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Stepan Krasheninnikov
31 October 1711 - ...


New Booking Services
The company launched a new mobile iOS-application Booking Now in Russia for the travelers who do not book accommodation in advance, but are looking for it part way through in less than two days prior to arrival.
Czech Airlines Reduced Ticket Prices
Czech Airlines has reduced ticket prices for Russians and cut down on the proposed number of seats on flights from Russia to the Czech Republic. This was the airlines reaction to the devaluation of the rouble and, consequently, a drop in demand for flights from Russian passengers.
Pskov Museum-Reserve Has Developed New Interactive Programs for Visitors
The specialists of the Pskov Museum-Reserve presented new interactive programs. There is a demand for interactive programs that require active participation of visitors themselves. Tourist agencies ask museums what they have to offer in addition to classic excursions. Therefore, several programs of this kind were presented.
Uninhabited Islands for the Spoilt Tourists
The Ivanovo Oblast competes with Canary Islands and the Maldives. A small town on the right bank of the Volga River has turned into a large tourist center this summer.
The Expedition of Fyodor Konyukhov
For the first time in history the citizens of Russia crossed the Arctic Ocean from the Northern geographical pole to the coast of Canada with the help of dogs.
Excursion Buses: Now on the Moscow-River
River guide buses "City Sightseeing" for 33 passengers started plying on the Moscow-river from the moorage on the Bolotnaya square, in Gorky Park and from the Novospasskiy monastery. Motor ships start their journey once per hour.
New Aquabuses in St. Petersburg
New aquabuses will appear in St. Petersburg. Passengers of aquabuses have no risk to be trapped in traffic jams (a trip on the longest route takes less than 45 minutes). Many of the vessel stops are situated close to the subway stations. And the route of the Central line, for example, passes the Summer Garden, Peter and Paul Fortress, the Winter Palace, the famous St. Petersburg bridges and wharfs.


Thai Airways Will Stop Bangkok-Moscow Flights
Thai Airways International announces the termination of the flight program on the route Bangkok - Moscow from March 29, 2015 until economic situation in Russia gets better.
Visiting Bangkok Is Not Recommended by Russian Foreign Ministry
Russian Foreign Ministry confirms recommendations for Russian tourists to avoid visiting Bangkok and be cautious in Thailand, despite the abolition of curfew in several provinces of the country.
More Russian Tourists Go To Japan
The number of foreign travelers who visited Japan in 2013 exceeded 10 million people, which is 24 percent more than in 2012. The growth of the tourist flow from Russia to Japan made up 20 percent compared with 2012.
Travel Advisory For Russian Tourists In GOA
A travel advisory with brief helpful tips for tourists was issued by the Russian Information Centre in Goa with the support of the Consulate General of Russia in Mumbai.
Visa Application Centre of Finland Opened in Sochi
The residents of Sochi are be able to submit documents to the Finland visa and receive permission to enter some countries of the Schengen agreement without leaving their native city since October 18 - Finland visa centre is open in the spa capital of Russia.
Russians Enjoy Travelling To Turkey
Russians surpassed Germans in the volume of tourist inflow to Turkey. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey, its resorts were visited by more than 735 thousand of our fellow citizens in the last summer month (plus 13.8 % compared to August 2012), while the number of the Germans who also like to go to Turkey made up just below 714 thousand.
Altai Reserve Opens Eco-tour On Lake Teletskoye
In coming years Altay Nature Reserve management is going to open the first circular eco-tour on Lake Teletskoye. The route will allow holidaymakers to see at a time the most beautiful places of basin, including waterfalls and protected borders.
Kodar National Park: Preserve And Improve
Kodar is a Trans-Baikal ridge, known worldwide for its perma-glaciers and unique peaks. 200-kilometers stretched ridge has not been thoroughly explored by tourists yet.
Tourists To Be Led On Queen of Vases Road
An automobile research expedition is being organized to the anniversary of creation of "Queen of Vases" in Altai Krai.
More Access To White Sands
Volunteers of Baikal National Park are developing trails towards white sands at Harginsky sand mine. They want to make this informative route more accessible.
Monasteries And Golf Courses Of Zadonsk
In Zadonsk city of Lipetsk Oblast there will be an amusement park, a golf course, a water sports center and a horseback riding club.
Across Barnaul With Torches
A new walking tour started in Barnaul on August 1. Residents and visitors of Barnaul are offered to have a walk with lanterns and torches.
Russia 360 Two Braves Reached Easternmost Point of Russia
"Russia 360" expedition has reached the Cape Dezhnev.
History And Culture Of The Moscow Region Online
Interactive map of monuments in the Moscow Region appeared on the Internet.
Data Placards Around Volcano
Data placards for tourists heading to Tolbachik were installed in Klyuchevskoi Park.
Everything About National Park In One Place
An integrated visitor information center is open on Olkhon Island since mid-July.
Journalists will heat banya and cook by their own.
Bashkortostan keeps improving touristic potential.
New Season In Phanagoria
Around 200 people will join archaeological excavations on Taman peninsula.
Dancing Shamans Found Near Baikal
Scientists from Irkutsk have found cave paintings of ancient people in Northern Baikal region.
New Names On Kamchatka Map
Two anonymous geographical objects in Kamchatka have got their names.
Kazan Universiade Air For Sale
Universiade quests were invited to buy air of Kazan sealed inside the metal canes.
Old Novosibirsk In Every Mobile
A mobile application allows finding out how did the city look like in the past.
Volga-Don Interfluvial
The Volgograd Region has got a new tourist route. 2-day tour offers tourists to familiarize themselves with Ilovlinsky Museum of Folk Architecture and Folkway of Don Cossacks; to visit A. Egorovs Donchak horseback riding club; to learn how to ride a horse and to ride one; to drive a phaeton and to take an outdoors meal.
Car Voyage Towards Baikal
The scientists will reconstruct the route of Ivanov, the discoverer of Lake Baikal.
A Unified Standard Of Tourist Navigation
A new tourist orientation system will be introduced in Russia.
Eco Tour With a Personal Guide: For Nature And Fitness Fans
New trails for ecotourists are offered by Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi.
Roza Khutor in Summer
Everyone is welcome to take a look at Olympic structures in Sochi during summer season.
Natural Objects Were Indicated On the Tourist Map
In the Krasnodar region, a new schematic map of Gelendzhik for tourists has appeared.
Tourists Are Invited To Look At The Excavations In Novgorod
In June, archaeologists discovered a summer field season in Veliky Novgorod. It is assumed that the work of this year will be conducted at Trinity excavation, which is the base for the Novgorod archaeological expedition, as well as at three excavations on the Marketplace and the Sofia sides in the historic center of the city.
The Kamchatkas Volcanoes Are Waiting For Ski-Mountaineers
The following year, in the Kamchatkas region the certified international competitions in ski-mountaineering can be hold on.
Summer Menu On Aeroflot Flights
World-class team of professionals developed new menu for international and domestic flights of Aeroflot.
Panorama Of St. Petersburg: Now At Night
St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg extends working hours of museum and colonnade for summer time.
Tourists Will Learn the New Lands Culture
Moscow tourism committee has published the first guide of New Moscow sights.
Popularity Of Cruise-liners to Saint-Petersburg Goes Up
The passenger traffic of the port Morskoy Fasad in Saint-Petersburg will increase by 19% in 2013 in comparison with 2012, up to more than 500 thousand people.
Horse Tourism in Bashkiria
The government of Bashkiria intends to create the center of horse tourism development.
The Tyumen Ostrich Farm Is Happy To See Eco-Tourists
Representatives of fauna that are not typical for Siberia proved that they can live not only in the hot climate of Africa, but also in the regions of the northern widths of Russia, for example, in the Tyumen region.
International Fairy Games-2013
The second international festival International fairy games will take place in the Kirovsk region since the 31-st of May till the 1-st of July, 2013. Fairy heroes from more than 20 countries of the world and more than 30 regions of the RF will attend it.
Water Spirit The Main Hero Of The Ethno-Park
An unusual touristic center was opened in Udmurtiya.
Floating Hotels: For Football Fans
It is planned to build hotels on water in Kaliningrad before the WC-2018.
Aeroexpress: In Four Cities Of Russia Already
First Aeroexpresses are lanched in Kazan.
Locals Will Help Tourists
The touristic project Ask me, Im local has started in Buryatiya.
New And Old: Tretyakovskaya Galleries Will Be United For Passers-by
Passer-by zones are created in Moscow. Krymskaya embankment will become fully pedestrian.
3 Million Tourists Vote For Saint-Petersburg
Saint-Petersburg entered top twenty of the best holiday destinations of the world
Green Chronicle of Kostroma
Several ecological routes will be opened in Kostroma in the near future.
No Visa to Russia
Foreign sportsmen will be allowed to come to Russia without visas in connection with the international sport competitions.
Natural Reserve: 20 Trips During a Season
The season of cognitive trips in the Sayano-Chouchensk reserve will start on the 1st of June.
Hotel Allows Tourists To Take Beds Away
One-of-the-kind art-eco-hotel, made of wood by local handy men, operates in Biysk city in Altai. The guests can acquire any object they liked, whether it is an old-world lamp made of elm, a towel with cross stitch or even a bed.
Tourists Will Orient By Photos
Moscow underground will be adorned with photopanoramas for the tourists.
Excursions in the Metro Stations of St. Petersburg
Once in a month excursions will be held at the underground stations of St. Petersburg. Perhaps during the summer period the excursions will be conducted more often.
Anatoly Kuliks Round-the-World Cruise by Catamaran Came to an End
Siberian travellers who decided to circumnavigate the globe by a catamaran, tied up at the banks of the Thai island of Phuket. It was the final point of the travellers voyage.
Baikal Trophy 2013: More Than 2,000 Kilometres Across the Ice
Ten crews turned across Lake Baikal in 10 days, covering more than 2,000 kilometres across the ice.
Sverdlovsk Region Will Offer Mineralogical Tourism
Local travel companies have already developed a number of attractive products aimed to the adventurous people, who want to experience treasure-hunting.
The Company Flydubai Is Expanding its Route Network in Russia
The company will fly to Dubai from eight Russian cities.
40 Direct Flights Connected The Cities of the Volga Region
For the first time in 20 years it became possible to get directly from one region to another by plane bypassing Moscow.
Space Tourists Will Be Trained in Sheremetyevo
Sheremetyevo Airport and Aerophobia treatment centre "Letaem bez Straha (Flying without Fear)" have launched the world's first training centre for space tourists.
Greek Visa Application Centre in Moscow Has Changed the Operation Hours
It is possible to apply for visa half an hour earlier, that is from 8.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.
Russian Tourists Are Interested in Egypt Again
Last winter, the demand for Egyptian lines by travelers from Russia grew significantly, reaching revolutionary figures.
25 Kilometers of New Pavement Will Be Built in Moscow This Year
The total length of the pavements will be about 24.64 kilometers.
Tourism Cluster "Kladez Zemli Kostromskoi" (Wellspring of the land of Kostroma)
Tourism Cluster Kladez Zemli Kostromskoi (Wellspring of the land of Kostroma) will take 1,200 hectares.
Transaero Will Update the Aircraft Fleet
The airline Transaero takes on lease 12 aerial vehicles Boeing737-800 NG.
Tourists Are Not Allowed To Disturb Animals
Komandorsky Nature Reserve is closed for tourists for a month.
Buryatia: Hunting In a Touristic Zone
The deputies of the People's Khural have discussed the problems of the republic hunting sector. As it turned out, one of the most profitable directions is hunting tourism with the participation of the foreigners.
Tourists Will See Little Known Monuments in Omsk
The museum of local lore has decided to organize tours on little known places of the Omsk Region.
Spring In Planetarium: Cheaper In May
During the May holidays tickets to the Moscow planetarium will be sold with a discount.
The First Recreation and Tourism Office of the Crimea in Moscow
Recreation and Tourism office of Autonomous Republic of Crimea was opened in Moscow for the first time.
Moscow Hotel Room Services Are the Most Expensive in the World
The cost of additional services in Moscow hotels is the highest in the world.
Russia and Croatia Simplified Visa Requirements
From March, 2013 the Russian Federation and Croatia simplified visa requirements. The agreement regulates two-way travel for the citizens of the Russian Federation and Croatia.
The Award Pin for Tourists Appeared in Altai
Altai State Pedagogical Academy presented the award pin called Honorary tourist of Altai Territory.
The Opportunities of the New Moscow Will Be Shown in 20 cities of Russia
The RoadShow Welcome to Moscow" started in Orel the other day; this show will be held in Russia until April 12, inclusive, in the format of seminar presentations. Within RoadShow the tourism opportunities of the capital will be presented in Kursk, Belgorod, Voronezh, Lipetsk, Astrakhan, Volgograd, Saratov, Penza, Samara, Orenburg, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Ekaterinburg, Perm, Izhevsk, Kirov, Yoshkar-Ola and Kazan.
Russian Railways Reduces Prices by 20-25 Percent
The tickets in second-class train carriages and the carriages of general formation of "Federal Passenger Company" JSC departing from March 11 to April 27, 2013 will cost on average 25% less than on the tariff.
Slovakia Presents Health Resorts in Russian Cities
Slovakia will hold a series of presentations of its health resorts in several Russian cities in 2013. Medical tourism is a priority of the Russian-Slovak tourism cooperation.
UTair Will Conduct Flights from Rostov to Frankfurt-am-Main
"UTair" Airlines establishes direct flights between Rostov and Frankfurt am Main from June 2 of this year. The flights will be operated by the Boeing 737-500 aircraft on Sundays.
Tourist Flow from Russia to the EU Countries Grew by 9 Percent
The Federal Agency for Tourism of Russia published the data of the Federal State Statistics Service on the inflow and outflow of the citizens between Russia and the European Union. Thus, the leader of the Russian outbound travel in relation to the EU last year and a year ago was Finland.
The Rules of Rendering Emergency Aid to Tourists Were Determined
The Russian government approved the rules of emergency aid to tourists and the rules of financing the expenses from the compensation fund of the tour operators' association "Turpomosch" (Tourism Help).
Russian Tourism RoadShow 2013 Will Be Held in China
The Federal Agency for Tourism of Russia will hold a series of events within the format of Russian Tourism RoadShow 2013 in China in the period from June 19 to August 7, 2013, where the tourism products of the Russian regions will be presented.
Ukraine International Airlines Came to Sheremetyevo
"Ukraine International Airlines" (UIA) started conducting the flights from Sheremetyevo International Airport in the direction Kiev - Moscow Kiev from February 22. The flights on this route will be conducted through Terminal E by Boeing-737 aircrafts with two classes of service - Business and Economy classes.
A Unique Tour of the Tundra Was Created in Arkhangelsk
This tourist product gives the tourists the opportunity to learn about the traditions of the reindeer herder culture of the Nenets people and see the life of indigenous people of the European North of Russia in the winter.
Turkey Has Become Even More Popular among Russian Tourists
Due to the cancellation of visas Turkey has become even more popular among Russian tourists.
A New Resource Travel Centre Will Open in the Altai Region
Altai State Technical University joined the partners-participants of the project of the Russian and European universities Tourism lifelong learning network. It involves the creation of the network of resource centres for tourism in the Russian regions.
Large German Low-Coster Is To Make Flights From Saint-Petersburg
A large German low-cost airline, Germanwings, a subsidiary of Lufthansa, will connect Saint-Petersburg with Hamburg, Dusseldorf and Berlin in the nearest time.
Second Latvian Visa Centre Will Open In Moscow In April
A new Latvian visa centre will open in Moscow. The address is 10, 2nd Volkonsky lane.
Tourists Are Getting Attracted To Chernobyl
After the recent roof fall at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant tourists are taking much more interest in the exclusion zone.
Moscow Will Become a Centre Of Youth Tourism
Moscow is the largest university centre and will have to become also a centre of youth tourism, especially during student holidays.
The Number Of Cruise Tourists In St. Petersburg Will Grow
According to preliminary data, the main sea passenger port of St. Petersburg will take 241 ship entries in 2013, and the number of tourists served by the port will increase by 6-9%.
Vietnam Airlines Fly From Moscow to Nha Trang
The flights will be conducted from April, 5 once a week (on Fridays) on the aircraft B-777-200 with the 307 and 324 layouts of economy seats and business class seats.
Vologda Hosted The Professional Exhibition - The Gateway To The North
The XII interregional exhibition of tourist services and hospitality technologies "The Gates to the North" happened from 15 to 17 February 2013 in Vologda.
Tourist Train Will Run Between Moscow And Kazan
The first tourist train launched in the post-Soviet period will have to come from Moscow to Kazan on March 30 of this year.
It Will Be Easier To Navigate In St. Petersburg
The installation of information boards of a new type began at public transport stops of the city on the Neva.
The Unique Tours Of Moscow Will Be Held Within The Frame Of MITF-2013
The action The Day of Moscow or The Big Tour of Moscow will be held for the first time within the frame of the fair-exhibition of tours on The Moscow International Travel Fair which will be held in Moscow on May 16-18
MITF Format Will Change
The Moscow International Travel Fair MITF-2013 will be held in the Shopping Arcade from May 16 to 18, as TRN reported in the Committee for Tourism and Hotel Industry of Moscow.
Euroset and Transaero Agreed On Cooperation
Euroset and Transaero companies announced the signing of the direct cooperation agreement that regulates the new service of accepting the payments for airline tickets of the company Transaero to all destinations in all shops of the Euroset retailer without a service fee and amount limitations.
Rossija Airline Launched Self-Registration Service At Pulkovo-1
Rossija Airline Company has launched a self-registration service for the passengers departing from the Terminal Pulkovo-1 (St. Petersburg).
Ostankino-Hostel Will Be The Largest In Moscow
The hostel based on the Ostankino hotel was opened in Moscow. The hostel is focused on different types of clients, including foreign tourists.
Sheremetyevo Launched A Mobile Application
Sheremetyevo International Airport is the first airport in Russia that has launched a mobile application. The application is currently available on the Windows Phone platforms, such as Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820.
About 5% Of Russians Buy Tours And Tickets Online
About 5% of Russian Internet users are buying tours, air and railway tickets on the World Wide Web.
The Water Park Of The Oka Gemchugina Complex Is Open Near Ryazan
The all-season water park "Gorki" have been put into service in the Ryazan region (Ryazan district, village Polyany). This is the first object of the large-scale complex "Oka Gemchugina".
Gold Mining Tours Will Appear In The Far East
The program of the development of Siberia and the Far East was presented within the framework of the 21st session of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF).
Moscow May Become Visa-free for Tourists
Moscow Government promotes short-term visa-free regime in the capital for foreign guests, as it was stated by the head of the city's International Contacts Department.
Elbrus Region is Ready for Accepting Tourists
In September the rebuilt cable road will be opened in Elbrus region, so the next holiday season will be ready to welcome guests and downhill skiers.
Putin Hunts Treasures in "Russian Atlantis"
On Wednesday Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin traveled to the Taman Peninsula in Krasnodar region to perform yet another of his trademark adventure activities and scuba dive at a site known as the Russian Atlantis.
How Do Foreigners View Russia?
Frost, vodka and beautiful women - well, it is better than just samovars and bears!

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