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Mikhail Lomonosov
... - ...
Herman Hess
August 7, 1802 - December 12, 1850
Pyotr Semenov-Tian Shansky
14 January 1827 - 11 March 1914
Vladimir Vernadsky
March 12, 1863 - January 6, 1945
Vasily Dokuchaev
March 3, 1846 - November 8, 1903
Sophia Kovalevskaya
January 15, 1850 - February 10, 1891
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
September 17, 1857 - September 19, 1935
Alexander Butlerov
September 3, 1828 - August 5, 1886
Igor Kurchatov
January 12, 1903 - February 7, 1960
Georg Wilhelm Richmann
July 11, 1711 - June 26, 1753
Ivan Yefremov
April 9, 1907 - October 5, 1972
Valentina Tereshkova
... - ...
George Gamow
March 4, 1904 - August 20, 1968
Yakov Zeldovich
March 8, 1914 - December 2, 1987
Ivan Sechenov
August 13, 1829 - November 15, 1905
Sergey Chetverikov
April 24, 1880 - July 2, 1959
Nikolai Zinin
... - ...
Alexander Gorodnitsky
March 20, 1933 - ...
Nikolay Beketov
... - ...
Abram Ioffe
October 29, 1880 - October 14, 1960
Fyodor Bredikhin
November 26, 1831 - May 1, 1904
Sergey Blazhko
November 17, 1870 - February 11, 1956
Vasiliy Struve
April 4, 1793 - November 23, 1864
Nikolay Emanuel
September 18, 1915 - December 8, 1984
Alexey Favorsky
February 20, 1860 - August 8, 1945
Aristarkh Belopolsky
July 1, 1854 - May 16, 1934
Alexander Fersman
27 October, 1883 - May 20, 1945
Alexander Chizhevsky
February 7, 1897 - December 20, 1964
Sergey Botkin
September 5, 1832 - December 12, 1889
Vladimir Bekhterev
January 20, 1857 - December 24, 1927
Ilya Mechnikov
May 16, 1845 - July 16, 1916
Nikolai Semenov
April 3, 1896 - September 25, 1986
Pavel Cherenkov
July 28, 1904 - January 6, 1990
Ilya Frank
October 23, 1908 - June 22, 1990
Igor Tamm
July 8, 1895 - April 12, 1971
Lev Landau
January 22, 1908 - April 1, 1968
Aleksandr Prokhorov
July 11, 1916 - January 8, 2002
Andrei Sakharov
May 21, 1921 - December 14, 1989
Leonid Kantorovich
January 19, 1912 - April 7, 1986
Pyotr Kapitsa
July 9, 1894 - April 8, 1984
Zhores Alferov
March 15, 1930 - ...
Nikolay Bogolyubov
August 21, 1909 - February, 13, 1992
Mikhail Chumakov
14 November 1909 - 11 June 1993
Vladimir Obruchev
October 10, 1863 - June 19, 1956
Yuri Senkevich
03 March 1937 - 25 September 2003
Konstantin Gedroits
25 March 1872 - 5 October 1932
Boris Stechkin
5 August 1891 - 2 April 1969
Vladimir Engelhardt
21 November 1894 - 10 July 1984
Stepan Krasheninnikov
31 October 1711 - ...
Georgy Flerov
March 2, 1913 - November 19, 1990
Yury Gagarin
... - ...
Nikolai Miklukho-Maklay
July 17, 1846 - April 2, 1888


A Unique Endoscopic Complex Will Be Produced In Russia
A unique endoscopic complex Landysh surpassing its foreign analogues, a smart capsule for examination of the gastrointestinal tract, will for the first time be produced in Russia.
Robot Rescuers to Show up for Work in Russia
Domestic robot rescuers will soon help guard the safety of people in Russia. Anthropomorphic robot rescuers were presented at the 8th International Salon of Security Facilities.
Fragments Of Pliosaur Found By Russian Scientists
A new species of pliosaur - the largest floating Jurassic reptile - was found on the territory of Ryazan oblast. The discovery was made by the scientists of the RAS and the members of the project group at the Museum of Paleontology named after Yu. Orlov (Moscow.)
New Polymeric Materials
The experts of several Russian research centres have found a way of creating polymeric materials with hardness significantly higher than that of a diamond.
Russian Science of the 18th Century
The 18th century became the epoch of creating the system of secular education and science, which were practically absent earlier in Russia.
Effect Of Weightlessness: New Scientific Experiments
New scientific experiments making it possible to investigate the effect of weightlessness on living organisms will be conducted on the ISS with mice, fish and quail eggs.
Robots Will Replace the Guards
The first robot patrol appeared in Sokolniki park in September. Automatic surveillance systems that can capture the image and transmit it to the desk of the officer on duty, as well as to respond to the motion, started working in the capital.
Scientists From Yakutia Discovered a New Civilization
Traditionally science divides humanity into 12 civilizations of Asia, America, Africa, Europe and Oceania. Scientists from Yakutia proposed an option that besides classic local civilizations there was an Arctic or Circumpolar civilization. Scientific communities have already admitted their version.
Space Oddity: Chris Hadfield Safely Lands To Millions Of YouTube Views
In the space of his own career, Space Oddity has remained David Bowie's most commercially successful hit. Almost prophetically written a few months before Apollo II mission, a story of an unfortunate spaceman Major Tom told the earthlings that "planet Earth is blue", which was then confirmed by the Apollo photographs. Many years later, Commander Chris Hadfield used his final day at the International Space Station to record his own cover of Bowie's song. This double tribute - both to the song and to David Bowie, whose exhibition at the Victoria and Albert in London runs till August - has amassed millions of views on YouTube.
Russian Scientists Developed an Express Encephalitis Test
Summertime is the period when many of us prefer to go to the woods for a traditional Russian-style barbeque called shashlyki. Unfortunately, this may also be the time when we are most susceptible to the encephalitis and Lyme disease caused by tick bites. Russian scientists have recently developed an express-test to help quickly discover, whether or not a tick was a virus carrier.
Media Markt Pioneers in Retail RFID
Media Markt retail becomes the first retail chain to introduce RFID, or smart tags, into the Russian retail market. Russia-IC looks at the pilot project and the technology which has made stock-keeping a far easier process that when using barcodes.
Call For Papers: European Identity Seminar at the Kazan Federal University, December 2012
An international interdisciplinary seminar on defining and constructing the European identity takes place at the Kazan Federal University in Tatarstan on December 6-7, 2012. Seminar's working languages are Russian and English. The deadline for abstract submission is November 4, 2012.
Willem Barentsz Ship Remains Discovered Near Arkhangelsk
A recent expedition by Dmitry Kravchenko, a long-term explorer of the last journey of Willem Barentsz, has ended with an unexpected discovery of four fragments of the carvel bottom frames. Next year the group of scientists hope to find all remains of the sunken carvel.
Russian Spartan 300 Uses Paul Ekman's Findings To Detect Deviant Behaviour
Russian scientists and psychologists have created a system Spartan 300 to detect deviant behaviour in the crowd. The system uses the findings of Prof. Paul Ekman research into psychology of facial expressions, body movements, and speech patterns.
Russians Scientists Discovered the Remains of Female Weavers From the Golden Horde
Russian archaeologists have for years been studying the burial ground Mayachny Bugor situated near Krasnoyarskoe Mound in Astrakhan Region. Evgeny Pererva from Volgograd branch of the Russian Academy of Horticulture studied 84 female sculls and came to conclusion that the Golden Horde women used their teeth either to make fishing nets, or to weave cloths.
Petersburg Scientists Design New Rear-View Car Mirrow
Petersburg scientists designed a new kind of rear-view mirror: it now combines spherical and aspherical mirror elements. The new design now allows a driver to better see the road and cars behind and around his vehicle. The first roadtests were successful.
The Feast of Science and Education at the 6th Festival of Science
The 6th Festival of Science that took place between 7 and 9 October 2011 has once again drawn in massive crowds of people of all ages and walks of life, interested or involved in scientific research and academic studies. Russia-InfoCentre asked Elizaveta Arapova, an historian and staff member of the Museum of History of the MSU, to tell our readers what awaited the visitors of the Festival Fair. Turns out, it wasn't just food for thought...
People from the Urals Region You Should Know
Summing up the month of the Urals region on our site, we want to present you the list of the most prominent and famous Ural people, who was born or spent most of their life there. This list will help you to navigate among many talented Russian people and find the person, you want to learn more about.
The Fukushima Disaster News: Isotopes from Japan Arrived to Krasnoyarsk
Latest issue of 'Journal of Environmental Radioactivity' contains a paper by Russian researchers that covers distribution of radioactive isotopes from Fukushima nuclear power plant in space and time.
Enrich Your Diet with Omega-3 Fatty Acids from Dragon Flies
According to Russian researchers, dragon flies play a major role in transfer of nutrients, essential for terrestrial dwellers, from water to the shore.
Russian Nobel Laureates
The full list of Russian Nobel laureates, including short information about them and links to the big biographic and theme articles from our site.
Anomalous Zones of Russia: Medveditskaya Chain
Medveditskaya Chain is a place where car brakes failure may occur at any moment, where watch starts clocking wrong, and where one may come across silvery fog that leaves burns on peoples skin.


Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Launches a Course at Coursera
The course is meant for 100% online learning: each module consists of video lectures, self-study materials and tests.
Russian Manufacturer of Surgical Robots Attracted Investments from RDIF
The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) invested in the manufacturer of surgical robots Assisted Surgical Technologies (AST).
Information Satellite Systems Took Part In Paris Air Show-2015
The Information Satellite Systems company (named after the academician Reshetnev) summed up the participation in the Paris Air Show-2015 held in Le Bourget. It has signed several agreements for the supply of foreign equipment and components for its spacecrafts.
New Space Monitoring System
The Russian Defense Ministry announced the plans to create 10 laser-optical and radio systems of the new generation of space monitoring system (SKPP) in the near future.
Russian Space Robot to Become Member of ISS Crew
The Russian SAR-401 robot-android, which is controlled through a wearable interface, will be sent to the International Space Station (ISS) in the near future, Yury Lonchakov, the head of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center has told the Russian press.
Russian Scientists Create Laser to Cut Bones and Tissue
Scientists from Russia's Tomsk State University (TSU) created a unique surgical laser for accurate cutting bones, muscles and any other biological tissue during a surgery.
Russia to Present New ISS Module in 2016
Russia's Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center has promised to present a new module for the International Space Station (ISS) in February 2016, the center's acting chief told the press.
Russian HIV Vaccine Successfully Passes Clinical Tests
Russian HIV vaccine has passed the second phase of clinical trial, Oleg Salagai, spokesman from the Russian Health Ministry told the press on Thursday.
Russia Scientists Opened Research Lab in Antarctic
Russian researchers have recently started to work at the scientific laboratory located near Russia's Vostok Station in Princess Elizabeth Land, Antarctic, where they are planning to explore cosmic dust particles.
Russian Scientists to Create Underwater Modem
Scientists from the Tomsk Polytechnic University have told the press about the first results of their work on a modem which can provide for an internet link in underwater conditions.
Russia to Start Testing Ebola Vaccine in March
Russia plans to start testing an Ebola virus vaccine on primates in March 2015, Russian public health watchdog Rospotrebnadzor Chief Anna Popova said on Tuesday.
Russian Scientists Produced Beryllium for the First Time
Scientists from the Tomsk Polytechnical University, together with a chemical plant of the Russian Rosatom company, have produced the first beryllium specimen in the country, the university's vice-chancellor told the press on Friday.
Age Limit For Scientists Introduced In Russia
The law on mandatory competition among scientific workers before their recruitment came into force in Russia.
Russia And Austria Are Working On an Ultra-modern Engine
The experts of the Russian Academy of Sciences from the town of Chernogolovka of Moscow Oblast jointly with the Austrian company are developing an environmentally friendly hydrogen engine for boats, which is planned to be tested in 2016 on the lake near Vienna.
Russia to Build World's Largest Nuclear Reactor
AEM-Technologies, a part of Russia's nuclear power corporation Rosatom, has won a tender to build the worlds largest MBIR multifunctional fast neutron nuclear reactor.
Russia and US to Modernize Orion Spacecraft Together
Russian Space Corporation 'Energia' ("Energy") and Lockheed Martin and Boeing, US, have signed an agreement to modernize the new US multi-purpose crew vehicle Orion so that it can dock with Russian spacecraft.
Russia to Create the First Bank of All Life Forms in the World
The first biomaterial bank of all living organisms on the Earth will be created by the Moscow State University, according to MSU president, Viktor Sadovnichy.
Russian Scientists Created a Portable GMO Tester
Biologists from the Altai State University in Siberia have announced that their research on a portable tester for GMO in food has culminated in the manufacture of the first product prototypes, ready to go on sale next year.
Pills to Stop Ageing, Russian Scientists Promise a Brave New World
Russian scientists say they have created a new type of antioxidant which is expected to have an influence on mitochondrions - cells responsible for human organism ageing.
Test Launch Of Angara Carrier Rocket
The first test launch of a heavy version of the Angara carrier rocket will be held in the period from 20 to 30 December 2014, all preparatory works for the launch go as scheduled.
Moon Exploration By Automatic Stations
The beginning of the implementation of the Russian program for Moon exploration by automatic stations was transferred from 2016 to 2018.
Joint Experiment Of Russia And Japan
Russian and Japanese scientists intend to launch a project on the study of cosmic rays of extremely high energies coming in our galaxy from outside with the use of the new space telescope aboard the ISS.
ScanEx Cooperates With Chinese Meteorological Orbiter Series
"ScanEx" Engineering Technology Center became the first Russian company specializing in receiving and processing satellite data from Chinese meteorological "FengYun-3" orbiter series, situated on polar orbits.
Tomsk Is Going To Produce Biodegradable Surgical Threads
The first production of surgical suture material made of polymers of glycolic acid and lactic acid, which is a direct analogue of catgut (bioresorbable string of purified animal tissue) is created in Tomsk, Russia.
New Team of Astronauts Joins the International Space Station
A new team of astronauts has joined the International Space Station for another series of experiments. The team consists of a Roskosmos, a NASA, and an ESA astronauts.
Nobel Laureate Andre Geim Comes to Support Russian Minister
Nobel Prize Laureate Andre Geim has come to Moscow to give his support to Russias Education and Science Minister Dmitry Livanov in his struggle with Russian scientists and lawmakers.
Fyodor Konyuknov Braves a Storm To Reach Terra Ferma
Fyodor Konyukhov and Viktor Simonov who are currently undertaking an expedition from Karelia via North Pole to Greenland plan to reach terra ferma as soon as possible, under being caught in the arctic storm.
A Legendary Climber Alexey Bolotov Dies During an Everest Ascent
The legendary, multi-award winning Russian alpinist Alexey Bolotov tragically died, while plotting a new route on the south-western side of the Mount Everest.
A Russian School Student Participates In Intel ISEF
A Russian school student Pavel Baranov is currently taking part in the annual international conference in Engineering and Science, Intel ISEF, in Phoenix, Arisona.
2014 Will Be the Most Strained Year In the Cosmodrome Vostochny Construction
2014 will be the most strained year in the cosmodrome Vostochny construction with the maximum workload.
The Irkutsk Region Develops the Alternative Energy
Active introduction of alternative energy is one of the most important directions of investment activity development in the Irkutsk Region.
Tyumen Doctors Carried Out Operations On Spinal Cord Neurostimulation
The doctors of the Federal Neurosurgery Center (FNC) in Tyumen carried out three rare operations on spinal cord neurostimulation, that eases the symptoms of stenocardia, ischemic heart disease and thoracalgia.
Yakut Scientists Are The First In The World Who Explore The Brain Of A Mammoth
The scientists of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) examine the structure of the brain of a mammoth for the first time in the world. The study will identify the differences and commonalities between elephants and mammoths.
The Young Scientists Were Awarded The Prizes For The Year 2012
Five young researchers became the new laureates of the annual awards of the President of the Russian Federation for young scientists for their outstanding contributions to the development of science and innovation.
Wound-repairing Adhesive Made Of Sturgeon Swim Bladder
M.K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University (Yakutsk) conducts the research on the creation of medical biological adhesive based on the swim bladder of sturgeon.
Russian Orthodox Church Plans To Make Theology a Proper Discipline
After years of being silenced by the State, the Russian Orthodox Church is about to take revenge by making Theology a recognised academic discipline.
Government Appeals To Stop Talking About the Apocalypse
The Russian Government has appealed to the media and society to stop the apocalypse hysteria. Meanwhile, some shops started selling "End of the World" kits - just in case.
Demidov Prize Awarded For 20th Time, Celebrates Anniversary
For the 20th time the coveted Demidov Prize has been awarded in Moscow. This year's laureates were Evgeny Primakov (Economics), Ilya Moiseev (Chemistry), and Evgeny Avrorin (Physics).
Russia First Pharmaceuticals Centre Opens in Tomsk
The first Russian pharmaceutical centre opens in Tomsk this year, to foster the development of Pharmacy sector in the country.
Perm Scholars Eradicate Verbal Aggression From the Internet
A trend of eradicating foul language from the Russian Internet is growing stronger: Perm linguists have computated the way to make Runet aggression-proof.
114th and 116th Periodic Table Elements Acquire Names
Two newest additions to the Mendeleev Periodic Table discovered in Russia in 2000 and 2004 have finally been named: the 114th element is called Flerovium, and 116th - Livermorium.
A Conference in Ryazan Commemorates Bazhenov, Kazakov, and Voronikhin
To celebrate three outstanding Russian architects, Ryazan Polytechnical University opened a conference "Architect and His Time".
Professionals Discuss the Restoration of Veliky Novgorod Architecture
A 3-day conference in Novgorod discusses the perspectives of restoration of art and architecture objects in the city of Novgorod and region.
Russian Scientists Condemn Sentences upon Italian Seismologists
On Tuesday, several Russian seismologists expressed their regrets for seven Italians who had been convicted of manslaughter for failing to warn residents before an earthquake hit central Italy in 2009.
Make Diamonds Not War: Russian Scientist Receives Shnobel Prize
While the world awaits the awards of the real Nobel Prize, the University of Harvard has handed out its own version - and it went to the Russians.
Russian Astronomer Discovers the Brightest Comet In a Decade
Postgraduate students from Russia and Belarus have discovered a new comet - it is considered the brightest of the last decade. In a year it may be going past the Sun.
Kuzbass Scientists Create Unique Lenses For Post-Burn Eye Therapy
Russian ophtalmologists from Kuzbass created unique lenses to speed up the process of post-burn eye recovery.
Eastern European Scholars Visit the Slavic Integration Forum in Tambov
The 2nd Slavic Integration Forum visits Russia's Tambov in October 2012. The agenda includes Russia's integration with Eastern Europe and a joint NGO association with Ukraine.
Russian Scientists Reported to Discover "Living Mammoth Cells"
An international expedition in Russia's Yakutia republic has found the "living cells" of a mammoth.
A Kuril Island Named After Sergei Kapitsa
A research expedition of Russian scientists to a group of unnamed islets of Shikotan Island of Kuril Islands has culminated in giving of them the name of an outstanding Russian scientist Sergei Kapitsa who had recently passed away.
Russian Scientists Develop an Autopilot for Cars
The Skolkovo scientists developed a new autopiloting system for cars. The system, $2000 worth, will recognise obstructions, people, and receive the precise GPS data from GLONASS.
Russia Delays Space Military Launches in 2012
Russia plans to delay launches of military spacecraft this year because of a failed satellite launch on August.
Russian Physicist Sergei Kapitsa Passes Away
Russian physicist, academician and popular science TV show host Sergei Kapitsa died on Tuesday in Moscow at age 84.
Indonesian Satellite Found After Russian Spacecraft Failure
Contact has been made with an Indonesian telecommunications satellite which went missing after a failed launch on the Russian rocket last week
Russia Fails to Deliver Two Satellites to Transit Orbit
Briz-M booster failed to bring two satellites into a calculated transition orbit after the launch late on Monday, Russian Roscosmos space agency reported yesterday.
Russian Space Agency Offers a Tender for Moon Rocket Design
Russia's Roscosmos space agency has announced a ten-million ruble ($300,000) tender for a Moon rocket design.
A Research Institute Suggests To Rename the Arctic Ocean into the Russian Ocean
A little-known research institute concerned with the socio-cultural development of Russia has suggested to rename the Arctic Ocean into the Russian Ocean, to stress Russia's paramount role in exploring the Arctic region.
Several GLONASS Satellites Put Out Of Operation
Several GLONASS satellites have been put out of operation for maintenance and check-up purposes.
A Space Rocket Shoots Off From Plesetsk On July 28
The space booster Rokot with three civilian satellites on board will begin its space mission on July 28.
No Moon Missions for Russia until 2018
Russia's projected manned spacecraft capable of flights to the moon will not fly until 2018, the head of Russia's space agency, Roscosmos, Vladimir Popovkin, said on Wednesday.
Russians Discovered a Warm Current in Arctic Ocean
Russias Arctic Floating University has possibly discovered a new warm current in the Barents Sea, which can be a branch of the Gulf Stream.
The Russian Space Industry Undergoes a Reform
The Russian Space Industry is about to undergo a deep reform. The plan, to be ratified by the President, will see a complete restructuring of the industry, with a special department dedicated to motor and mechanical equipment manufacturing.
Non-Contact Lie Detector Presented by Russian Scientists
Scientists from Nizhny Novgorod Linguistic University have invented a non-contact lie detector - a computer program that determines the levels of stress and emotion through voice analysis.
New Map of Arctic Ocean to be Published in St. Petersburg
In 2013, a new panoramic map of the Arctic Ocean will be published with the help of military hydrographers from St. Petersburg.
Science Cafe Organized in Moscow
The new project Science Cafe has been organized by the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow. It works as a club for young entrepreneurs, scientists and politicians, who want to discuss the most relevant problems of modern science.
Robots to Help Russian Hospital Nurses
Medicine dispensing robots may soon appear in Russian hospitals.
Global Warming is Ending
Russian scientists from the Physics University of the Russian Academy of Science report that global warming is coming to an end and the temperature will continue to decrease.
Most Detailed Earth Pictures Produced by Russian Satellite
The Russian weather satellite Elektro-L No.1 has provided 121-megapixel pictures of the Earth, the most detailed photographs in the history of space exploration. The pictures have caused international respect and admiration.
Russian Nobel Laureate Knighted in the UK
Russian-born Nobel laureate Konstantin Novoselov has been awarded a knighthood of the United Kingdom for his contributions to science.
MSU Launched Project on the History of Humanity
The Lomonosov Moscow State University, Microsoft and the University of California in Berkeley have launched an interesting scientific project ChronoZoom. It is a visualized on-line encyclopedia on the history of humanity, the origin of the universe and the development of life on Earth.
Facebook Hacker Cup: Russian Cracks the Code
Just weeks after a Russian hacked Google Chrome another Russian citizen, Roman Andreev from St. Petersburg, has beaten an American to the second place, to scoop $5K and an award for hacking into Facebook.
Russian Scientists Will Clone Mammoth
Specialists of the North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk will join the Korean scientist Hwang Woo Suk in an attempt to resurrect the mammoth with the help of biological material found in permafrost.
Unusual Student's Experiment in Tambov: No Internet, No Mobile Phones
An unusual experiment will be held at Tambov State University May 10-31. During three weeks 25 student volunteers will not use computers, mobile phones, tablets and other popular gadgets.
School Science Forum to Take Place in Yekaterinburg
Representatives of 26 school scientific communities will participate in the forum February 25-26.
New Ice Age to Begin in 2014
Forecasters predict that a new ice age will begin soon. Habibullo Abdusamatov, a scientist from the Pulkovo Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences considers that the sharp drop in temperature will start on the Earth in 2014.
Rosgidromet Will Monitor Weather with a Flying Laboratory
Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Rosgidromet) is creating a national system for monitoring the space weather. The system will include a special flying laboratory.
Native Americans Came from Russia
Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania confirmed that Native Americans came from Altai Territory, southern Siberia.
Skolkovo Innovation Center Plans to Send Tourists to Space
The head of Skolkovo Fund Victor Vekselberg announced that Russian innovation center would send first tourists to space in three years.
Immortal Bacteria Found in Yakutia
Russian scientists have found a strange 3-million-year-old bacillus in permafrost of Mammoth Mountain. This microorganism influences life expectancy of animals.
Russian Phobos-Grunt Falls in the Pacific Ocean
On January 15, Russian Phobos-Grunt Mars probe that's being stuck in the Earth orbit for two months, finally has fallen into the southern areas of the Pasific Ocean.
Russian Scientists to Create Genetic Passports for Plants
Scientists from Novosibirsk are going to create genetic passports for plants in order to restore endangered species.
Russia Marks the 300th Birthday Anniversary of Mikhail Lomonosov
On Saturday, November 19, Russia celebrated the 300th anniversary of the birth of a great Russian scientist and thinker Mikhail Lomonosov.
Russian Spacecraft Failed to Reach Phobos
On Wednesday Russia launched a robotic spacecraft to one of Mars moons, Phobos, but it failed to reach a flying orbit after separation from the launch vehicle.
IAEA: Iran's Nuclear Program Was Developed with the Help of Soviet Physicists
An anticipated report by the IAEA contains allegations that the nuclear program in Iran was developed with assistance from Soviet nuclear physicists.
Mars-500 Mission Ends Successfully
On Friday, the unique Mars-500 experiment for simulating a manned flight to Mars has been successfully completed.
MSU to Build an Observatory in Caucasus for $42mln
In 2012-2013 the Russian State will fund the building of a Moscow State University observatory in the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia. The expenses are expected to amount to $42mln.
Spanish and Russian Scientists Discuss Plans for Collaboration
A delegation of Spanish scientists have paid a visit to the Kurchatovsky Institute to discuss plans for future collaboration.
Fifth International Olympiad "IT-Planet 2011" to Attract Over 9000 Students
The fifth International Olympiad for high school and university students, IT-Planet 2011, is expected to attract over 9000 participants from Russia and the CIS countries. The final will be held in Kazakhastan in March 2012.
Zhores Alferov Becomes Professor Emeritus of the Russian-Armenian University
Zhores Alferov, an outstanding physicist and inventor, a 2000 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics, has been elected a Professor Emeritus of the Russian-Armenian University
Russian Scientists Create Unique Skin Lasers
The scientists of the Lebedev Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Science (FIAN) have developed a new laser to treat skin defects without any side effects, according to Venture Business News.
Russia Begins Interplanetary Missions after 20-years Break
The "Phobos-Soil" unmanned interplanetary station will be launched into space in November of this year, which means Russia will resume flights to other planets after a long break of 20 years.
Sixth Annual Science Festival Comes to Moscow in October
Since 2006, the annual All-Russia Science Festival has been drawing attention to the state of education and science in Russia, recent developments and the opportunities to improve the society with the help of scientific research. This year's festival runs from 7th to 9th October.
Russian Academy Of Medical Science & " Skolkovo" Will Develop Innovations
Fund " Skolkovo " and Russian Academy of Medical Science ( RAMS ) signed a memorandum of collaboration, aimed to develop innovations in medicine.
Hermit of Genius Nominated for Russian Academy of Sciences
Russian mathematician Grigory Perelman is put forward for academician candidature as a full member of the prestigious Russian Academy of Sciences.
" Alligator " Has Passed All The Tests Successfully
Russian helicopter gunship Ka-52 " Alligator " has passed all the tests in sea conditions.
Sverdlovsk Region to Spend $1.8m on Nanotechnologies
Authorities of Sverdlovsk region are going to allocate $1,8m from the regional budget on development of nanotechnologies in 2011.
Solution On The Basis Of Liquid Glass Is A New Means Of Firefighting
First solution tests were conducted last week in Tomsk, where the scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University had invented a new special chemical composition.
New Domestic Animal Appeared In Novosibirsk
Scientists from Novosibirsk repeated the great biological experiment of prehistoric man and tamed foxes. Ancient man spent a thousand years to do it, modern specialists spent half a century on it.
System Of Health Control By Means Of Mobile Telephone
The scientists from the Ural are working on the system, which can help to control the state of health of patients with the help of mobile telephone.
Instrument For Brain Stimulation Is Made
Scientists of the Institute of Neurocybernetics of Southern Federal University invented an apparatus for the control of stimulation of brain, which allows to cure depression and several mental diseases.
Russian and U.S. Scientists to Study Methane Release in Arctic
On Friday a group of Russian and U.S. scientists left the port of Vladivistok on board of a Russian research ship "Academician Lavrentyev" to study methane emissions in the eastern part of the Arctic.
Gregor Mendel, Hereditary Laws, and Genetic Science in Russia
189 years ago was born Gregor Mendel, the father-founder of genetics. In spite of his revolutionary discoveries, the development of genetic science in Russia was halted by the Soviet pro-Darvinist approach.
Russian Physicist Awarded a Kyoto Prize
Russian astronomer and astrophysicist Rashid Sunyaev was recently awarded a Kyoto Prize, usually given to outstanding scientists, painters, philosophers and film directors, whose efforts made human society better.

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