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Sharing Economy in Russia
The total volume of the main sectors of the joint consumption (sharing-economy) economy in 2018 will reach 511 billion rubles, which is 30% more than in 2017.
Food Manufacturers Still Rising Prices
Manufacturers have raised the price for cabbage by 66 percent since the beginning of 2015. The anti-monopoly agency has recorded 1,007 reports of rising prices for goods.
IMF: Russian Economy Is Expected To Fall By 3%
The Russian economy is expected to fall by 3% in 2015. This is stated in the IMF report.
HSBC: Russian GDP Will Fall To 3.5%
The British banking conglomerate HSBC toughened its forecast on the fall of Russias GDP to 3.5%, according to Bloomberg.
Russian Economic Forecasts
The World Bank (WB) raised its forecast for economic growth in Russia in 2014 from 0.5 to 0.7 percent. The forecast for 2015 has been reduced to zero, instead of 0.3 percent growth of the September forecast.
Ministry of Finance Counts On Reserve Fund
The Ministry of Finance allowed for a withdrawal of 500 billion roubles from the Reserve Fund.
Bonds Placement On Asian Markets
The Ministry of Finance does not exclude the possibility of placement of bonds on the Asian markets in order to create a benchmark for corporate bond placement.
Printing Equipment Market Goes Down
The market of printing equipment in Russia amounted to 940,000 units of equipment in unit terms and $ 208 million in money terms for the third quarter of 2014. Compared to the same period of last year, it decreased by 5 percent in unit terms and 14 percent in money terms.
Buzz Barometer: "Interest Rates at 9.5% Look Very Odd"
The international press was nonplussed about the Central Banks move to hike its benchmark interest rate by 150 basis points at a time of sluggish growth and private companies crying out for cheaper money to kick-start the economy.
Wages Decrease
Employers are reluctant to raise wages, and inflation demolishes the bonuses put in the beginning of the year due to the economic stagnation. As a result, the Russians employed in the private sector are expecting one of the most serious decreases in real wages at year-end in recent years.
Global Oil Demand Reduces
The experts from the International Energy Agency have lowered its forecast of global oil demand. According to the IEA, at year-end of 2014 the world will consume a daily average of 92.4 million barrels of oil. This is about 200 thousand barrels less than it was previously conceived.
Acceleration Of Capital Outflow
Foreign policy risks and the situation around the Sistema JSFC may trigger the acceleration of capital outflow from Russia.
Ministry of Economic Development Predicts Economic Fall
Russias economy will fall by 0.6% next year, the prices will rise by 7.6%, and the annual average dollar rate will make up 40 rubles. This will be possible if oil prices fall to $ 91 per barrel, as it is clear from the final version of the macroeconomic forecast of the Ministry of Economic Development.
Economic Forecasts
Experts from the World Bank revised Russian GDP growth forecast from 1.1 to 0.5% and increased inflation expectations for the year down to 8% (the latest forecast of the Central Bank is 7.5%). In the future, the projected growth of the economy in line with the baseline scenario of the international credit organizations will be even lower: 0.3% in 2015 and 0.4% in 2016.
Russian Economy Goes Down
Russian economy continued to drift to zero in July. Investments recovery stopped, and the growth of private consumption was much slower than in the second quarter.
Inflation In Russia Goes Up
Inflation in May 2014 was 7.6% on an annualized basis, Rosstat reported. This is more than in April (7.3%) and ever in 2014. It is also above the key rate of Russian Central Bank and higher than inflation forecasts for the end of the year.
SPIEF 2014: Multi-Billion Contracts Despite Political Pressure
The St Petersburg International Economic forum has generated 269 billion roubles in deals in spite of the pressure from Washington on participants.
IMF Finds Russian Economy Recessive
International Monetary Fund (IMF) believes the Russian economy is recessive, as it shows a decrease the second quarter in a row.
Western Companies See Sanctions Shadow Over Them
Its not only Russian officials and individuals with close ties to the Kremlin who have been punished for Moscows incorporation of Crimea. Western companies could be feeling the heat of the battle of words, too.
Media Buzz: Possible US Oil Sale as Penalty for Russia
George Soros has been actively promoting a crude sale-off by the US as a penalty for Russia. But would a renewed US-Saudi energy alliance be a more powerful instrument?
Economic Benefits of 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics
The Sochi Olympics generated almost 2 billion roubles in revenue for the Russian TV channels who acquired the broadcasting rights for the 2014 Winter Games
New Rouble Symbol?
The Russian Central Bank has put the choice of the national currency symbol to vote. Click here to find out where you can pick the future official sign of the rouble.
Will Russian Economy Kick-Start or Stall: A Look At Privatisation
The Russian government is looking for ways to increase budget revenues amid growing spending on the social sector.
EBRD Chief Promotes Russia Among Investors
Despite the challenges and slowing growth, some foreign investors like the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development are still optimistic towards Russia. Click here to find out more about the EBRD's effort to promote Russia's opportunities abroad.
Early Warning System for Recession
Russia plans to introduce a new arrangement of leading indicators to monitor future trends on the markets, as part of the drive to discern new possible meltdowns before they hit hard. Russia-IC takes a look at the pros and cons of the plan.
Who is the Poorest in the World? CIS Countries Are on the List
The Forbes magazine has made a ranking of countries with bad economies. This is a real revolution: this year a list of ten countries includes three representatives of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Residents of Armenia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan will be very surprised to know that their economies can't stand comparison with Swaziland or Nicaragua.
Special Economic Zones
Special economic zones are thought to be a powerful tool to combat All-Russian misery and illusionary competition.


Prices For Consumer Goods Were Fixed
The largest Russian retail networks have fixed prices on 56 kinds of consumer goods.
Russian Advertising Market Declines
The volume of the advertising market in Russia will decline by 17 percent down to 282.26 billion roubles - in 2015.
Economic Indicators Improvement
The situation in the Russian economy is now better than it was expected at the end of last year. This was told by the Minister of Economic Development Aleksei Ulyukayev.
Inflation in Russia to Stay at 11-12% in 2015 - Finance Minister
The inflation rate is expected to be around 11-12 percent in 2015, and then it will drop to 6-7 percent next year, according to Russian Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov.
Russia Won't Support Greece Financially - Official
Russia currently has no plans to assist Greece with money, as "such expenses are not included in the federal budget law", Russian Deputy Finance Minister Sergey Storchak said.
Russia's Foreign Debt Estimated at $600 Billion for 2014
On Tuesday, January 20, the Bank of Russia issued a report which revealed that Russias foreign debt stood at $599.497 billion by the end of 2014, which is 17.7 percent lower than it was in the previous year.
No Economic Growth for Russia in 2015, UN Says
Russia is going to face a zero economic growth in 2015, to say the same about the whole Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs reports.
Manual Mode Of Economic Control Is Possible
The Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the manual mode of control over the economy may be turned on and the work in sectors may be organized, if necessary.
Russia Directs Biggest Companies to Cut Dollar Holdings
The Russian Government has ordered five biggest firms to limit foreign currency reserves in order to support the rouble.
Russia Raises Interest Rates to 17% While Russian Rouble Collapses
On Monday night the Central Bank of Russia took a dramatic decision to raise interest rates from 10.5% to 17% to save the country's economy from an enormous inflation.
Bank of Russia Ups Key Rate
The Bank of Russia decided to raise its key rate to 9.5 percent amid stagnant economy and depreciating rouble.
GDP Down 0.4% in August
Russias GDP dropped 0.4 percent in August, according to a report by Russias Economic Development Ministry.
Virgin Group Leads Petition for End to Ukraine Crisis
The UKs Virgin Group has published a call for an end to the Ukraine conflict signed by 16 Russian, Ukrainian and international business leaders.
Switzerland Remains Neutral in Sanctions War
Switzerland has rejected pleas from other European countries hit by the Russian food embargo to export their products via its territory in the latest twist of the sanctions war.
UAE Will Not Curtail Economic Cooperation With Russia
The sanctions of the West against Russia do not hinder economic cooperation and trade with the UAE.
Inflation May Spiral Out of Control in 2014
Russia is facing increasing inflationary pressure in 2014 amid flat production, stagnation and growing social expenditures.
Kaspersky Lab Posts 6 Percent Revenue Growth in 2013
Kaspersky Lab, a major anti-virus vendor in the world, has reported a 6 percent increase in earnings in 2013.
Russian Sues EU in WTO over 3rd Energy Package
Russia has complained to the World Trade Organization about the Third Energy Package after exhausting diplomatic means of resolving the tension.
More Ferries to Support Tourist Flow to Crimea
The Russian Defense Ministry has pledged additional ferries to transport people and cars from to Crimea to meet the growing demand of the high season in the newly absorbed region.
Germany Wants China to Influence Russia
Germany expects China to play a bigger role in the resolution of the Ukrainian crisis by influencing Russia.
Govt Forecasts 1.8-1.9 Percent GDP Growth
The Russian economy is unlikely to rise above 2 percent in 2014 amid investor uncertainty over the possible impact of sanctions, says the Economic Development Minister.
US Sanctiones Some Russian Banks, Freezes their Visa and MasterCard Cards
US-based Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc. have stopped any operations with credit cards from several Russian banks targeted by the United States for financial sanctions on Thursday, a number of Russian banks said on Friday.
Aeroflots Shares Dropped 10 Percent
The Moscow Stock Exchange saw a 10 percent slide in the price of Aeroflots shares after the report on a change in flight routes over Ukraine.
Russian Gold & Foreign Exchange Reserves Reach $494.6 BLN
Russia has bolstered its gold and foreign exchange reserves by another 1.3 billion over a week, says a statement of the Bank of Russia.
Crimean Parliament Wants to Join Russia
The Parliament of Crimea has called on Russia to accept the Ukrainian autonomous republic as part of its territory.
Crimean War Costs Could Reach 3 Percent of GDP - Report
A military invasion of Crimea would cost the Russian economy some three percent of GDP, says a report by Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
Sochi Olympics May Boost GDP
The Winter Games in Sochi are expected to boost the economy by 0.3 percent amid a continuing stagnation, says a report by the Russian Central Bank.
Russian Military Plans Shock Stock Exchange
The events in Ukraine have sent the Russian stock market and national currency in free fall, with the biggest blue chips like Sberbank or Gazprom shrinking by an average of 15-23 percent.
Prices for Cars, Consumer Electronics May Jump Due to Rouble Devaluation
Cars, consumer electronics and liquor could be among the most hit categories in the wake of the rouble devaluation.
2013 Inflation Totals 6.5 Percent, GDP 1.4 Percent - Official Report
Inflation in Russia proved higher than expected in 2013, says a report by the Russian Federal Statistics Service
2013 Called Year of Missed Opportunities
Deputy Minister of Economic Development Andrey Klepach called 2013 the year of missed opportunities.
Russia Seeks More Trade & Investment from US
Russias First Deputy Prime Minister has returned from a trip to woo American investors and re-define trade cooperation with the US.
RUR 10 Trillion Missing in Budget to Deliver on Kremlin's Promises
The Russian budget is expected to lack some RUR 10 trillion, or $300 billion, until 2020 to deliver on the promises given by the authorities
Economy Minister Downgrades GDP Forecast
The Economic Development Ministry has downgraded its GDP forecast for 2013 and 2014.
The Telegraph: The Russian Economy Needs A Regime Change
The Russian economy is in a parlous state and needs a radical changes to the political regime, The Telegraph reports.
Govt Admits 2013 Worst Year For Economy in Modern History
2013 has seen the worst economic growth since the collapse of the USSR, said Russia's Economic Development Minister.
Unemployment Drops to 3.9 Percent
The unemployment level in Russia dropped yet again, says Labour Minister Maksim Topilin, with the official number totaling just 5.2 million people.
Govt Expects Oil Prices Dip in Late 2013
Late 2013 may see a drop in oil prices, according to the Russian government.
OECD Downgrades Russia's Growth Forecast
The OECD has cut its 2013-2014 forecast for Russia, following similar moves by major financial institutions, including Russia's Economic Development Ministry.
JP Morgan to Help Russia Boost Sovereign Credit Ratings
Russia signs on JP Morgan to help improve the countrys credit rating, says a statement by the Finance Ministry.
EBRD Cuts 2013 GDP Forecast for Russia
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has cut its Russia forecast amid growing fears over a looming recession.
Sluggish Growth Prospects Put Off Investors
Russia loses investment appeal, as global investors are losing faith in emerging economies.
Govt Predicts Recession If No Action Taken
Russia's economy may grind down to a halt, says Economic Development Minister Anton Siluanov.
Russia Cuts 2014 GDP Forecast
Russia's pace of economic development is slowing down, as seen from the latest government report.
Energy Revenues Must Drop to Quarter of Budget
The share of oil and gas revenues should be lower than 25 percent and not 50 as it is today - PM
Russia Writes Off Part of Cuba's $30BN Debt
The Russian government has approved a partial writeoff of Cubas $30 billion debt and secured new arms contracts.
Investing in Russia Big Mistake, Says Soros
Investors should better stay away from the Russian economy, billionaire George Soros warned the world business leaders in Davos.
Magnit to Cut Power Costs
Magnit, Russias biggest retailer in the number of stores and outreach, is changing its policy of power supply.
Sberbank Eyes Spot in Top-10 World Banks
Sberbank is working on a new strategic blueprint that will propel it into the elite of the world banking institutions, with revenues up to $30-40 billion.
World Economic Forum: Russia's Challenges
Russia needs to work hard to improve its governance standards and root out corruption, investors send a strong message to the government.
I Feel Good, say 61 Percent of Russians
61 percent of Russians think they are successful, according to a recent survey.
Russia's Foreign Debt Up
Russias foreign debt is up 15.4 percent on last years figures, according to the countrys Central Bank.
Russia's Mortgage Market Up 45 Percent
Russia's mortgage market expected to continue its growth in 2013, according to figures and experts.
4Q Slowdown To Continue in 2013
The fourth quarter of 2012 is seeing a decade-low level of Industrial production in Russia, according to an official report.
$23 bln Investment Plan Mulled by Gazpromneft
Gazpromneft has unveiled an ambitious investment programme in a bid to double its output by 2020. And these plans are realistic, experts say.
Russian Economy Slowing Down
Russia's GDP growth of 3.7 percent is overestimated, say experts, as the real pace of economic recovering is going down.
Capital Outflow Continues
$60 million withdrawn from Russia over the past week alone as part of a nine week negative trend.
Russia 67th in World Competitiveness Report
Russia still falls behind in investment appeal, staying in the middle of the table and failing to make significant progress in many of the key areas.
SberBank of Russia Supports Small Businesses
SberBank of Russia plans to open up to 10 support centres for small businesses in the capital, the Moscow Government announces.
Dagestan and Ingushetia to Receive 4 Trillion Rubles Towards Development
By 2025 Russia is expected to have spent 4 trillion rubles to foster the social and economic development of North Caucasus regions.
The FIFA World Cup Will Cost Russia a Fortune
The cost of holding the 2018 FIFA World Cup Championship is estimated at 632bln RUB - almost 4 times more than the initial forecast predicted.
Dmitry Medvedev: The Rising Euro Has the Future
The British financial analysts may predict troubles for euro, but at the Moscow International Currency Exchange EUR was once again well ahead of USD.
Dry Law in Russian: Beer Equals Vodka - It's Alcohol
Sad news for those who appreciate a good pint of lager: beer is now officially an alcoholic drink in Russia. It cannot be consumed in the street and can only be sold in small shops and supermarkets.
Dmitry Medvedev and Angela Merkel Discuss Libya, Eurozone, and Business Opportunities
On July 19, the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel have met in Hannover to discuss the Russian-German stance on the issues of collaborative business development and international involvement.
Volkswagen: In Russia We Trust
Addressing the delegates of Petersburg Dialogue in Wolksburg, the Chairman of Volkswagen Group stated that the German automotive industry has a bright future in Russia.

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