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Russia by Train: Sochi and Surroundings
On the way of the tourist train "Sochi" No. 927/928, passengers can enjoy the views of the unique natural landscapes and mountain peaks. The train makes stops in popular resort towns.
Russia by Train: Retro Train "Seliger"
The first in Russia suburban steam train is running on Saturdays on the route Bologoye - Ostashkov - Bologoye along the historical conservation area of ​​the Oktyabrskaya Railway.
Train Tours to Kazan
Kazan is one of the major scientific, economic, educational and sports centers of Russia. It has preserved its age-old traditions, rich culture and unique charm. Railway tours are a very affordable and comfortable option for visiting Kazan.
Train Tours from Moscow
Train tours are a fascinating and quite comfortable way to see the world. Thanks to Russian railways development, it is possible to get by rail to any corner of not only our country, but practically the entire continent.
History of Russian Railways
The history of railways in Russia began in 1834, when the mining department invited Franz von Gerstner (the famous engineer) to St. Petersburg.
Travel by Train from St. Petersburg to Pskov
A high-speed train has been launched between St. Petersburg and Pskov.
Top 10 Cities in Europe to Travel from Russia by Train
We have prepared the best routes to travel by train from Moscow to European capitals. According to statistics, the most popular destination is Kiev - 19% of passengers choose this route. While Berlin, for example, is preferred only by 0.14%. So, lets start the journey!
Interesting Facts about Russian Railways
The most notable railway is the Trans-Siberian Railway. It is the longest in the world. From Moscow to Nakhodka - 9,438 km and 97 major stations. Find more facts about Russian Railways in our article.
How to Travel by Train to Russian Gambling Zones
It should be noted that since 2009 gambling in Russia is allowed only within the boundaries of special zones. A gambling zone in Russia is a special territory intended for gambling.
Top 10 Russian Cities to Travel by Train
Travelling by train is often more comfortable than by bus or plane. So we have prepared for you 10 best train routes to travel from Moscow to other cities of Russia.
How to Buy Cheap Train Tickets for Russian Railways - Save Money Following our Tips
In this article we will share secret information on how you can save money when buying train tickets in Russia.
Russian Railways: How to Return Your Ticket if You are Outside of Russia
If you are not in Russia and want to return your train ticket, follow the instructions below.
Russian Railways: How to Return Your Ticket if You are Sick
If you get sick and cannot travel, you have to return tickets only at the ticket office at your station (and nowhere else).
Russian Railways: What to Do if your Ticket has Errors?
If there are errors in personal data of your train ticket, there are three possible solutions.
How to Read the Russian Railways Ticket
It is not easy to read Russian Railways tickets if you don't speak Russian. We have tried to provide some explanations to make it simple.
What will You Need to Get on the Train in Russia
Check here what kind of documents you need to get on the train in Russia.
Russian Railways: How to Return a Ticket before the Departure
To return the ticket to the ticket office a passenger should be the one who owns it.
Premium Passenger Train "Imperial Russia"
Premium passenger train "Imperial Russia" was launched on the route Moscow-Vladivostok.
Moscow-Kazan High-speed Railway
RZD plans to build a high-speed railway Moscow-Kazan in three years.
Russian Railways State Support
The Ministry of Transport of Russia supports the indexation of the freight rates of Russian Railways by 10 percent in 2016 with subsidies in the amount of 35-40 billion roubles.
Parking For 300 Roubles Per Hour
The Administration of Railway Stations of Russian Railways has raised the cost of parking at the western facade of the Leningradsky railway station from 100 to 300 roubles for the first hour of parking. The cost increase was explained by the desire to lessen the load of the parking lot by taking away a large number of cars, because the use of this parking lot is convenient for the passengers of the high-speed train Sapsan.
Holiday Greetings By Russian Railways
All railway stations in Russia will feature traditional Christmas feasts. Holiday greetings together with cheerful music will sound at stations on 30-31 December 2013 and on January 1, 2014, where festive actions will take place. On some stations children can attend New Years performances and matinees featuring fairy tale characters, Ded Moroz and Snegurochka.
Types of Trains on the Russian Railroads
Travelling by train has always been a great alternative to either air or car. There is nothing better than a rocking carriage that takes you past vast expanses of terrain and sweeping views of hills and lakes. As far as Russia is concerned, train travel is a definitive favourite: it is economical and comfortable, compared to air travel and car trips.
Russian Maps: Trans-Siberian, Trans-Manchurian, and Trans-Mongolian Railway Stops
You have heard all sorts of things about the world's longest railway - but exactly where would you be going? We decided to entice your inner traveller with this hands-on version of the route. It's on Google Maps, so you can embed it on your blog and start planning your ideal trip on Russia's most famous railroad.
New Tour Services on Trans-Siberian Railroad
New exclusive tour on Trans-Siberian Railway starts this summer. A special tourist train Moscow - Beijing on Trans-Mongolian route of world-longest rail road will make its first voyage in August, 2011.
Charter Trains on Popular Routes
Russian Railways is going on its competition with air transport. After high-speed trains, it will introduce a new service this summer: charter trains on popular tourist routes. New service will be launched taking into account very high demand on some routes among tour operators and independent travelers as well.
Moscow Railway Hub Kalanchevsky will Connect Trains with Planes
Kalanchevsky railway terminal not far Komsomolskaya Square in Moscow in 2016 will be completed in 2016. This transportation hub will be the largest railway station in Europe. It will include two railway terminals, one for long-distance trains and one for Aeroexpress, high-speed trains, running from Moscow airport to central railway stations. Besides transport terminals, Kalanchevsky will be provided with hotel, parking, service center and shopping space. Construction of such complex will cost 208 billion rubles.
Much Ado about Railway Security: Metal Detectors Peep at the Passengers at Moscow Railway Stations
After explosion committed by suicide bomber in Domodedovo airport killed 36 people, safety measures are being strengthened in the airports and at the railway stations in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the biggest Russian cities as well. Efficiency of such measures leaves many questions, but metal detectors appeared at the entrances to the Moscow Railway stations have brought some changes into functioning of Rail transport hubs the traveler should know.
Allegro: First High-speed Train to Russia
High-speed trains Allegro have finally been launched on route St. Petersburg-Helsinki-St.Petersburg. The first trip took place last Sunday, on December, 12, from Helsinki to St. Petersburg. The train will first make two trips a day, then amount of daily services is to be increased to four. Allegro can make 200 km/h and the trip takes about three hours and a half instead of more than six hours of journey by previous trains.
Some Records of Trans-Siberian Railroad
The fact, that Trans-Siberian Railroad is the longest continuous rail line on earth, is well-known. As if it was not enough, Transsib has made some other records, like progress rate of the works and project costs. There are some more curious facts about Trans-Siberian Railroad and some records of this monster, going through 12 regions, 2 territories, 2 republics, 1autonomous region and one district included in the region.
Circum-Baikal Railroad: Golden Buckle on the Russia's Steel Belt
Circum-Baikal Railroad is a part of the famous Transsib, it is still sometimes called "golden buckle on the Russias steel belt". Circum-Baikal Railroad is a railway, getting round Baikal Lake. It is not made of gold, but it cost so much and the result was so beautiful and technically sophisticated, that it is worth to be compared with a jewel.
Trans-Siberian Railroad and the Wars of 20th Century
The longest railway on the earth, going through the Europe and Asia, connecting the Far East with central Russia and European countries is in an important thing from the economical point of view and strategically as well. Trans-Siberian Railroad figures in all the main military conflicts have taken place on the Russian territory from the first years its functioning.
Railway Services between Moscow Railway Terminals and Airports
As it is known, traffic jams is one of the main problems of Moscow. They are really sick-making for the travelers who have to spend hours going to the airports. The danger to miss your trains and plains because of jams is absolutely real if you go by car. The safest way to reach the Moscow airports without troubles is special railway services.
Traveling in the Couchette Cars: a Little Hardcore in your Trip
Some people think that extreme travel is something connected with snowboarding, alpinism, rafting, long expeditions to the forests and deserts. Others, and I am among them suppose, that we should look around to notice the elements of the real extreme in the habitual attributes of traveling. I explain it on the example of the couchette cars, harmless at first sight.
Russian Railway
Travelling by Russian trains is fast, convenient and secure and you can get your train tickets without leaving your house.You can purchase the tickets in real-time booking system. Choose dates, time, destinations and seats at your site. Here you can read about life on a board of the Russian train. Tipes of trains and the most famous train "Krasnya Strela" or "Red Arrow" connecting Moscow and St. Petersburg.
The Trans-Siberia Railway: Moscow to Beijing
Crossing a dizzying ten time zones and two continents, the Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway in the world. Built during the Tsarist era of Russia, between 1891 and 1916, the railway connects Russia to the Far-East, and has become iconic as the ultimate train journey, with one of the best views in the world from your train window.
Chief Railman of the Country V.I. Yakunin
On 24 October 2004 the Russian Railways Board of Directors of by a solid vote appointed Vladimir Yakunin the first vice-president of Russian Railways. On 14 June 2005 Yakunin was appointed president of Russian Railways, by a decree of the Russian government.
Exploring Russia Via Trans-Siberian Railway: The City Stops Along the Route
Even living in this country is often not enough to know Russia well. But one could make a good acquaintance with the country traveling through it from the East to the West on the Trans-Siberian railway.
Moscow Railway Terminals - Here Your Acquainance with Moscow Begins
Should you come to Moscow by plane, the first problem you face, unless someone meets you at the airport with a car, is how to get to the city. Rail terminals will with high probability be the first place you will see in Moscow.
Moscow Railway Terminals - Three Stations Square
As we are unable to describe here all directions and all possible routs, we would like to give you common information about Moscow railway stations and some useful tips.


The Train Route from Moscow to Adler will be Extended to Rosa Khutor
The Grand Service Express Company (GSE) is extending the route of the Moscow-Adler train to the Rosa Khutor ski resort from January 15.
Russian Railways Appoints Additional Lastochka Trains on the St. Petersburg - Ruskeala Route
RZD launches additional trains between St. Petersburg and Ruskeala park from 2 to 9 January.
Russian Railways Cancel 32 Long-distance Trains in the Russian Federation
Russian Railways OJSC continues to change the schedule of long-distance trains due to falling passenger traffic.
Russian Railways OJSC Cancels the Lastochka Trains on Several Routes
Russian Railways OJSC (Russian Railways) cancels the Lastochka trains on the routes Krasnodar - Anapa and Rostov-on-Don - Krasnodar-Tuapse from April 7 to 29.
Russian Railways JSC will Launch More than 70 Additional Long-distance Trains on holidays in March
Additional trains will run from Moscow to St. Petersburg, Cheboksary, Kazan, Saransk, Penza, Stary Oskol, Izhevsk, Ivanovo, Ulyanovsk, Chelyabinsk and Orenburg.
Kirov - St. Petersburg Train was Launched
The new train on the route Kirov - St. Petersburg started to run from January 14.
Russian Railways OJSC Plans to Launch the Sale of Tickets for Several Means of Transportation on Its Website
Beginning from 2020, Russian Railways OJSC plans to launch the sale of tickets for several means of transportation on its website, including railway and air tickets to foreign destinations.
Moscow-Ruskeala Non Stop
Russian Railways will launch a non-stop compartment carriage on the route Moscow-Ruskeala during New Year's holidays - from January 1 to January 7.
Extra Tains will be Launched during New Year Holidays
An additional train on the route Moscow-Helsinki will run during the New Year holidays and Christmas holidays.
A New Railway Route to Karelia
Tourists will be able to travel from Moscow to Karelia by train, passing through the main sights of the North-West: St. Petersburg, Sortavala and Petrozavodsk.
Russian Railways will Sell Tickets of its European Partners
It will be possible to book tickets for the trains of its European partners, including Trenitalia (Italy), Deutsche Bahn (Germany), SNCF (France).
Russian Railways JSC Introduces a New Train Lipetsk-Moscow
On December 12, 2018, the new day train No. 70/71 will start to run on the Lipetsk-Moscow route
Russian Railways is Changing Information System to Follow the So-called "Yarovaya Law
Russian Railways OJSC is currently carrying out technical work to change the current information system.
Russian Railways Will Show the Schedule of Arrival and Departure of Trains at All Stations by Local Time
Earlier the schedule of train traffic was indicated by Moscow time.
Adler - Gagra Trains
JSC "Russian Railways" (RZD) launches daily trains between Adler and Gagra (Abkhazia) on Saturday.
Besedin Comes To Russian Railways
The former Head of the Moscow Metro Ivan Besedin dismissed after the July crash of trains in Moscow took the position of the Head of one of the departments of Russian Railways OJSC.
FPC Lowers Prices
Federal Passenger Company (FPC, a subsidiary of Russian Railways) lowers prices for international routes by 30 percent in foreign currency in 2015.
Russian Railways' 2013 Net Profit Shrinks
Russian Railways has posted positive 2013 results but investors are unlikely to be impressed over a net profit of $1 billion, which is almost a third of its 2012 figure.
Kyzyl Kuragino Railway: Volunteers Needed
In a few years the Republic of Tuva will become connected to Krasnoyarsk Krai by Kyzyl Kuragino railway. In order to study and preserve the archaeological sites and unique natural objects located in the construction zone, Russian Geographical Society is recruiting volunteers to take part in the largest integrated archaeological and geographical expedition in modern Russia.
Russian Railways Doubles BAM, Transsib Costs
Russian Railways, the national rail operator, is seeking much bigger investment into the upgrade of the BAM and Transsib Railways.
Transport week 2013
Such large-scale projects as the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway and the Baikal-Amur Mainline will pay off only in 15 years. At the same time, economic and social impact of them will be appreciated by the population of Russia much earlier due to the increase in tax revenues, the decrease in unemployment and industrial growth, as the president of Russian Railways OJSC Vladimir Yakunin declared at the Transport week 2013 held in Moscow.
TransTelecom Eyeing Lokomotiv Stake
TransTelecom, a subsidiary of Russian Railways, is eyeing a minority stake of FC Lokomotiv Moscow that now belongs to VTB 24
VTB Becomes Lokomotiv Shareholder
VTB 24 has taken over control over 9.09 percent of the shares of FC Lokomotiv Moscow. Is there a conflict of interest because it owns Dynamo Moscow? Click here to find out.
Passengers Can Purchase Discount Tickets
Starting October 18, 2013 passengers can purchase tickets for the compartment coaches of OJSC Federal Passenger Company trains, plying from December 1 to 20, 2013, at a special "Plan Ahead" rate with a discount of up to 50%.
The Post of Russia to distribute Railway Tickets
Starting from 2014 railway tickets for long distant trips within Russia could be acquired at about 30% of Post of Russia offices, reports
Moscow-Kazan High Speed Rail Cost Up
Russian Railways are asking for an extra 140 billion roubles for the construction of the new speed rail connection between Moscow and Kazan.
Duty Free Shops to Appear in Several Russian Trains
Duty free shops of the kind that run at the Finnish border area will be shortly opened at the Finland Station in St. Petersburg.
Russian Railways May Be Forced to Cut Spending
Russian Railways, the national rail monopoly, would be forced to cut spending by two percent annually over thr next five yeas as revealed in the new draft of the rail tariffs directive.
Online Booking Via Mobile Phone
Russian Railways has created the mobile version of the companys official website. It will help users to perform different operations using mobile phone, including: purchasing tickets for distant trips; checking train schedules; online booking; searching the booking history; familiarizing with regulations of e-ticket issuance.
Russian Railways offer modernized Sapsan carriages
Sapsan Business class carriages #1 and #2 have been modernized to offer a higher quality service to passengers of Russian Railways
Russian Railways Raises Issue Over Transsib Reconstruction
Russian Railways, the nation's railway monopoly, says the Kremlin's decision to revamp of the Transsib line be a hard one to implement.
Cars Will Take A Train
Moscow railway offers a new service. Now customers can take along their cars in their train trips.
Passengers may travel by train with their cars
Starting July 1, 2013 The Russian Railways start offering a service of transporting personal automobiles by trains between Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Train Line from Moscow to St. Petersburg Will Have Car Transporters
In June of 2013, government-owned corporation RZD (Russian Railways) intends to launch a new rail car transporter in the passenger train set on the line from Moscow to St Petersburg.
Russian Railways Reduces Prices by 20-25 Percent
The tickets in second-class train carriages and the carriages of general formation of "Federal Passenger Company" JSC departing from March 11 to April 27, 2013 will cost on average 25% less than on the tariff.
Russian Railways to construct railways in Vietnam
Russian Railways, Vietnamese Railways and the Vietnamese company An Vien have signed an agreement of intent to cooperate on the design and construction of railway infrastructure in Vietnam, report the Russian company.
United Russia Came Second in 2011 Election, Says Think Tank
It is the Communist Party that was supposed to come out on top in the 2011 parliamentary election, says a leading think-tank.
Electronic Tickets Operate On Russia-Belarus Trains
No paper ticket is now required to board a train running between Russia and Belarus - e-tickets are there to stay.
The Passengers of Russian Railways No Longer Have To Pay For Insurance
"Russian Railways" JSC stopped to charge insurance fee on the sale of travel documents on January 24, 2013. The obligatory private passenger insurance was canceled according to the presidential decree from January 19, 2013.
Tourist Train Will Run Between Moscow And Kazan
The first tourist train launched in the post-Soviet period will have to come from Moscow to Kazan on March 30 of this year.
Internet Appeared In The Lotos Train
The passenger train No. 5/6 "Lotos" Moscow - Astrakhan will now provide wireless access to the Internet.
Deluxe Train Runs From Yaroslavl to Moscow
The deluxe luxurious and roomy train with compartments for physically challenged passengers has started to run from Yaroslavl to Moscow and back.
Russian Railways Demands $2MN from Apple Over Trademark Infringement
Russian Railways corporation is suing Apple over copyright violations, seeking $2 million in compensation.
Railway Ticket Prices Are On the Rise In 2013
Railway ticket prices are expected to rise by 10 per cent in 2013 - this is only true for common carriages, the most popular and required carriage type on the Russian Railways trains.
Russian Railways Plan to Turn Moscow Terminals Into Entertainment Centres
The Russian Railways reportedly plan to turn Moscow terminals into entertainment centres - and even to open cinemas there.
Russian Railways forecast $ 130 million loss from 2018 FIFA World Cup
Transportation 2018 Football World Cup football fans will bring 4 billion Rubles loss to the Russian Railways, announced the company.
Russian Railways electrified Iranian railways
Russian Railways has finalized the first joint Russian Iranian project in the railway sphere, reports the official press release of the Russian Railways.
Russian Railways acquires 75% of the logistics operator Gefco
JSC Russian Railways, has commenced exclusive negotiations on acquiring 75% of the logistics operator Gefco from the French automaker PSA Peugeot Citroën.
Russia to build $700 million railways in Serbia
Russia will grant a credit of $ 700 million for building railway roads in Serbia. Russia will sign documents on granting the credit till the end of this autumn.
A Krasnoyark Citizen Is Compensated For Physical And Moral Damages On Train
A citizen of Krasnoyarsk was compensated $230 for physical and moral offenses he endured during a train ride.
A Train Celebrating the Russian Railways Serves the Metro Passengers
A red-and-white train celebrating the 175th anniversary of the Russian Railways began its operations on the Circle Line on the Moscow Underground.
Hospitality Sector Developed By the Relative Of the Russian Railways Head
Several hotels localed within the easy reach from regional railroads are being built and developed by Andrei Yakunin, the son of the Head of the Russian Railways. Both sides deny nepotism.
Russian Railways Launched Bonus Program for Passengers
Today, the Russian Railways has launched a bonus program for long-distance trains. Passengers can get points and change them for tickets.
Monument to Russia's First Steam Locomotive Appears in Khabarovsk
The model of the first steam locomotive in the history of Russia has been set up at the Khabarovsk training center of JSC Russian Railways in honor of the 175th anniversary of Russian railroad.
Unique Tours from Russian Railways
The Russian Railways is going to expand tourism opportunities by offering special train tours along with passenger transportation.
New Service from Russian Railways
The Russian Railways has launched a new service available from May 21, 2012 passengers will be able to buy train tickets on credit.
Rail road passengers can buy tickets in credit now
From June 1, 2012 railway passengers will be able to take a Credit for a ticket to buy a train ticket.
Railway Ticket Offices Equipped with Payment Terminals
In 2011, 183 more railway ticket offices in Russia have been equipped with integrated payment terminals, which allow passengers to pay for long-distance train tickets with plastic cards VISA and MasterCard.
Russia plans to build $ 100 billion high-speed long distance railways
The construction of high-speed long distance railways in Russia will cost $ 100 billion.
Monuments to Architects to Appear at Squares of Moscow Railroad Terminals
Monuments to architects may possibly be set up in the squares of railways stations in Moscow.
Russian Railways Expands Internationally with a New Talgo Train
The President of Russian Railways, Vladimir Yakunin announced the plans to strengthen and facilitate the train connections between Europe and Russia over the next 3 years. To this end, Talgo trains with a new automatic track gauge changeover systems have been ordered. The trains are expected to start running toward the end of the year on Moscow-Kiev and Moscow-Berlin routes.
Another Architecture Monument Brought Down in Moscow
Section House of the Moscow district railway located at the address 42 Enthusiastov Highway was a monument of architecture in the east of Moscow.
Exhibition on Wheels Opens in Petersburg
A unique train has arrived at the Baltiyski railway station in Saint Petersburg to become a real exhibition centre.
Russian Railways Connects Moscow to Paris and Nice
Air travel is no longer the only option for Europeans wanting to visit Moscow. In mid-December 2011 Russian Railways introduced two new destinations: Paris and Nice. The Moscow-Paris train journeys via Poland and Germany, while the Moscow-Nice one takes you to the south of France via Austria and Italy.
Russian Railways acquires 8 Sapsan trains
The Russian Railwayshave signed a firm contract with German concern Siemens for supplying eight more high speed trains Sapsan. The total sum of contracts including maintenance reaches 600 million Euro.
Extra boat excursions on Baikal
Extra sailings appear from July, 1 for boat excursions along Circum Baikal Railroad, because this attraction is enjoying popularity now. One extra sailing will take place on June, 24. From July, 1 this Thursday sailing will be regular.

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