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Tax Regime: Choose Online
Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship, in cooperation with the State Budgetary Institution "Small business of Moscow", developed an online service that will help entrepreneurs to choose the most appropriate tax regime.
Foreign Legal Entities will be Allowed to Participate Without any Limitation in the Authorized Capital of SME in Russia
Previously, legislation prohibited enterprises with the share of foreign legal entities exceeding 49% to register as SME.
Russian Law: Parliament in Action
This week, we look at bills concerning fertile mothers, prolific MPs and aspiring businessmen.
Buzz Barometer: Foreign Media Ownership Law Under Fire
Russia-IC brings you press clippings on the new law fast-tracked by the Russian parliament that it says is needed to counter an information war waged against Russia. Bulwarks of press freedom now face closure, restructuring or sell-off to Russian owners.
Inside New Media Ownership Law
The Russia parliament has passed in final reading a bill limiting foreign ownership in the countrys media in a move to bolster national security amid a raging propaganda war over the Ukraine crisis.
Russian Law: Parliament in Action
MPs have corruption, private lotteries, and illegal online content as the agenda for the next couple of weeks. Click here to find out the details.
2012 US Human Rights Report on Russia
The US State Department has released its annual Human Rights reports. Click here to find out what is says about Russia.
7 Most Ridiculous Bills in Russia
People often wonder what their MPs are busy with in legislatures of different levels. Russia-IC looks at the most ridiculous bills that have been moved in the Russian regions.
Russia Faces Great Anti-Smoking Battle
Last week a Russian Government opened a new chapter in fighting Russians' tobacco addiction, indroducing a controversial anti-smoking bill. Read all the details in our latest article.
Age Restrictions for Russian Media
Either you censor it or we are going to censor you the Russian media are reconsidering their programming in the face of tough new rules on child protection.
Presidential Elections in Russia - When, Where and How
There only 3 days left till the main political event in Russia - Presidential Elections. No wonder that almost everything in Russia now has some political tones, and it is sometimes difficult to understand all this. We have prepared this article to help you getting a complete picture of main rules and details of Russian election legislation.


Telegram Lost the Case on the Demand of the Federal Security Services for Decryption of Messages
The Supreme Court rejected the Telegrams appeal on the courts decision to recognize the demand of the Federal Security Service to provide encryption keys to be legitimate
Employers are Obliged to Provide Employees with One Full Day Off Work for Medical Examinations
At this, the employees will retain their jobs and average salaries.
The New Russian Law Abolishes the State Duty for the Restoration of Documents Lost as a Result of Emergencies
Now it is possible to restore a passport for free.
Registration Procedure for Foreign Workers in Russia has been Changed
Now employing companies can register foreign workers with migration service at the address of the office, warehouse, or residential premises owned by the company only in case their employees actually live at these addresses.
Audio Recording at the Proceedings on Civil Cases in the Russian Courts will Become Mandatory
An exception will be made for closed court hearings.
VAT in Russia will be Increased
The State Duma has adopted a law on increasing the rate of value added tax.
The State Duma has Permitted to Pay Taxes on Land, Property and Transport in Advance
It is possible to make payments for the Federal Tax Service through multifunctional centres.
Video Conferencing will be Used at the Proceedings on Administrative Cases in Russia
The State Duma has adopted the amendments to the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation in the first reading; thanks to these amendments, the participants in administrative cases will be able not to attend proceedings.
Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs have been Exempted from Fees for Electronic Registration
The State Duma has adopted the corresponding law in the final third reading.
CNN to Stop Broadcasting in Russia
American CNN TV company will stop broadcasting in Russia's cable and satellite networks from December 31, the official representatives of Turner Broadcasting System International (TBSI) company told the press.
Russian Parliament Gathers for Autumn Session
The Russian parliament has kicked off its autumn session with 767 bills on its plate, facing a tough economic environment, rising food prices and the persistent threat of more sanctions.
Russia to Ignore International Arms Trade Treaty
Russia does not plan to join the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) adopted on 2 April 2013 by the UN General Assembly in the short term, says a report.
Art Director Will not be Deported from Russia
Art director of the Mayakovsky Moscow Theater Mindaugas Karbauskis lately denied entry into Russia can now come back to this country.
Over 60,000 Illegal Casinos Were Closed Since Gambling Ban
Russian police have uncovered and closed down more than 61,000 underground gambling establishments since gaming became illegal in the country in 2009, the Prosecutor Generals Office said in a statement on Wednesday.
Russia Makes Tougher Penalties for Illegal Migrants
On Friday, December 13, Russian State Duma, the lower house of parliament, tentatively approved legislation to impose tougher penalties on migrants who break registration rules in Russia.
RUR 500MLN Required to Reform Russian Academy of Sciences
The new controversial law on the Russian Academy of Sciences will require an additional RUR 500 million.
Makhachkala Mayor Detained over Organized Murder Suspicion
A Moscow Court has sanctioned a two-month arrest of the mayor of Dagestan's capital Makhachkala, Said Amirov, who was detained on suspicion of having organized a murder of a Russian investigator.
Moscow Court Rejects Another Pussy Riot Appeal
Moscow City Court has upheld the verdict handed down to members of the feminist punk group Pussy Riot, sentenced to two years in prison for their "punk prayer" in Moscow's Christ the Savior Cathedral.
Another Pussy Riot Member Denied Parole
On Thursday, May 23, jailed Pussy Riot member Maria Alyokhina was denied parole, as well as her friend Nadezhda Tolokonnikova last month
Russia to Create List of Banned 'Extremist' Symbols
Russia will compile a list of extremist symbols that are prohibited for use by companies, media and NGOs.
MPs Move to Protect Borrowers
The Russian parliament is taking steps to tighten regulations on the credit market and protect borrowers
Russian Election Watchdog May Be Closed
Russia's Golos (Voice) Association, an independent election monitoring NGO, was fined 300,000 rubles (around $10,000) for failing to register as a "foreign agent", and can even close in the near future.
Punishment Is Toughened for Street Shooting in Russia
On Wednesday, April 17, the lower house of Russian parliament, the State Duma, approved in the first reading a bill toughening punishment for shooting in public places.
Corruption Rises by 25% in Russia
The number of corruption related crimes in Russia rose by almost 25 percent in 2012, according to a report by the Prosecutor Generals Office sent to parliament on Wednesday.
Russia to Introduce Jail Sentences for Insulting Believers' Feelings
A bill introducing big fines or a prison term for public humiliation of religious rites or other insults to believers feelings has been approved in the first reding by the Russian parliaments lower house.
Bill on Language Test for Migrants Approved in First Reading
On Wednesday, April 10, Russian Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament, approved in the first reading a bill introducing obligatory testing in Russian language, history and laws for labour migrants.
Media Swearing Bill Signed into Law
On Monday Russian president signed a law making the use of obscene language by media outlets punishable by fines.
Russian Supreme Court Supports Summer Time Law
On Tuesday, Russian Constitutional Court rejected an appeal to cancel the year-round summer time pattern established by the government in 2011.
Magnitsky Case Closed Over Lack of Crime
On Tuesday, Russian investigators said they were ending a criminal probe into the 2009 death of lawyer Sergey Magnitsky in a Moscow jail as they had come to the conclusion that no crime had taken place.
Russian Opposition Leader Faces New Allegations
On Wednesday, Russian opposition activist Aleksey Navalny was brought an accusation of faking documents allowing him to work as an attorney.
Russian Anti-Smoking Bill Is Signed into Law
On Monday, February 25, Russian President has signed into law a harsh ban on smoking in public places.
Russian Officials Oppose Return of Death Sentences
Several top officials in Parliament and Kremlin have rejected the possibility of a return of the death penalty in Russia after Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev said in an interview that he saw nothing wrong in it.
Russian Parliament Passes Anti-Smoking Bill
On Tuesday, Russia's lower house of parliament approved in the third and final reading a bill banning smoking in public places.
Russia May Prohibit Carrying Duty-Free Alcohol on Planes
Russian lawmakers will consider a bill providing for a ban from carrying duty-free alcohol on board airplanes, as an answer to a rise in disruption caused by Russian drunk travelers.
Arrested Migrant Worker Receives Support from his Neighbours
On Thursday a Moscow court was asked to temporarily free an Uzbek migrant accused of attacking a 12-year-old boy, because of sudden change in the case's circumstances.
Russia-US Adoption Deal to Last Till 2014
The existing bilateral adoption agreement between Russia and the United States will remain valid until January 2014, Russian President's press service reports.
Retirement Age Is Raised for Top Officials in Russia
On Wednesday, January 2, Russian President signed a law increasing the retirement age for Russias senior government officials to 70.
Deputies Propose Military Draft for Russian Women
The Deputy Head of the State Duma's Committee for Defense, Tatyana Moskalkova of the Just Russia faction, has introduced the proposal to call up Russian women for military service.
Russian Deputies Introduce Bill on Energy Drinks Ban
A group of Russian lawmakers has proposed a bill that would ban sales of energy drinks in Russia, the State Duma website said on Tuesday.
Moscow Police Detain 30 People at Pickets against US Adoptions Ban
On Wednesday, thirty people were detained near the State Duma as they took part in a picket against legislation that can put an end to the adoption of Russian children by US citizens.
Ban on US Adoptions Passes Second Reading in Duma
A controversial bill that would ban US citizens from adopting Russian children passed in a second reading in the Russia's Lower House.
Russian Lower House to Consider US Citizens Blacklist
Russian State Duma plans to consider the draft law targeting US citizens involved in Human Rights violations - the response to the so-called Magnitsky Act approved by the US Senate last week.
Migrant Workers to Face Russian Language Tests
Migrant workers arriving in Russia to find job will be forced to face tests of their knowledge of the Russian language, as a new law comes into force.
Pussy Riot Music Video Found 'Extremist'
On Thursday, November 29, a Moscow court ruled that a video by punk group Pussy Riot is extremist and it should be banned from the Russian Internet.
Russian Human Rights NGO Offices Vandalized in Moscow
The Moscow offices of two influential human rights groups were vandalized on Wednesday, the first day a controversial new law on non-governmental organizations (NGO) came into effect.
Nazi Symbols and Propaganda to Be Banned in Russia
Russian senators are working on a bill which is to prohibit the glorification of Nazi crimes and the usage of any Nazi or similar symbols and gestures in the country
21 Websites Striked Off Russian Internet Blacklist
Russias telecoms watchdog, Roskomnadzor, has struck 21 entries off its blacklist in three days, the agency reported on Wednesday.
Court Paroles Russian Scientist Sentenced for Espionage
On Tuesday, a district court in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk paroled a Russian physicist Valentin Danilov who was imprisoned in 2004 for spying for China.
Khodorkovsky's Business Partner to Go at Large in Summer 2013
On Thursday, an Arkhangelsk region court reduced 13-year sentence of Platon Lebedev, the jailed business partner of Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, by three years.
Russian 'Internet Blacklist' Starts Working
On November 1, a special law aimed to protect children from harmful web content the so-called internet blacklist has come into effect.
Madonna Case Opens In Petersburg
For the second day they were hearing the court case brought by Petersburg citizens against Madonna for various ethical offences during her concert there in August 2012.
Moscow Drivers to Pay For Evacuation Of an Inappropriately Parked Vehicle
Moscow drivers will have to pay over $100 to have their inappropriately car evacuated to a designated parking spot. The measure is part of the scheme to fight inappropriate parking in the capital.
Pussy Riot Member Addresses European Human Rights Court
Yekaterina Samutsevich, a member of the protest punk group Pussy Riot, who was given a parole last week, has lodged a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights.
Moaning at Night to Be Prohibited in St. Petersburg
The legislative assembly in the city of St. Petersburg has approved in the first reading a bill that bans several noises late at night, including squeaks and loud groans or moans.
One Pussy Riot Member Freed on Appeal
On Wednesday, a Moscow court mitigated the two-year prison penalty for Pussy Riot member Ekaterina Samutsevich to a suspended sentence at an appeal hearing.
More Corruption in Russia in 2012
The amount of corruption crimes in Russia has grown by almost one-third during the first six months of 2012, year-on-year, Russia's Investigative Committee spokesman reports.
Russian Opposition Leader May Face 'Treason' Claims
On Monday, Russian opposition activist Sergei Udaltsov was summoned by investigators after an aired documentary film showed him as a violent revolutions supporter.
Pussy Riot Appeal Delayed until October 10
On Monday a Moscow court postponed the appeal of the three convicted Pussy Riot band members, after one of them, Ekaterina Samutsevich, refused her lawyers' service.
Russian Orthodox Church Is Ready to 'Absolve' Pussy Riot
An appeal against Pussy Riot's jail sentence is expected to be heard today, on October 1. Russian Orthodox Church waits for feminist punkers' repentance.
Professor of Law Yury Tolstoy Celebrates 85th Birthday
One of Russia's oldest living Professors of Law, Yury Tolstoy is celebrating his 85th birthday today.
The Innocence of Muslims May Cost Russians Social Web Access
Google's refusal to take down the trailer to a controversial film, The Innocence of Muslims, may lead to YouTube's getting blacklisted in Russia according to the new law regulating the Internet content. has also been warned.
Prosecutor General: Most Russian Roads Do Not Meet the Requirements
According to the recent investigation, over half of Russian roads do not comply with the safety requirements.
First Official Is Charched Over Hockey Team Plane Crash
Russia's investigation committe says pilots of a Russian airliner that crashed near Yaroslavl last year killing 44 people, had no right to fly.
Russian Politics Needs Long-Lived Officials
On Tuesday Russian president submitted to parliament a bill allowing top officials to stay in office until they are 70 years old.
A Krasnoyark Citizen Is Compensated For Physical And Moral Damages On Train
A citizen of Krasnoyarsk was compensated $230 for physical and moral offenses he endured during a train ride.
No More Itchy and Scratchy in Simpsons for Russian TV
Theyve been killing each other for decades, but Russian censorship managed to hit them at one stroke - famous cat and mouse will be cut from the Simpsons for Russian broadcast.
Russia's Supreme Court to Examine "Homosexual Propaganda" Law
A Supreme Court of Russia will consider the St. Petersburg's law about administrative responsibility for homosexual propaganda among minorities on October 3.
The Relics of Russian Saints Stolen From the Petersburg Church
A rather unprecedented extremist action happened in St. Petersburg: the relics of several Russian saints, including those of Alexander Nevsky, were stolen from the church.
VGTRK: Nu, Pogodi! Is Too Adult For Children
The famous Soviet cartoon about the Wolf and the Hare has been deemed inappropriate for screening to children - reportedly because the Wolf is portrayed as a bad guy with a cigarette.
A Young Antifascist May Be Sued For an Anti-Skinhead Video
Inciting any sort of hatred may be punished - so even if you are antifascist, beware!
Pussy Riot May Become a Trademark
The notorious punk band defense admitted that in April 2012 they have filed papers to make "Pussy Riot" a registered trademark.
Do Not Judge the Jury Unless You Are a Judge: A New Law To Protect the Russian Judiciary
Russian legislation may soon be enriched with a new law, limiting the criticism towards judges.
Internet Blacklist to Remain Classified to the Public
The new list of banned Internet resources is expected to be closed to the public in order to avoid advertisement for the illegal information.
Russian Muslims: "Let Thy Pussies Go!"
The Mufti of Russian Muslims, Nail Mustafin, explained what Muslims would do, had Pussy Riot performed a punk mass at a Muslim sacred place.
Court Sets August 17 for Pussy Riot Final Verdict
The judge in the feminist punk band Pussy Riot trial has said she will deliver her verdict on August 17, three years in prison can be given.
Pfizer-Owned Companies Embroiled In a Corruption Case in Russia
Two companies owned by the American Pfizer will now pay hefty fines for bribing healthcare officials in 4 countries in Eastern Europe, including Russia.
Identities of 'Debtors-at-Large' Can Be Publicised, Communication Service Confirms
The Federal Communication and Information Service confirms that court bailiffs may now publicise personal data of those debtors who have been declared in search by the police without permission.
Pussy Riot Apologize to Orthodox Believers
Members of the female band Pussy Riot have called their punk prayer performed at a Christian church an ethical mistake", but still plead not gealty to charges of hooliganism.
Russian Senators Propose Legalizing Firearms for Citizens
As a part of reforming the law on weapons, a group of Russian senators have suggested legalizing possession of short-stemmed arms for citizens' self-defense.
Art Swindlers Detained in Moscow
For a year two Russian citizens made their living posing for art experts and diddling Moscow art collectors, eager to sell their possessions to foreigners.
Russian Upper House Approves "Blacklists" and "Foreign Agents"
On Wednesday, the Russia's Federation Council approved such controversial bills as Internet blacklists, criminalizing defamation, branding some NGOs foreign agents" and others.
Foreign Financed Media to Become "Foreign Agents"
Deputies of the ruling party are planning to include Russian media sources which have foreign sources of income into the list of "specially checked" organizations.
Russian Lower House to Unmask "Foreign Agents"
The Russian parliament has adopted in the first reading a bill branding non-profit organizations receiving funds from abroad and engaged in political activity as foreign agents.
Russian Wikipedia Strikes Against Internet Censorship
Russian Wikipedia, the segment of the worlds largest free on-line encyclopedia, temporarily suspended its work on Tuesday in protest against a bill proposing creation of a blacklist of all websites containing banned content.
Yelena Baturina Visits Moscow to Give Testimonials in Court Case
The representative of Yelena Baturina has confirmed that the business lady is visiting Moscow to give the witness testimonial in the court case concerning the the Bank of Moscow.
Russian Protesters to Hold Rallies Abroad
Opposition supporters in Russias western exclave of Kaliningrad plan to hold protests in neighboring Poland, as they cannot afford the new fines for political rallies in Russia.
Tough Anti-protest Law is Approved by Russian Parliament
After 11 hours of a marathon session, the Russian lower house has supported toughening the punishment for illegal gatherings in the second and final third readings.
Russian Tycoon May Run for Moscow Mayor
Billionaire businessman Mikhail Prokhorov will probably run for Moscow mayor in 2015, Kommersant Daily reports.
Russian Parliament Seeks Biggest Fines for Opposition
On Tuesday Russia's State Duma has approved in the first hearing the scandalous draft that could make enormous fines for taking part in or organizing unsanctioned protests.
Russian Republican Party Is Officially Registered
The Russian Justice Ministry has restored registration of the liberal Republican Party of Russia, which will allow the party to participate in elections.
Parents to Be Trained for Adoption
The Russian government has approved a law that obligates couples to get special training before adopting a child.
Russian Ruling Party Plans Increasing Penalties for Protesters
Deputies from Russias ruling United Russia party have proposed to toughen punishment for protest organizers and participants.
New Year Holidays to Become Shorter in Russia
Russia's Parliament has enacted a bill to increase May holidays for two days on account of the New Year holiday week.
The Pirate Party of Russia Holds its Congress Online
On Sunday, the Pirate Party of Russia held its third congress to announce plans to seek official registration according to the new law.
Russia Plans to Drive Smokers Away
This week the Russian Parliament will start discussing a new bill significantly tightening the rules for smoking in public places.
Russia Bans Scientology Books
A Moscow regional court upheld a lower courts decision to ban books on Scientology, considering them as an extremist literature.
Eighth Political Party to Be Registered in Russia
The Russian Justice Ministry has agreed to register Russias Republican Party - the liberal party which was banned in 2007.
All Russian Civil Servants to Report Their Expenses
Russian government has proposed a new anti-corruption bill, which will oblige all state officials and members of parliament to declare their expenses.
St. Petersburg Officials Intend to Punish Rammstein
As the new bill banning the promotion of homosexuality comes into force, the German metal group Rammstein would be penalized for the "immoral conduct".
Abortion Law is Toughened in Russia
The Russian Health Ministry has cut the list of social grounds that allow women to have a free abortion. Now only sexual assault is an excuse for women to abort their pregnancy.
Slander is Now Costly in Russia
On January 1, a new law came into effect which has double the maximum sentence for insulting a state official.
Russian Constitution "Comes to Age"
Today Russia marks the Constitution Day for the 18th time in its contemporary history. Though this date is no longer a day off in Russia, two thirds of Russian people still celebrate it.
St. Petersburg Officials Want to Ban LGBT Propaganda
The Deputies of St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly have approved in the first reading a draft law on administrative responsibility for propaganda by the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.
Russian State Duma Approves Chemical Castration for Pedophiles
On the 4th of October, deputies of the Russia's State Duma approved a bill assuming chemical castration for pedophiles, with intent to crack down on sex crime against minors.
Russians Should Expect the Increase in Retirement Age
Once again the members of the Government have discussed the necessity of pension reform in Russia.
Only 10% of Russian People Are Ready to Give Up Beer Because of New Law
The latest public-opinion poll has revealed the attitude of Russian people to the new "dry law" that restricts beer trade and consumption.
Dry Law in Russian: Beer Equals Vodka - It's Alcohol
Sad news for those who appreciate a good pint of lager: beer is now officially an alcoholic drink in Russia. It cannot be consumed in the street and can only be sold in small shops and supermarkets.

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