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Russian Sanctions Could Cost Poland 800 MLN
The Polish economy could lose as much as 800 million euro due to the Russian food embargo, according to the Polish Federation of Food Producers.
Virgin Group Leads Petition for End to Ukraine Crisis
The UKs Virgin Group has published a call for an end to the Ukraine conflict signed by 16 Russian, Ukrainian and international business leaders.
Switzerland Remains Neutral in Sanctions War
Switzerland has rejected pleas from other European countries hit by the Russian food embargo to export their products via its territory in the latest twist of the sanctions war.
Polish Opposition Calls for Coal Imports Ban
Poland may slap a ban on Russian coal to counter Moscows retaliatory food embargo introduced earlier in August that hit hard Polish farmers.
Association of European Businesses Urges EU, Russia to Stop Trade War
The Association of European Businesses has called on both the EU and Russia to refrain from any further sanctions to protect investors.
ICAO Set to Join Investigative Team
The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has agreed to assist in the investigation of the MH17 crash in Ukraines eastern region of Donetsk.
First Russian Killed By Ukrainian Shell
The Russian Foreign Ministry has warned the Kiev authorities of irreversible consequences for continued shelling of the Russian territory which killed one man and wounded two women.
Canada Imposes New Sanctions Against Russia Over Ukraine
Canada is slapping new sanctions against 11 Russian and Ukrainian nationals and one legal entity in a protest against alleged Russias actions in Ukraine, says Canadas National Post.
Ukraine to Close Border with Russia
Ukraine is set to close the border with Russia to prevent any armed men from infiltrating into its territory.
Yatsenyuk Rejects $100 Discount for Gas Prices
As both parties gathered in Brussels to resolve the dispute, Ukraines Prime Minister went public to reject the $100 discount for gas supplies.
Lithuania Fines Gazprom $48 MLN
Lithuania's competition council has fined Gazprom a whopping $48 million for allegedly preventing competition in the Baltic state where the Russian gas monopoly is the sole supplier.
Next Round of Gas Talks Slated for Monday
Russia expects the next round of talks aimed to resolve the protracted gas dispute with Ukraine to take place on June 9 in Brussels.
Russia Knows Nothing About Donetsk's Plea for Help
Russia has not received any official request from the Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR) for Russian help, Presidential aide Yury Ushakov said on Wednesday.
Russian Journalists Detained in Ukraine
Ukraines security officers have detained two Russian journalists covering the battles between the pro-autonomy forces and the army near Slavyansk.
Russia Expects $400 BN in Revenue from China Gas Contract
Russia expects to sign an historic deal with China on natural gas supplies that will help the country to diversify its exports.
US Reiterates Further Sanctions Warning
Washington has maintained its stick policy towards Russia as the US president vows more sanctions. The statement was made by Barack Obama in a telephone call with French President Hollande.
Sanctions-Hit Bank Rossiya Lost Third of Retail Deposits in 1 Month
Retail deposits at Bank Rossiya plunged 35 percent within just one month, shrinking from almost 37 billion roubles to under 24 billion roubles.
EU, Russia Trade Takes Toll Amid War of Words
Trade between the EU and Russia fell sharply in 1Q 2014, echoing a sour political relationship between Moscow and Brussels split over the Ukraine crisis.
Mechel Issues Default Warning
Mechel, Russias steel and metal giant, has warned investors of growing default risks if the Ukraine crisis spirals out of control, says the news agency Itar-Tass.
EU Rules Out Energy Sector Sanctions Against Russia
Russia is not facing energy-related sanctions from the EU despite earlier fears.
More Ferries to Support Tourist Flow to Crimea
The Russian Defense Ministry has pledged additional ferries to transport people and cars from to Crimea to meet the growing demand of the high season in the newly absorbed region.
OSCE Monitors Released in Slavyansk
OSCE monitors have been released and handed over to the representatives of the Council of Europe after more than a week spent in Ukraines Slavyansk.
NATO Views Russia as 'Adversary'
Russia is now regarded more as an enemy by NATO, according to the alliances senior official.
Norways Sovereign Fund Reported 10 Percent Loss on Russian Securities Over Ukraine Crisis
Norways sovereign fund lost almost 10 percent on Russian government bonds in 1Q 2014 but its not eager to sell them off.
US Brings New Sanctions Against Russians and Russian Companies
On Monday, April 28, the United States introduced sanctions against seven individual Russians and 17 Russian companies, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said.
Ukraine to File an Action Against Russia's Gazprom
Ukrainian authorities have decided to launch a lawsuit against Russian energy giant company Gazprom, acting Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk told the press on Monday.
'Technical' Recession Expected in Russia in 2Q and 3Q
Russia may face a technical recession in the second and third quarters, admits a government official.
US Vice President Urges Russia to Avoid Provocations
US Vice President Joe Biden called on Russia to refrain from further "provocative behavior" and use its leverage to convince pro-Russian protesters in eastern Ukraine to evacuate the buildings they have seized.
US Prepared for More Piercing Sanctions in Push for De-escalation
The US is ready to go ahead with the third round of sanctions to demonstrate the costs and push for de-escalation, State Department spokesperson Jennifer Psaki told the editor-in-chief of the Echo of Moscow radio station.
Germany Wants China to Influence Russia
Germany expects China to play a bigger role in the resolution of the Ukrainian crisis by influencing Russia.
Russian Companies Facing Higher Borrowing Costs
Borrowing costs have surged for Russian companies amid the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, one of many consequences of the Kremlins move to incorporate Crimea.
Russian Stock Markets Up on Positive Outcome of Geneva Talks
The Russian stock exchange has grown on the news of the positive outcome of the Geneva talks on the Ukraine crisis. According to the RBC Daily, MICEX was up 2.19 percent, reaching 1,358.84 points, RTS climbed 2.64 percent to 1,203.53 points.
VTB Group Condemns 'Politicized' Pressure by Bank of England
The Chairman of VTB Group, Russias second-biggest lender, has accused the UK regulator of mounting increasing pressure on its London unit.
Hryvna Circulation Period in Crimea May Be Cut
Crimean authorities consider cutting the period of double currencies due to the default risks in Ukraine, said the regions vice-premier Rustam Temirgaliev.
Mexico Eyes Space Coop with Russia
Mexico seeks cooperation with Russia in space, the head of the national space agency told the Itar-TASS news agency.
Israel's Netanyahu Cancels Trip to Russia Over Ukraine - Media Report
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has canceled his June visit to St Petersburg in a move that could signal Israels change of stance on Crimea.
Russia Threatens to Walk Out of Geneva Talks on Ukraine
Russia has warned it would walk out of the Geneva talks on Ukraine if Kiev uses force against protesters in eastern Ukraine.
Canada Imposes New Sanctions against Crimea
Canada has slapped sanctions against Crimean two officials and the local oil and gas company in a move aimed at further isolating Russia economically and politically.
US Vows Tougher Action against Russia
US has warned Russia of further sanctions if Moscow does not take steps to de-escalate in eastern Ukraine.
US Wants Gazprom Face 'Costs' of Crimea Grab
The US is eyeing action against Russias gas giant Gazprom in case it falls through with the plans to buy Crimeas natural gas company. To thwart the potential deal, the US has imposed sanctions against the Crimea-based Chernomorneftegaz.
Some State-Run Corporations Could Move to Far East
The Russian government wants big companies to move to the Far East in a move to develop the remote region.
Timchenko Brought Cash Back to Russia
Gennady Timchenko, a former Gunvor co-owner and alleged close friend of the Russian president, has confessed he had moved his funds back into Russia ahead of the sanctions.
Russian Banks Lost $1 BN from Deposits in March
In the wake of a sharp devaluation in early 2014, Russians withdrew some 338 billion roubles, or almost $1 billion, from banks in March.
UK Urges More Sanctions
The UK continues to press for tougher sanctions against Russia so that the EU should be ready to impose them in case they are necessary.
Russian Politician Confirms Permission for Kremlin to Move Troops Across Ukraine's Border
A senior Russian politician shocked the Ukrainian audience when he confirmed the Kremlin can still use Russian forces in Ukraine at any moment.
US Pledges Further Sanctions Against Russia
US vows to slap economic sanctions against Russia if Moscow doesnt stop fuelling tension in eastern Ukraine, US Secretary of State pledged Tuesday.
Russian Govt Desperate Over Economy Slowdown
Russias prime minister has called for more support of the Russian business community in a move to kickstart the economy facing a slowdown and long-term impact from international sanctions.
NATO Parliamentary Assembly Suspends Coop With Russia
The NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) has suspended its cooperation with the Russian parliament, the president of the organization announced on Saturday after a conference held in Riga.
Russian-US Presidential Commission Falls Victim to Crimea Spat
The Russian-US presidential commission that facilitated cooperation between the two countries has been dismantled as part of the US sanctions regime introduced against Moscow.
Russia Warns It May Lift Ban on Capital Punishment
Russia may lift the ban on capital punishment if its excluded from PACE, a senior Russian MP told the Echo of Moscow radio station.
Angela Merkel Warns of New Sanctions against Russia
Germanys chancellor Angela Merkel indicated Russia might be facing new sanctions at a conference of the Christian Democratic Union.
Russia to Ban GM Foods
Russia has announced a war on GM foods in a move that appears to target US producers amid an expanding sanctions war between the two countries.
Black Sea Fleet Treaty No Longer Valid
The parliament passed into law a bill that declares null and void Russias Black Sea Fleet treaty with Ukraine.
Govt Sets Up Crimea Ministry
Crimea will have its own dedicated ministry working to develop the economy of the peninsula that has been incorporated into Russia earlier this March.
Zero Federal Taxes for Crimea Investors
Russias Economic Development Minister promised to free investors working in Crimeas special economic zone from any federal taxes.
UN GA Votes In Favour of Pro-Ukrainian Resolution
The majority of UN member-states have voted in favour of the resolution that upholds the territorial integrity of Ukraine at a session of the United Nations General Assembly.
Kaspersky Lab Unveils Cyberwar Map
Russia is number one most-infected country on the planet in terms of cyber-threats, according to Kaspersky Lab, a major web security firm.
Moscow Steps Up Military Presence on Ukrainian Border - Foreign Policy
Moscow is building up its military on the Ukrainian border, the Foreign Policy cites a new classified intelligence report.
Govt OKs Tax Breaks for Firms Investing in Crimea
Russian businesses may be eligible to tax breaks in exchange for investment in Crimea in a move to boost the regions economy and the referendum to join Russia was worth it.
Negative Review of Crimea's Absorption Could Cost You $14,000
The Moscow legislature is considering a move to consider any statements with criticism of Crimea's absorption by bloggers a criminal offense.
Govt Forecasts 1.8-1.9 Percent GDP Growth
The Russian economy is unlikely to rise above 2 percent in 2014 amid investor uncertainty over the possible impact of sanctions, says the Economic Development Minister.
Russia Imposes Sanctions on Canadian Officials
On Monday, March 24, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced it barring 13 Canadian officials and public figures from entry to the country as a response to sanctions earlier imposed by Canada in the wake of Crimea's reunification with Russia.
Visa, MasterCard Unblock Transactions by SMP Bank Customers
Visa and MasterCard have unblocked cards issued by SMP Bank, controlled by Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, targeted by the US sanctions which were introduced after Russia formally absorbed Crimea.
Russian Rouble Widely Used as Currency in Crimean Capital
The Russian rouble is already accepted for settlements in Crimea, according to a report.
Russia Posts Black List for US Officials
The US sanctions have encountered a vigorous response from the Russian Foreign Ministry which came up with a black list of its own.
Moscow May Demand $16 BN in Debt from Kiev
Moscow has threatened Ukraine with claims of $16 billion worth of debt after Kiev hinted at nationalizing some of Russias assets abroad.
Russia's G8 Spot Focus of Hague Talks
Russia may be kicked out of the G8 at the G7 meeting in The Hague, according to media reports.
Timchenko Sold Off Gunvor Stake Before Sanctions
Gennady Timchenko, one of the people with close ties to the Kremlin who was targeted by the US sanctions, has sold off his stake in Gunvor just a day or two before his name was placed on the black list by the US Treasury.
US Sanctiones Some Russian Banks, Freezes their Visa and MasterCard Cards
US-based Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc. have stopped any operations with credit cards from several Russian banks targeted by the United States for financial sanctions on Thursday, a number of Russian banks said on Friday.
Some Crimean Military Units to Join Russian Army
A total of 72 military units in Crimea have requested to join the Russian armed forces, though they previously swore for Ukrainian army, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Friday.
Russia to Build Bridge to Crimea
On Wednesday, March 19, Russian government started preparations for the construction of a bridge which is expected to link the southern Russian Krasnodar Territory directly with Crimea.
Switzerland Takes Time to Mull Russia Sanctions
Switzerland will not blindly copy any of the sanctions imposed by the EU or the US, said its president Didier Burkhalter.
X5 Retail Group Sells Off Stores in Ukraine
Russias X5 Retail Group is selling off its business in Ukraine in a worrying signal of deteriorating economic ties between the two countries.
Japan Freezes Coop with Russia Over Crimea
Japan has introduced sanctions against Moscow for its move to incorporate Crimea into Russia in an attempt to further isolate the country.
Ukraine Rejects Russia's Treaty with Crimea
Ukraine will not recognize the treaty that Russia signed with the representatives of Crimea on Tuesday after the Russian presidents address to the Federal Assembly.
UK Freezes Military Coop with Russia
The UK has suspended military cooperation with Russia following Moscows decision to incorporate Crimea as its constituent part.
Breakaway Republic of Transdniester Wants to Join Russia, Too
The breakaway republic of Transdniester has called on Russia to consider incorporating it as its part following the example of Crimea.
EU Sanctions Target 21 Officials
The Council of the European Union adopted a decision providing for travel restrictions and for the freezing of funds and economic resources of certain persons responsible for actions which undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine.
Ukraine Ups the Ante Over Crimea
Ukraines Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk declared that the Crimean issue has degraded from the political into a military phase, blaming Russia for any possible escalation of the conflict.
Ukrainian Ambassador Recalled From Moscow
On Monday, March 17, Kiev officially recalled its ambassador from Moscow for consultations on its breakaway region of Crimea, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
Kremlin Recognizes Crimea's Independence
The Kremlin has signed an order to recognize the independence of Crimea after its secession referendum on March 16 when the regions ethnic Russian majority overwhelmingly voted to join Russia.
Kremlin's Cronies Targeted by US Sanctions
US sanctions target seven Russian government officials Vladislav Surkov, Sergey Glazyev, Leonid Slutsky, Andrey Klishas, Valentina Matviyenko, Dmitry Rogozin and Yelena Mizulina.
Crimean Parliament Officially Applies to Join Russia
On Monday, March 17, the Crimean Parliament officially declared the region's independence from Ukraine and formally applied to become part of Russia after a referendum, which revealed people's support for it.
Gazprom's Chairman Sold Off Stake Before Market Collapse
Chairman of Gazproms board of directors sold off his stake in the company ahead of the market collapse.
Crimean Citizens Vote for Reunion with Russia
Some 96.7 percent of voters or 1.2 million people in Crimea supported reunion with Russia after 60 years as part of Ukraine, as 100 percent of the ballots counted after the referendum.
Moscow Allows Kiev to Conduct Monitoring Flights over Russia
Russia will allow Ukrainian military inspectors to carry out an emergency monitoring flight over Russian territory in response to allegations that recent military activity near Ukrainian borders poses a security threat.
Aeroflots Shares Dropped 10 Percent
The Moscow Stock Exchange saw a 10 percent slide in the price of Aeroflots shares after the report on a change in flight routes over Ukraine.
Russian Gold & Foreign Exchange Reserves Reach $494.6 BLN
Russia has bolstered its gold and foreign exchange reserves by another 1.3 billion over a week, says a statement of the Bank of Russia.
MICEX Down After OECD Warning
The MICEX index, one of the main Russian stock market indicators, nosedived to a new low this March, going back to the May 2012 level, on the news from the OECD
OECD Puts Russia's Accession Process on Hold
OECD, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, announced it has suspended Russias accession process. The decision was made by the organisations board of directors at a meeting on Wednesday, March 12, 2014.
Crimea Approves Independence Declaration
The Crimean parliament has approved a declaration on independence on Tuesday in a move that severs ties with the current Ukrainian regime and lays the ground for joining Russia.
EU Sanctions Could Hit Russia on March 17
The European Union is expected to introduce sanctions against Russia starting from March 17, said Polands Prime Minister Donald Tusk.
Ousted President Yanukovich to Propose Solution at Press Conference
Ousted President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich is expected to comment on the upcoming secession referendum in Crimea at a press conference in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don scheduled for 1 pm Moscow time.
Both Rouble & Hryvna to Circulate in Crimea After Accession to Russia
Crimea is expected to use two currencies for some time after joining Russia, said the chairman of the Crimean legislature.
9 Russian Soldiers Expelled from Canada Over Ukraine Spat
Nine Russian soldiers have been expelled from Canada following a spat between the two countries over the Ukraine crisis.
Russia's Aid to Crimea Could Total $1 BLN
Russia could issue up to 40 billion roubles, or almost $1 billion, in aid to secure Crimeas economic development if Ukraine doesn't unblock the Treasury accounts.
80 Percent of Crimean Population Support Joining Russia - Parliament Speaker
The chairman of the Crimean legislature announced that 80 percent of the local population favoured accession to Russia. Vladimir Konstantinov made the statement a week before the referendum that is expected to decide the future of the peninsula in Ukraine with a large ethnic Russian majority.
US Secretary of State Kerry Postpones Russia Visit
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that his counterpart, US Secretary of State John Kerry, had postponed his visit to Russia where he was supposed to continue consultations on the possible solution to the Ukraine crisis.
US Boosts Military Presence Near Ukraine's Borders - Former US Ambassador
The Russian economy might lose billions of dollars if the situation is not reversed, with the best of the domestic companies suffering from the impact of the possible sanctions.
John Kerry Issued Diplomatic Ultimatum to FM Lavrov Over Crimea - CNN
Secretary of State John Kerry issued a diplomatic ultimatum to his Russia counterpart, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, according to CNN.

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