, is closing all its business lines, except express crediting, before the deal with Sberbank.
VTB Group Doubled Bonuses to its Top Management in the First Half a Year
VTB Group has doubled bonuses to its top management in the first half a year, what made 3.2 bln Rubles (about $106.6) in comparison with the same period last year.
Banker Igor Kim Has Bought a Latvian Bank
The MDM Bank co-owner Igor Kim has bought his subsidiary bank LTB in Latvia. This deal may be followed by Kims withdrawal from MDM capital
Venezuela Might Move a Part of its Monetary Reserves into Russia
Venezuela plans to transfer billions of dollars in cash reserves from European and U.S. banks to banks in Russia, China and Brazil.
Sberbank Acquires Volksbank
Russia's largest bank Sberbank is going to purchase 100% of the Eastern division Oesterreichische Volksbanken, Volksbank International. This is the first acquisition by Sberbank outside CIS.
Sberbank to Build a Technology Park in Skolkovo
Russia's largest bank Sberbank plans to invest 800 million dollars in a technology park creation in Skolkovo, an innovation center near Moscow.
The Only Son of the Head of VTB Bank Crashed Dead
Andrei Kostin, top manager of Russian subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, son of the president of VTB bank, crashed dead in the Yaroslav region.
Rosbank Became the Most Unprofitable Bank in Russia
Rosbank, privately owned bank in Russia, is a leader among Russian banks by size of losses in 2010 year.

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