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New Restrictions Introduced in Moscow Due to Coronavirus
Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced the introduction of additional restrictions due to the coronavirus from November 13, 2020 to January 15, 2021. New measures are needed to break the chains of transmission of the virus and reduce the incidence.
The Best Mobile Apps for Sports
Instead of an expensive gym membership and long trips to the training venue, try using mobile applications. They will save time and money, and also allow you trying something new, like crossfit or training according to the program of Cristiano Ronaldo.
No More than 50 People in the Office: Russian Authorities Named New Working Conditions
Rospotrebnadzor published rules and recommendations for enterprises from different sectors of the economy to follow after the end of self-isolation due to coronavirus.
What's Wrong with Moscow Self-isolation?
Statistics on the spread of coronavirus in Moscow and data from other countries raise the question of how justified some of the strict quarantine restrictions introduced in Moscow to prevent COVID-19 infection are.
Free Online Consultations of Psychologists during Pandemic
More than 100 specialists are ready to help those who worry about the coronavirus pandemic.
HIV in Russia
Registration of people with HIV in Russia began in 1987, when the country became infected for the first time.
Where is It Allowed to Smoke in Russia?
According to statistics of the Ministry of Healthcare, about half a million citizens of the Russian Federation die from cancer and many other serious lung diseases each year. Many health problems are caused by passive or active smoking. The growing trend in the number of smokers was the reason why the government adopted a bill banning smoking in public places.
Yekaterinburg Announced HIV Epidemics
More than 1% of the population are infected with HIV in nine regions of the country.
Russia to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions Three Times in 2015
Russia calls all countries for joint efforts in fight against greenhouse gas emissions. Russia can finance the technology transfer to developing countries for their decrease in gas emissions.
Mortality Rate in Russia Increased by 5.2 Percent
Mortality rate in Russia increased by 5.2 percent during the first quarter of 2015. The experts do not publish any single reason for this growth.
Genetic Testing Of Severe Hereditary Diseases Will Be Conducted In St. Petersburg
Genetic testing of severe hereditary diseases in newborn babies with the use of high-performance genomic analysis will be conducted in St. Petersburg for the first time in Russia.
Health and Aducational Centre - Ebola - Opens in Moscw
A health and educational centre Ebola will be created in Moscw, its staff will tell the public about the prevention of dangerous diseases and develop cultural integration with the peoples of Africa.
First Split Liver Transplantation In Russia
A split liver transplantation to two adult recipients have been carried out in Russia for the first time, which has saved the patients lives.
Moscow Heat Reached the Red Level
A "red" level of risk has been declared in Moscow because of the heat that established in the Russian capital during the last few days. The level of dangerous heat and air pollution in Moscow is still going up.
145 People Poisoned On Seliger Youth Forum
According to Rospotrebnadzor, 145 people poisoned and 38 of them required hospitalization on Seliger" youth forum. Rospotrebnadzor conducts a sanitary-epidemiological investigation. According to preliminary data, the food was kept in the heat for several hours, which lead the forum participants to severe food poisoning.
The Unified Register of GMO Products May Appear in Russia
The Unified Register of GMO products may appear in Russia in three years. Currently there is no Uniform State Register of genetically modified organisms and the products derived from GMOs.
Hippotherapy Center in Ufa
Federation of Hippotherapy to be established in the Republic of Bashkortostan. Horses will help to rehabilitate disabled people.
Flavor Enhancer in Food Products
The State Duma rejected a bill obliging manufacturers to warn consumers about the presence of the flavor enhancer - monosodium glutamate (E621) - in food products. The authors of the initiative proposed that the information on the presence of E621 should be printed in black large letters on a white background.
Summer in The City: More Drinks and Rest
Experts give advice on how to avoid heat illnesses. It is recommended to drink 1.5 times more fluids than usually, follow a healthy diet, reduce physical activity and use air conditioners very carefully.
Eco Fashion Week an Ecological Trend
Eco Fashion Week took place in Moscow from the 17-th till the 22-nd of May, 2013. Models of Russian and European designers were presented within its frameworks.
Surviving the Russian Winter: 5 Tips To Stay Healthy and Avoid the Winter Blues
In the season famous for soft snow, festivities, and skating rinks you want to take a full advantage of the good moments. But beware: colds, bruises, and depression await for the unprepared. So brace yourself with our quick guide to surviving the winter in Russia.HAWNNU4NYRJT
Ban to Boo Smokers
Four years after joining the WHO convention, Russia is about to take its final step to pave the way for a healthy society. In a bid to stub out smoking, the government will introduce tough restrictions - but gradually.
Easy Way to Monitor Your Health
Physicists from Novosibirsk are on the way to designing a biological sensor for easy and cheap diagnostics of various pathologies, as well as detection of tiniest amounts of hazardous substances in gas and liquid media.
Are Gold Nanoparticles Toxic?
Gold nanoparticles are these days often used in medicine for purposes of treating and diagnostics of various diseases. However, scientists from all over the world have hot arguments about possible toxicity of this product of nanotechnologies and ability of these particles to cause mutations in living beings.
Why Policemen Smoke?
Smoking is not very popular now, since medics and scientists proved how dangerous inhaling tobacco smoke is to our health. In order to explain benefits of healthy lifestyle to people, scientists decided to learn more about people, who use to smoke.
Psoriasis and Atherosclerosis Anything in Common?
Research, performed in Russia and other countries, revealed that formation processes of psoriatic and atherosclerotic plaques could have common mechanisms.
Shall Your Neurons Survive?
Existing treatment for the Parkinson's disease improves motion behaviour of patients, but do not protect their neurons from deterioration and death. This means these drugs eliminate sysmptoms, but don't really cure the disease. Russian researchers currently work on a treating agent, which can prevent neuros from dying, and are testing the drug.
Hello! Your Cancer Treatment Has Arrived
Russian researchers have developed a new type of composite nanoparticles, which successfully deliver porphyrines (for combating cancer) to target tissues. Luminescence can enhance photodynamic effect and helps control distribution of nanoparticles in living tissues.
Cell Phones Arent Good for Protozoa
In our everyday life we spend a good deal of time being under influence of weak electromagnetic radiation it can come from mobile phones or microwave ovens, for instance. Active debates about possible danger of this type of radiation take place all over the world. New facts on the subject arrive from Russian researchers.
What We Should Know about Escherichia Coli
People in Germany keep dying after allegedly eating vegetables with E. coli bacteria on their surface. What is Escherichia coli, why does it kill, and what should we do with it?
Electron Beam to Fight Infections
When we hear the word radiation, we are often scared, because of atomic bombs and Fukushima nuclear power plant. People should not worry small radiation doses can make bodies transparent in order to find ailing parts, as well as search for dangerous objects in luggage and heal malignant tumors.
How Blood Moves in Our Lungs
Our heart provides blood supply in our organism via two simultaneous mechanisms. Systemic circuit brings oxygenated blood to all organs and tissues, removing carbon dioxide from them at the same time. Pulmonary circuit is responsible for delivering blood from heart to lungs this mechanism enriches blood with oxygen and cleans it of carbon dioxide. A great mystery of our life is how enormous volumes of blood tend to get oxygen-enriched in lungs within very short periods of time. Little is known about blood microcirculation in lungs.
Neutrons against Cancer
Bombarding a tumor with a neutron beam is a promising technique of radiation therapy. However, this kind of therapy is not widely used, because it needs large-scale neutron accelerators, requiring separate buildings.
Clinical Trials of Insulin in Russia are Probably Fake
Former top manager of MannKind, an American biotechnological company, sues his employers for falsifying results of clinical trials of their anti-diabetes drug in Russia. Diabetes is a group of metabolic problems, due to which human body doesn't produce enough insulin to control blood sugar (Type I), or organism's cells do not adequately react to insulin produced (Type II).
Poverty in Russia UNs Point of View
Experts from the United Nations Organization strongly believe that Russian government should develop and introduce special measures for eliminating poverty in order to achieve so-called Millenium Development Goals
Who Supports "Drugs Genocide" against Russia?
A series of vigorous statements by top Russian officials in recent days show Russia placing anti-narcotics in Afghanistan on an equal footing with the worldwide war on terrorism.
Observing Nanoparticles in an Organism Now Easier
Today various nano-substances, created for medical purposes, attract attention of many medics, biologists and physicists. Studies of magnetically controlled precise drug delivery by means of magnetic nanoparticles are of specific interest to scientific and medical community.
Why don't People Fall, when their Arms Swing?
When a standing person moves, any kind of motion changes body configuration, and centre of bodys mass shifts. In order to prevent a moving person from falling, a huge coordinated work of muscles, responsible for motion, and postural muscles, helping keep upright body position, is carried out. Russian scientists from the Institute of Information Processing (Russian Academy of Sciences) decided to find out how mentioned coordination was conducted
Something about Sleep
Every night, when people fall asleep and dream, their brains switch off the ability to control their bodies, paralyzing every muscle, Russian somnologists say.
Peptides Fight Cancer and Ageing
Biologically active peptides or peptide bio-regulators are known to reduce development frequency of some tumors and to increase average life expectancy. Russian scientists from carcinogenesis and onco-gerontology of the Research Institute of Oncology have studied effects of peptide bio-regulating molecules for 35 years and finally decided to share their results with the public.
Cell Therapy to Fight Traumatic Coma
Medics from the Russian city of Novosibirsk developed an effective rehabilitation technique for patients, who suffered from serious head injuries and were in coma.
Antioxidants Help Restoring Eyesight
Russian scientists under supervision of academician Vladimir Skulachev have showed that SkQ antioxidant, aimed at fighting ageing processes, was able to treat age-related ophthalmological illnesses in laboratory animals, since no tests on human beings were performed yet. The compound, named SkQ, could treat mentioned diseases in rats and rabbits, as well as restore eyesight in horses, cats and dogs.
Russian Anti-HIV Vaccine Ready for Clinical Trials
Russian medics from St. Petersburg developed a vaccine, which fights HIV-1 subtype A virus, the most common cause for AIDS in Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union, and reported about it during the 18 International Conference AIDS, cancer and public health.
What You Should Know About Sweeteners
Those, who try to lose weight by means of removing sugar from their diet, should be aware that sugar substitutes not always do good to health, moreover, their effects vary with seasons, Russian scientists and medics believe.
Chocolate Can Harm Your Health
Russian scientists performed a study and found out that, when stored under improper temperatures, chocolate can harm health of chocoholics.
Dont Allow Your Job to Exhaust You
Does positive attitude, or absorption in work, as psychologists say, help avoiding professional exhaustion? Two points of view exist some researchers say that positive attitude never accompanies professional exhaustion, some think it does, unfortunately.
Saliva and Dental Calculus to Make Diagnostics Easier
Scientists from Omsk State University perform interesting experiments - they grow dental calculus in vitro. The aim of the experiment is learning how saliva affects structure and chemical composition of dental calculus, and this knowledge can help linking properties of saliva and dental calculus with human health.
Sunscreen Made of Silicon Nanoparticles
Traditional sun protecting creams and lotions are based upon mineral filters, mainly titanium or zinc oxides. Recently sunscreen producers started adding silicon to their protective emulsions. Is this element effective enough against furious sun?
Tibetan Yoga Fights Stress and Hypertension
Breathing exercises according tummo (yoga of Tibet) treat atherosclerosis and can be used as non-medication doping for athletes under conditions of low temperatures and altitude hypoxia.
Genetic Consequences of Cell Therapy
Safety of cell therapy is very important for medicine, and researchers from Russia faced a great challenge they decided to find out whether stem cells, a common tool of genetic engineering and basics of cell therapy, were genetically stable.
Cure-All or Kill-Them-All?
Nanoparticles can get into various types of cells and accumulate there; they travel along blood and lymphatic vessels and cause oxidative stress and inflammation. Nanoparticles can cause death of laboratory animals. Russian scientists discussed how prevent possible cure-all from becoming an invisible killer
On Russians' Drinking Habits
A survey says most Russians believe alcohol abuse is their most negative character trait(!). 22% of 1800 respondents believe it is so, while 20% claim Russian's curse is their laziness.
Are Vitamins Harmless for our Health?
Human beings quite often complain that chemicals invaded our environment. In early spring, when our organism needs help to survive the stress, the solution is vitamins, which are mainly synthetic. Can this source of health harm what it is aimed to improve?
New Horizons of Thermodiagnostics
Mosquitoes are genial natures creation unique natural thermal sensors, costing evolution millions of years. Well, it took Russian scientists much less time to develop new thermally sensitive elements for thermal diagnostics of oncological diseases
Russia Declares War on Nicotine
Russian authorities initiated a heavy anti-smoking campaign comparable to the one seen in the USA in the 1990s. Experts believe the campaign is well-timed, but requires to be implemented carefully some restrictions may cause rebel among numerous smokers.
Life Threat is not in Vodka!
Russian scientists in cooperation with their English and German colleagues have studied effect of alcoholism on life interval of adult men of Russian city of Izhevsk and came to an interesting conclusion.
Surprising Soya Sweets
Genetically modified organisms (GMO) make trouble between scientists.
New Regulations against Abortions
The Russian Ministry of Public Health and Social Development has tightened abortion regulations. According to them, a woman will have to sign a document confirming her awareness of all potential consequences abortion may incur. Besides, all female counseling centers must have a special person, whose duty is to describe the process in detail and talk a woman out of abortion.
Best Milk Bacteria for Tasty Foods
We all know that dairy products are results of joint efforts of cows, which give milk, and bacteria, which make this milk sour via fermentation. Thus, we shouldnt be surprised, when we find out that selectionists work not only with cows, but also with bacteria. Mentioned work is funded by the Russian foundation for Basic Research, and results of the investigation are published in the Biotechnology magazine.
Is Having Babies a Problem?
Infertility in Russia becomes a crucial factor, having a significant effect on demographic situation in the country.
Have a Cocktail Without Harming Your Health
On the one hand, alcohol-containing drinks damage cardio-vascular system, but on the other a glass of red wine is ambrosia for heart. Should people drink alcohol, or not, and what to do when so many tasty drinks surround you?
Demographic Call-up
Today a new concept covering demographic policy up to 2025 is represented in Russia. In case all measures directed against the population crisis produce no expected result, the authorities intend to introduce a range of amendments for migrants from CIS countries and Baltic States to easy live and work in the RF.
Possible Key To A Longer Life?
Food, enriched with heavy isotopes of carbon and hydrogen, extends life by promoting synthesis of biological structures with high resistance to ageing processes. The hypothesis proved to be true in experiments on worms, however, authors hope further studies would help making human life longer and lowering risks of cancer and other diseases, threatening old people.
Molecular Biology To Control Dairy Products Quality
Russian think-tank from research-and-development institute GosNIIGenetika has developed very fast and accurate technique for controlling quality of dairy products, which is based on most reliable and common methods of molecular biology molecular typing and PCR (polymerase chain reaction) analysis.
Enemies to Become Allies
Russian scientists have suggested a technique for detecting stomach cancer bacteria are invisible though indispensable human helpers.
Big Money Raw over Medicaments
Russia has never witnessed the corruption scandal of such a size: all highest ranks working for the federal fund of compulsory medical insurance have been arrested.
Hair Loss Mystery Solved
Geneticists from the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow State University and the University of Massachusetts have found the gene, responsible for human hair growth atrophy. The research, performed in republics of Chuvashia and Mariy-El, may be a possible key to the urgent problem of hair loss.
Noise That Helps Us
The nature lacks absolute silence: when there are no cars that beep, ships that hoot, and planes that take off, we can hear rain drops, bird singing and our own heartbeat.
Everyone Needs a Drop of Poison
The lack of even such toxic elements as nickel, cadmium and lead may cause dysfunctions. That is why some animals eat red toadstools they contain cadmium.
Attention: Consciousness!
Now scientists are planning further studies of mysterious object called human consciousness.
Russian Medicine: State-of-the Art. Part Two
Scientists from Saint Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation (SPII) have developed an appliance for remote identification of an injured person in cases of emergency.
Russian Medicine: State-of-the-Art. Part One
Russian Academy of Sciences together with Moscow State University has suggested a programme for studying molecular-genetic nature of human identity.
Phytotoxins to Poison Cancer Cells
Many kinds of tumors have their own specific antibodies. Thats why each kind of tumor should have its own immunotoxin. Large group of scientists suggests poisoning cancer cells with phytopoisons.
Polluted Air and Health
The influence of the environment on public health is often less significant than social, heritable and biological factors. However, there are methods, which allow calculating morbidity relations with unfavorable ecological situation.
How to Fight Hypoxia Consequences
Many dangers are lurking around children that are not yet born. Hypoxia (lack of oxygen) is one of them. If a pregnant woman doesnt get enough oxygen, her child will be a late developer; moreover, some abnormalities may show years after he was born. The worst cases may end up in mental retardations and dyskinesia.


Russia to Start Testing Ebola Vaccine in March
Russia plans to start testing an Ebola virus vaccine on primates in March 2015, Russian public health watchdog Rospotrebnadzor Chief Anna Popova said on Tuesday.
50 More Drugs Have Been Included Into The List Of Vital Drugs
Another 50 additional positions of drugs have been included into the list of vital and essential drugs (VED).
Stop Probiotics
The Federal Service for Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare recommended Russian consumers to stop using the US probiotic supplements.
Multiple Media Activity Leads To Cognitive And Emotional Problems
Simultaneous use of a laptop, a mobile phone and other devices is bad for the brain. In this case the density of gray matter in certain areas of the brain neurons - decreases.
Health Care Institutions May Be Banned
Russian medical institutions may be banned from purchasing imported equipment and products, except for those manufactured in Belarus and Kazakhstan.
Russia Is Rated 4th Smoking Country in the World
Russia is rated among the worlds heaviest smoking countries, outranked only by China, India and Indonesia, a new international report revealed on Wednesday.
Over 60,000 Russians Diagnosed with HIV in 2013
More than 62,000 Russians were tested positive for HIV this year, the acting head of Russias sanitary watchdog said on Tuesday.
Russian Top Health Official Appointed as Aide to Prime Minister
Russias top health official, Gennady Onishchenko, known for his controversial import bans and vivid medical advice, has been relieved of his duties and appointed as an aide to Prime Minister.
Russian President Approves Bigger Fines for Smoking in Public
On Monday, October 21, Russian President signed off the introduction of stiffer penalties for smoking in public as the government continues its battle for improving health standards in the country.
New Anti-Smoking Law Came Into Force in Russia
An anti-smoking law that bans smoking in public places, including in government buildings, healthcare and educational facilities, cultural sites, sports stadiums and on public transport, came into force on Saturday, June 1.
Russia Prepares to Fight Against Chinese Bird Flu
Russia is ready to introduce special sanitary control measures regarding the declining bird flu situation in China, Russia's chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko said on Sunday.
Russian Deputies Introduce Bill on Energy Drinks Ban
A group of Russian lawmakers has proposed a bill that would ban sales of energy drinks in Russia, the State Duma website said on Tuesday.
Scary Photos for Russian Smokers
Starting from May 2013, all cigarette packs in Russia will be supplied with gloomy graphic images depicting the impact of smoking on human health.
100 Health Schools for Patients to be Founded in Moscow
The Board of Health published the territorial program of state guarantees for rendering free medical aid in 2012.
Over 40 People Hospitalized after Bromine Leak in Chelyabinsk
On Thursday over 40 people were hospitalized in and around the Ural city, Chelyabinsk, because of a bromine gas leak.
Anti-Heroin Vaccine to Appear Soon
Researchers from Ural State Medical Academy developed a substance, suitable for fighting addiction to opioid drugs, including heroin.
Russian Surgeons Performed Successful Lung Transplantation
Russian transplant surgeons from Sklifosovsky Institute of Emergency, Moscow, performed a successful transplantation of lungs for a patient with severe lung pathology.
Liver Regeneration Drug Developed
Russian researchers from Tomsk and Novosibirsk developed a basic substance for future treating agent for liver regeneration during cirrhosis.
Deadly E.coli Arrived to Russia
Russian researchers will study a deadly strain of Escherichia coli, which is responsible for sickness and death of many people in Europe.
New Anti-HIV Treatment Passes First Stage of Clinical Trials Successfully
Russian medics announce about successful clinical studies of safety and pharmacokinetics of an innovative anti-AIDS treatment VM-500.
Russian Biotechnologies to Go to Washington
Many Russian companies and research institutes are going to participate this year in BIO International Convention, which will take place in Washington in the end of June.
How Space Affects Human Bones
The crew of the International space station will study the problem of calcium removal from bones during long-term space flights.
Glycosciences to Be Discussed in Moscow
Researchers from Russia and India will discuss carbohydrates during the Russian-Indian Symposium on Glycosciences, which takes place in Moscow between June 13 and 16, 2011.
Parsley Claimed to Be as Dangerous as Drugs
A week ago a decision of Russian Federal Consumer Rights Protection and Human Health Control Service about including parsley (Petroselinum crispuma A.W.Hill) in the list of plants, containing drugs, superpotent or toxic substance, came into operation.
More Interesting Facts about Human Brain
Russian researchers from Orenburg State University suggest an explanation for functional difference of visually symmetrical cerebral hemispheres.

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