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Lyudmila Lyadova
29 March 1925 - ...


Traditional Ural Dishes: What to Eat in Perm and Yekaterinburg
The Urals connecting Europe and Asia have rich and generous forests, powerful and high-water rivers, and over 120 nationalities. Therefore the regional cuisine of the Urals is special and unparalleled.
South Urals: Iremel
The residents of the South Urals love Iremel. They are proud of Iremel. They invite people to visit Iremel. It is a beautiful place, besides it is successfully adapted for full-value recreation by the nature itself. Iremel has all opportunities for year-round recreation. However, many people believe that the winter season is even preferable than the summer one: the most part of the way to the top can be made on a snowmobile, and just a couple of kilometers will be left to go by foot.
Iremel: Legends and Local Features
Iremelevy Mountains have been worshiped as sacred since ancient times, and people avoided climbing to their top until our days. According to the legend, a lot of treasures guarded by an ancient people - Chud (or Divyi) - are hidden in the depths of Bolshoy Iremel.
Southern Urals Tourism Development
Non-traditional forms of recreation, such as eco-, gastro-, industrial and scientific tourism now become more and more popular in Southern Urals. However, same as before, regional authorities recognize ski resorts the most successful areas of the tourism industry.
Ural Road of Tales
The project "Fairytale Map of Russia" continues. Children's fairy tourist route will be created soon in the Ural Region.
Fourteen Must-See Yekaterinburg Monuments
Monuments to keyboard, to a bicycle inventor, to the credit card, and to Vladimir Vysotsky and Michael Jackson - here is just a small scoop of what awaits you in Yekaterinburg, the capital city of the Urals region.
Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg: the Romanov Family Murder Site
Ipatiev House is the third place besides Ganina Yama and Verkhnaya Sinyachikha connected with the death of the Romanovs. Here the emperor Nicholas II was shot down with his wife and children. This tragic historic event became the reason for building the Church on the Blood on the same territory. The cathedral is not only a spiritual haven, but is also a museum and a spot, where everyone can try to ring the church bells during the Easter week.
People from the Urals Region you Should Know
Summing up the month of the Urals region on our site, we want to present you the list of the most prominent and famous Ural people, who was born or spent most of their life there. This list will help you to navigate among many talented Russian people and find the person, you want to learn more about.
Verkhnyaya Sinyachikha: the History of Romanov Grand Duchess
There is a place in the Sverdlovsk region, that keeps memory of the Romanov dynasty. Small village not far from Alapaevsk is where Grand Duchess Yelizaveta Fyodorovna and other Romanovs were buried alive. This spot is associated with royal family as well as Ganina Yama. The Monastery of New Russian Martyrs with holy relics is a famous pilgrim destination and tourist attraction.
Nevyansk - the Leaning Tower of Akinfiy Demidov
"So many secrets for such a small town!", these words can apply to the Ural town Nevyansk in full measure, as its history has an enormous amount of legends and mysteries, most of which related to the famous Demidov family - the most successful Russian magnates in the 18th century. This time we'll proudly tell you about the amazing Leaning Tower of Akinfiy Demidov - a unique building, which is considered Russian "Leaning Tower of Pisa".
Ganina Yama: the End of the Romanov Dynasty
Ganina Yama situated not far from Yekaterinburg is a historical place where Romanov family was buried in 1918. Today it is a holy place with the famous male monastery. Seven beautiful wooden churches built according to the best Russian architectural traditions symbolize each member of Nicholas II family.
Ural Writers: Charming Myths and Severe Realities in Russian Literature
The Urals region is rich in talented people in different spheres of Russian life. And literature is not an exception to that rule. Ural nature inspires for creation of mystical or fairy-tale stories, Ural mode of life and traditions add ethnic flavour to the books and Ural rich history allows to create truly epic and dramatic novels. So, no wonder that Ural literature is so stands out against the whole mass of Russian literature. This article tells you about the most outstanding writers, who lived and worked in the Urals region.
Central Ural - For Rock Climbers And Bikers
Windy and severe region attracts strong and brave people, ready to raft,hike and explore Russian wild nature.If you want to learn more about remote and strange places, choose this part of Ural.
The Ural Guide: Where to Go Online in Yekaterinburg
Whether you are just visiting the capital of the Ural region or live there long-term, there may be a point when you need to get on the Internet in town. We have scouted Yekaterinburg to find out where it is that you can surf the web - for free or not. Information is true as of September 2011.
Southern Ural - Land Of Contrasts
Southern Ural is a unique combination of three natural zones : forest-mountain, forest-steppe and steppe. This interlacement gives plenty of play to adventure initiative.
Northern Ural -Thirst For Adventure or Where To Get Your Dose Of Adrenaline.
Vast expances of Russia give unique opportunities for various adventure tours. One can find any tour type : from raftings in Karelia to the participation in geological expeditions.Casual beach vacations or sightseeing tour can be easily replaced with an exciting trip.
Horse riding holidays in Russia
To spend your vacation in the open air on the horseback is an amazing adventure, which can be dangerous or pleasant; it depends on you. It is more comfortable than hike, because you dont need to walk all the time, carrying your things on your back. Riding a horse is healthily, and horsed trip is a good possibility to gain some skills in riding. Moreover, the regions, where this tourist service is provided, are famous with their beautiful nature and various landscapes.
Kungur Ice Cave in the Urals
Kungur Ice Cave is one of the biggest caves in the world and the only in Russia cave purposely equipped for excursions. This unique natural monument, surrounded with multiple legends, is located in the Urals, between Perm and Yekaterinburg.
Skiing in The Urals
The Ural Mountains, especially the Southern Urals are a very picturesque place. Coniferous forests, fast rivers and ravines gushing for crystal lakes cannot but make you adore its nature.


The United Ural Route was Re-equipped
Free residential and sanitary modules have been installed for tourists traveling along the United Ural route on the way from the Manpupuner Plateau to the Dyatlov Pass
Russian Topless Show Accused of Desecration of Russian Flag
A Russian dance trio who tossed Russian flags on the stage during their topless performance is being investigated for desecration, the Investigative Committee said on Wednesday.
--03-10-2013-- Aggregates Good News From Chelyabinsk Region
In spite of misgivings, local journalism grows in Russia and seeks to make difference to the news landscape of the country. The portal of good news has opened in Chelyabinsk, to show the way to go.
Emporio Armani Caffe Leaves Yekaterinburg
A branded Emporio Armani Caffe in Yekaterinburg has terminated a franchise agreement with the local owner; Corteo Caffe is in the making.
Robots to Help Russian Hospital Nurses
Medicine dispensing robots may soon appear in Russian hospitals.
Eco Festival to Start in Yekaterinburg
The third ecological festival Clean and Healthy City will take place in the Urals capital on June 10, 2012.
Red Wolf Becomes "Zoo Mister 2012"
Yekaterinburg zoo has organized a special contest "Zoo Mister 2012". Red wolf Ted has become a winner, leaving four strong contenders behind.
Fitness Festival Started in Yekaterinburg
12th International Festival of Fitness started yesterday in Yekaterinburg. It will be attended by representatives of Spain, Italy and Russia and will last until February 13, 2012.
South Urals Schools Introduced New Subject
Fundamentals of religious cultures and secular ethics has been introduced as a new subject in 57 schools in the South Urals. It will soon become a compulsory subject studied at primary education level.
Gold Museum to Appear in the Urals Region
The museum of gold and platinum industry, that was closed for renovation, will start to receive tourists in summer of 2012. It is located in Berezovsky town of the Sverdlovsk region.
New Year Celebrations Start in Yekaterinburg
Winter holiday celebrations will start in Yekaterinburg this weekend. New Year and Christmas shows will be held in different parts of the city.
Lizard Benya Became Symbol of the Coming Year
Yekaterinburg zoo has finished elections of the living symbol of 2012. The winner is an animal which looks like a little dragon.
Russian Retiree Wants to Annul His Marriage as He Doesn't Remember It
A court of Chelyabinsk region has rejected the claim of one Ural retiree, who asked to annul his marriage as he doesn't remember getting married.
Audrey Hepburn, Serge Gainsbourg, and Other Air France Celebrities Visit Yekaterinburg
An exhibition of promotional photographs shot for Air France between 1955 and 1971 visits Yekaterinburg's Metenkov House until December 18th, 2011.
Francisco Goya Exhibition to Open in Perm
The exhibition of famous Spanish painter Francisco Goya will be opened tomorrow at Perm Art Gallery. A series of aquatint prints will come to Perm from Chelyabinsk.
12-Metres-High Ded Moroz is Ready to Fulfil Wishes
For the third time before Christmas and New Year people in Chelyabinsk dress the 12-metres monument in a costume of Ded Moroz and make wishes.
Magicians Festival to be Held in Yekaterinburg
The great festival "Magic Extravaganza: Old Hottabych. The School of magicians" will be presented on November 26 in the Variety Theatre of Yekaterinburg.
Mountaineering School Appeared in the Northern Urals
For all activity holidays and sport lovers the Ural school of alpinism will start its work this November. It aims to make this kind of sport accessible to a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts.
Tourist Rally to be Held in the Middle Urals
A travel rally will start in the Sverdlovsk region on November 4-5. The participants will evaluate the attractiveness of Russian cities and the quality of tourism.
The Contemporary Dance Festival to Be Held in Yekaterinburg
The 3rd International Contemporary Dance Festival "On the Verge" will be held in Yekaterinburg from November 28 to December 2, at the stage of the Musical Comedy Theatre.
Ural Schoolboy Became an Unauthorized Tram Driver
A boy from Zlatoust town, Chelyabinsk region, stole a tram and drove it along its regularly scheduled route for 40 minutes.
The Urals Region Starts to Develop Gastronomy Tourism
The first Russian culinary tour Golden dew has appeared in Sverdlovsk Region. Tourists can visit attractive places and taste the local cuisine.
Top-10 Russian Provincial Theatres According to
The Omsk Drama Theatre is placed at the top of the list of Russia's 10 best drama theatres outside of Moscow, according to the Russian edition of
Chelyabinsk to Celebrate John Lennon's Birthday
The concert, dedicated to John Lennon, will take place on 10 October in Chelyabinsk. Fans are going to celebrate the birthday of the British singer, who could be 71 years this autumn.
Intermuseum Depository to Appear in Yekaterinburg
Culture Department of the city administration of Yekaterinburg has presented an updated version of the strategic project titled Museum Complex Yekaterinburg.
Extreme Sports for Ural Teenagers
A park of extreme sports will be opened on the 1st of October in Kamensk-Uralsky city, Sverdlovsk region, according to the press service of the city's administration.
A New Arboretum to Appear in Chelyabinsk
The end of September will see the opening of a new arboretum in Chelyabinsk. The city authorities hope to improve the recreation facilities in the city in this way.
Open Season Starts in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District
The open season on fox, hare, muskrat in the territory of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug starts on September 15.
Central Ural Took The Second Place In Trade Development In Russia
Region of Sverdlovsk received a prize in nomination " Region " at the anniversary annual business summit " Retail Business Russia 2011 ".
Sverdlovsk Region to Spend $1.8m on Nanotechnologies
Authorities of Sverdlovsk region are going to allocate $1,8m from the regional budget on development of nanotechnologies in 2011.
Chelyabinsk Marks the 275th Anniversary Today
Today marks the 275th anniversary of Chelyabinsk. The city's authorities have prepared several presents for the citizens.
New Museum And Excursions In Kungur Ice Cave
Presentation of a new open air museum of peasant's everyday life " Village of Ermak " will be held on the 15th of September on the territory of famous Kungur Ice Cave.
Huge Ancient Rock Painting of Elk Found in the Ural Mountains
Rock painting of an elk 250 to 250 meters large have been found in the Ural Mountains of the Chelyabinsk Region.
Day of Sobriety In The Region Of Sverdlovsk
Day od Sobriety will be celebrated on the 10th of September, during which cultural, sport ,religious and preventive actions will be held.
System Of Health Control By Means Of Mobile Telephone
The scientists from the Ural are working on the system, which can help to control the state of health of patients with the help of mobile telephone.
"The Darkest Day in the History of Russian Sport" - Latest Update
- Chelyabinsk region is the first to begin compensation payments. - Dmitry Medvedev visits the plane's crash site. - All 43 people's bodies are recovered. - Rosaviatsia have grounded all Yak-42s
International Exhibition Of Arms Has Taken Place In Nizhny Tagil
International exhibition of arms, weapons and equipment has opened today in Nizhny Tagil.270 Russian and foreign defence enterprises are taking part in it.
Author of the Ostankino Tower to be Given an Unusual Monument
A unique monument of stainless steel will be put up to Nikolay Nikitin, a famous Russian architect and author of the Ostankino Tower - the highest freestanding structure in Eurasia.
Tourist Train " Shining Of the North " Will Connect Komi And Big Cities Of Russia
Presentation of the tourist train " Shining of the North " has been held in Komi Republic on the 6th of September.
Russian MiG-31 Fighter Crashes in Urals
On Tuesday, a Russian Mikoyan MiG-31 fighter jet crashed in the Perm Region. Both pilots of the interceptor jet died.
Festival Of Tourist Cinema " Date With Russia " To Be Held In The Region Of Sverdlovsk
From the 2nd to the 6th of September II All-Russian Festival of Tourist Cinema has taken place in the spiritual centre of the Ural Verkhoturie. Its main purpose is a promotion of tourist opportunities of the regions of Russia and attraction to the travelling in the country.
Nizhniy Tagil's Sportswoman is the Fastest in the World
The member of the "Uralvagonzavod"'s sports club "Sputnik" ("Satellite") Maria Savinova has become a world champion in track and field athletics.
Over 40 People Hospitalized after Bromine Leak in Chelyabinsk
On Thursday over 40 people were hospitalized in and around the Ural city, Chelyabinsk, because of a bromine gas leak.
Pupils Of Small Schools In The Region Of Sverdlovsk Will Be Studying Online
Since this academic year the pupils of several schools in remote municipalities will be studying online.Such measure has been taken to prevent small schools from closing and to save parents from taking children every day to school, located far away from home.
Kiss Monument Created in Chelyabinsk
Sculptural composition Kiss to Chelyabinsk will be unveiled in the Pushkin Garden in Chelyabinsk on September, 13th
Suvorov Military School In Yekaterinburg Admited First Foreigners
Eighteen citizens of Mongolia have become students of the famous military school since this year.These are the first foreigners to study here.
Yekaterinburg Citizens Take Out Mortgages to Buy Suburban Property
The property analysts from Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk Region have noted a significant spike in mortgages taken out to buy property outside Yekaterinburg city centre. For many, this is a chance to get on the property ladder.
2-meter Potato Monument Set up in Tyumen Region
Local agrarians have set up a monument to the potato in the Uporovsky District of the Tyumen Region.
Monument to Credit Card Unveiled in Yekaterinburg
The first-ever monument to a bank card has been opened in Yekaterinburg. The plastic card made of cast iron and coated with bronze weighs over 100 kg.
Theme Raftings Are Getting Popular In the Region of Perm
New routes of active tourism are worked out in the region of Perm - theme raftings, including elements of informative tourism and fancy-dress show.
Inhabitants of Ufa Rescue from the Heat in the City Fountain
In Ufa people made a mass bathing and ablution in the central city fountain because of hot weather.

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