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The Tretyakov Gallery
The State Tretyakov Gallery is one of the world's largest art museums, a treasure trove of the Russian art. It has the world's largest collection of Russian painting, graphic art and sculpture - over 190,000 artworks created from the 11th to the 20th centuries.
Pavel Tretyakov: a Merchant or a ollector?
Let's talk about the personality of the founder of the world famous Tretyakov Gallery, the legendary Moscow philanthropist Pavel Tretyakov, for whom art was something more than just collecting.
Exposition from Tretyakov Gallery Displayed in London
First large-scale exhibition from the Tretyakov Gallery has been opened in the London National Portrait Gallery to celebrate the 160th anniversaries of both the museums.


Exhibition Konstantin Kuznetsov. Paris, Brittany, Normandy
The Russian artist Konstantin Kuznetsov (1863-1936) is less known in this country than abroad.
Exhibition "I, Andy Warhol" at Tretyakov Gallery
Andy Warhol exhibition of an unparalleled scale is being held at the New Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.
Tretyakov Gallery is Not Opening on June 16
Earlier, Sergei Sobyanin said that from this date museums and exhibition halls could reopen.
Online Displays of Paintings from the Tretyakov Gallery
In connection with the COVID quarantine, most of the Russia's cultural and leisure institutions have shifted to the web.
Exhibition Avant-garde. List No 1. For the 100th Anniversary of the Museum of Painting Culture"
The Tretyakov Gallery presents a unique project timed to the centenary of the world's first state museum of modern art, the Museum of Painting Culture.
Exhibition Unknown Itinerants in Tretyakov Gallery
Come and see unknown artworks by Ivan Kramskoy, Isaac Levitan, Lev Lagorio and other famous Russian artists of the Itinerants (aka Wanderers) Association.
Exhibition Geometrisms. The 1950s - 2010s in New Tretyakov Gallery
Geometric abstractionism is the direction of non-figurative art, where different geometric shapes, color planes and lines are combined.
Vasily Polenov Exhibition in Tretyakov Gallery
More than 150 works demonstrate all the facets of Vasily Polenov's art talent in Moscow. Vasily Polenov (1844-1927) excelled in painting, stagecraft and architecture.
VR Exhibitions of Goncharova, Malevich, Shishkin and Edward Munch
The Tretyakov Gallery has launched unusual interactive VR-projects featuring world famous artists.
Ivan Pohitonov Exhibition in the Tretyakov Gallery
Ivan Pokhitonov is a renowned Russian master of landscape painting of the first half of the 19th century.
Jubilee Art Exhibition of Fyodor Zakharov in New Tretyakov Gallery
The exhibition of paintings by Fyodor Zakharov is dedicated to the 100th anniversary since his birth.
Tretyakov Gallery Presents Paintings by Geliy Korzhev in Venice
The Tretyakov Gallery has provided paintings for the exhibition Geliy Korzhev. Back to Venice in Italy.
Art Exhibition Nikolay Mescherin. Out of the Hustle and Bustle
The Museum of Russian Impressionism and the Tretyakov Gallery present an exhibition of paintings by Nikolai Mescherin.
Anna Golubkina Sculpture Exhibition at Tretyakov Gallery
The first Russian female sculptor, Anna Golubkina was one of the leading masters of the Silver Age.
Art Exhibition Aristocratic Portrait in Russia of the 18th - early 20th Centuries
Aristocratic portraits make a significant part of the collection of the Historical Museum of Moscow.
Exhibition "Great Russian Artists" in Moscow
Ilya Repin, Victor Vasnetsov, Mikhail Vrubel see collected works by these and other prominent Silver Age artists from several Russian museums.
Arkhip Kuindzhi Paintings to Return to the Russian Museum from Moscow
Among them is the painting "Ai-Petri. Crimea", which was stolen and then returned to the exhibition.
Ilya Repin Exhibition in Moscow
The Tretyakov Gallery is preparing a large-scale exhibition project dedicated to the artworks by Ilya Repin.
Andrei Rublev Museum Presents the Images of Fire in Christian Art
The fire is traditionally among the elements of the sacred church art. A new exhibition at the Andrei Rublev Museum is dedicated to its imagery.
Tretyakov Gallery Hosts Artworks from Nizhny Novgorod State Art Museum
Until November 1, 2019, visitors to the Tretyakov Gallery will see five paintings from the Nizhny Novgorod Art Museum among the works of the permanent exposition.
Art Exhibition "From Popular Assembly to the Throne ..." in Moscow
Pavel Ryzhenko is an Honored Artist of Russia, who gained fame with his paintings on the history of Russia.
Tretyakov Gallery Presents Personal Exhibition of Ivan Nikolaev
The Tretyakov Gallery is holding the exhibition "Ivan Nikolaev", dedicated to the art of the famous Russian muralist.
Harlequins of the Silver Age Exhibition at Tretyakov Gallery
The new exhibition of the Tretyakov Gallery tells about the dramatization images in the artworks by Konstantin Somov, Nikolai Sapunov, and Sergey Sudeikin.
Jubilee Exhibition of Sergey Zaryanko at the Tretyakov Gallery
The Tretyakov Gallery holds a chamber exhibition of paintings by a renowned Russian portrait, miniature and icon painter.
"T Festival" at the Tretyakov Gallery
September 15 saw the opening of a unique festival of classical music, poetry and performance T Festival.
Arkhip Kuindzhi Exhibition at the Tretyakov Gallery
More than 120 paintings by inimitable Arkhip Kuindzhi have been brought together from the collections of Russian museums.
Landscape Painting Exhibition Depicting Russia in Moscow
Media Center in the Zaryadye park holds a large-scale exhibition with works from the Tretyakov Gallery.
Exhibition The Romanovs. Family Photo Chronicles at Tretyakov Gallery
The members of the royal Romanovs family were shot to death in the Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg in July 1918.
Film Festival about Artists to Run in Moscow
September 17 will see the opening of The Art Newspaper Russia Film Festival, dedicated to masters of painting, architecture, photography and other arts.
Exhibition "Avant-Garde in 3 Dimensions: Goncharova and Malevich in the Heart of Moscow
VR-project of the Tretyakov Gallery welcomes you to visit the art studio of Kazimir Malevich and Natalia Goncharova and create your own avant-garde art work.
Exhibition "Paintings of Russian History" in Moscow
The Tretyakov Gallery presents an exhibition of outstanding Russian artists of the late 19th - early 20th centuries on the phenomena of Russian history.
Free Exhibitions at Tretyakov Gallery: on Mystery of Sviyazhsk Town and Soviet Artist
At weekends, the Engineering Building of the Tretyakov Gallery can now be visited free of charge.
Exhibition of Vassily Vereshchagin Art in Tretyakov Gallery
A large-scale retrospective presents iconic art works by the master of battle and ethnographic painting.
Govorukhin, Tregulova and Konchalovsky Got Russian Government Awards
Poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko was also awarded, posthumously, for his collected works.
Sculpture Exhibition for FIFA at the Tretyakov Gallery
In honor of the 21st FIFA World Cup, the final part of which will be held in Russia this summer, the Tretyakov Gallery will hold a retro exhibition.
Exhibition "Karl Brullov. Portraits from Private Collection of St. Petersburg
From January 24, 2018 the Tretyakov Gallery is inviting to the exhibition of paintings by Karl Brullov (1799-1852), a talented Russian artist.
One Masterpiece Exhibition at the EEF
The Tretyakov Gallery will hold the One Masterpiece Exhibition in the framework of the Third Eastern Economic Forum.
Modern Sculpture Exhibition at Tretyakov Gallery
The exposition, which runs at the museum from August 23 to October 8, includes 124 art works of wood, bronze and stone.
Bjork to Take Part in Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art
The main project "Heavenly Forests" will take place at the New Tretyakov Gallery from September 19, 2017 to January 18, 2018.
Metaphysical Insights of Giorgio de Chirico in Moscow
Giorgio de Chirico (1888-1978) is a famous Italian painter, one of the leading representatives of the 20th century avant-garde art, anticipating surrealism.
One of Icon Masterpieces "Taken Away" from Andrei Rublev
The famous masterpiece of Old Russian painting, Zvenigorod Tier of three icons, was not painted by Andrei Rublev.
The Hermitage is in Worlds Top 10 Most Popular Museums
Over a year, more than 4.1 million people visited the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg.
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera to Come to Moscow
The Pushkin Fine Arts Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery will host exhibitions of Frida Kahlo and her husband.
Raphael and Caravaggio from Vatican Arrived in Tretyakov Gallery
Vatican museums have never provided so many works of such level to any exhibition before.
Romanovs and Grimaldi Exhibition Opened in Tretyakov Gallery
The exhibition The Romanovs and Grimaldi. Three Centuries of History. The 17th-20th centuries illustrates the development of relations between Russia and Monaco.
Masterpieces from Tretyakov Gallery Arrived in Nizhny Novgorod
The exhibition At the Turn of the Century. Masterpieces of the State Tretyakov Gallery kicks off in Nizhny Novgorod State Art Museum today.
Aivazovsky Exhibition is Breaking Attendance Record of Serov
Nearly 55 thousand people have already visited the anniversary exposition of Ivan Aivazovsky's works of art.
Russian Museum to Send Aivazovskys Paintings to Moscow
The Russian Museum plans to send 33 well-known works by the legendary painter Ivan Aivazovsky to Moscow.
Art Labyrinth of Exhibition Near Tretyakov Gallery
The exhibition in Lavrushensky Lane is dedicated to the 160th anniversary of the Tretyakov Gallery.
160th Anniversary of Tretyakov Gallery
The State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow celebrated its 160th birthday on May 22.
Portraits of Russian Writers, Musicians, and Patrons of Art Exhibited in London
The National Portrait Gallery in London is hosting the unique exhibition Russia and Art. Tolstoy and Tchaikovsky's Century.
Tretyakov Gallery to Provide Paintings for Exhibition in Primorye
The Primorye Art Gallery will in its turn send exhibits to the famous museum in Moscow.
Session Visits To The Moscow Tretyakov Gallery
The Moscow Tretyakov Gallery is considering the issue of introduction of session visits to exhibitions which can attract increased interest of the public.
Tretyakov Gallery Introduces Sessions to Aivazovsky Exhibition
Exhibition of the renowned Russian marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky will be held in Moscow from July 28 to November 20, and then will move to St. Petersburg till February.
Works by People's Artist of Azerbaijan Tair Salakhov in Tretyakov Gallery
The exhibition High Sun timed to the 160th anniversary of the Tretyakov Gallery will be opened on January 22.
Works by Artists of Russian Abroad Exhibited in Moscow
The Preserve it for Russia exhibition has been opened in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.
Life Theater of Artist Pavel Fedotov
The Tretyakov Gallery has opened the Life Theatre exhibition to the 200th anniversary since the birth of the artist Pavel Fedotov.
Cover is Book Face Exhibition
The Tretyakov Gallery in Krymsky Val has opened the exhibition Book Cover is its Face.
Tretyakov Gallery Holds Exhibition of Frames
The Tretyakov Gallery has opened its new exhibition season with the large-scale project Precious Casing. Painting and Frame. Dialogues.
Tretyakov Gallery Presents Art by Joseph Rubanov
The exhibition Joseph Rubanov (19031988). Successor of Moscow Traditions will be held in the Tretyakov Gallery in Krymsky Val.
See Masterpieces Born in Tretyakov Gallery
The Tretyakov Gallery is going to display the Birth of Masterpiece: Sketch, Etude, and Painting.
Only Italy! Exhibition Runs in Moscow
The Tretyakov Gallery has opened the exhibition Only Italy! Architectural Graphic Art of the 18th - 21st centuries.
Exhibition of Sculptures by Anna Golubkina to Run in Moscow
On January 24 the Tretyakov Gallery will open an extended exposition for the anniversary of the first Russian female sculptor Anna Golubkina (18641927).
Exhibition of Pavel Korin Held in Moscow
The exhibition Requiem. On History of Leaving Russia by Pavel Korin will be held from November 22 till March 30 in Moscow.
New Tretyakov Gallery to be Built in 2014
Construction of a new building of the Tretyakov Gallery may be started as early as 2014.
Leningrad Symphony by Georgy Vereysky to Sound in Tretyakov Gallery
The Tretyakov Gallery in Krymsky Val will open an exhibition of Georgy Vereisky on October 18.
Natalia Goncharova Exhibition. Between the East and the West
An exhibition of Natalia Goncharova one of the most vivid and prominent figures in the history of the 20th century art - will take place in Moscow.
Largest Exhibition of Mikhail Nesterov to be Opened in Moscow
On April 24 the Tretyakov Gallery in Krymsky Val opens the largest exhibition of the year dedicated to the outstanding artist Mikhail Nesterov (1862-1942).
Orthodox Antiquities of Serpukhov Region Come to Moscow
April 16 will see the opening of the Tretyakov Gallery exhibition displaying over 50 icons and other rarities of the 15th 19th centuries from collection of the Serpukhov Historical and Art Museum.
Art Object Removed from Tretyakov Gallery Due to Faints
Dreamer - a figure of a sleeping worker lying on floor - by the artist Arseny Zhilyaev has been removed from the exposition of Modernism Department of the State Tretyakov Gallery on Wednesday, April 3.
Tretyakov Gallery Exhibits Unique Graphic Art by Anatoly Kaplan
Anatoly Kaplan's (19021980) exhibition in the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, has been arranged not in a too complicated way.
Tretyakov Gallery to Show Still Life in Russian Art
On November 2 the State Tretyakov Gallery opens the exhibition Still Life. Metamorphoses. Dialogue of Classics and Modernity.
Tretyakov Gallery Extends Opening Hours
The State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow will be open for visitors till 9.00 pm on Thursdays and Fridays, according to the gallery's website.
Exhibition of Malevich and his Students to Open in Moscow
An exhibition of works by the famous avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich will be held in the Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val from September 6 to November 25.
Graphic Art of Peter Miturich Shown in Moscow
On April 11 the Tretyakov Gallery in Krymsky Val opens the exhibition Graphic Art of Peter Miturich. For the 125th Anniversary.
Tretyakov Gallery to Exhibit Victor Vasnetsov
On April 18 the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow will open the exhibition "Victor Vasnetsov . Sketches of Frescoes of the Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev.
Giottos Masterpieces Displayed in Tretyakov Gallery
Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, for the first time opens the exhibition of Giotto di Bondone (12671337), a greatest artist of the Italian Protorenaissance.
Yelena Polenova Exhibition in Moscow to Mark the Artists 160th Anniversary
Exhibition of the artist Yelena Polenova will be opened in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow on December, 16th.
Exhibition of Valentin Serovs Drawings to Open in Moscow
The Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, opens the exhibition of Valentin Serovs (1865-1911) drawings on December, 15th in Moscow.
Russians in Naples: Kiprensky, Bryullov, and Ivanov at the Tretyakov Gallery
An exhibition at the Tretyakov Gallery explores the representation of the South of Italy in paintings by leading Russian artists of the 19th c.: Karl Bryullov, Alexander Ivanov, Orest Kiprensky, and others.
Vladimir Tatlin Exhibition Opened in Moscow
60 exhibits are on display at the exhibition Infinite Tatlin Bowl of the Great in the Tretyakov gallery at Krymsky Val.
Exhibition of Boris Grigoriev Opens in the Tretyakov Gallery
Personal exhibition of Boris Grigoriev one of the best representatives of the first wave of Russian emigration - has opened in the Engineering Building of the Tretyakov Gallery.
Tretyakov Gallery's Deputy Director Is Arrested
Oleg Belikov, deputy director of Tretyakov Gallery, is arrested in per curiam decision.
Long-Awaited Exhibition Holy Russia Opens in Moscow
After a successful display in Louvre in 2010 art masterpieces of ancient and medieval Russia will be for the first time exhibited on such a large scale in Moscow.

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