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Sakha Republic (Yakutia)


Rafting on the Rivers of Yakutia
Rafting is one of the most popular types of tourism in Yakutia. There is a huge number of various rivers here and a rich choice of routes, from simple, requiring no special training, to routes of the VI category of complexity.
Yakutia: a Trip to Russian Permafrost
Recently, the concept of winter tourism has changed dramatically. Cold is a new brand in the tourist infrastructure of Yakutia. There is authenticity in almost every detail. The Yakutian cold is exotic and you shouldnt be afraid of it. Frost does not change the fun.
Rare Diamonds Were Found In Yakutia
In Yakutia two very rare and large diamonds were found during works on the tube Yubileynaya of the Aikhal Ore Mining and Processing Plant.
Yakutia: the Mammoth Museum
Mammoths are an exclusive wealth of Yakutia, the same as gold and diamonds. The first officially registered mammoths remains were found in Yakutia back in 1799.
The Kingdom of Permafrost
Yakutsk is surrounded by numerous hills. During the Soviet era a day-drift of one of them, near to the Chochur-Muran Mountain, was used as a huge cellar for food storage. In November 2008 a tourist centre The Kingdom of Permafrost - was opened in this cave.
Scientific Life Of Mammoth Museum
The museum conducts active scientific work, collaborates with paleontologists from different countries - France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan. Fortunately, the field of activity is vast, the researchers continue the search and excavations of burial places of mammoths.
History Of Guimbarde Museum
The museum was created at the initiative of the prominent Yakut guimbarde player Ivan Egorovich Alekseev. The first exhibits were to be the instruments of his personal collection - about two dozen jews harps.
History of the Mammoth Museum
The first mammoths skeleton was discovered in Yakutia in 1799 by the expedition of the young scientist Mikhail Ivanovich Adams, a zoologist from the capitals Academy of Sciences.
Guimbarde Museum
Guimbarde, also known as jews harp, takes a special place in the cultural and spiritual life of Yakutia. Its stringy sounds accompany numerous shamanic rituals, and any folklore ensemble is sure to have a person playing this instrument, often there are more than one of them.
Ust-Buotama breeding nursery area welcomes visitors with a sign with the strict reminder: Wood buffaloes are of huge state value.
Genealogic Tree Of Yakutia
Generation of an electronic genealogic tree of the total population of the republic of Yakutia will start in 2015.
New Yakut Invention
A Yakut scientist found a way to preserve the limbs suffering from severe frostbites, which may subsequently help to revive people who are frostbitten and still alive.
Scientists From Yakutia Discovered a New Civilization
Traditionally science divides humanity into 12 civilizations of Asia, America, Africa, Europe and Oceania. Scientists from Yakutia proposed an option that besides classic local civilizations there was an Arctic or Circumpolar civilization. Scientific communities have already admitted their version.
Yakutia Fashion Week 2012
November 13 17, 2012 Yakutsk hosts the second Yakutia Fashion week. The first Yakutia Fashion week was launched a year ago, and it was a great success. The main purpose of this event is to promote and develop the local fashion. This time, several promising designers will come from Moscow to present their new collections and share their experience with the Yakut colleagues.
One Fifth of Russia or What to Do in Yakutia
What is Yakutia (Sakha Republic) usually associated with? Diamonds, the Pole of cold, huge territories with wild northern nature, almost uninhabited, huge rivers, tundra, taiga, reindeers and Northern shining. 40 per cent of its territory is situated beyond the polar circle. It is a real paradise for the hunters and fishers. This region, occupying one fifth of all the territory of the Russian Federation, is populated mainly with the Yakuts ingenious people of this land, whose origin and ethnogenesis goes back to antiquity and is still not very clear. They still keep their traditions and beliefs, and you can see it. This country is however available by train and by air.
Reindeer safari: Evenki style
Every country, disposing territories on the north like Finland, Sweden and Norway cannot help but offers reindeer safari among its winter tourist services. Russia is not exception. In Russia you can choose between Karelia, Murmansk Region, Yamal peninsula and so on along the north of the country down to Chukotka. And all the small peoples of the North living on this huge space use reindeer teams as traditional mean of transport. Each region has its own national color...
Yakutia - the Land of Diamonds, Frosts and Mysteries
Many know Yakutia (Republic Sakha) only as a spot on the georgraphic map and do not even guess that it is the coldest inhabited place on earth, rich in diamonds and legends.


International Festival Winter Begins in Yakutia
Father Frost from Yakutia has handed over the symbol of the New Years capital - a snowflake - to the city of Ryazan.
National Park for the Protection of Siberian White Cranes will be Created in Yakutia
Siberian white crane is a species found only in the northern territories of Russia - in Yakutia, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, Komi Republic, Arkhangelsk Oblast. The species is listed in the Red Book as endangered.
Four Specially Protected Natural Territories will be Created in Yakutia
A resolution was adopted on the creation of specially protected natural areas of republican significance - Bachyk, Keteme, Elanka in Khangalassky and Titirikty in the Olekminsky districts of the Republic.
Structure of Unknown Mineral from Yakutia Unraveled
Scientists of the St. Petersburg State University have decoded the structure of the batagaite mineral found in Yakutia back in the 1980s.
Yakutsk to Host International Film Festival
The 5th Yakut International Film Festival will be held in the city of Yakutsk from 6 to 10 September.
Mystery of Yakut Mesozoic Mummy Solved
Fossilized remains of an unknown middle size creature were earlier found in a Russian diamond mine in Yakutia.
Superhard Diamonds Discovered by Scientists in Far North Meteoric Crater
It turned out that "cosmic" diamonds in the Popigai Crater are harder and more free cutting than usual natural and synthetic diamonds.
Diamond Tours To Yakutia
Tourists will visit the jewelery factories in the region, see how gems are being cut and the jewelery is being produced.
Full Skeleton of Mammoth Ancestor Found in Yakutia
Paleontologists have unearthed a well-preserved full skeleton of the steppe mammoth that lived 500 thousand years ago.
Yakut Scientists Study DNA of Extinct Woolly Rhinoceros
Russian and American scientists have started joint researches of the remains of a cub of the woolly rhinoceros.
Fighting Seven Fires in Taiga of the Far East
For the last day and night firefighters tried to suppress eight forest fires in the territory of the Far East.
Horses Will Attract Tourists To Yakutia
Horses of aboriginal Yakut breed ready to communicate with tourists appeared at the Belokurikha resort.
Worlds Only Woolly Rhinoceros Mummy Found in Yakutia
Local hunters have found a unique mummy of a woolly rhinoceros cub in Yakutia.
Unusual Ancient Grave Discovered in Yakutia
Archeologists carried out excavations at the 58 km distance from Yakutsk and found a most ancient grave.
Skiing Tunnel In Yakutia
An underground skiing tunnel may appear in Yakutia.
Diamonds Export
Diamonds will be exported abroad not only from Yakutia from now on. The subsidiary company of Lukoil will be entitled to export diamonds abroad in 2014. The order on granting of such license was signed by the Russian Government.
Tanara River Bridge
A new bridge over the Tanara River is commissioned in Vilyuiskiy district of Yakutia at the 459th kilometer of the federal Vilyui road. The opening of the bridge made it possible to develop the year-round transport communication between Yakutsk and Vilyuiskiy, Verkhnevilyuiskiy, Nyurbinsky, Suntarsky, Mirninsky and Lensky districts.
Boeing Strength Test
The Boeing 787 will be subject to the strength test by the Yakut frost. The representatives of the Boeing Company are in Yakutsk now. They arrived there in order to discuss technical and organizational issues relating to the conduction of planes practical tests at low temperatures.
New Island Discovered near Russian Coast
An unknown island has been found in the Laptev Sea. It has been named Yaya.
Mobile App For Tourists In Yakutia
Comfort and safety of Yakutia will be proven by an application. It will give a hand in getting acquainted with all the tourist destinations and attractions of the republic, in booking a flight or hotel room, in entertainment planning and much more.
Winter Starts In Yakutia
The traditional winter festival "Winter starts from Yakutia" will be held on December 1 in Yakutsk.
40 Million Roubles Were Spent in Yakutia for Reliable Power Supply
The reconstruction of 0.4 kV air lines 4.5 kilometers long was carried out in the settlement Abyi of Abyisky Ulus, the installation of the new wire 7.4 kilometers long was completed in the settlements Haryialakh and Eyik of Oleneksky Ulus.
Three Unique Diamonds Found in Volcanic Vent in Yakutia
Three large diamonds have been found at once by prospectors in one of the minefields of Yakutia.
Anti-Drug Office on the Border of the Kolyma River and Yakutia
The Governor of Magadan Oblast Vladimir Pechyonyi discussed drug control methods with the heads of law enforcement agencies. The meeting recalled the recent attempt to carry a large amount of drugs to Magadan Oblast through the neighboring region - Yakutia - by an ethnic criminal group.
The Sensational Discovery of Yakutia
The mammoth, found on Lyakhovsky Islands of Laptev Sea, is a sensation for the whole world. Liquid blood is the main breaking new in study of prehistoric animals.
Mammoth-Foundling Will Be Examined By Specialists
A corpse of a big mammoth was found in the North of Yakutia.
Experts from Russia and Germany will Study the History of the Deepest Lake in Yakutia
Russian and foreign scientists will go on an expedition where they will try to unravel the history of the deepest lake in Yakutia, Bolshoe Toko, by drilling the hole on its bottom.
Yakut Scientists Are The First In The World Who Explore The Brain Of A Mammoth
The scientists of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) examine the structure of the brain of a mammoth for the first time in the world. The study will identify the differences and commonalities between elephants and mammoths.
More Than 37 Million Rubles Allocated For Tourism Development In Yakutia in 2012
Within the frame of the implementation of the state program for domestic tourism development in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 37.6 million rubles were allocated last year.
Lena Pillars Nature Park in Yakutia
"Lena Pillars Nature Park in Yakutia is officially included into the UNESCO list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage
Tiffany Picks Alrosa
Russias Alrosa diamond producer is stepping up its cooperation with Tiffany, expected to agree on a $60 million deal by November's end. Click to get more details.
"Yakutia Days" in Moscow
An event named "Yakutia Days" will take place in Moscow to familiarize citizens and tourists with the Russian northern region's traditions and culture.
Russian Scientists Reported to Discover "Living Mammoth Cells"
An international expedition in Russia's Yakutia republic has found the "living cells" of a mammoth.
UNESCO Masterpieces Meet in Yakutia
The International Festival Meeting of UNESCO Masterpieces on Olonkho Land has started in Yakutia.
Lenskie Stolby Natural Reserve Is the UNESCO World Heritage Site
The unbelievably beautiful, "Gothic" mountains, the remains of mammoths and old Turk writings, and the sand dunes in the middle of taiga - this is the Lenskie Stolby Natural Park and Reserve situated along the banks of the Lena River in Yakutia. The reserve is now on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.
Russian Cows Wear Fur Bras in Winter
Cows in Russia's Republic of Yakutia have been equipped with hand-made fur bras to help survive the biting cold.
Christmas Reindeer Came to Moscow
A reindeer named Sakha Khotoy has come to Moscow from Yakutia om Wednesday night. He will take part in New Year celebrations in Sokolniki Park.
Yakutia Is Attracting Attention To The History Of Mammoths
Yakutiya is planning to realize a tourist project " Northern World ", which will include several important objects.
Natural Park " Lena Pillars" Can Be Included In The List Of World Heritage Of UNESCO
Natural park of Yakutiya pretends to be put in the list of World Heritage of UNESCO. The confirmation of compilance of the project with the requirements of the world organisation.
Yakutiya Promises Safe and Exciting Tourism
A New State Programme of Tourism Development of Yakutiya Is Approved.

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