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Explore Russian Zoos Online
The Russian government included zoos along with museums in the list of industries most affected by coronavirus. Several zoos manage to operate online and you are invited to admire animals without leaving home.
How to Use Public Transport in Yekaterinburg
Yekaterinburg can undoubtedly be labeled as the capital of the Urals, a place where Europe meets Asia and the third largest Russian tourist centre. Here are some tips on how to use public transport in Yekaterinburg.
How to Get to Yekaterinburg Arena (Tsentralny Stadium)
The name of Yekaterinburg Arena is temporary. Before the World Cup in 2018 the main stadium of the capital of the Urals was simply called Tsentralny. This name will be returned to the stadium after the tournament. Despite the simplicity of the name, the Tsentralny stadium itself is not so simple. It is an architectural monument in the style of Stalinist neoclassicism, included into the list of cultural heritage of regional importance.
Exhibition "Nicholas Roerich Messenger of Culture and Beauty" in Yekaterinburg
This exhibition is part of the International Exhibition Project "The Roerich Pact. History and Modernity".
Ural Film Festival Kicks Off in Yekaterinburg
On Saturday, the opening ceremony of the 2nd Ural Film Festival took place in the crowded hall of the cinema-concert theater Cosmos in Yekaterinburg.
Yekaterinburg Announced HIV Epidemics
More than 1% of the population are infected with HIV in nine regions of the country.
Hermitage Museum is Coming to Yekaterinburg
In the framework of the large-scale project Great Hermitage it starts activities in Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Omsk and Kaluga, where its cultural and educational centers will be opened.
How to Get to Yekaterinburg Airport
Yekaterinburg can undoubtedly be labeled as the capital of the Urals, a place where Europe meets Asia and the third largest Russian tourist centre.
Russian Winter: Christmas Fairs In Yekaterinburg
Mass open-air celebrations, concerts, shows, entertainment for every taste, a great variety of gifts, and competitions in winter sports await the guests and citizens of Yekaterinburg at the Christmas fairs. The city pleases everyone with many New Year's surprises.
Yekaterinburg Museums of Photography
Yekaterinburg is an important cultural centre of Russia. Nowadays, there are several modern galleries that organize and support various art projects there. Here is an overview of museums and art centres, where photo exhibitions are held.
Russia's Top Historic Destinations
Planning to visit Russia can be a daunting task: so many regions, so many cities. And while Moscow and Petersburg are traditional tourist staples, our guest author Rowena Kang looks farther to the North and to the East - to Veliky Novgorod and Yekaterinburg, respectively. These are two other cities in Russia you cannot possibly miss.
Yekaterinburgs Shopping Guide
The impressive variety of shops in Yekaterinburg may satisfy practically any taste and need. Every district of the city has its large shopping centres and some stores with the lovely national souvenirs.
Russian Winter: Skating in Yekaterinburg
Yekaterinburg is rich with leisure activities for New Year holidays. You can go to museums and Christmas fairs, drink hot tea in cozy cafes or make the most of winter by visiting an ice skating rink. In this article you will find useful information about some of outdoor ice rinks in Yekaterinburg.
Fourteen Must-See Yekaterinburg Monuments
Monuments to keyboard, to a bicycle inventor, to the credit card, and to Vladimir Vysotsky and Michael Jackson - here is just a small scoop of what awaits you in Yekaterinburg, the capital city of the Urals region.
Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg: the Romanov Family Murder Site
Ipatiev House is the third place besides Ganina Yama and Verkhnaya Sinyachikha connected with the death of the Romanovs. Here the emperor Nicholas II was shot down with his wife and children. This tragic historic event became the reason for building the Church on the Blood on the same territory. The cathedral is not only a spiritual haven, but is also a museum and a spot, where everyone can try to ring the church bells during the Easter week.
The Ural Guide: Where to Go Online in Yekaterinburg
Whether you are just visiting the capital of the Ural region or live there long-term, there may be a point when you need to get on the Internet in town. We have scouted Yekaterinburg to find out where it is that you can surf the web - for free or not. Information is true as of September 2011.
Russia Hits British Council with Taxes
Russia-UK relations have deteriorated again: the Moscow department of the British Council claims it has received a punitive and incorrect tax bill for 2004-2006 by the Russian authorities.


Ural Airlines will Carry out Flights Returning Russian Tourists from India to Yekaterinburg
On April 4, Ural Airlines will start returning Russian tourists from India who were unable to come back to the country due to restrictions associated with the coronavirus pandemic.
XXXII World Summer Universiade-2023 will be Held in Yekaterinburg
A decree on preparations for the XXXII World Summer Universiade-2023 in Yekaterinburg has been signed.
A New Duty-free Shop has Started to Work at the Yekaterinburg Koltsovo Airport
The new Duty Free zone is located on an area of 120 square meters, right after passport control.
A Capsule Hotel Appeared in the Koltsovo Airport
The hotel operates around the clock, consists of 14 capsules and is located in the common area of Terminal B.
Fan Zone in Yekaterinburg was Visited by More than 300 Thousand People during the FIFA Russia 2018
About 2 thousand volunteers were involved in holding the games of the championship in Yekaterinburg. These include the representatives of 27 countries and 37 regions of Russia.
FIFA Fans Visited the Thematic Fairy-tale Park in the Village of Aramil (Sverdlovsk Oblast)
About 300 fans visited the thematic Fairy-tale Park in the village of Aramil (Sverdlovsk Oblast) during the World Cup games.
Foreign Fans Took Part in the Festival of National Cuisine in Yekaterinburg
Fans from Mexico and Japan enjoyed tasting traditional dishes of Russian, Mari, Kazakh and Ukrainian cuisine.
Photos of Northern Sea Inhabitants Displayed in Yekaterinburg
The Ural Federal University in Yekaterinburg holds the exhibition "Highlighted Life". It tells about the world of cold seas that bound the northern coast of Russia.
"Pobeda" will Fly from Yekaterinburg to Krasnodar
"Pobeda" airline opens the Yekaterinburg-Krasnodar flight from March 25.
Please, Stop!: Activists Arranged Light Show on TV Tower
In the center of Yekaterinburg, activists of the public organization "The Essence of Time" staged a light show as a protest against the demolition of an abandoned TV tower.
Cosplay and Comics Festival Kicks off in Yekaterinburg
Fantasy & Cosplay Festival "FZ" has started in Yekaterinburg today, November 6.
Avant-Garde Days in Yekaterinburg
Exhibition "Clairvoyants of the Future has kicked off at the Yekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts today, September 29.
Chinese Film Festival in Russia Started in Yekaterinburg First Time
Seven Chinese films will be screened at the Chinese Film Festival opened in Yekaterinburg from Sunday.
Winners of Delphic Games Awarded in Yekaterinburg
Teams of 76 subjects of the Russian Federation and eight CIS countries competed in arts for five days.
Old New Rock Festival Held in Yekaterinburg
Traditional winter festival Old New Rock took place in Yeltsin Tsentre of Yekaterinburg on January 13.
Wall Monument to Misha Brusilovsky to be Set Up in Yekaterinburg
Artist Misha Brusilovsky, the honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts died on November 3.
Despite Crisis, Kolyada Theatre is Going on European Tour
Kolyada Theatre based in Yekaterinburg is preparing for the Russian Week in France, which will run in Tarb at the end of March.
International Johann Bach Festival in Yekaterinburg
From March 1 to March 31 the 6th International Johann Bach Festival will be held in the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic Hall, Yekaterinburg.
Three Centuries of History: Exhibition for City Day in Yekaterinburg
The new exhibition Travel across Plotinka. Historical - Sverdlovsk - Modern has been opened in the Museum of Yekaterinburg History.
3rd Estate Jazz Festival in Yekaterinburg
This Saturday will see the famous Estate Jazz Festival taking place for the third time in the Kharitonovsky Park, Yekaterinburg.
No Places To Swim In Yekaterinburg
None of the water reservoirs in Yekaterinburg are considered suitable for swimming.
Yekaterinburg Will Cut Down Poplars In the City
In the next 2-3 years a special program will be implemented in Yekaterinburg.
Ural Music Night to Happen in Yekaterinburg First Time
About 10 thousand people will reflect sunlight of the sunrise at the music festival Ural Music Night in Yekaterinburg.
Spanish Film Festival in Yekaterinburg
Week of the Spanish Cinema accompanied with a topical photo exhibition will run in Yekaterinburg.
Castle Of Sweets Will Appear In Yekaterinburg
Candy-makers will build a town of sweets in Yekaterinburg.
Our Victory: Rock Musicians to Sing Old War Songs on May 9
Large-scale music marathon Our Victory will be held in Oktyabrskaya Square in Yekaterinburg on May 9.
Yekaterinburg - Kazan Weekend Train
The first tourist train of weekend will depart from Yekaterinburg to Kazan on May 8.
Christmas Fortune-telling In Yekaterinburg
Mysterious Christmas fortune-telling will be held in Oshurkova Estate (Yekaterinburg) on January 13, 15 and 16, 2015.
Yekaterinburg Is Safe For Tourists
This was announced at the meeting of the City Coordinating Council on Development of Inbound and Domestic Tourism held by the first deputy head of the Administration of Yekaterinburg Sergey Shwindt, as the Association of Tour Operators reports.
Crimean Tourist Potential
Presentation of Crimean tourist potential took place in Yekaterinburg on The Great Ural forum.
Yekaterinburg Mayor Starred in a Film
Yekaterinburg Mayor Yevgeny Roizman has played the lead in the film Recreational Ethology directed by Vasily Sigarev.
Elton John Ruined Russian Concert Agency
Organization of Elton Johns concert in Yekaterinburg turned to be troublesome for the citys concert agency.
Hospitality Will Be Discussed In Yekaterinburg
Tourism and hospitality Forum - 2013 will be held in Yekaterinburg in October. The forum will cover main trends in the development of tourism and hospitality, and the role and prospects of tourism and hospitality industry in the Sverdlovsk Region.
Opposition Leader Roizman Appointed as Yekaterinburg Mayor
Deputies of the Urals city of Yekaterinburg have officially appointed Yevgeny Roizman, the recent mayoral election's winner, as a mayor at the first meeting of the city's freshly elected legislative assembly.
Bearded Businessman Monument Unveiled in Yekaterinburg
A bronze monument to a bearded businessman has been set up in the Artists Avenue near the Ural State Economics University.
Tickets for Real Theatre Festival Now on Sale
The 12th All-Russian Festival Real Theatre will take place in Yekaterinburg from September 2 to September 8.
Participants of Dance Platform 2013 Announced
New generation of young and perspective Russian and foreign choreographers will demonstrate their talents in Yekaterinburg in August.
Double-decked Bridge In Yekaterinburg
In preparation for Expo 2020 World Exposition that Yekaterinburg contends for, City Administration is planning to build up a bridge with rail and automobile levels across the Verkh-Isetski pond. The double-decker where Aeroexpress and other public transportation will pass through will connect downtown with exhibition area.
Double-decked Bridge In Yekaterinburg
In preparation for Expo 2020 World Exposition that Yekaterinburg contends for, City Administration is planning to build up a bridge with rail and automobile levels across the Verkh-Isetski pond. The double-decker where Aeroexpress and other public transportation will pass through will connect downtown with exhibition area.
Unique Programme of the Ural Chorus
The Ural Chorus prepares a new programme for the celebration of 400-year anniversary of the Romanovs' residence.
Yekaterinburg Will Turn Into an Emerald City
The exposition called Three centuries of Ural emerald started in Yekaterinburg.
Everybody Can Launch a Rocket From Baikonur
The visitors of the Ural Museum of Astronautics will be allowed to launch rockets.
Architecture Monument Demolished in Yekaterinburg
Builders have completed demolition of a 19th century architecture monument at the address 7, Gogol Street in Yekaterinburg.
The Modern History of the Ural Nations
The modern history of the nations inhabiting Ural was presented in Yekaterinburg.
The Exhibition Devoted to the Fall of the Meteorite Will Open in Yekaterinburg
The exhibition dedicated to the fall of the meteorite in the Chelyabinsk region that will show its fragments will open on Friday in Yekaterinburg in the Ural Geological Museum of the Mining University.
Architecture Monument Illegally Damaged in Yekaterinburg
Gate and fencing of the merchant K.I. Langgauz estate - a cultural heritage site of regional value have been illegally demolished in Yekaterinburg.
Largest EXPO PARK in Europe Might Appear in the Urals
An interactive presentation of the application of Yekaterinburg for the right to hold the EXPO-2020 exhibition took place in a show room of GUM Department Store in Moscow.
Constructivism Monument May Be Demolished in Yekaterinburg
Discussions of another demolition of a historical object have been started in Yekaterinburg.
Plates with QR Codes to Be Set Up on Ural Architecture Monuments
In 2013 monuments of architecture of Ural will be marked with QR codes in the Sverdlovsk Region.
Family Film Festival in Yekaterinburg
International Festival of family and children's films, "In the Family Circle" was held on the sites of the Ural theatre of music and cinema "Salute".
Ernst Neizvestny Museum Opens In Yekaterinburg
The first museum of the Russian sculptor Ernst Neizvestny will appear in Yekaterinburg, the artist's native city.
The Ural Federal University Introduces an MA Political Journalism Programme
As of the year 2012/13, the Ural Federal University in Yekaterinburg introduces a new MA programme in Political Journalism. The students will specialise in political consultancy, analysis, and blogging.
Monument of Lumiere Brothers to Appear in Yekaterinburg
A monument to Auguste and Louis Jean Lumiere will be unveiled in Yekaterinburg on the Day of Russian Cinema on August 27.
Ventilator Monument Set up in Yekaterinburg
A gigantic ventilator as a monument to the present anomalously hot summer has been set up in Yekaterinburg.
Ernst Neizvestny Museum to Appear in Yekaterinburg
Museum of the famous Russian sculptor Ernst Neizvestny will be opened in Yekaterinburg on October 1, 2012.
Beatles Art Exhibition Opens in Yekaterinburg
June 24 saw the opening of the international exhibition Beatles Art in the foreign department of Belinsky Library in Yekaterinburg.
First Monument to Businessman to Appear in Yekaterinburg
Russia's first ever monument to the businessman will appear in Yekaterinburg, in 2013.
Eco Festival to Start in Yekaterinburg
The third ecological festival Clean and Healthy City will take place in the Urals capital on June 10, 2012.
Bookcrossing in Russian Airports
Bookcrossing book exchange between people - is becoming more and more popular in Russia. Yekaterinburg International Airport Koltsovo now offers passengers to share their books with other strangers.
Russian Cat to Be a New Politician in the Urals Region
Three-month-old cat in the Ural city of Yekaterinburg plans to launch a political career, aiming for a seat in the legislature of the city.
Famous White Tower in Yekaterinburg in Danger of Demolition
Yekaterinburg prosecutor's office reports about the planned demolition of the White Tower, which is a well-known architecture monument.
Monument to Lumiere Brothers to Be Set Up in Yekaterinburg
A monument of The Lumiere Brothers will be set up in Yekaterinburg. It will appear near the Kosmos cinema and concert theater.
Red Wolf Becomes "Zoo Mister 2012"
Yekaterinburg zoo has organized a special contest "Zoo Mister 2012". Red wolf Ted has become a winner, leaving four strong contenders behind.
School Science Forum to Take Place in Yekaterinburg
Representatives of 26 school scientific communities will participate in the forum February 25-26.
Still No Sex in the USSR: Provocative Wedding Adverts Are Taken Down
Russia is renowned for its demure beauty and the notorious "no sex in the USSR". The tradition is staunchily supported by the advertisement control agencies that demand taking down "improper" posters.
Yekaterinburg to Celebrate Russian Vodka Birthday
At the end of January Russian scientist Dmitry Mendeleev defended his dissertation on Russian vodka's composition. The birthday of this drink will be soon celebrated in Yekaterinburg.
New Year Celebrations Start in Yekaterinburg
Winter holiday celebrations will start in Yekaterinburg this weekend. New Year and Christmas shows will be held in different parts of the city.
Lizard Benya Became Symbol of the Coming Year
Yekaterinburg zoo has finished elections of the living symbol of 2012. The winner is an animal which looks like a little dragon.
Audrey Hepburn, Serge Gainsbourg, and Other Air France Celebrities Visit Yekaterinburg
An exhibition of promotional photographs shot for Air France between 1955 and 1971 visits Yekaterinburg's Metenkov House until December 18th, 2011.
Magicians Festival to be Held in Yekaterinburg
The great festival "Magic Extravaganza: Old Hottabych. The School of magicians" will be presented on November 26 in the Variety Theatre of Yekaterinburg.
A New Life for Steve and Jobs in Yekaterinburg Zoo
The Steve Jobs impact has spread well outside the realm on technology - and onto the hares. The two young Patagonian Maras, the first-born offspring of this mammal in a Russian zoo, were named after the legendary Apple CEO.
The Contemporary Dance Festival to Be Held in Yekaterinburg
The 3rd International Contemporary Dance Festival "On the Verge" will be held in Yekaterinburg from November 28 to December 2, at the stage of the Musical Comedy Theatre.
Top-10 Russian Provincial Theatres According to
The Omsk Drama Theatre is placed at the top of the list of Russia's 10 best drama theatres outside of Moscow, according to the Russian edition of
Intermuseum Depository to Appear in Yekaterinburg
Culture Department of the city administration of Yekaterinburg has presented an updated version of the strategic project titled Museum Complex Yekaterinburg.
Day of Sobriety In The Region Of Sverdlovsk
Day od Sobriety will be celebrated on the 10th of September, during which cultural, sport ,religious and preventive actions will be held.
Suvorov Military School In Yekaterinburg Admited First Foreigners
Eighteen citizens of Mongolia have become students of the famous military school since this year.These are the first foreigners to study here.
Yekaterinburg Citizens Take Out Mortgages to Buy Suburban Property
The property analysts from Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk Region have noted a significant spike in mortgages taken out to buy property outside Yekaterinburg city centre. For many, this is a chance to get on the property ladder.
Monument to Credit Card Unveiled in Yekaterinburg
The first-ever monument to a bank card has been opened in Yekaterinburg. The plastic card made of cast iron and coated with bronze weighs over 100 kg.
Yekaterinburg to bid for EXPO 2020
Yekaterinburg is to be nominated to host the EXPO 2020 World Exhibition. The city has got priority over Nizhny Novgorod.
Elks Invade Yekaterinburg's City Centre
While bears attacked tourists in Kamchatka, in Yekaterinburg elks left the wilderness to graze in the public parks.
Yekaterinburg Archeologists Unearth Ancient Factory
Unique monument of Ural metallurgy - one of the first ironworks factories in the Urals has been found during archeological excavations in Yekaterinburg.
First Russian Monument to Michael Jackson to Appear in Yekaterinburg
The first Russian monument to the king of pop music will be unveiled in Yekaterinburg on June, 25th, the day of Michael Jacksons death.

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