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Mikhail Lomonosov
... - ...
Herman Hess
August 7, 1802 - December 12, 1850
Vladimir Vernadsky
March 12, 1863 - January 6, 1945
Vasily Dokuchaev
March 3, 1846 - November 8, 1903
Sophia Kovalevskaya
January 15, 1850 - February 10, 1891
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
September 17, 1857 - September 19, 1935
Alexander Butlerov
September 3, 1828 - August 5, 1886
Georg Wilhelm Richmann
July 11, 1711 - June 26, 1753
Ivan Yefremov
April 9, 1907 - October 5, 1972
George Gamow
March 4, 1904 - August 20, 1968
Nikolai Zhukovsky
January 17, 1847 - March 17, 1921
Ivan Sechenov
August 13, 1829 - November 15, 1905
Sergey Chetverikov
April 24, 1880 - July 2, 1959
Nikolai Zinin
... - ...
Abram Ioffe
October 29, 1880 - October 14, 1960
Sergey Blazhko
November 17, 1870 - February 11, 1956
Vasiliy Struve
April 4, 1793 - November 23, 1864
Nikolay Emanuel
September 18, 1915 - December 8, 1984
Alexey Favorsky
February 20, 1860 - August 8, 1945
Aristarkh Belopolsky
July 1, 1854 - May 16, 1934
Alexander Fersman
27 October, 1883 - May 20, 1945
Alexander Chizhevsky
February 7, 1897 - December 20, 1964
Sergey Botkin
September 5, 1832 - December 12, 1889
Vladimir Bekhterev
January 20, 1857 - December 24, 1927
Ilya Mechnikov
May 16, 1845 - July 16, 1916
Nikolai Semenov
April 3, 1896 - September 25, 1986
Pavel Cherenkov
July 28, 1904 - January 6, 1990
Ilya Frank
October 23, 1908 - June 22, 1990
Igor Tamm
July 8, 1895 - April 12, 1971
Lev Landau
January 22, 1908 - April 1, 1968
Nikolay Basov
December, 14, 1922 - July 1, 2001
Aleksandr Prokhorov
July 11, 1916 - January 8, 2002
Andrei Sakharov
May 21, 1921 - December 14, 1989
Pyotr Kapitsa
July 9, 1894 - April 8, 1984
Zhores Alferov
March 15, 1930 - ...
Alexei Abrikosov
June 25, 1928 - ...
Mikhail Chumakov
14 November 1909 - 11 June 1993
Vladimir Obruchev
October 10, 1863 - June 19, 1956
Konstantin Gedroits
25 March 1872 - 5 October 1932
Boris Stechkin
5 August 1891 - 2 April 1969
Vladimir Engelhardt
21 November 1894 - 10 July 1984
Karl Ernst von Baer
28 February 1792 - 28 November 1876
Georgy Flerov
March 2, 1913 - November 19, 1990
Pyotr Ufimtsev
... - ...
Mikhail Gorodetsky
July 24, 1966 - ...
Alexey Friedman
February 17, 1940 - October 29, 2010
Sergey Akhmanov
July 14, 1929 - July 1, 1991
Vladimir Braginsky
August 3, 1931 - March 29, 2016
Mark Krivosheyev
July 30, 1922 - ...
Leonid Kantorovich
January 19, 1912 - April 7, 1986
Anatoly Granov
April 21,1932 - May 12, 2017


How Ivan Yefremov Found Dragon Cemetery and Why He Wrote Andromeda Nebula
On April 22, 1908, famous Russian writer and paleontologist Ivan Yefremov, the author of the Andromeda Nebula and other popular sci-fi books, was born. Interestingly enough, the classic of Russian science fiction contributed not less into science than into literature.
Experts: Cancer Treatment without Chemotherapy Poisoning Strengthens Credibility of Russian Science
Anatoly Granov invented a method of treating liver cancer through blood vessels, by using the property of a tumor to generate new blood vessels for its own blood supply.
83 Russian Inventions that Made the World as It Is
1. The first-ever electric bulb was invented by P. N. Yablochkov and A.N.Lodygin; 2. the radio was invented by A.S.Popov; 3. the first-ever electronic microscope, TV and telecasting were created by V.K.Zvorykin; 4. the first-ever plane was invented by A.F.Mozhaysky;
Russian Scientists Invented Ecologically Friendly Method Of The Oil Spill Cleanup
Russian scientists have invented an environmentally safe and effective method of dealing with the oil spills on the sea surface. The invention called "Moskatov" is a powder consisting of 96% of natural minerals, processed under high pressure and temperature.
Russia's New Super Missile Unveiled
It could be Russia's next killer weapon - but will the invention make it into the country's defence plants is a big question.
Yakov Zeldovich - Black Holes and Distant Galaxies
Zeldovich Yakov Borisovich, famous Soviet physicist and astrophysicist, made an enormous contribution to explanation of the surrounding world.
Sergey Korolev - Universe Beating in his Heart
Bearing the Title of Hero of Socialist Labour, being the winner of the Lenin Prize (one of the highest awards in the USSR) and the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Sergey Pavlovich Korolev is a creator of Russian strategic missile weapons of medium and intercontinental range and founder of applied space exploration.


State Prizes Go to the Best Scientists of Russia
The winners of the State Prize in Literature and Art, Science and Technology were announced in the Kremlin on the cusp of June 12, the Day of Russia.
Head of RAS Receives the Highest Scientific Award of France
President of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Alexander Sergeev has received the French Order of Academic Palms.
Over 500 Scientists Received Grants of Presidential Research Projects Program
More than 500 young scientists, nearly 240 youth research groups and 31 laboratories have won contests of the Presidential Research Program.
Wall Memorial to Nobel Prizewinner Set in St. Petersburg
Economics Nobel Laureate, Leonid Kantorovich applied his mathematical gift in the most varied spheres of life.
Mark Krivosheyev Wins National TV Award "Gold Beam"
The 94-year-old Russian scientist is one of the creators of digital television international standards and high definition television.
Academician Alexander Chubaryan Turns 85
The scientist is actively engaged in research works and forecasts the development of Russia-and-Europe relations.
Memory of Gas Mask Inventor Eternalized in St. Petersburg
A commemorative plaque with a bas-relief of Nikolay Zelinsky (1861-1953) has been set up in downtown St. Petersburg.
Renowned Physicist Vladimir Braginsky Passed Away
One of the pioneers of gravitation and wave research, Vladimir Braginsky dedicated several decades to gravitation waves.
Scientists Win RF State Award 2014
The Russian Federation State Award 2014 in science and technology goes to the academicians Yevgeny Kablov, Gennady Krasnikov and Valery Tishkov.
Russian Scientists Create Laser to Cut Bones and Tissue
Scientists from Russia's Tomsk State University (TSU) created a unique surgical laser for accurate cutting bones, muscles and any other biological tissue during a surgery.
Russia Scientists Opened Research Lab in Antarctic
Russian researchers have recently started to work at the scientific laboratory located near Russia's Vostok Station in Princess Elizabeth Land, Antarctic, where they are planning to explore cosmic dust particles.
Russian Scientists to Create Underwater Modem
Scientists from the Tomsk Polytechnic University have told the press about the first results of their work on a modem which can provide for an internet link in underwater conditions.
Hundreds Protest in Moscow Against Academy of Sciences Reform
Hundreds of people gathered in downtown Moscow on Saturday to protest against planned changes to the Russian Academy of Sciences, local media report.
Court Paroles Russian Scientist Sentenced for Espionage
On Tuesday, a district court in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk paroled a Russian physicist Valentin Danilov who was imprisoned in 2004 for spying for China.
Russian Scientists Condemn Sentences upon Italian Seismologists
On Tuesday, several Russian seismologists expressed their regrets for seven Italians who had been convicted of manslaughter for failing to warn residents before an earthquake hit central Italy in 2009.
New Russian Drift Station Starts Its Work in Arctic
A new Arctic drift station North Pole-40 was officially opened on Monday after a Russian flag was hoisted over it.
Russian Physicist Sergei Kapitsa Passes Away
Russian physicist, academician and popular science TV show host Sergei Kapitsa died on Tuesday in Moscow at age 84.
Russian Billionaire Offers $3 Million Physics Prize
Russian billionaire and social media investor Yury Milner offers $3 million prize for achievements in fundamental physics - the most lucrative academic award in the world.
Non-Contact Lie Detector Presented by Russian Scientists
Scientists from Nizhny Novgorod Linguistic University have invented a non-contact lie detector - a computer program that determines the levels of stress and emotion through voice analysis.
Science Cafe Organized in Moscow
The new project Science Cafe has been organized by the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow. It works as a club for young entrepreneurs, scientists and politicians, who want to discuss the most relevant problems of modern science.
Global Warming is Ending
Russian scientists from the Physics University of the Russian Academy of Science report that global warming is coming to an end and the temperature will continue to decrease.
Russian Nobel Laureate Knighted in the UK
Russian-born Nobel laureate Konstantin Novoselov has been awarded a knighthood of the United Kingdom for his contributions to science.
Immortal Bacteria Found in Yakutia
Russian scientists have found a strange 3-million-year-old bacillus in permafrost of Mammoth Mountain. This microorganism influences life expectancy of animals.
Russian Scientists to Create Genetic Passports for Plants
Scientists from Novosibirsk are going to create genetic passports for plants in order to restore endangered species.
Hermit of Genius Nominated for Russian Academy of Sciences
Russian mathematician Grigory Perelman is put forward for academician candidature as a full member of the prestigious Russian Academy of Sciences.
Russian and U.S. Scientists to Study Methane Release in Arctic
On Friday a group of Russian and U.S. scientists left the port of Vladivistok on board of a Russian research ship "Academician Lavrentyev" to study methane emissions in the eastern part of the Arctic.
Russian Physicist Awarded a Kyoto Prize
Russian astronomer and astrophysicist Rashid Sunyaev was recently awarded a Kyoto Prize, usually given to outstanding scientists, painters, philosophers and film directors, whose efforts made human society better.

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