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End of Decade: Public Sentiment in Russia
The beginning of the 2020s is here. The attention of Russians is once again taken by disasters, corruption and the income gap between rich and poor. Like 10 years ago.
Bloomberg Predicts a Reduction in the Income of Russians to the Level of 2006
This quarter, the real disposable income of Russians will decline to a level unprecedented since 2006, Bloomberg writes.
End of Decade: Public Sentiment in Russia
The beginning of the 2020s is here. The attention of Russians is once again taken by disasters, corruption and the income gap between rich and poor. Like 10 years ago.
Population Decline in Russia will be Record High
The natural population decline in Russia in 2019 will be a record high for the past 11 years.
Russians Change Investments Habits
Brokers noticed a twofold increase in the share of investors with small savings on the exchange.
HIV in Russia
Registration of people with HIV in Russia began in 1987, when the country became infected for the first time.
See How They Run: Madonna May Become a Persona Non Grata In Russia
Madonna was never the one to shun away from scandal - but the aftermath of her Russian tour may baffle even the experienced American performer. Protests, a fine, and even the prospect of becoming a persona non grata in Russia - no Western celebrity ever got embroiled in such "action" in Russia.
Stalin is Like Social Media: a PR Campaign in Memory of the Big Terror, 1937-1939
On July 2, 1937 Joseph Stalin signed a resolution "On the Anti-Soviet Elements" that had seen thousands of people being arrested and shot or sent to the camps in the next two years. The resolution ordered to arrest and sentence the most active "kulaks" and criminals in as little as 5 days. Modern Russia is divided between those who support Stalin as a leader (even acknowledging the atrocities of his repressive methods) and those who decry and denounce the Big Terror and pretty much anything associated with Stalin. The younger generation, however, lives in the age of Social Media and is considered to have little knowledge of the days bygone. To this end, the memorial date of the beginning of the Big Terror was marked with Social Media themed posters.
Migration Policy 2012
The rush of foreign labour has become an issue for Russian authorities, especially in Moscow, where the economic boom and emerging jobs draws more and more employees every year.
Mortgage in Russia
Russians are facing a catch 22 situation in mortgage and housing with small or good, who knows? chances to break the vicious circle.


Survey: Russians will Cut their Costs by at Least 15% even when Quarantine is Lifted
Two-thirds of Russians believe that the economic situation in Russia will only worsen against the backdrop of the current crisis.
Survey: Most Employees Prefer an Office to a Remote Work
62% of Russians working from home because of the isolation regime want to return to the office.
Russian Buyers Prefer to Purchase Food Products with the Marks about Natural Origin
The food products from the categories of ready-made breakfasts, cereals, juices, yogurts and chips with a designation of natural origin account for at least 29% of sales.
Russian Buyers Prefer to Purchase Food Products with the Marks about Natural Origin
The food products from the categories of ready-made breakfasts, cereals, juices, yogurts and chips with a designation of natural origin account for at least 29% of sales.
Main Criteria for Russians when Choosing a Job
Russians think that a good salary and timely fulfillment of obligations by the employer are main criteria for choosing a job.
16 Million People Live Below the Poverty Level In Russia
11.2 percent of the Russian population, or 16.1 million people, had an income below the poverty level in 2014.
Russian Government to Help Retirees with Computer Literacy
Special programs for Russian pensioners are to be introduced in order to teach them some basic computer skills. The respective decree was signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev yesterday.
Number of Ethnically Motivated Crimes Decreased in Russia in 2013
The amount of ethnically motivated violence dropped in Russia last year, while convictions in xenophobic attack cases increased, according to a report unveiled on Monday by the Moscow Bureau of Human Rights.
Russians Don't Believe in Friendship with Ukraine
Only four percent of Russians describe relations between Moscow and Kiev as friendly, an independent pollster revealed on Wednesday.
Russia Has Some the Longest Holidays in the G20 - Report
Russia's working people enjoy among the longest paid vacations and the largest number of official holidays of those in the world's leading economies, according to the Russian survey.
Over 60,000 Illegal Casinos Were Closed Since Gambling Ban
Russian police have uncovered and closed down more than 61,000 underground gambling establishments since gaming became illegal in the country in 2009, the Prosecutor Generals Office said in a statement on Wednesday.
Nobel Laureates Urge Russia to Repeal Gay Propaganda Law
Several dozen Nobel laureates have signed an open letter published in The Independent British newspaper with an appeal to overturn controversial legislation dubbed the gay propaganda law.
One Million Foreigners Could Be Working in Moscow Illegally
According to a top Moscow migration official, about a million foreigners could be currently working illegally in the Russian capital.
Russian Officials Now Can Buy Out Expensive Gifts
Russian officials, who were previously banned from accepting expensive presents as part of the countrys anti-corruption campaign, will now have a chance to buy them out under a new government regulation.
Over One Third of Russian Towns Don't Have the Internet - Study
A recent government study reveals that more than a third of Russias small towns and villages have no access to the Internet.
Doghunter Websites Banned in Russia
Two websites for people who poison stray and domesticated dogs are officially included to Russian Internet blacklist, with more similar webpages to follow.
Over 60,000 Russians Diagnosed with HIV in 2013
More than 62,000 Russians were tested positive for HIV this year, the acting head of Russias sanitary watchdog said on Tuesday.
Russian Toy Store Accused of Promoting Homosexuality
A Russian toy store chain in the southern Russian city of Stavropol is currently under investigation for selling a game that promotes homosexual behavior among kids, prosecutors said on Friday.
Russian Language Loses Popularity Abroad - Official
On Friday, December 13, Russian official reported at a special conference that the number of Russian speakers worldwide has declined by about 120 million people in the past 20 years.
Almost Half of Russians Don't Find State Duma an Important Authority
Nearly half of Russians think that Russian State Duma, the lower house of Russian Parliament, cuts a poor figure in the countrys political process, a survey revealed on Tuesday.
Russian Patriotism Has Declined Under Current President
The number of Russians who call themselves patriots has dropped by eight percent since the current Russian president first took office 13 years ago, a new poll released by the independent Levada Center pollster reveales.
Russia Surprises
The sociologists have decided to create a positive image of Russia in the eyes of its citizens.
Russian Lawmakers Intend to Punish Separatists
Russian deputies from the ruling party have proposed a draft bill to make it illegal to promote secessionism and sympathize with separatist movements.
Russia Plans to Fingerprint Migrant Workers
According to new migration rules in Russia, residents from former Soviet republics arriving to seek a job will have to carry a foreign passport and possibly have their fingerprints taken when entering Russia.
Russia Ranked 61st in Global Gender Ineguality Rating
Russia ranked a modest 61st of 136 world economies on gender inequality in a new global study unveiled on Friday, largely due to a wage gap and lack of political representation for women.
Russian Society Is Between Foreign Trips and Church - Poll
Taking vacations abroad, running a business, doing sports and going to church are named the most popular trends in Russian society, a recent opinion poll reveals.
Less and Less Russians Are Positive about Russian President
The number of Russians who have a positive opinion about Russian President dropped by 33 percentage points in the past five years, an opinion poll showed on Friday.
Russia Is Still Not Good at Providing for Wellbeing of its Eldrerly
Russia is ranked 78th out of 91 countries in the first-ever Global AgeWatch Index, which rates countries by the quality of life and wellbeing of their elderly.
Russia Ranks 68th of 156 in World Happiness Report
Russia has become a relatively happier country after climbing 8 spots and becoming 68th of 156 in World Happiness Report released by Columbia University on Monday.
Russia Now Has the 2nd Largest Number of Immigrants in the World
Russia hosts the worlds largest population of immigrants after the United States, according to a new UN study.
Over 8 Million Russians Are Drug Addicts
The amount of drug addicts in Russia is estimated at 8.5 million people, which is almost six percent of the total population, a government report said on Tuesday.
Russian Court Says It's Unlawful to Refuse Same-Sex Marriage Registration
On August, Russian court said a registry offices refusal to register a gay couple as married was unlawful, but at the same time the court declined to order the registration to be made.
About 1 Mln Foreign Citizens Regsitered in Moscow
About one million foreigners are currently officially registered with the migration authorities in Moscow and 1.5 million in surrounding areas, a senior migration official reported on Tuesday.
Almost 2,000 Labor Migrants Held in Moscow Region
On Tuesday, August 13, local police reported that 1,800 migrant workers had been detained after raids on commercial enterprises in Moscow Region, the latest in a string of similar raids in Moscow and other Russian big cities.
Almost Half of Russians Don't Believe in Country Improvement
42 percent of Russians say the current federal government can't improve the country, while only 16 percent believe in improvements, down from 45 percent in July 2010 and 21 percent in July 2011, the recent opinion poll reveals.
Most Russians Want Stricter Immigration Legislation
Three-quarters of Russians say the country needs stricter immigration laws and too large presence of migrants from other countries is bad for the society, a recent opinion poll reveals.
Disappointment in Russian President Grows from Year to Year
The number of Russians who are disappointed in Russian President has more than doubled since 2000, the first year of his ruling, the latest in a series of nationwide polls reveals.
An Online Petition against Anti-Piracy Law Gets 100,000 Signatures
On Saturday, August 10, an online petition against Russias draconian anti-piracy law received 100,000 signatures, which is enough to send it to the government for discussion.
Jail Terms for Khodorkovsky and Lebedev Reduced
On Tuesday, August 6, Russias top court ruled to reduce the prison terms for the jailed former head of oil giant Yukos Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his former business partner by two months.
Most Russians Support Snowden and his Presence in Russia
Over half of Russians approve of fugitive US former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden's activities and his current presence in Russia, a recent opinion survey by the Levada Center reveals.
Gidon Kremer to Hold a Concert in Support of Russian Opposition
Famous Latvian violinist and conductor Gidon Kremer starts to gather musicians for holding a big concert in support of Russian opposition activists who suffered from political repressions in the recent years.
4 Dutch Citizens Suspected of Gay Propaganda in Russia
On Monday, July 22, 4 Dutch citizens appeared in a local court in the northern Russian city of Murmansk of holding a gay rights seminar and so "promoting homosexual relationships among minors".
Russian Provincial Town Protests Against Mine Opening
On Sunday, July 21, hundreds of people gathered in a small town in Russias southern Voronezh Region for a mass protest against plans to open a nickel and copper mine in the area.
TV is Still Main Source of Information for Russians
Television is the main source of news for Russians, although they are less inclined to trust it than in 2009, the Levada Center independent pollster reveals.
Moscow Officials Allow Opposition Rally on Russia Day
Moscow authorities have approved the 30,000-strong protest march proposed by Russian opposition movement, the action will take place on June 12, which is also Russia Day state holiday.
New Anti-Smoking Law Came Into Force in Russia
An anti-smoking law that bans smoking in public places, including in government buildings, healthcare and educational facilities, cultural sites, sports stadiums and on public transport, came into force on Saturday, June 1.
Russian Parliament Plans to Prevent Domestic Law
Lawmakers of Russian State Duma, the lower house of Russian parliament, are drafting a law on measures to combat domestic violence, State Duma Healthcare Committee member Saliya Murzabayeva said on Tuesday.
Mikhail Prokhorov And Alla Pugacheva: We Are Against Same-Sex Family Adoption
Two Russian superstars - politician Mikhail Prokhorov and pop diva Alla Pugacheva - stated they were against child adoption by same-sex couples. "Two men are just too hard to bear", Pugacheva is quoted saying.
Russians Care Better About Their Health, Watchdog Says
The most recent survey indicates an increase in attention Russian citizens pay to their health. In doing so, however, they prefer state-owned hospitals and in-home exercise.
77 Per Cent Russians Consider Themselves Happy, Survey States
According to the Russian public opinion watchdog, 77 per cent of Russian population consider themselves happy.
Russian Birth Rate Up in 2012
The birth rate in Russia grew by 5.6 percent year-on-year in 2012, though the demographic situation is still not very good, Russian Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova reports.
Russian Politician Proposes Anti-Corruption Education
Special classes on anti-corruption behavior should be introduced in higher educational establishments for future officials, Irina Yarovaya, head of the State Duma Security and Anticorruption Committee, said on Monday.
Activists Arrested at Moscow Gay Pride Rally
Several dozens of LGBT activists and their opponents were detained in the Russian capital on Saturday during a string of gay pride events in the citys center.
Russian Parliament Passes Contradictory Anti-blasphemy Law
Russian Duma, the lower house of Russian Parliament, has passed a second reading of a religious offense law that has provoked a firestorm of controversy.
Minzdrav Attacks Mayonnaise And Obesity in Russia
Russian Health Ministry is deeply concerned about the growing percentage of obese citizens. Part of the problem is attributed to the abnormally high level of consumption of mayonnaise - Russian favourite sauce to go with food.
Public TV Channel Starts Its Work in Russia
Russias Public Television started broadcasting on May 19, offering TV viewers newscasts, films, entertainment and cognitive programs for free and without any commercials.
Two Third of Russians Use Internet Daily
About 59 percent of Russians are Internet users, which three percents more than last year, according to the recent survey conducted by an independent pollster, Levada Center.
Sports Units to Be Reunited in Russian Army
Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko has hailed the arrival of the first all-athlete military units since Soviet times as a part of the strategy for the development of sport and the state.
Russia Is Still Dangerous for Journalists
Russia took ninth place in an annual rating of most dangerous countries for jornalists, according to the International Committee to Protect Journalists.
Russia to Create List of Banned 'Extremist' Symbols
Russia will compile a list of extremist symbols that are prohibited for use by companies, media and NGOs.
Russians Mark Labour Day with Rallies
On Wednesday, May 1, hundreds of thousands of people marked Labour Day by taking part in various events and rallies ranging from Soviet-style to humorous rallies and campaign for single ladies rights.
Russian Internet Users to Fight for their Rights in Cyberspace
Russian internet users have set up a new association to protect their rights and freedoms in cyberspace, the Russian Pirate Party announced on Thursday.
Corruption Rises by 25% in Russia
The number of corruption related crimes in Russia rose by almost 25 percent in 2012, according to a report by the Prosecutor Generals Office sent to parliament on Wednesday.
Russia Prepares to Fight Against Chinese Bird Flu
Russia is ready to introduce special sanitary control measures regarding the declining bird flu situation in China, Russia's chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko said on Sunday.
Russians Prefer to Spend their Spare Time with TV
Quarter of Russians prefer siting in front of television in their spare time, according a survey by the Public Opinion Foundation (FOM).
Mark Knopfler Cancels Concerts in Russia over NGO Law
On Thursday, famous British guitarist and singer Mark Knopfler canceled his planned shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg, citing toughening of Russian government's stance towards nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).
Russian Army Starts Spring Draft
The annual spring induction into the armed forces, which started on April 1, expects to call up 153,200 young men for peacetime military service.
Russian Supreme Court Supports Summer Time Law
On Tuesday, Russian Constitutional Court rejected an appeal to cancel the year-round summer time pattern established by the government in 2011.
Two Protest Rallies to Take Place in Spring
Members of the Russian Opposition Coordination Council have announced plans to hold two mass rallies in April and May.
A Murmansk City Council Member Ready To Give His Flat To Depardieu
A city council member from Murmansk is happy to give one of his flats to Gerard Depardieu as a present. This may be the third property Depardieu acquires since becoming a Russian citizen.
Russian Parliament Passes Anti-Smoking Bill
On Tuesday, Russia's lower house of parliament approved in the third and final reading a bill banning smoking in public places.
Case Against Moscow Migrant Is Dropped
On Monday, February 5, a Moscow court dropped a criminal case against migrant worker Bakhrom Khurramov, accused of attacking a 12-year-old boy, due to the parties reconciliation.
Arrested Migrant Worker Receives Support from his Neighbours
On Thursday a Moscow court was asked to temporarily free an Uzbek migrant accused of attacking a 12-year-old boy, because of sudden change in the case's circumstances.
Housing Problem Is the Biggest in Russia
Most Russians consider the critical situation in the housing and utilities sector the most pressing problem in the country, according to the recent opinion poll.
Voronezh Welcomes Its Millionth Citizen
The Russian city of Voronezh has officially become the town with one million inhabitants. The Lopyryovs family welcomed their first son, Yegor, who helped the city to cross the coveted one million line.
Khabarovsk And Yekaterinburg Top the List Of Most Expensive Russian Cities
333 Migrants Were Registered in One Moscow Apartment
Moscow district court has annulled the residency documents of 333 migrant workers who were all registered as living at a single apartment in northern Moscow.
Russians Do Not Believe in Fight Against Corruption
Recent opinion polls show that, though Russia has revved up its anti-corruption drive, Russian people still can't see its results.
Government Appeals To Stop Talking About the Apocalypse
The Russian Government has appealed to the media and society to stop the apocalypse hysteria. Meanwhile, some shops started selling "End of the World" kits - just in case.
Nazi Symbols and Propaganda to Be Banned in Russia
Russian senators are working on a bill which is to prohibit the glorification of Nazi crimes and the usage of any Nazi or similar symbols and gestures in the country
Ded Moroz School Opens in Moscow
Ever wanted to be Ded Moroz? Your chance comes between November 26 and December 14, 2012 when you'll learn the secrets of the trade, pass a special exam and even get a certificate.
Russian Breivik Case May Lead To War Games Ban
A Russian lawyer who shot dead 5 of his former colleagues has been called the Russian Breivik by the media. Reportedly, his case may lead to an official ban on war games that provoke violence.
Russian Prosecutors to Probe Scorseses Film for Extremism
Martin Scorseses 1988 film The Last Temptation of Christ has fallen under the suspicion of extremism and can be banned in Russia.
Migrants Ask Moscow Mayor to Cancel Nationalist March
On Friday, November 2, a Federation of Mirgants in Russia asked Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin to cancel Sundays planned Russian March.
Moscow OMON May Get Its Own Social Network
To celebrate 25th anniversary of the Moscow OMON (Special Purpose Mobile Unit), a domain registrator presented them with a domain. The rumour has it that OMON may now get their own social network.
Journalists May Now Be Fined For Using Foul Language On Air
Following the law protecting children and teenagers from harmful information, Russian law-makers now hope to place heavy fines on those journalists who can't help but use swearing language "at work".
Migrant's Guide Makes a Row in St. Petersburg
A recently published "migrants guide" to the city of St. Petersburg has provoked an outcry from rights activists who claim that migrant workers are imaged as instruments of common labour.
Russian Orthodox Missionaries On Duty At the Railway Stations
Specially trained Russian Orthodox "consultants" will be on duty at the Moscow Railway stations as of November 2012, the Church representative says.
No Religious Clothes in Russian Schools
5 Muslim girls in Russias North Caucasus region are not allowed to attend classes while wearing a hijab, according to the school administration's instructions.
A Priest Blesses Physical Violence Against the Hooligans
A Moscow priest and rector of several churches published a special instruction on what to do in case of a hooligan attack on a church. In particular, he blessed and encouraged the use of physical force against the hooligans.
Izhevsk Pensioners Learn Computer Skills At Schools
Old people in Izhevsk, Udmurtia can now learn computer skills for free.
More Corruption in Russia in 2012
The amount of corruption crimes in Russia has grown by almost one-third during the first six months of 2012, year-on-year, Russia's Investigative Committee spokesman reports.
Russian Atheists May Also Be Protected By Law
Should Russian atheists also reguire protection of their feelings, another law may be passed to this end, a State Duma deputy announced.
A Russian Designer Announces a Contest For a Religious Offence Sign
An occasionally notorious but very talented and successful Russian designer Artemy Lebedev announced a contest to create a special sign that would alert the believers of a potential offence to their feelings.
Russian Orthodox Activists Protest Against Jesus Christ (Superstar)
Russian Orthodox community becomes more and more outspoken of their religious feelings. Most recently the feelings were offended by A. L. Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar. The show in Rostov Region was closed.
Russia's First Ever Condom Shop Opens In Moscow
The wonderful world of Moscow shopping has just got richer: there is now a condom shop in Myasnitskaya St. It is especially for those who appreciate both pleasure and safety.
Russian Drug Control Agency Fights "Laughing Gas"
Russia's drug control agency has proposed banning sales of nitrous oxide - also known as laughing gas, which sale is unrestricted now.
Orthodox Activists Reached the G-Spot Museum in Moscow
Just a year after its celebrity-packed opening, G-Spot Museum of Erotica in Moscow has been attacked by Orthodox activists who found the museum promotion too provocative.
VGTRK: Nu, Pogodi! Is Too Adult For Children
The famous Soviet cartoon about the Wolf and the Hare has been deemed inappropriate for screening to children - reportedly because the Wolf is portrayed as a bad guy with a cigarette.
Orthodox Volunteers Will Patrol Moscow
Orthodox volunteers will patrol the streets of Moscow, especially in the evening, and police the attempts of blasphemy and violence against the Orthodox clergy.
A Young Antifascist May Be Sued For an Anti-Skinhead Video
Inciting any sort of hatred may be punished - so even if you are antifascist, beware!
A Candy Kills a Toddler in Moscow
It is sad when children die through parents' negligence. With this story we want to remind all our readers and visitors to better look after their little ones.
The Pussy Riot Case: 2 Years In Colony For Premediated Religious Hatred
The Khamovnichesky Court in Moscow has found the Pussy Riot girls guilty of a premediated instigation of religious hatred. Three women, of which 2 are mothers to small kids, are each sentenced to 2 years in colony.
The Pussy Riot Case: The World Awaits the Verdict
At 3pm Moscow time the Khamovnichesky Court in Moscow will announce the verdict in the Pussy Riot case.
Russian Government Uses Sentiment Measurement Software To Read Blogs
Prizma (Prism), a sentiment tracking software, is gradually being introduced to the Russian Government. It is expected to help the State officials to better monitor and empathise with Social Media.
Russians Don't Support Church Meddling in Politics
Three quarters of Russians believe that the church should stay away from political affairs, according to the recent opinion poll conducted by VTsIOM pollster.
Zombie Pride: Evil Spirits to Parade In the Streets of Tver
An impromptu Halloween will grace the streets of Tver on August 21: dozens of local zombies are going to parade through town.
Russians About Madonna: An Ex-Tart Should Not Teach Morals
Madonna's prayers for Pussy Riot's imminent liberation has fallen on the eager ears of the Orthodox believers, antigay activists, and certain politicians. The verdict: "An ex-tart should not teach morals".
Court Sets August 17 for Pussy Riot Final Verdict
The judge in the feminist punk band Pussy Riot trial has said she will deliver her verdict on August 17, three years in prison can be given.
Identities of 'Debtors-at-Large' Can Be Publicised, Communication Service Confirms
The Federal Communication and Information Service confirms that court bailiffs may now publicise personal data of those debtors who have been declared in search by the police without permission.
More People in Russia Support Protest Movement
42% of Russians support the protest rallies, which is 10% more than in March, according to the recent poll conducted by the Levada centre.
"Two Chechens Attacked a Russian" Headline Breeds Wrong Stereotypes, a Deputy Says
Headlines like "Two Chechens Attacked a Russian" breed wrong stereotypes and strengthen xenophobia, the State Duma deputy claims. A law introducing respective changes to the mass-media code of conduct may come into force this autumn.
Muslim Prayers Warned Against Rally Law Violation
The Ministry of Justice in the Primorskiy region issued a warning to the regional Muslim organization for violating the new law about rallies by holding the traditional religious namaz prayer.
Friday, 13: Heavy Rains Flood Central Moscow Streets
Russia appears to be very "deluge-friendly" this week. Today, July 13, several streets in Central Moscow have been flooded.
Notable Russians Against the Juvenile Legislation
A large number of Russian Culture and Science figures undersigned the petition to the Russian President against the so-called "juvenile legislation" that may allow putting children into orphanages in the case of family abuse or extreme poverty conditions.
State Duma Prohibits the Display of Nazi Symbols
The State Duma has upheld the bill prohibiting the display of the Nazi symbols in a bid to curb the nationalist tendencies in the Russian society. At the same time, the display of "extremist organisation's symbols" is also prohibited, and observers fear this may be a way to curb the opposition movement.
Pussy Riot Cellmates Go On Hunger Strike
The second of incarcerated Pussy Riot members has gone on a hunger strike in protest against the restriction of the time she was left to read 7 volumes of court proceedings. The prosecution demanded that the volumes were returned by July 9th. Many regard this as yet another proof of a purely political character of Pussy Riot process.
Pilorama Civil Forum Opens In the Former GULAG
Pilorama, a traditional international forum dedicated to problems of cultural development in the conditions of freedom restriction, will open in the territory of Perm-36, the former GULAG area, in late July.
Moscow May Acquire a New Holiday
The Moscow Government plans to give a new holiday to Muscovites in December. It will celebrate the Battle of Moscow on December 5th.
A Chuvash Woman Appeals to Spirits in the Red Square
As the end of the world looms on, some people try to use Nature's powers and sorcery to postpone it. Today this was the case with a Chuvash woman who tried to appeal to spirits in front of the Lenin's Mausoleum in Red Square.
A Russian Priest: God Has Not Forgiven Pussy Riot
The Russian Orthodox Church priest claims he had a "revelation" that God has not forgiven the punk-band Pussy Riot.
Pussy Riot Case: Arrest May Be Prolonged
The police guard was enforced at the Tagansky Court in Moscow where the judges are expected to prolong the detention of Pussy Riot musicians.
IMF Calls for Rising Pension Age in Russia
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) thinks pension age in Russia should be increased to 63 years for both men and women.
No Gay Parades in Moscow until 2112
The Moscow City Court has upheld a decision to turn down the LGBT activists request for permission to hold gay pride parades for the next 100 years.
First Legal Gay March Takes Place In Moscow
The March of Burning Hearts took place in Moscow. Held against all sorts of discrimination, the event is the first legal gay march successfully organised in the capital.
Odd News: Cannabis Found Growing in Moscow
Breeding cannabis is illegal. Improving the neighbourhood by planting grass is good. What happens when what you had planted grows into something illegal?
Hyde Park In Moscow: Where To Voice the Public Opinion
Opposition camps in different spots in Moscow city centre may foster a solution to the problem of having an "official" spot where to voice the public opinion. Inspired by London's Hyde Park, Moscow authorities look to designate a similar place to the policially-savvy citizens.
Police Drives the Opposition Camp Away; the Camp Moves Parks
On Wednesday morning, Moscow police drove the opposition camp away from Chistye Prudy in pursuance of the Basmanny Court order. The camp has moved places and is now located in a public park near Barrikadnaya metro station.
A Control Walkabout of the Russian Opposition
In the aftermath of the President's inauguration, and the arrests of the opposition leaders during the holiday weekend in Moscow, the famous writer Boris Akunin plans a "control walkabout" around the Boulevard Ring - to see, if or not Muscovites can promenade freely in the town centre.
Parents to Be Trained for Adoption
The Russian government has approved a law that obligates couples to get special training before adopting a child.
Preliminary Elections Results
Preliminary elections results indicate that ex-Prime Minister is likely to return to power with an astounding support. Despite recorded instances of "caroussels" and minor frauds, their numbers do not suggest a plot to bring once the President back to power, official sources say.
Muscovites Queue Up to Be Poll Stations Invigilators
The instances of fraud at the December 2011 elections raised the expectations the Russian citizens have of themselves as participants at the elections. Being proactive, many of them came to register as poll stations invigilators for Mikhail Prokhorov's side.
Russia Plans to Block Mobile Signals in Theatres and Churches
The State Commission for Radio Frequencies plans to discuss the possibility of using noise generators and mobile network blockers in theatres, churches, and at schools during exams.
Global Support for Fair Vote for Russia Grows
As March 4th is looming, the support for fair elections in Russia grows stronger and has acquired global scale. We have received a video showing supporters from New York. The video is presented by a Russian expat in America and includes footage from demonstrations against the fraud at elections in Nizhny Novgorod.
Kick Not Thy Ass! Activists Not Amused at Zhirinovsky Beating His Donkey
Russian people are like a donkey: until you give them a good punch-up, they don't get going. To illustrate the thesis, Vladimir Zhirinovsky who is running for presidency began to whip a real donkey. The environmental activists did not get the metaphor.
Political Demonstrations in Moscow: 200,000 Citizens Brave the Cold
Minus 26 did not stop the Muscovites who wanted to express their political opinion. 170,000 people braved the cold to support the candidates at the earlier scheduled demonstrations on February 4.
Latte Art, Russian Way: Would You Like a Putin or a Prokhorov on Your Coffee?
Caffeine coffee houses in Moscow give a wake-up call to the political conscience of their visitors. Now you can vote with your latte: just pick yourself a Putin, a Prokhorov, or a Zhirinovsky. God knows, it may even taste differently...
Russian Orthodox Church Appeals to the Faithful not to Attend the Protest Demonstrations
On the day of his third year anniversary as the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill appealed to the faithful not to attend the protest demonstrations, coming up this weekend across Russia.
Putin, Go Away! Banner Appears Opposite the Kremlin
A banner saying Putin, Go Away! was hung atop of the house opposite the Kremlin. Solidarnost' movement acknowledged responsibility for the action. An hour later the banner was taken down by the police.
Russian Consumer Rights Watchdog Identifies Low-Quality Ukrainian Cheese
Rospotrebnadzor, a Russian Consumer Rights Watchdog, headed by Gennady Onischenko, published a list of low-quality Ukrainian cheese. Fourteen sorts of cheese are said to contain vegetable fats. Russia also plans to toughen customs control over Ukrainian goods as of May 2012.
Russia Temporarily Places Embargo on Meat Import from Europe
As of February 1, 2012 Russia temporarily restricts the import of meat from Europe, particularly from Germany, Holland, and France. This is due to the Schmallenberg virus that has been detected in Germany in January 2012. The virus has so far affected around 400 farms in Europe.
Still No Sex in the USSR: Provocative Wedding Adverts Are Taken Down
Russia is renowned for its demure beauty and the notorious "no sex in the USSR". The tradition is staunchily supported by the advertisement control agencies that demand taking down "improper" posters.
Russian Winter Casualties: 30 People Die
Better than any other season winter demonstrates the social differentiation in Russia, when people classified as "tramps" die in the streets. This year the casualties figure currently sits at 28 victims of extreme frosts - and that is only in Moscow.
Criminal Sentences for Illegal Immigrants and Their Employers
The Russian Government has announced plans to severe the influx of illegal immigration in Russia by sentencing the immigrants and their employers for breaking the law.
Concert-Exhibition in Moscow to Support those Arrested at Public Rallies
December, 17th will see the concert-exhibition Freedom of Choice held at the design factory Flakon in support of people arrested during anti-corruption rallies in Moscow on December, 5th and 6th.
The State Duma Elections 2011: Geotagging Public Manifestations
December 10, 2011 will see a series of public manifestations across Russia against the falsification of the State Duma elections. In the best traditions of Web2.0, the information about demonstrations has been geotagged, and places are put on the map.
The State Duma Elections 2011: 20 Per Cent of Russians Support the Communist Party
According to the preliminary results of the State Duma Elections 2011, almost 20 per cent of Russian citizens gave their support to the Communist Party.
Russian 112 Emergency Service to Accept Calls and SMS in Foreign Languages
The Russian analogue to the famous 911 service is yet to appear, yet it emerged that the operators will be able to receive phone calls and SMS in foreign languages.
Fines for Driving Offences to be Delivered by Email
Moscow authorities suggested to compile a database of drivers' emails, to wirelessly deliver invoices for driving offences.
Migrant Workers Will Be Tested for the Knowledge of Russian Language
The migrant workers are soon to be legally bound to prove the knowledge of the Russian language.
Kremlin Hires: SuperJob Invites Applications for the Vacancy of the President
Now that the presidential campaign has all but started, and the Kremlin's seat is assumed to be vacant, SuperJob, Russia's leading job search portal, has opened a spoof vacancy - that of the President. A successful candidate's salary will start at 281500 RUR per month - 8,811.76 USD.
Labor Book to be Replaced by Employment Contract
The labor book can be abolished in Russia from 2012. The Ministry of Health will prepare the draft bill to introduce changes into the Labor Code of Russia.

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