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Leo Tolstoy
August, 28th (on September, 9th) 1828 - 7 (20) November 1910
Vladimir Gilyarovsky
... - ...
Alexander Sumarokov
... - ...
Mikhail Lomonosov
... - ...
Vladimir Bogomolov
3 July 1926 - 30 December 2003
Andrei Bitov
27 May 1937 - ...
Boris Akunin
20 May 1956 - ...
Boris Strugatsky
14 April 1933 - 19 November 2012
Kir Bulychev
18 October 1934 - 5 September 2003
Alexander Griboyedov
... - ...
Anton Chekhov
January 17, 1860 - July 2, 1904
Mikhail Bulgakov
May 15, 1891 - March 10, 1940
Ilya Kormiltsev
September 26, 1959 - February 4, 2007
Chinghiz Aitmatov
December 12, 1928 - June 10, 2008
Yuri Koval
February, 9th 1938 - August, 2nd 1995
Yevgeni Grishkovetz
17 February 1967 - ...
Boris Shergin
July 16, 1893 - October 31, 1973
Demyan Bedny
1 (13) April 1883 - 25 May 1945
Konstantin Balmont
15 June (O.S. 3 June) 1867 - December 23, 1942
Ivan Turgenev
November 9 [O.S. October 28] 1818 - September 3 [O.S. August 22] 1883
Ivan Goncharov
18 June [O.S. 6 June] 1812 - September [O.S. 15 September] 1891
Afanasy Fet
December 5, 1820 - December 3, 1892
Fyodor Tyutchev
December 5 [O.S. November 23] 1803 - July 27 [O.S. July 15] 1873
Mikhail Lermontov
October 15 [O.S. October 3] 1814 - July 27 [O.S. July 15] 1841
Valery Bryusov
December 13 [O.S. December 1] 1873 - October 9, 1924
Andrei Bely
October 26 [O.S. October 14] 1880 - January 8, 1934
Nikolai Gumilyov
April 15, 1886 - August 1921
Vladimir Mayakovsky
July 19 [O.S. July 7] 1893 - April 14, 1930
David Burliuk
July 21, 1882 - January 15, 1967
Aleksei (Alexander) Kruchenykh
February 21, 1886 - June17, 1968
Vasily Kamensky
April 17 [O.S. April 5] 1884 - November 11, 1961
Sophia Parnok
August 11, 1885 - August 26, 1933
Mikhail Kuzmin
October 18 [O.S. October 6] 1872 - March 1, 1936
Marina Tsvetaeva
8 October [O.S. 26 September] 1892 - 31 August 1941
Velimir Khlebnikov
November 9, 1885 (October 28, 1885 (O.S.)) - June 28, 1922
Osip Mandelstam
January 15 [O.S. January 3], 1891 - 1891 December 27, 1938
Anna Akhmatova
June 23 [O.S. June 11], 1889 - March 5, 1966
Antony Pogorelsky
1787 - 9 (21) July 1836
Nikolai Garin-Mikhailovsky
8 (20) February 1852 - 27 November (10 December) 1906
Aleksey Remizov
6 July [O.S. 24 June] 1877 - November 26, 1957
Pyotr Yershov
March 6 [O.S. February 22] 1815 - August 30 1869
Sasha Chorny
13 October 1880 N.S - 5 July 1932
Alexander Grin
August 23, 1880 - July 8, 1932
Aleksei Nikolayevich Tolstoi
29 December (11 January) 1883 - 23 February 1945
Pavel Bazhov
15 January (27 January ) 1879 - 3 December 1950
Mikhail Prishvin
January 23 (N.S. February 4), 1873 - January 16, 1954, Moscow
Vitaly Bianki
11 February 1894 - 10 June 1959
Boris Zhitkov
30 August (11 September) 1882 - 19 October 1938
Andrei Platonov
20 August (1 September) 1899 - 5 January 1951
Vladimir Sorokin
... - ...
Venedikt Erofeyev
October 24, 1938 - May 11, 1990
Joseph Brodsky
24 May 1940 - 28 January 1996
Dmitrii Bykov
20 December 1967 - ...
Ivan Bunin
October 22, 1870 - November 8, 1953
Mikhail Sholokhov
May 24, 1905 - February 21, 1984
Samuil Marshak
October, 22nd, 1887 - July, 4th, 1964
Alexander Vampilov
19 August 1937 - 17 August 1972
Varlam Shalamov
June 18, 1907 - January 17, 1982
Boris Zakhoder
9 September 1918 - 7 November 2000
Sergey Mikhalkov
February, 28th (on March, 13th) 1913 - 27 August 2009
Yevgeny Yevtushenko
18 July 1932 - ...
Lyudmila Petrushevskaya
26 May 1938 - ...
Bella Akhmadulina
April, 10th, 1937 - November, 29th, 2010
Mikhail Yelizarov
January, 28th, 1973 - ...
Nikolai Gogol
31 March 1809 - 4 March 1852
Victor Pelevin
November, 22nd, 1962 - ...
Korney Chukovsky
March, 31st, 1882 - October, 28th, 1969
Mikhail Zoshchenko
July, 29th, 1895 (August, 10th) - July, 22nd, 1958
Agniya Barto
February 17 (O.S. February 4) 1906 - April 1, 1981
Eduard Uspensky
December 22, 1937 - ...
Victor Golyavkin
August, 31st, 1929 - July, 21st, 2001
Radii Pogodin
August, 16th, 1925 - March, 30th, 1993
Natalya Gorbanevskaya
26 May 1936 - ...
Konstantin Babitsky
May 15, 1929 - 1993
Larisa Bogoraz
August 8, 1929 - April 6, 2004
Andrei Stolyarov
October, 20th 1950 - ...
Andrei Lazarchuk
February, 6th 1958 - ...
Maxim Gorky
16 March 1868 - 18 June 1936
Alexander Blok
28 November 1880 - 7 August 1921
Aleksei Ivanov
November, 23rd 1969 - ...
Alexander Ostrovsky
31 March 1823 - 14 June 1886
Nestor Kukolnik
September 8, 1809 - December 20, 1868
Vasily Zhukovsky
February 9 [O.S. January 29] 1783 - April 24 [O.S. April 12] 1852
Vissarion Belinsky
June 11 [O.S. May 30] 1811 - June 7 [O.S. May 26] 1848
Vladimir Odoevsky
3 August [O.S. 1 August] 1803 - 11 March [O.S. 27 February] 1869
Ivan Krylov
February 13, 1769 - November 21, 1844
Alexander Belyayev
16 March 1884 - 6 January 1942
Zakhar Prilepin
... - ...
Lev Rubinstein
... - ...
Olga Berggolts
May 16, 1910 - November 13, 1975
Yevgeny Petrov
December 13, 1903 - July 2, 1942
Ilya Ilf
October 15, 1897 - April 13, 1937
Konstantin Kedrov
November 12, 1942 - ...
Denis Fonvizin
14 April [O.S. 3 April] 1744 or 1745 - 12 December [O.S. 1 December] 1792
Leonid Andreyev
21 August [O.S. 9 August] 1871 - September 12, 1919
Daniil Andreyev
November 2, 1906 - March 30, 1959
Alexey Ivanov
November 23, 1969 - ...
Mikhail Shishkin
January 18, 1961 - ...


World Famous Poets and Writers to Recite Their Works in Moscow
International literary festival Spoken Word: Post-Babel Condition (ISWAF) will be held in the framework of the book fair "non/fiction" in Moscow from December 2 to 4.
Post-Soviet Russian Literature, Part 2
Post-Soviet literature positions itself as a standalone phenomenon, disassociated from the progressive Sixtiers, aka the Thaw writers.
Post-Soviet Russian Literature, Part 1
Post-Soviet literature dissolved borders and swept away the division into emigrant literature and literature of the mother country.
Postmodernism in Modern Russian Literature
Postmodernism in Russian literature consists in combination of opposite concepts: the sublime and the low, pathetics and mockery, the fragments and integrity.
Symbolism in Russian Literature of the Silver Age
Symbolist poetry is meant for aristocrats of the spirit. The symbol is the tool helping to break on through the veil of daily routine to the higher reality. The poets calling is to connect the realistic earthly world with ultramundane realms.
Alexander Pushkin is the Most Popular Poet in RuNet has analyzed users interest in the Russian poetry and published the research results.
Russian Writers on the World Book Market, Part 1
Foreign readers review is an important test not only for a particular writer as such, but also for the Russian culture in general. Success or failure of domestic books abroad shows how competitive we are in respect of ideas.
Artistic Culture of the 19th Century, Part 7
The 19th century was the era of creating the Russian national music. Its forefather was Mikhail Glinka (1804 - 1857). Aspiring to create the national Russian opera, the composer addressed the Russian history of the 17th century, in particular, to the feat of the peasant Ivan Susanin.
Artistic Culture of the 19th Century, Part 5
The Itinerants aimed at polygonal display of contemporary life. They took an active part in development of national art schools in Russia. The artists developed all genres of fine arts, especially genre, historical, portrait and landscape painting.
Russian Literature of the 18th Century
The art culture of the 18th century Russia was also going through profound changes. It was becoming more and more secular under the growing influence of the West. By the middle of the 18th century the main European styles, namely Classicism and Baroque took shape in Russia.
Literature and Folklore of the 17th Century
Literature of the first half of the 17th century focused on the events of the Time of Troubles. Those were mostly publicistic works. Thus, The New Story about Glorious Russian Kingdom and the Great Moscow State was distributed in 1610 - 1611 in Moscow.
Russian Literature of the 16th Century
Literature of that time testifies to deep transformational processes, which embraced all the spheres in Russian society.
Conceptualism in Literature
The principles of conceptualism were manifested in Russian literature as well. The stereotypes that the Soviet ideology constantly bombarded consciousness of people with were revealed in conceptualists poetry, which was made emphatically detached, insensible, and mechanized.
History of Russian Language
The beginning of the Old Russian literary language is considered to coincide with the period of formation of the Kiev state the 11th century. The Slavic language material by means of high Greek literature and culture promoted the formation of writing language.
Moscow Museum of S. A. Esenin
If you are looking for some great insight into Moscow literary life, we recommend you to visit a museum of the famous Russian poet Sergey Esenin. This fascinating place is a hidden gem in the city centre that is not always included in guide books, but really deserves attention of tourists.
Must-Read Russian Books: Bulgakov, Dostoyevsky, and Tolstoy Top the List
Earlier this month we decided to explore, what books you would recommend to someone uninitiated in the Russian prose to read to start their acquaintance with the mysterious world of Russian literature. Our readers and visitors responded, and here is what they had to say...
Beautiful Poems about Russian Winter
Russian winter is not just a very cold weather with frost and snow. It is a beautiful and even romantic time, which always was an inspiration for many Russian writers, poets, artists and musicians. Their works help people to understand not only charm of Russian winter, but to get to know peculiarity of mysterious Russian soul. Today we'll proudly show you some poems about Russian winter by the best Russian poets in English translation. Enjoy!
Ural Writers: Charming Myths and Severe Realities in Russian Literature
The Urals region is rich in talented people in different spheres of Russian life. And literature is not an exception to that rule. Ural nature inspires for creation of mystical or fairy-tale stories, Ural mode of life and traditions add ethnic flavour to the books and Ural rich history allows to create truly epic and dramatic novels. So, no wonder that Ural literature is so stands out against the whole mass of Russian literature. This article tells you about the most outstanding writers, who lived and worked in the Urals region.
"Live Fast, Die Young" - 10 Russian Celebrities Gone Too Soon
They weren't able to stay in this world a little longer. But their short life was full of events and achievements. They enriched Russia with their talents and remained in history and people's memory. There is a list of 10 young Russian celebrities who died being below the age of 30, inclusive.
Russian Nobel Laureates
The full list of Russian Nobel laureates, including short information about them and links to the big biographic and theme articles from our site.
Russian Proverbs and Sayings
Russian proverbs and sayings are keen winged expressions created by Russian people, or translated from ancient written sources and borrowed from literary works; they express wise ideas and thoughts in concise and witty form.
The Captain's Daughter by Alexander Pushkin
The Captain's Daughter (Kapitanskaya dochka)- historical novel written by Alexander Pushkin. It is a common knowledge that the poetry of Alexander Pushkin cannot be translated well. Thats why Pushkin is not so famous abroad as Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. But there are some novels, written in prose, that are worth reading to understand the great gift of the greatest Russian national poet.
Russian Books for Children
The account of Russian writers world-known works addressed to children and youth should be started from the first third of the 19th century.
Golden Age of Russian Poetry
The sparkling term Golden Age is referred to the first half, or to be more exact, the first forty years of the 19th century. This period is remarkable for an unprecedented upsurge of creativity illuminated by the genius of Alexander Pushkin. It was the poetry of the early 19th century that turned to be the impetus, which still goes on driving Russian literature forth
Silver Age of Russian Poetry
With the end of the 19th century the Golden Age of Russian literature finished giving place to a crucial stage that later went down into history under the beautiful name of the Silver Age. It engendered a great flight of Russian culture, at the same time becoming a beginning of its tragic fall down.
Literature in Post-Soviet Time
Mikhail Gorbachevs assumption of office in 1985 and the following epoch of glasnost (i.e. publicity) in Soviet mass media, including press, brought about sweeping changes into Russian literature.
Russian Literature during Thaw and Stagnation (1960s-1970s)
In the early 1960s the demand for greater freedom of artistic expression in literature and arts manifested itself with new power, especially by efforts of the angry young men, the most well-known of whom became poets Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Yevtushenko and Andrey Andreyevich Voznesensky.
Russian Literature under Stalinist Regime
Stalins strengthening of his dictatorship in the early 1930s predetermined total submission of literature and art. In 1932 the Central Committee ordered to dismiss all literary associations and establish a single all-national Union of Soviet Writers, which was founded two years later at the First All-Union Congress of Soviet Writers.
Post-Revolutionary Literature in Russia
The first turbulent years after 1917, when in accord with new social forces released by overthrow of autocracy there appeared numerous confronting literary groupings, were the only revolutionary period of literature development in the Soviet Union.
Great Reforms and 19th Century Literature of Realism
Unusual flourishing of Russian realistic literature in the second half of the 19th century was going on against the background of social and political distemper that started in the 1840s, under the reign of Nicholas I (18251855).
Romanticism and 19th Century Literature
The first forty years of the 19th century are called the Golden Age of Russian poetry, and it is certainly due to the greatest Russian poet Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin (17991837), whose first triumph was the poem Ruslan and Lyudmila (1820).
Search for National Identity - Russian Literature of the 18th Century
The inevitable consequence of Russian and West European literatures drawing together was that the former, being less mature fell under the influence if the latter as a more developed one. With the introduction of a more refined lifestyle in the courts of the post-Peter the First epoch the encouraging of sciences and arts became sort of a fashion. Subtle poetry starts to be appreciated.
Church Influence and Old Russian Literature
As compared to West European countries Rus adopted Christianity rather late, not before the 10th century. Initial development of Russian literature was under the influence of Byzantium, i.e. the Eastern Roman Empire with the capital of Constantinople.
More about Russian Folk Tales
Tales can be divided into three groups by their subject-matter: fairytales with traces of mythology, tales about animals, who speak and act like people, and tales of manners.
Pskov Region: Mikhaylovskoye and its Charms
They say if you are unwilling to leave and wish to stay longer then you have surely understood Alexander Pushkins love for this place.
Tula Region: Yasnaya Polyana - Where Nature Inspired Leo Tolstoy
Le Tolstoy's Yasnaya Polyana estate is a place where one could clearly see and feel, how the gems of Russian nature can etch into one's heart.
The Nobel Prize in Literature 1958
Boris Pasternak - "for his important achievement both in contemporary lyrical poetry and in the field of the great Russian epic tradition"
History of Russian Literature
Great Russian poets and writers have always been the voice of this people's conscience and soul, and had to suffer for it.
The Nobel Prize in Literature 1933
Ivan Bunin - "for the strict artistry with which he has carried on the classical Russian traditions in prose writing"
The Nobel Prize in Literature 1965
Mikhail Sholokhov - "for the artistic power and integrity with which, in his epic of the Don, he has given expression to a historic phase in the life of the Russian people"


Exhibition "Russian Sentimentalism: Punctuation Marks"
The exhibition in the Ilya Ostroukhov House tells about one of the most emotional trends in Russian culture and takes visitors to the 18th century.
The Best Russian Translators Awarded in Moscow
The winners of the Master Award have been announced. The award is granted by the Guild of Literary Translation Masters to the best translators of belles-letters into Russian.
Exhibition "BOOK HEART: The World of Book Illustration" in Moscow
All comers to the Book Illustration exhibition at the Smolensky Passage in Moscow will find themselves in a fairy tale.
Renowned Writer Eduard Uspensky Died of Cancer
The famous childrens playwright and screenwriter Eduard Uspensky died in his summer residence in the Village of Puchkovo, Moscow Region.
Russian Culture Ministry and Orthodox Church to Promote Russian Classics
The RF Culture Ministry and the Patriarchal Council for Culture are launching the project Pushkin Union.
Over 50 Countries Joined Project "Lets Read Pushkin!"
The event is held in the run-up to the Day of the Russian Language.
Finalists of Big Book Award Announced
The short-list of Russias greatest literary award The Big Book consists of nine writers.
Fomenko Studio to Celebrate 80th Anniversary of Bella Akhmadulina
Bella Akhmadulina, one of the brightest poet Sixtiers, would have turned 80 today, April 10, 2017.
Days of Russian Literature Held in Zurich
Zurich House of Literature (Literaturhaus Zürich) is hosting the Days of Russian Literature.
Short List of Russian Booker Announced
The short list of the national literary award The Russian Booker 2016 includes six novels.
Short List of Russian Booker Announced
The short list of the national literary award The Russian Booker 2016 includes six novels.
War and Peace Became Best-Seller in Great Britain
Leo Tolstoy's epic novel War and Peace has for the first time become the best-seller in Great Britain, The Guardian reports.
Internet Festival of Young Readers in Sochi
The 15th Open Internet Festival of Young Readers of Russia will be held in Sochi on March 25 - 27.
Literary Contest 'Russian Award' Opens its New Season
The international literary contest Russian Award grants the best Russian-speaking writers working abroad.
Musical for 150th Anniversary of Crime and Punishment
The 150th anniversary of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's legendary novel The Crime and Punishment will be marked with the same-name musical.
Dmitry Glukhovsky to Present his New Novel Metro 2035
The writer Dmitry Glukhovsky is going to present in Perm one of the most highly anticipated novels Metro 2035.
Books of Russia Festival to Run in Red Square
The festival Books of Russia is expected to become one of the biggest events of the Year of Literature in this country.
Modern Book Illustrations to Embellish Houses in Moscow
Illustrations to books by modern Russian writers will appear on walls of Moscow houses.
Joseph Stalins Dossier to be Presented in St. Petersburg
Book about Joseph Stalin written by Anatoly Sobchak, the first mayor of St. Petersburg, will be presented.
Writers Oppose Demolition of Moscow Houses Associated with Sergei Yesenin
Russian writers have stood up against demolition of Privalovs Guest Houses, where Sergey Yesenin recited his first poems.
Mikhail Sholokhov's Grave to be Popularized
The grave of the famous Soviet writer Mikhail Sholokhov has been registered on the list of cultural heritage sites of Russia.
Vladimir Kozlov to Make New Film in Tolyatti
The screen version of The Skin novel by Vladimir Kozlov will be made in Tolyatti and Samara.
Sergey Dovlatov Festival to be Held in Pskov Region in 2015
Dovlatovfest dedicated to the famous writer Sergey Dovlatov will take place in the Pskov Region in 2015.
Ancient Russian Books Displayed in Moscow
The Book Apostles exhibition has been opened today in the Kolomenskoye Memorial Estate.
Victor Pelevins New Novel to Come off the Press Soon
The novel Love for Three Zuckerbrin by Victor Pelevin will be put on the market on September 4.
700 People to Read Anna Karenina Online
The world famous Internet company Google has announced the new international online project Karenina. Live Readings.
Zakhar Prilepins New Novel on Soviet Labor Camp to be Screened
The new novel Monastery by the Russian writer Zakhar Prilepin will be screened, the reports.
Exhibition on Nikolay Gogols Travel to Italy to be Held in Moscow
Museum of Moscow will hold the exhibition Gogol. Rome. From the Third to the First about the writers journey to Italy in 1843.
Khodorkovsky Presents Short Novels on His Imprisonment
When released from prison, Mikhail Khodorkovsky wrote a book about what he had to face in prison.
Books of Russia-2014 Fair Runs in Moscow
The traditional exhibition fair Books of Russia will take place at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre from March 26 to March 30.
Sergei Lukyanenko to Prevent Publishing of Ukrainian Authors in Russia
The popular Russian fiction writer Sergei Lukyanenko has forbidden translating his books into Ukrainian.
Childrens Writer Valery Zimin Passes Away
The remarkable childrens writer, playwright, and fairy tales author Valery Zimin died on February 22.
The Strugatsky Square to Appear in Petersburg
The toponymic committee of St. Petersburg has recommended to name an anonymous square in Moskovsky District of St. Petersburg after Arkady and Boris Strugatskys.
Non/fictioN Book Fair to Run in Moscow
Over 250 publishing houses from 20 countries will present humanitarian, educational, scientific, technical and fiction books at the annual non/fictioN exhibition.
Vladimir Sorokin's New Novel Telluria Goes Out
Telluria a new novel by the famous Russian writer Vladimir Sorokin has been published.
Solzhenitsyn Monument Unveiled in Belgorod
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn monument, the first monument to the writer in Russia, has been set up in Belgorod.
Pushkin's Correspondence Published Uncut First Time in 100 Years
Alexander Pushkins complete works of 11 books, with three of them made of his letters in full is going to be published in Russia.
Reading Russian Classics May Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
The World Health Organization has recognized Alzheimer's disease (dementia) a very serious problem along with cardiovascular diseases and cancer.
Exhibition Dedicated to Ivan Turgenev Opened in Pushkin Museum
The Pushkin State Museum has opened the exhibition Among People, My Very Ownand Strangers
90-volume Collection Of the Works of Leo Tolstoy Will Be Digitized
According to the organizers, the main aim of the project is to attract the attention of a wide audience to the works of Leo Tolstoy.
Anton Chekhov Hotel in Ulan-Ude to Be Restored
Pti-Hotel - one of the first hotels of Verkhneudinsk (now Ulan-Ude) designed by the local architect Golynsky - will be demolited and then restored.
National Best-Seller Literary Award Goes to Figl-Migl
The writer under the strange penname Figl-Migl has become the winner of the National Best-Seller award.
New Novel by Pelevin to Appear on Sale Tonight
Victor Pelevin's new novel Batman Apollo will hit the stores at midnight on Wednesday in Moscow.
Boris Akunin to Write History of the Russian State
Russian writer Boris Akunin (Grigory Chkhartishvili) has declared that he stops to write detective stories and will create History of the Russian State instead.
Museum of Writer Anatoly Kalinin to Appear in Rostov Region
A museum complex dedicated to the Don writer and publicist Anatoly Kalinin will be opened in Pukhlyakovsky Farm in the Rostov Region in 2016.
Russian Writer Boris Vasilyev Passed Away
On Monday, March 11, a famous Soviet and Russian writer Boris Vasilyev died on the 89th year of his life.
Poet Maxim Amelin Wins Solzhenitsyn Award
Poet Maxim Amelin has become the winner of Alexander Solzhenitsyn Award of 2013.
Russia to Gain One More Chekhov Museum
The house in Taganrog that belongs to Chekhovs family will be turned into a museum.
Exhibition of Literary Classics' Interiors Opens in Moscow
The Pushkin State Museum in Moscow is getting ready for opening of the exhibition Behind Screens recreating interiors of the 19th early 20th centuries described in literary works.
Mosfilm Begins Production Of a Film Based On Alexander Kuprin Works
Mosfilm begins production of a film based on the works of Alexander Kuprin, starting with a dramatisation of The Duel short story.
Russian Sci-Fi Legend Boris Strugatsky Dies at 79
Boris Strugatsky, the Soviet and Russian legendary science fiction writer, the last remaining member of the Strugatsky brothers duo, died on Monday.
Screen Version of Oleg Kuvayev's Novel to be Shot in Chukotka
The final shootings of the full-length feature film Territory based on Oleg Kuvayev's same-name novel will be held in Chukotka at the end of November.
Russian Author Receives South Korean Literary Award
Russian writer Lyudmila Ulitskaya has won the Park Kyung-ni literary prize for her book 'Daniel Stein, Interpreter', Elkost literary agency reports.
Exhibition of Self-made Books of the 1930s Opens in St. Petersburg
The Museum of Petersburg Avant-garde (Matyushin's House) has opened the exhibition Samozveri. Self-made Books. 1929-1935.
Victor Pelevin Novel Comes To the English Screen
A Victor Pelevin novel, Buddhas Little Finger, is currently completing its pre-production stage in Germany. Directed by Tony Pemberton, this will become Pelevin's first English-language screen adaptation.
Monument to Alexander Vampilov Set up in his Homeland
A monument to the famous Russian writer Alexander Vampilov has been set up next to the house in the Kutulik Settlement where he grew up.
The Son of Boris Pasternak, 88, Dies In Moscow
Evgeny Pasternak, the Russian literary critic and son of the Nobel-winning author Boris Pasternak, died in Moscow on 31 July, 2012 at the age of 88.
Poetry Living Legend Yevgeny Yevtushenko Is 80 Today
Today a famous Soviet and Russian poet, "the last hero" of the "poets of the sixties" pleiad, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, marks his 80th birthday.
An Open-Air Library Welcomes Muscovites
An open-air library welcomes Muscovites, young and old, throughout the summer season. The youngest ones can also join an eco-quest around the park.
Boris Akunin Wants to Solve Mystery of Deadmen's Mountain
Writer Boris Akunin famous for his detective novels is going to solve the mystery of the Dyatlov Passage, where 9 Ural students perished under strange circumstances in 1959.
Ivan Goncharov Museum Opens in Ulyanovsk
On Monday, June 18, the historical and memorial museum of the outstanding Russian writer Ivan Goncharov (1812-1871) has been opened in Ulyanovsk.
7th Open-Air Book Festival to Be Held in Moscow
From June 9th to June 12th the Central House of Artist will be hosting the 7th Moscow Book Festival.
Alexander Terekhov Wins National Bestseller Award
Russian writer Alexander Terekhov has become the winner of the National Bestseller Award 2012.
Lenin Still the Most Translated Author
Father of the Bolshevik Revolution, Vladimir Lenin, has ranked the fifth in a list of the most translated authors in the world.
Great Russian Book Influences American Rock Musicians
Legendary American rock star Patti Smith has recorded her new album, inspired by the Mikhail Bulgakov's novel "The Master and Margarita".
Illustrations to War and Peace Exhibited in Lipetsk
The exhibition of illustrations to the famous novel War and Peace by the great Russian author Leo Tolstoy takes place at the Regional Art Gallery in Lipetsk. It is devoted to the 200th anniversary of the victory in the Patriotic War of 1812.
The Greatest Russian Poet Died 175 Years Ago
On February 10, Russia marked 175th anniversary of the legendary Russian poet Alexander Pushkin's death.
Quizz on Russian Literature from The Guardian
The Guardian newspaper offered its readers to take a test on their knowledge of Russian literature as part of its culture section.
Russian Booker of the Decade Finds its Winner
The Russian Booker Prize of the Decade, a prestigious literary award, has been given to a Russian writer and philologist Aleksander Chudakov, posthumously.
One of the Most Important Book Fairs Opens its Doors
The 13th International Book Fair "Non/fiction" starts its work on November 30, in the Central House of Artists, Moscow.
"Big Book-2011" Was Chosen Yesterday
Laureates of the prestigious "Big Book-2011" literary award were announced on November 29, in Moscow.
Russian Book of the Decade to Be Chosen in December
The Russian Booker Prize of the Decade award has chosen a short-list of five finalists, which were previously shortlisted for the Booker prize in years from 2001 to 2010.
Russia Marks 190th Birthday Anniversary of Fyodor Dostoevsky
Today Russia celebrates 190th anniversary of the birth of Fyodor Dostoevsky, the great Russian classic writer and philosopher.
Alexander Pushkin Monument Unveiled in Baghdad
A monument to the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin was unveiled in Iraq, in the University of Baghdad.
New Award for Translators is Founded
On the 6th of October, a recently opened the Insitute of Translation presented a new award "Read Russia", which will honour the best translators from the Russian into foreign languages.
Kira Knightley to Become Anna Karenina
The Working Title Films company has started the filming of the screen version of Lev Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina" book. Famous Hollywood actors Kira Knightley and Jude Law are to play the main roles.
Russian Writer Is Nominated to Be Nobel Laureate
Famous Russian writer Victor Pelevin is included to the list of pretenders for the Nobel Prize in Literature 2011. Bookmakers estimate his chances as 50 to 1.
Edward Kochergin Takes Dovlatov Award
Petersburg writer and theatre artist Edward Kochergin has become the winner of the Sergei Dovlatov Award.
Bloggers Request to Award Russian Booker of Decade to Ruben Gonzalez Gallego
Bloggers have addressed open letters to jury members and winners of the Russian Booker award with the request to award Booker of Decade to Ruben David Gonzalez Gallego, who has recently got into an accident in Washington.
Best Book of Decade Announced in Moscow
According to the Super National Bestseller Award, the best book of the last decade is Zakhar Prilepins novel The Sin.

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