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Categories of Foreign Citizens Allowed to Enter Russia in 2021
The closure of borders with other countries is regulated by the Government Order No. 635-r of March 16, 2020. The order has already been edited almost 20 times.
Taxes, Benefits, Rewards: New Laws and Programs for Business Come into Force in 2021
On January 1, 2021, a law on reducing the rate of insurance premiums and income tax for IT companies came into force in Russia. At the same time, the excise tax on tobacco products increased to replenish the budget. In addition, the tax on interest on bank deposits above 1 million rubles and an increase in the personal income tax rate to 15% for citizens who earn more than 5 million rubles a year should bring additional income to the treasury.
Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in Russia in Connection with the Spread of Coronavirus
The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia explains additional measures to regulate the legal status of foreign citizens in connection with the spread of coronavirus.
Indefinite Residence Permit in Russia
After the entry into force of the Federal Law No. 257-FZ on November 1, 2019, the residence permit issued to foreign citizens and stateless persons in Russia has become indefinite. It means, that this document is issued without limitation of validity now.
De-Registration of a Foreign Citizen at the Place of Residence in Russia
De-registration of a foreign citizen at the place of residence in Russia is carried out in a few cases. All of them are covered here.
Registration of a Foreign Citizen at the Place of Residence in Russia
Registration of a foreign citizen at the place of residence in Russia is carried out by the migration department of the territorial body of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on the day a foreign citizen (his legal representative) submits an application for registration and necessary documents.
Temporary Stay of a Foreign Citizen in the Russian Federation
The period of temporary stay of a foreign citizen in the Russian Federation is determined by the period of validity of the visa issued, except for the cases provided for by the Federal Law.
Legal Assistance to Foreigners in Russia
Arriving on the territory of Russia, foreigners sometimes face a large number of problems associated with registration, illegal deportation or violation of their rights, so this is where such a service as legal assistance to foreigners is so necessary.
How to Find a Lawyer in Russia: Things to Avoid
The legal services market is oversaturated with offers and it is difficult for foreign clients to understand who they should turn to for legal assistance and who should be avoided.
How to Find a Good Lawyer in Russia: Steps to Follow
To find a lawyer in Russia, pay attention to our recommendations and it will not be difficult to choose a good professional.
3 Suspicious Things to Check before Entering into a Contract with Your Russian Counterparty
Unlike government agencies, entrepreneurs have a limited set of sources for analyzing contractors. But in most cases, they are sufficient to prevent risks.
Internet Sources to Check your Russian Counterparty
It is important to check the Counterparty and choose reliable companies in order to eliminate possible risks. For legal entities, verification of the Counterparty is the main action to prevent financial and tax risks. The Federal Tax Service strongly recommends to check counterparties using all available public and legal sources of information. The easiest way to verify your Counterparty is to obtain information from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities on the official website.
Russia and Cyprus Agree to Amend the Tax Agreement
Countries agree to raise base tax rate on dividends and interest to 15%.
How to Check Your Russian Counterparty: Analysis of the Package of Documents
In order to protect itself from all possible risks in the conduct of business activities and claims from the tax authorities, the company should take several steps to conduct an audit of the counterparty. Verification is usually carried out in four stages.
How to Check Your Russian Counterparty: Analysis of Informal Data about the Counterparty's Activities
In order to protect itself from all possible risks in the conduct of business activities and claims from the tax authorities, the company should take several steps to conduct an audit of the counterparty. Verification is usually carried out in four stages.
How to Check Your Russian Counterparty: Assessment of Test Results and Possible Solutions
In order to protect itself from all possible risks in the conduct of business activities and claims from the tax authorities, the company should take several steps to conduct an audit of the counterparty. Verification is usually carried out in four stages.
How to Check Your Russian Counterparty: Analysis of Data from the Internet Resources of Official Bodies
In order to protect itself from all possible risks in the conduct of business activities and claims from the tax authorities, the company should take several steps to conduct an audit of the counterparty. Verification is usually carried out in four stages.
How to Check Your Russian Counterparty: Main Risks
There are several main groups of risks associated with cooperation with unverified counterparties.
How to Check Your Russian Counterparty: When is Verification Required?
How to Avoid Tax Sanctions and Prove Due Diligence? How not to make a bad deal? How to prevent non-execution of the order by the counterparty? There is a solution: before signing the contract, check the counterparty to confirm its business reputation, legal capacity and financial and material support.
"Russian offshores": Cyprus Tax Conditions for Residents
The Ministry of Finance has prepared amendments to the Tax Code, establishing a tax rate on dividends of 5% for residents of "Russian offshore companies". Earlier, Russia achieved an increase in the preferential rate to 15% from Cyprus, Malta and Luxembourg.
How to Become Russian Tax Resident in 2020
The government has supported amendments that allow those who have spent from 90 days to six months in the country to voluntarily become tax residents of Russia. This, among other things, was achieved by tax consultants, whose clients, due to the pandemic, risked changing their tax residency against their will.
The Meshchansky Court of Moscow Sentenced Director Kirill Serebrennikov to Three Years Probation and a Fine of 800,000 Rubles
Serebrennikov was found guilty of embezzlement of nearly 129 million rubles allocated for the cultural project Platform. The prosecution previously requested six years in prison for the director and a fine of 800,000 rubles.
The Prosecutor Requested for the Director Kirill Serebrennikov a Real Term - Six Years in Prison
The prosecutor in the case of the "Seventh Studio" requested for the director Kirill Serebrennikov a real term - six years in prison, as well as a fine of 800,000 rubles.
A New Law Protecting Russian Companies under Sanctions
The Federation Council approved a bill that allows Russian sub-sanctioned persons transfering any disputes to a Russian court and punishing opponents who disagree with this maneuver.
Russia will Considerably Simplify the Procedure of Granting Citizenship
Russia will change the rules for granting citizenship. Now, foreigners applying for it will not have to give up their first citizenship for the sake of obtaining a Russian passport.
Maximum Tax Increase is Planned for Small Business in Russia
The Ministry of Economic Development has prepared the maximum tax increase for small business.
Protection From Account Blocking and Fast Customs Clearance: How the Ministry of Economy is Going to Improve the Business Climate
The Ministry of Economic Development has supplemented a plan to transform the business climate in Russia.
Amendments to the Law On Mass Media will Simplify the Process of Foreign Ownership of the Russian Media
The law restricting the share of foreign participation in the capital of the Russian mass media was adopted in 2014. In order to fulfill the law, large publishing houses and media holdings had to change the ownership structure.
The Number of Criminal Offenses in the Sphere of Economic Activity Increased in 2018
Law enforcement agencies have recorded a total of 34.12 thousand such cases. This category includes the violations of the Criminal Code related to money laundering, illegal businesses, forging securities, etc.
Big Data Regulation in Russia
The bill on the regulation of big data turnover in Russia was criticized by experts; the deputies of the State Duma considered the bill to be incomplete.
State Support for Small and Medium-sized Businesses in Russia
The auditors of the Accounting Chamber have made a conclusion about the inefficiency of measures of state support for small and medium-sized businesses.
The Small Business Pulse Results
The loyalty index of small businesses fell in the first half of 2018, as compared to the previous year, reaching 27 points, according to Inc.Russia referring to the study of Alfa-Bank titled Small Business Pulse. A more pessimistic attitude was previously noted only in November 2015, when the figure dropped to -38.
Research: Russian Entrepreneurs Notice Less Corruption
Russian entrepreneurs note that there is less corruption in business.
New Pension System will be Introduced
The Bank of Russia is developing a new system of pensions for citizens, an alternative to funded pension, with the help of the World Bank.
The Dynasty Foundation will be Closed in October
The Dynasty Foundation of Dmitry Zimin stated that it would terminate its operations on October 31, according to the organizations website.
The Kremlin Regrets of the Closure of the Dynasty Foundation
The Kremlin regrets of the closure of the Dynasty Foundation, the spokesman for the Russian President Dmitry Peskov stated. According to RIA Novosti, at the same time he said that no prohibitive decisions were taken against the foundation in Russia.
The Right to Oblivion
The State Duma has passed a bill that is called the right to oblivion on the Internet by the media in the third reading. It requires the search engines to remove the links to information about a citizen from the search results at his or her request.
Amendments to the Law on NGO will be Made in Autumn
The amendments to the law on NGOs establishing specific criteria for socially oriented and socially important organizations will be made to the State Duma in the autumn session.
Inclusion of Dynasty into the Register of Foreign Agents was Criticized
The former Russian Finance Minister Aleksei Kudrin called the law on foreign agents flawed after it effected the non-profit foundation Dynasty. Human rights defenders also criticized the inclusion of the foundation into the register of foreign agents.
A Law on Undesirable Foreign and International Organizations was Signed
The law allows to recognize undesirable the activities of international or foreign non-governmental organization presenting a threat to the fundamentals of the constitutional order of Russia, its defense capacity or security.
Twitter does not Comply with the Requirements of Russian Legislation
The microblogging service of Twitter does not comply with the requirements of Russian legislation, including those aimed at countering extremism.
Arrears on Foreign Currency Mortgage may Reach 45%
By March 2015 the number of people unable to pay the full amount of the monthly payments on foreign currency mortgage may reach 45%. This forecast was made by the All-Russian movement of foreign currency mortgage borrowers.
Russian Law: Parliament in Action
Russia-IC brings you a collection of five bills that have shaped the last week's legislative agenda here in Russia.
Russian Law: Parliament in Action
MPs are now fighting to bring Russian capital back home from offshore jurisdictions, to stem the spread of new synthetic drugs and offering a helping hand to sanctions-hit oligarchs.
Russian Law: Parliament in Action
This time, we have bills sponsored by the Economic Development and Finance ministries and a draft law to help home owners defend themselves against burglars.
Russian Law: Bitcoins in Focus
Russia may soon put a lid on transactions involving cryptocurrencies, says a new bill drafted by the Finance Ministry, amid a growing trend towards tighter regulation of the new financial phenomenon.
Russian Law: Parliament in Action
The Russian Parliament is back from its summer hiatus, with a new menu of exciting bills aimed to 'improve' taxi services, the rental and the media industries.
Russian Law: Parliament in Action
Parliament in action is back after its summer hiatus, with stories of movie bans and high costs to spook bribe-takers and drunk drivers.
Russian Law: Parliament in Action
Click here to find out whether Russia will get a new banknote featuring Crimea, what steps could help Russian journalists on assignments in Ukraine and how the authorities are going to conduct Safe Sex campaigns without any advertising.
Russian Law: Parliament in Action
In this week's review, we look at legislative attempts to regulate the language, the move to close loopholes for Russia-based tax-evading Americans and a bill to keep dangerous criminals locked up without the chance of an early release.
Russian Parliament in Action: Beware, Foreign Agents Are All Around Us
Russian MPs are introducing new restrictions aimed at state officials, ordinary folks and NGOs. Click here to find out more.
Russian Law: Parliament in Action
Russian MPs are considering ways to simplify granting Russian citizenship but want to impose a penalty for concealing foreign citizenship. Learn more in our law review.
Most Searched Laws of 2013 - Yandex
Russians have been more interested in the laws that are passed by the parliament as revealed by a recent study by Yandex, an Internet giant operating the biggest national search engine.
Russian Law: Parliament in Action
This autumn, MPs play fire with time, science and death. Want to know who's going to win, click right here.
Russian Law: Parliament in Action
Surprisingly, the parliament has run out of restrictive initiatives and is looking at moves that may really help ordinary Russians, bolstering the right to go bust, to self-defense, and to defend against property management companies.
Russian Law: Parliament in Action
In this review, we look at how the State Duma may give more freedom to borrowers but less freedom to Internet users, by seeking a ban to networks like Tor.
Russian Law: Parliament in Action
Two weeks before the start of the autumn session of the national parliament, we look at some of the bills that could make catchy headlines. Click here to find out the price for cars that the Russian officials would be allowed to use.
Russian Law: Parliament in Action
This time again, we are looking at bills that could be past in the autumn, and some of them may have a real positive impact on living standards, like the RUR 100 draft law. Click here to find out more.
Russian Law: Parliament in Action
In this review, we look at what's on the plate for the autumn session of the national parliament, or the State Duma, because it's currently on vacation. Click here to find out whether you should be concerned about your trip to the 2014 Sochi Olympics.
Russian Law: Parliament In Action
In this review, we look into the 'economic amnesty', the bill to 'destroy' or 'revamp' the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the new way copyright laws will be enforced vis-a-vis Internet websites.
Top 5 Weirdest Moves by Russian Lawmakers
Russia-IC brings the list of the most ridiculous legislative initiatives made by the Russian lawmakers over the past year - ditching US dollars and iPhones, punishing noisy MPs and punishing divorced couples with a fine, or rather a tax, they call it.
Russian Law: Parliament in Action
Russia-IC presents a review of three recent bills - passed, under consideration or still in the pipeline. Hope you don't have too much cash, otherwise it's time to get worried.
Fresh Raft of Draft Laws Review
Russia-IC presents you with an overview of the latest legislative moves by the Russian parliament. Click here to find out what is in store for Russia.
Fixing the Match-Fixing
Russia is adamant to ensure fair play rules on the pitch as it is getting ready to host its first World Cup event in 2018.
Franchising As a Key To Success. The Russian Way.
Franchising is considered to be one of the possible solutions to many economic problems of modern Russia. In fact, it has already enhanced the growth of the small businesses here. The article gives an overview of the Russian franchising market, depicting its peculiarities in comparison with the global experience.
Anti-Corruption Crusade
Amid the latest scandal involving the Ministry of Defence and its former head Anatoly Serdyukov, MPs are planning new laws to make sure such cases will not repeat in the future. Russia-IC looks at the proposals.
Paper Review: Treason Scare
The proposed new bill on high treason and espionage, pushed quickly through the State Duma this week, has made a splash in the media, both domestic and international. Russia-IC looks at the different voices from around the world.
Beware: High Treason Round the Corner
Russian MPs have adopted controversial amednments on high treason and espionage that could make working and living for millions of Russians, and foreigners residing here, as dangerous as ever.
Doing Business in Russia 6% Easier
According the WB Doing Business index, Russia has managed to improve its image in two key areas - construction permits and taxation. Russia-IC looks at the progress.
Ban to Boo Smokers
Four years after joining the WHO convention, Russia is about to take its final step to pave the way for a healthy society. In a bid to stub out smoking, the government will introduce tough restrictions - but gradually.
Russia's Unique Letter Deserves a Law
The Russian government said it would work out a law to regulate the usage of letter . Russia-IC looks into what has triggered such a response.
New Law "On police" Approved. Will Anything Change?
The new Police Law has been approved on January, 28. Experts say that it is not all about just changing the name from "militia" to "police", this is a deep reform that will touch every police structure and every officer. Nevertheless, there are too many pro and contra on this topic.
Russian Legal System: in Urgent Need of Reforms
Another ugly scandal convulse Russian police. The head of the Directorate for Combating Economic Crimes and three police officers in Siberian Zabaikalsky Territory are suspected of taking bribes worth more than $450,000.
After Relative Calm Militancy Flares up in North Caucasus
The flow of tourists to alpine resorts in Kabardino-Balkaria has grown much thinner of late, after more than ten police officers and civilians were killed in the region in one month.
Old Prescription is Better than Two New Ones?
President Dmitry Medvedev has signed a law on introducing amendments to the law on the Federal Security Service (FSB) about administrative violations that expands the powers of the FSB under the current law.
Militia is Getting Pulled into Police
A first step in President Dmitry Medvedev's reform of the notoriously corrupt police force will be to replace its Bolshevik-imposed name "militia" with the tsarist-era "police."
Far East Clenched its Fist
A court in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in the Russian Far East has ordered all local Internet service providers to block access to and four other websites for publishing extremist materials.
Is the End of Draft Dodging Coming Soon?
All Russian men between the ages of 18 and 27 are obliged by law to perform one year of military service, but people are encouraged to evade conscription.
Piercing and Halloween are Outlawed in Russian Schools
Talking about childrens morality has become a very popular topic in the Russian State Duma. Russian officials suppose the time has come to think how to protect children from undermining influence of bad values.
Russian Law to Lock Children at Home
Russian police is concerned about growing number of crimes against children. The head of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs claimed that it is essential to introduce restrictions on time of the day when under-18s are permitted to stay outdoors in order to avoid possible crimes against them. He believes that 10 p.m. should become curfew for children and teenagers.
New Regulations against Abortions
The Russian Ministry of Public Health and Social Development has tightened abortion regulations. According to them, a woman will have to sign a document confirming her awareness of all potential consequences abortion may incur. Besides, all female counseling centers must have a special person, whose duty is to describe the process in detail and talk a woman out of abortion.
Dumb Laws no Longer other Countries Privilege
A new bill introduced to the State Duma recently would force drivers give up smoking while driving, otherwise they will be fined. The bill doesnt have many chances to be passed, though in other countries smoking behind the wheel is banned.
Homeless People: No Chance for New Life?
A new bill about the status of homeless people has been introduced to the State Duma. If it is approved, the government will have to support a 4-million army of beggars, though many doubt they are unlikely to depart from their usual mode of life.
Anti-extremist Russia
Two weeks ago Russian State Duma accepted amendments to the last year's law on extremism. In the light of growing intolerance and developing fast nationalist movements the changes are mostly welcomed by the society and political parties, though some amendments are rather disputable.
American Pirates didnt Escape Punishment
Recently a unique trial has been concluded in the USA: two Russian film companies Mosfilm and Lenfilm won a case against Joseph Berov, an owner the biggest bookshop in New York. He was found guilty and now has to pay 2.7 million US dollars as a pecuniary compensation.
Justice in Russia: Five Years of Imprisonment for 100mn Rubles Stolen
Tuesday the Russians could watch justice at work: Sergey Mavrodi, founding father of the biggest economic bubble MMM in the modern history of Russia had to face the sentence. MMM produced several TV commercials convincing people of the need to acquire the shares doubling their cost within two or three weeks. Most citizens unsophisticated in new marketing technologies that Mavrodi used bought shares, since they believed in better life coming with post-Soviet changes.
Empty Markets of Russia
Starting 1 April a new Act has come into force in Russia: foreigners are prohibited to trade at Russian markets. The officials say that the range of products hasnt been reduced and there will be no upraise in prices. However, there are those who dont subscribe to this point of view.
Holes in Russian Patent Law
Any person, who is just getting acquainted with the Russian patent legislation, may feel a bit giddy: lack of development and ambiguity of legal norms make it possible to register any discovery in ones name from the chair to the fork and claim the fee from manufacturers.
Foreign Parents for Russian Children
There are no orphan homes in Western Europe and the USA - there are queues for abandoned children. Will it be harder or easier for foreigners to adopt a Russian child since custody regulations in Russia have changed?


The Central Bank will Restrict the Sale of Complex Investment Products to Inexperienced Investors
The Bank of Russia has developed a draft directive restricting the sale of complex financial products to unqualified investors. The corresponding document is published on the regulator's website.
New Rules for Controlling Cash Transactions Came into Force in Russia
Information about cash transactions in excess of 600 thousand rubles is transferred to Rosfinmonitoring starting from January 10.
The State Duma Adopted a Law on Foreign Agents
The State Duma adopted in the third reading a law on the recognition of individuals and unregistered public associations receiving funding from abroad as foreign agents for political activity in Russia.
The State Duma Approved Imprisonment for Libel on the Internet in the First Reading
The criminals will be fined up to 1 million rubles and imprisoned for up to two years.
State Duma Approved Criminal Liability for Blocking Streets
The State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill on criminal liability for blocking transport, if this caused harm to health or damage to property.
Personal Income Tax has been Increased for Employees with High Salaries
The increase in personal income tax will apply to citizens whose annual income exceeds five million rubles.
The Ministry of Economy has Developed an Analogue of the "Golden Passports"
The Ministry of Economy proposes to issue residence permits to foreigners in a simplified manner in an exchange for investments.
Russia and Luxembourg have Changed the Rules of Double Taxation
The Protocol defines the list of exceptions for the application of a preferential withholding tax rate of 5% on dividend and interest income.
The State Duma Allowed the Government to Issue State Loans to Other Countries Outside the Plan
They can be provided at the expense of the appropriations established by the loan program and by reducing the balances of the federal budget as of January 1, 2020.
Russia and Cyprus Signed a Protocol to Amend the Tax Agreement
Russia and Cyprus signed a protocol on the avoidance of double taxation between the countries.
Russia and Malta will Review the Double Taxation Treaty
Russia will revise the Convention for the avoidance of double taxation with Malta.
Online Aggregator of Data on Housing Rental in Russia will Start Operating in 2021
The state online aggregator of information on housing renting in Russia is planned to be launched in 2021. The aggregator will have options for paying taxes and utility bills. In addition, a temporary registration can be made through the platform.
The State Duma Adopted a Law on Tax Maneuver for IT Companies
The State Duma adopted a bill on tax maneuver for IT companies in the third final reading.
A Bill on Limiting the Removal of Children from the Family has been Submitted to the State Duma
The co-chairs of the working group on constitutional amendments introduced a bill to the State Duma that limits the extrajudicial removal of children from their families.
Lawyers Launch Entrepreneurship Assistance Association to Consult Businesses
Lawyers create an Association of Assistance to Entrepreneurs against the background of the coronavirus epidemic.
Russia will Introduce Tax Holidays for a Number of Industries
Tax holidays will be provided for taxpayers working in the field of physical education and sports, as well as art, culture and cinema.
Government Plans to Introduce Tax Breaks for Business Due to Coronavirus
The Russian government has developed a draft anti-crisis plan to support the economy in connection with the spread of a new type of coronavirus infection.
Russian Companies will be Able to Protect their Trademarks Abroad
The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) will include Russian language into the list of working languages of filing applications for the international protection of trademarks and design solutions.
Roskomnadzor has Blocked the Service for the Delivery of Goods from Foreign Online Shops
Roskomnadzor has blocked the domain of the service for the delivery of goods from foreign online stores Shopfans by the decision of the Gaysky city court (Orenburg region).
The Decisions of Foreign Courts on Business Cases will Begin to be Executed in Russia
Russia, alongside with other countries of the Hague Conference on Private International Law, adopted the Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters.
In 2018, 984 Thousand Legal Entities were Penalized Under Administrative Law in Russia
This figure has doubled since 2015: 400 thousand legal entities were fined then.
The Number of Sentences Imposed by Russian Courts with Regards to Economic Crimes has Increased by 20%
A total of 7,700 people were found guilty of committing economic crimes.
Russia Plans to Launch the Approach of the Regulatory Guillotine
It is planned to launch the approach of the regulatory guillotine in Russia from February 1, 2020 (according to which the mandatory provisions of acts that did not receive special approval or changes automatically expire).
Russia Plans to Launch the Approach of the Regulatory Guillotine
It is planned to launch the approach of the regulatory guillotine in Russia from February 1, 2020 (according to which the mandatory provisions of acts that did not receive special approval or changes automatically expire).
The Access to Government Subsidies has been Simplified
A decree making amendments to government acts regulating subsidies of organizations came into force.
The New Version of the Draft Law on Electronic Employment Records has Become Known
Beginning from 2020, any new entries on a persons employment have to be entered in the employees employment record in an obligatory way, and from 2021 all new employees will be processed electronically.
The Moscow Mayors Office Decided to Slow Down the Growth of the Property Tax Rate
In 2019 it will increase by 0.1% - up to 1.6%.
Fines for Delay and Failure to Submit Financial Statements will be Increased
The Ministry of Finance has prepared amendments to the Administrative Code.
The Purchase of Advertisements on Facebook for Russian Accounts will be Subject to a New VAT
It is noted that the tax will be levied regardless of the fact whether the advertisement is purchased for personal or commercial purposes.
The Tax Rate on the Property of Companies will Grow in Moscow
Officials emphasize that the total tax burden on entrepreneurs will be reduced next year, because all movable property will not be taxed in 2019.
Russia Can Tighten Control over the Activities of Foreign Payment Services
As a result, this can lead to a ban on the operation of some of them.
Russia will Transit to Electronic Employment Records in 2021
The corresponding bill was developed by the Ministry of Labor.
Amendments to the Law On Currency Regulation and Currency Control have been Drafted
The Ministry of Finance has drafted the amendments to the Law On Currency Regulation and Currency Control, these amendments will enable resident legal entities to pay cash roubles to non-resident physical persons without using bank accounts in order to compensate for the VAT paid within the tax free system.
A Bill on the Transfer of Information on the Status of Customer Service to Banks has been Introduced to the State Duma
Telecommunication service providers may be obliged to transfer information on the status of customer service to banks and other credit organizations controlled by the Central Bank.
The Level of Quality of State Business Regulation in Russia Decreased
The estimate of the regulatory environment for business in Russia is in the negative area and amounts to -0.48; last year it made up -0.42.
Costs of Digital Economy
The growth of digital economy in Russia is primarily connected with the expansion of the public sector creating and implementing new information and accounting systems in the sectors that belong to the sphere of possible government revenues.
The Tax Code will be Supplemented by the Chapters on Non-tax Payments
The bill will be prepared before the end of this year.
The Ministry of Economic Development is Changing Corporate Law
The Head of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade proposed to create a mechanism of shares with different rights in Russia, including super-voting shares for founders and majority shareholders.
Oil Producers Expect to Raise the Amount of Compensation for the Regulation of Domestic Petrol Prices
A draft bill on the reduction of the conditional domestic prices for fuel used in the calculation of subsidies is already being developed.
The Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) will Use Blockchain Technology
The Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) will monitor the employment contracts of Russians with the help of blockchain technology. The proposals on the merger of all information systems of the fund into a single digital platform will be prepared by the end of the year.
The Law on Online Cash Desks (54-FZ) does not Apply to Foreign Organizations
The law on online cash desks (54-FZ) does not apply to foreign organizations and entrepreneurs that are not registered and have no representative offices in Russia.
Tax Privilege for the IT Exporters
The Skolkovo Foundation proposes to introduce a tax privilege for the exporters in the field of IT: in particular, it is proposed to introduce a tax deduction for input VAT - the tax paid upon equipment of the workplaces of programmers who write exported software.
A Bill on the Insurance of the Plans of Small Businesses Comes into Force
According to the law, the system of deposit insurance will be extended to small enterprises, in accordance with the criteria established by the state.
The Tax Rate for Self-employed Citizens may Become 4%
Nowadays legal self-employed people are required to pay personal income tax (Personal Income Tax) or register as individual entrepreneurs.
Workload in Russia
63% of Russians are regularly kept late at their workplaces, most often because of a large amount of work (28%).
New Tax Law for Entrepreneurs in Russia Comes into Force
The law allowing the Federal Tax Service (FTS) to block accounts of entrepreneurs that for some reason did not pay insurance premiums comes into effect from August 30.
Introduction of an Environmental Tax
The object of taxation in the new article of the Tax Code is the types of environmental impact: emissions into the air, wastewater discharge, storage and disposal of waste.
A Special Tax Regime for Foreign Companies will be Introduced on the Russian Islands
In 2019 the islands of Oktyabrsky in Kaliningrad Oblast and Russky in the Primorsky Territory will become an alternative to foreign offshore companies.
Bank Deposits and Accounts of Small Businesses and Microenterprises will be Insured
The maximum amount of insurance compensation will be the same as for individuals - 1.4 million roubles.
Central Bank will Receive the Right to Unimpeded Access to the Premises of Companies and their Documents
Beginning from May 1, 2019, the staff of the Central Bank will have unimpeded access to the premises of companies, to their documents, computers and storage systems as a part of their insider inspections.
Steven Seagal Opened an IE in the Moscow Region
Hollywood actor Steven Seagal, an American with Russian citizenship, opened an IE in the city of Elektrostal, Moscow region. This was reported to the tax inspectorate.
Dollar Ban Bill Withdrawn from Parliament
Liberal Democrat Mikhail Degtyarev has withdrawn his bill on the US dollar ban from the national parliament.
Upper House of Parliament OKs Bill on Foul Language in Media
The Federation Council has given the green light to a new set of fines for foul language used in the mass media.
New Bill on Tax Powers Prompts Privacy Concerns
Russian deposit holders may be facing pressure from the tax authorities if new amendments on money laundering are passed into law.
Communications Ministry Against 'No Swearing Law'
The Ministry of Mass Media and Communications is against the new bill that would outlaw obscenities in mass media.
MPs Pledge to Rework Bill on Religious Offence
The bill on religious offence will be reworked in line with governmental proposals, said Yaroslav Nilov, a co-sponsor of the draft law.
'National' Films Bill Submitted to Parliament
Russias Liberal-Democratic Party wants films about Russia to be made by Russians and any independent foreign productions banned.
Parliament May Scrap Direct Vote for Governors
MPs may restore the old status-quo governors of Russia's regions were appointed by the Kremlin.
Petition Turned into Law Submitted for Review
Fair Russia MPs have submitted a bill that would see the US adoptions ban passed last December scrapped.
Russian to Condemn Bolivia's Coca Addiction
Russia is expected to condemn Bolivias move to re-join the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961 with a reservation that allows for the traditional age-old habit of coca chewing in the country.
Russia to Get Tough on Match-Fixing
Ahead of the World Football Cup in 2018, Russia is set to clean up the game. A new bill is expected to send a strong warning to match-fixers.
Russian Courts To Get 3 Billion
Russia is going to spend $3 billion on its judiciary over the next 7 years, with a key indicator missing from the development programme.
Tax Authorities a Partner, Not a Foe
Corporations will no longer need to read the leaves and fear probes from tax authorities.
Higher Fines for Bootleg Vodka Producers
Russian MPs are mulling tougher penalties for producers of home-made alcohol in a bid to cut the death rate among cash-starved groups.
Fingerprints for Foreign Workers
All foreigners employed in Moscow will have their fingerprints taken if a joint proposal by the capitals migration body and the Interior Ministry is adopted, according to a City Hall officials.
Russia Toughens Requirements for Adoptive Parents
On Tuesday, Russia's State Duma accepted in the first reading the bill that would require prospective adoptive and foster parents to undergo special psychological training.

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