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The State of Maria Komissarova Remains the Same
The state of the Russian freestyler Maria Komissarova injured during the Sochi Olympics remains the same. At the moment, the world has no medical technologies to restore spinal cord rupture.
Russia Scoops World Media Coverage
Russia has learned to dominate the world news headlines, drawing extensive press coverage with both positive and negative developments.
The Impossible is Possible
The Sochi 2014 Closing Ceremony, "Reaching the Impossible", began at 20:14 Moscow time at the Fisht Stadium to conclude Russias first ever Paralympic Winter Games.
Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games Results
Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games results: Russian team won the medal count.
Sochi-2014 Results
Team "Sochi 2014" summed up the Olympic Games' results. IOC President Thomas Bach called the Olympic Games in Sochi excellent in terms of their organization and noted the well-coordinated work of all participants.
Economic Benefits of 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics
The Sochi Olympics generated almost 2 billion roubles in revenue for the Russian TV channels who acquired the broadcasting rights for the 2014 Winter Games
Dramatic Bends in Viktor An's Life - True Story of Short Track Genius
Korean-born Viktor An stunned the Russian and Korean crowd by snatching three golds in Sochi, leading his teammates to their first incredible victory and popularizing the sport in Russia.
Russian, Western Media Clash Off Ice Over Team USA's Controversial Win
Fog and disallowed goal puzzle #Sochi2014 fans. Magic salt and much more in our tweet review.
Sochi 2014: Russian Olympic Medal Winners (updated)
This article is dedicated to Russian athletes who gained Olympic medals at the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi 2014. We present you a full list of Russian medalists with photos, short descriptions and links to our news and articles.
#Sochi2014 as a Perfect Source of Joy
Browse our tweets review to spot the shift from the negative response to a burst of positive emotions among foreign athletes and guests.
Olympic Truce Wall
By Olympic Movement's tradition, the Olympic Truce Wall is installed in the Olympic Villages in order to let the athletes from different countries to leave their wishes of keeping peace in the world and supporting the idea of Olympic Truce.
Sochi 2014: Geography and Concept
Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games are held in Krasnodar Krai, the large southernmost region of the Russian Federation with the area of 76,000 square kilometers. Sochi, hosting 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Games is a real gem of the Krasnodar Krai. Sochi is one of the largest Russian resort cities located between Black Sea and Caucasus Mountains. In addition, it was recognized the longest city in Europe (145 km). It is located on the same latitude as the worlds most recognized tourist destinations like Toronto and Nice.
Top #Sochi Tweets: Complaints Give Way to Admiration
Yulia Lipnitskaya, 15, draws the biggest tweet-applause, making even Yevgeny Plushchenko stand in her shadow. Click to get the latest update.
Sochi Olympic Objects: Mountain Cluster
Mountain Cluster includes Rosa Khutor Alpine Center, Rosa Khutor Extreme Park, Laura Biathlon & Ski Complex, Sliding Center Sanki, and RusSki Gorki Jumping Center.
Sochi Olympic Objects: Coastal Cluster
Coastal Cluster includes Adler Arena, Shayba Ice Arena, Ice Cube Curling Center, Bolshoy Ice Dome, and Fisht Olympic Stadium.
Sochi 2014 Olympic Facilities
Top designers, engineers and architects worked on the design and construction of the arenas, ski slopes, trails and other sports facilities to make the competitions in Sochi as safe as possible, beautiful and memorable. The map of Olympic venues in Sochi is divided in two parts: the mountain and coastal clusters, where all eleven sports facilities of Sochi 2014 Olympics are located.
Motto and Emblem of Sochi 2014
The creators of the Sochi 2014 Olympics logo were given simple and at the same time incredibly difficult task to display in a small logo the modern generation of Russia. They also pondered quite a long time on what will be the motto of Sochi 2014.
Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 - Medals and Winners (daily updates)
Russia-IC helps you to follow the results of your country at Winter Olympic 2014 Games in Sochi and celebrate each gained Olympic medal. We present daily updates of all medal winners and a general medal count for each nation.
Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 - Calendar and Today's Events (daily updates)
It is now easier than ever to follow Winter Olympic Games in Sochi 2014 with our daily updates. This article will inform you about all important Olympic events and competitions which are set for today. Check it up daily and you won't miss anything interesting. There is also a big official calendar for all Olympic days.
Sochi 2014 Olympics Mascots
The Polar Bear lives in an ice igloo beyond distant Arctic Circle. His house is built entirely from ice and snow. Leopard stays on the branches of a huge tree growing on a snowy rock in the Caucasus Mountains. He is a rescuer by vocation and is always ready to help. There is a rumor that he helped more than once to protect foothill villages from avalanches, for which he was awarded an honorary Sochi 2014 emblem. Zaika is famous for being the most active dweller of the Olympic Village. Everyone is wondering how does she manage to be everywhere?! Find more stories here about Sochi 2014 Olympics Mascots.
Retweet-Driven Mockery Trend Casts Shadow Over #Sochi 2014
Making fun of the Olympic hosts has long been the pastime of journalists. It has now almost turned into an Olympic sport the more merciless you lambaste the hotels and venues, the more RTs and followers you get.
Best #Sochi Tweets Ahead of 2014 Games
Live-tweeting journos and guests document their joy and frustration ahead of the opening ceremony of the 2014 Sochi Olympics. It's not all bad, actually.
Sochi Olympics: Where to Watch
The opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics in Sochi will be held on Friday, February 7. Not all the Russian citizens will be able to see the great show and following competitions first-hand. Where to watch the Olympic Games' broadcasts: at home or on roadside large screens? Find it here.
2014 Sochi Olympics Suprises
Russia-IC is launching its 2014 Olympic coverage. Get more news when the Games start on our website and Facebook account. Send us your pictures from sports venues, selfies from around Sochi and menus from the hotels where you stay.


Paralympic Winter Games Cultural Program
The cultural program of Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi will present musical and artistic masterpieces to the audience.
Paralympics 2014: Russia Wins Gold and Silver in Cross-Country Race
Russian paralympic athlete Elena Remizova won a race containing just four athletes to take gold in the womens 15km cross-country ski event for visually impaired athletes.
Start Of Sochi Paralympics
Paralympic emblem three hemispheres of blue, red and green colors appeared in Sochi.
Sochi Olympics May Boost GDP
The Winter Games in Sochi are expected to boost the economy by 0.3 percent amid a continuing stagnation, says a report by the Russian Central Bank.
Sochi 2014: Figure Skater Plushchenko Awaiting Surgery
Russian figure skater Evgeny Plushchenko is expected to undergo surgery in an Israeli clinic on March 2 after an injury which forced the ice star suddenly withdraw from the 2104 Sochi Winter Olympics.
Sochi 2014: Team Russia Dominates Home Olympics with 13 Gold Medals
At an Olympics designed to advertise Russias resurgence on the world stage, Russian athletes did their best gaining 33 Olympic medals and topping the general medal count.
Sochi 2014: Canada Becomes the Sochi Olympics 2014 Ice Hockey Champion
The final hockey match between Canada and Sweden at the Bolshoy Ice Palace took place on February 23, the last Olympic day, to become an exciting end to the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.
Sochi 2014: IOC President Praises Russian Athletes
IOC President Thomas Bach has acknowledged significant progress by Russian athletes after a lackluster performance at the 2010 Vancouver Games.
Sochi 2014: Viktor An to Continue Skating Career Until 2015
Viktor An plans to continue his skating career at least until the Moscow championship in 2015.
Sochi 2014: Bobsleigh Racer Zubkov, 39, May Continue Career
Bobsleigh king Alexander Zubkov, 39, did not rule out continuing his sports career.
Sochi 2014: Skobrev Spent Too Much TIme on Media - Official
Russian speedskater Ivan Skobrev was the weak link in the teams race, according to Alexey Kravtsov, head of the Russian Speedskating Union.
Sochi 2014: Speedskating Leader Skobrev Mulls Career Pause
Russian speedskater Ivan Skobrev told the press he was considering a pause in his career, following a dismal performance at the home Olympics in Sochi.
Sochi 2014: 'This Gold More Precious Than Life' - Legkov
50km mass start winner Legkov said he had waiting for this success for 15 years.
Sochi 2014: Sports Minister Urged Legkov to Win Gold
Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko warned Alexander Legkov not to finish the Sochi Olympics without gold.
Sochi 2014: Record 13th Gold in Bobsleigh
Alexander Zubkov-led sled wins 13th gold to secure Russias first place in the total medal count.
Sochi 2014: Gold Medalist Shipulin Regrets Missed Sprint Trophy
Following a successful and stunning performance in the mens relay, biathlete Anton Shipulin regrets he didnt win gold in sprint.
Sochi 2014: 'Women's Performance Was OK' - Pichler
German coach Wolfgang Pichler is satisfied with the performance of the Russian womens team at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.
Sochi 2014: Figure Skater Trankov to Bear Russian Flag at Closing Ceremony
Maxim Trankov will bear the Russian national flag at the closing ceremony of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games later on Sunday.
Sochi 2014: Zubkov-Led Bobsleigh Team First After 3 Heats
Russias four-man bobsleigh team led by Alexander Zubkov is leading the race after three heats.
Sochi 2014: Troubled German Coach to Stay with Russia till Season End
Troubled German coach Wolfgang Pichler is set to stay with Russia till the end of the season.
Sochi 2014: Russians Win Podium in Men's 50km Mass Start
Alexander Legkov, Maxim Vylegzhanin, and Ilya Chernousov climb atop the podium in the mens 50km mass start, securing the first place for Russia in the total medal count.
Sochi 2014: Canada's Sled Flipped in Heat 2, No Injuries
Canadian sled flipped in Heat 2 of the four-man bobsleigh race on Saturday but luckily no-one was in injured in the spill.
Sochi 2014: Viktor An to Get Permanent Home
The Russian government has decided to help the six-time Olympic champion, Korean-born Viktor An, to get permanent home.
Sochi 2014: Viktor An Thanks Russian Crowds for Emotional Support
It was the first time in my life when I was so cheered by the whole arena, said Viktor An, a six-time Olympic champion in short track skating.
Sochi 2014: Short Track Skater Elistratov Elated About Success
Short track skater Semyon Elistratov said the victory in the men's 5,000m relay was an unbelievable surprise.
Sochi 2014: Bronze Medalist Garanichev Calm Over Absence in Relay
Biathlete Evgeny Garanichev was not disappointed that he wasnt on the lucky list of the mens relay team that won gold on Saturday evening.
Sochi 2014: 'Many Americans Hate Me' - US-Born Snowboarder
Vic Wild knows snowboarding fans back in his home country are split about his fantastic success at the Sochi Olympics.
Sochi 2014: Female Speedskating Team Grabs Bronze
Russia outskated Japan to secure bronze in womens relay, a victory that gave Russia a lead in the total medal count.
Sochi 2014: Russian Biathletes Beat Germany, Norway to Grab Relay Gold
Biathletes lead Russia to the top of the medal table, securing 11th gold for the host nation.
Sochi 2014: Vic Wild Wasn't a Star - Surprised Coach
Denis Tikhomirov, the chief coach of the Russian snowboarding team, has been surprised by the stirring performance of US-born Vic Wild who has won two gold medals for Russia.
Sochi 2014: Biathlete Vilukhina's Coach Would Not Accept Her Car Gift
Olga Vilukhinas coach said he would accept a car the biathlete promised him earlier at the Sochi Games.
Sochi 2014: Biathlete Glazyrina Suspended From Russian Female Team
Olga Glazyrina has been suspended from the Russian female biathlon team, apparently for her rude remarks on the social media that targeted the team.
Sochi 2014: US-Born Vic Wild Wins 10th Gold for Russia
US-born Vic Wild wins 10th gold for Russia by a tenth of second in men's snowboard parallel slalom at Rosa Khutors Extreme Park.
Sochi 2014: German Coach Pichler Deflects Criticism
Wolfgang Pichler said he would most likely leave the Russian team after the Sochi Olympics.
Sochi 2014: Figure Skating Champions Share Their Emotions
Russia-IC brings you some of the comments made by Russia's Olympic champions in figure skating at the press conference, according to Sovetsky Sport.
Sochi 2014: Short Track King Viktor An Races to Gold in 2 Events
Viktor An won gold in men's 500m individual race and later helped the national team outskate Team USA in the 5,000m relay.
Sochi 2014: Sotnikova Snatches Gold In Figure Skating Thriller
Adelina Sotnikova wins seventh Gold for Russia in figure skating, but the world media fume with acrid comments.
Sochi 2014: U.S.-born Athlete Brings Snowboarding Gold to Russia, his Wife Gains Bronze
On Wednesday, February 19, two snowboarding competitions in men's and women's parallel giant slalom took place in the "Roza Khutor" Extreme Park in Sochi, to become very successful for Russian sportsmen.
Sochi 2014: Russia Lost 1-3 to Finland in Quarterfinals
The Red Machine has been stopped by Finland who scored three times to secure a berth in the semifinals, leaving Russians without any medals.
Sochi 2014: Russia Knock Out Norway 4-0
Russia have thrashed Norway in a crucial game to progress to the quarterfinals where they will face Finland.
Sochi 2014: Russia Gets Silver in Snowboard Cross - 19th Medal
Nikolay Olyunin has grabbed silver in men's snowboard cross, the first time ever that a Russian climbed an Olympic pedestal in this sport.
Sochi 2014: Russia Wins First Ever Olympic Gold in Bobsleigh
Alexander Zubkov and Alexey Voevoda have won Russia's first ever Olympic gold in bobsleigh.
Sochi2014: Plyushchenko Retracts CNN Statement
Olympic champion Evgeny Plyushchenko backpedalled on his earlier statement that was forced to skate with an injury.
Sochi 2014: Men's Curling Team 7th After 9 Games
Russias mens curling team beat Germans in a game that was no longer relevant.
Russia Faces Norway on Route to Playoffs
Russians had to swallow heart drops again after the Olympic ice hockey team struggled against Slovakia.
Sochi 2014: Russian Skiing Team Grabs Silver in the Relay
The men's cross-country skiing relay race ended with the victory of the Swedish team. The Russian team took silver and the French team won bronze, on Saturday, February 16.
Sochi 2014: Russian Athletes on Olympic Pedestal after Short Track Competitions
Two short track finals took place in the Iceberg Skating Palace on Saturday, February 15, the women's 1,500 meter and men's 1,000 meter, with the last one to become very sucessful for Russian athelets.
Sochi 2014: Russian Alexander Tretyakov Wins Gold Medal in Men's Skeleton
Home crowd favourite Alexander Tretyakov scored a victory in men's skeleton, winning gold ahead of Martins Dukurs from Latvia and American Matthew Antoine.
Sochi 2014: Russia Lost to USA in Shootout
Russia's ice hockey team lost the chance to top Group A. Two goals by Pavel Datsyuk were not enough to beat USA who were more lucky in the shootout.
Sochi 2014: Nikitina Grabs Bronze in Skeleton
Russia's Elena Nikitina has won bronze in skeleton, a victory that marks the first ever medal in the history of the Russian female team.
Sochi 2014: Russia Beat USA in Curling
Russia scrape through USA in curling with 7-6 on the scoreboard.
Sochi 2014: Biathlete Garanichev Wins Bronze to Celebrate Birthday
Russian biathlete Evgeny Garanichev secures a tenth medal for the Russian team at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.
Sochi 2014: Figure Skating Legend Plyushchenko Retires After Back Injury
Evgeny Plyushchenko has announced that he retires from sports after a back injury during a warmup.
Sochi 2014: Russia Beat Slovenia 5-2 in Ice Hockey
Russia's ice hockey team stunned Slovenia 5-2 in the Group A opener to secure the first three points in the qualification stage.
Warm Weather in Sochi Makes Changes in Olympic Program
The first change have been brought to the Olympic schedule on Thursday, February 13, with the mens super combined skiing brought forward due to an abnormal high temperature in the Sochi mountains.
Cultural Olympiad
Cultural Olympiad is a unique project of Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee, representing the best cultural events in Russia.
Sochi 2014: NHL's Varlamov Picked for Opener Against Slovenia
Semyon Varlamov has been picked as the goaltender for the first game of the Russian team that takes place Thursday.
XXII Winter Olympics Athletes
For many athletes, who participate in the XXII Winter Olympics this is not the first Olympic Games in their careers. Some of them have won Olympic medals more than once, but others persistently, year after year fought their way forward to the high results, some of them even had left the sports, but then successfully returned.
Tatiana Volosozhar And Maxim Trankov Win Their Gold
Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov won gold in pair skating at Sochi 2014 on February 12. They earned Russia's second gold medal at these Olympics.
Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov Set World Record in Sochi
Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov from Russia have become winners of a short program in pair figure skating at the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.
Sochi 2014: Russia's Vilukhina Secures Silver in 7.5km Sprint Race
Olga Vilukhina stunned her rivals and fans alike with a silver medal in the 7.5km sprint race.
Sochi 2014: NHL Stars Join Russian Ice Hockey Squad
Russias ice hockey team gets a boost with NHL stars who arrived in Sochi and were welcome by Vladislav Tretyak, the head of the Ice Hockey Federation of Russia.
Sochi 2014: Russia's Vylegzhanin Missed Out On Medal Because of Norway's Sundby
Russia has appealed the decision of the judges who granted a bronze medal to Martin Johnsrud Sundby of Norway.
Sochi 2014: Luger Demchenko Grabs Silver, 4th Olympic Medal for Russia
Russian luger Albert Demchenko won silver, securing a fourth Olympic medal for Russia, in a fierce competition with Germanys Felix Loch, who defended his title at the Sanki Sliding Center.
Top #Sochi 2014 Tweets: Just Before Opening
Enjoy our collection of the top #Sochi tweets over the past 24 hours. Click here to gauge the mood.
Illegal Coverage Of the Olympics Will Be Blocked
Russian Ministry of Communications and Sochi-2014 Organizing Committee are intending to block illegal coverage of the Olympics, Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media, Alexei Volin said.
40 Sports Bars Will Show Olympic Games in Vladimir Oblast
In every district of the region there are lists of sports bars and cafes, where sports fans can watch live coverage of the Olympic Games.
Sochi Olympics To Be Streamed By Nine Websites
There are nine certified resources, which have license and sublicense agreements and rights to stream the Olympic shows.
Sochi 2014: US Urges Moscow to OK Yogurt Shipment to Olympic Athletes
The delivery of American-made yogurt to the US Olympic team is in limbo due to what Washington claims to be red tape.
Sochi 2014: US Officials Warning of Toothpaste Tube Bombs
US officials have warned international and regional airlines with flights to Sochi of toothpaste tube bombs, say a report by CNN
Russia at the Olympic Games Exhibition
In the run-up to the 22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi the Multimedia Art Museum has opened an exhibition of unique archival photos.
Sochi 2014: Russian Team to Be Led by Bobsleigh Star Alexander Zubkov
Bobsleigh star Alexander Zubkov was picked as the flag bearer of the Russian Olympic team after weeks of rumours and media buzz
Sochi 2014: German Broadcaster Claims Russia Developing New Drugs
German broadcaster claims to have uncovered a secret research programme in Russia to develop new drugs for athletes.
Sochi 2014: Semyon Varlamov Gets Custom-Designed Olympic Mask
Semyon Varlamov, the goaltender of the national ice hockey team and Colorado Avalanche, is expected to flaunt his brand new mask, designed especially for the 2014 Sochi Olympics.
FBI Agents to Help Russian Police at Sochi Olympics
The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is going to send dozens of its agents to Russia to help secure the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi from possible terror attacks.
Russian Airports Prohibit Carrying Liquids in Hand Luggages
Russias state aviation agency has officially banned any liquids in carry-on baggages for flights at all of the countrys airports, as an additional safety measure ahead of next months Winter Olympics in Sochi.
Over 60 People Remain in Hospital after Terror Attacks in Volgograd
More than 60 people remain in hospital after two suicide bomb attacks in the city of Volgograd last week, Russia's Health Ministry said on Monday.
Obama to Skip Sochi Olympic Games Because of Anti-Gay Law
US President Barack Obama has prepared his harsh answer to Russia's "anti-gay law" by including two openly homosexual athletes in the official delegation to the Winter Olympics in Sochi and declining to attend the Games himself.
Maria Sharapova to Work as TV Reporter at Sochi Olympics
Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova will work for the US television network NBC as a correspondent for its coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.
Do Some Squats to Receive Free Moscow Metro Ticket
An unusual ticket machine which dispenses passes for workouts appeared at the Vystavochnaya station of the Moscow metro this week.
Russia Won't Suspend Anti-Gay Law even for Winter Olympics
On Monday, August 12, Russia's Interior Ministry confirmed that the country's controversial anti-gay law will be enforced during the Sochi 2014 Olympics.
Sports Units to Be Reunited in Russian Army
Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko has hailed the arrival of the first all-athlete military units since Soviet times as a part of the strategy for the development of sport and the state.
Russian Government to Freeze Hotel Prices for Sochi 2014
The Russian Government has issued a decree, which is expected to regulate the maximum price for accommodation and services in Krasnodar Region hotels during the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014.
The Sochi 2014 Olympic Torch Relay to become the longest in history
The Sochi 2014 Olympic Torch Relay will become the longest and the largest one in the history of winter Olympics Games.
Russia Plans to Hold Summer Olympics after 2020
Russia wants to file an application for holding the Summer Olympic Games after 2020, Aleksandr Zhukov, the countrys Olympic Committee president, says.
'Hot.Cool.Yours.' - 500 Days Before Sochi Olympics
On Tuesday, Sochi celebrated 500 days until the opening ceremony of Russias first Winter Games, saying the city is more than 70 percent ready to host the Games.
Banking Cards or Cash? How to pay at Sochi Olympic Games 2014
The financial infrastructure of Sochi is not ready to accept guests of Sochi Olympic Games 2014. In the city there are too few automatic teller machines and shops where customers can pay for goods and services with banking cards.
Sochi-2014 Presented 4D at Olympic Games in London
Russian delegation at the Olympic Games in London presents Russia.Park and Sochi.Park that will work from July 26 to August 12.
Sochi Court Calls Gay Movement Extremist
A Sochi appeals court has upheld a lower court decision to deny registration of Pride House, a local gay movement, saying it constitutes a threat to Russias sovereignty.
Kind Hearts Struggle Towards Sochi
Two years before the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, Russia starts selection of candidates for volunteers.
Russian Youth Olympic Team to Compete for Medals
On Wednesday, Russian Youth Winter Olympic team has left for Innsbruck, Austria, for the first ever Youth Olympic Winter Games, to take part in almost every sport discipline.
The Best Russian Figure Skater Successfully Returns to Ice
On Monday, Evgeny Plushenko made his first victorious competition since his figure skating silver medal at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.
Unique Sochi Trampolines Are at the Final Stage of Construction
A complex of unique ski trampolines - K-125 and K-95 - is now at the final stage of construction, undertaken by the German company, CeramTec-ETEC.
Russia to Send the Olympic Flame into Space
Russia plans to make the longest Olympic flame relay ever for the Sochi Olympic Games in 2014, setting several world records.
All Sochi Hotels to be Ready for the Olympics
On Tuesday the head of IOCs Coordination Commission, Jean-Claude Killy, said he was satisfied with the speed of building hotels for the Olympic Games-2014 in Sochi.
Hyatt Hotel in Sochi
Hyatt Hotels Corporation signed a contract with Russian company for the management of the new hotel complex Hyatt Regency Sochi.

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